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5 Real-Life Digital Course Examples That Will Inspire You

August 10, 2020

Deep in my bones, I believe that everybody has a digital course inside of them. 

What most people need is a push to actually get it out into the world, and perhaps a little inspiration to show them what’s possible. 

I have helped thousands of people turn their expertise into a wide array of digital courses through my signature course, Digital Course Academy®️, but there have been a few stand-out success stories that have really caught my attention over the years.

Some of these creators have built courses that have been purchased hundreds of times and others are celebrating four and five-figure launches. One creator on this list is en route to hit her first six-figure launch. 

However, it’s not all about the numbers. What stood out to me about each one of these entrepreneurs is that once they realized that they had something unique to offer their audience, they found the support they needed and made it happen.

Whether you’re still in the idea stage for your online course or are already planning your next launch, get inspired by these five real-life digital courses from creators who are earning a living pursuing their passion.

EB Academics

EB Academics is a professional development course specifically designed for middle school English Language Arts (ELA) teachers who want to help their students become stronger writers. 

As a middle school ELA teacher herself, Caitlin Mitchell has always had a love for teaching writing. In fact, she even started a summer writing camp for middle school students with her business partner, Jessica. 

The camp was successful at first, but they ran into a lot of obstacles and had to shut it down. Still, they both knew that they had created something special so they started selling their teaching resources online.

teacher digital course

“The first year was great. It wasn’t a huge success, but it was a nice side business,” says Caitlin.

The business really took off after they invested in Digital Course Academy®️. With just two webinars, they were able to generate over $11,000 in revenue — almost a third of what they made in the entire previous year. 

“Before working with Amy, it was difficult to create a truly impactful program to help teachers succeed in their writing instruction,” says Caitlin. “But after working with Amy and launching our first online professional development course, we have seen incredible transformations for the teachers who are taking the program and more importantly for their students who are improving their writing skills significantly. It's been an amazing journey — especially because we get to support teachers in a much bigger and more profound way!”

Legally Launched

Legally Launched is a five-week program designed to help creative entrepreneurs build legally and financially legit businesses.

When course creator Braden Drake was preparing to launch his digital course for the first time, he was going through a difficult time in his life.

“My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I dropped everything to fly home and stay with her for five weeks,” says Braden. At the same time, he was grieving the loss of one of his uncles and learned that another uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Through it all, he persevered and continued to pursue his goal of launching a course. 

“The whole reason I wanted to launch courses in the first place was so that I could keep income coming in whether I was in front of a client or not — whether I was at my office, or traveling to see family.”

business digital course

Braden enrolled in Digital Course Academy®️ to set himself, and his course, up for success. With the tools he learned from the course, he grew his email list from 50 to 470 pre-launch. He also blew his initial sales goals out of the water.

“My goal was to generate $4,500. I ended up making $8,000!” says Braden. 

His most recent launch, in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, generated $37,000. With this income, Braden now has the financial freedom to work on his terms and pursue creative projects like starting a podcast and writing a book. Most importantly, it means he can be there for his family and loved ones when he needs to be.

“I know that with Amy’s help, I can grow my business to multiple 6-figures without working more than 5 hours a day.

VA Crash Course

VA Crash Course is a five-week online program for virtual assistants who want to learn all the in-demand marketing tech skills and strategies that will get them hired. 

As a military wife, Emily Reagan needed to find a job that would allow her to work from anywhere, so she leaned on her communications and marketing background and started freelancing as a virtual assistant.

“I did that for years before I realized I had a skill that I could use to help other military wives,” says Emily. 

At first, she tried to build her own agency and have her friends work for her but it didn’t feel right. Instead, she decided to teach them how to start their own freelance virtual assistant businesses instead.

digital course

Now she teaches her students how to become ‘Unicorn VAs,’ i.e. indispensable VAs who can help small business owners with many facets of their businesses.

Before she completed Digital Course Academy®️, she was terrified of promoting herself. 

“During my first ever Facebook Live, I was so scared that I put a mask on,” says Emily. 

However, she pushed through her fears and made $7,000 from her first launch. Then she raised the cost of her course and made $22,500 from her second launch. 

“I think I will be able to hit six figures this year… and I’m excited about it! My goal is to be able to support my family with my course so my husband can do something he loves, and with Amy’s help I know I am going to get there,” says Emily.

Jillian Schecher

Jillian Schecher is a joy and mindfulness coach, life design strategist, and photographer. She’s also the creator of The Joy Method™, her signature process that helps people “befriend their emotions and use them as a guide.”

She first signed up for Digital Course Academy®️ because she wanted to amplify the reach of her coaching work. 

“It’s my life’s mission to blast JOY worldwide! And there’s no better way to do that than with online courses,” says Jillian.


After completing the program, she’s grown her email list by 500% in less than one year with just one lead magnet and went from feeling terrified of all the unknowns to making over $5,000 in just 11 days of launching.

Now Jillian offers three different courses inside her business: an on-demand, self-guided program, a 6-week one-on-one program, and a 12-week online group coaching program. 

“Now, I get to share my gifts and make a positive impact on the world,” says Jillian. “There is nothing I can’t do now!”

Tiana Smith

Tiana Smith first began her career in the music industry over 20 years ago, but things didn’t quite turn out the way she thought it would. So she went back to school, got a master’s degree in new media marketing and started taking on marketing projects to pay the bills.

“My business really took off, I started getting awesome results for my clients, and I was getting lots of referrals,” says Tiana. “But working 1-on-1 with hundreds of entrepreneurs was very time consuming and I knew I needed to build a course that could be my main source of income.”

When she first started Digital Course Academy®️, she had about 1,000 people on her email list. Now she’s grown her list to 11,000 subscribers, has a thriving Facebook community and VIP coaching programs, and has created best-selling digital products and courses: Attract High Ticket Clients, Magnetic Marketing and Freedom Planner Systems.

“I just kept following Amy’s formula, and I’ve now made over $400,000 in sales the last several years,” says Tiana.

She adds: “Now I’m on track to have my first ever six-figure launch this year, I’m running a mastermind, I’ve got amazing affiliate partners, an incredible support team… and I’ve already bought a ticket to Paris to celebrate my next big launch!”

Every single one of the digital course creators on this list is exceptional. But they’re not the exception. They are teachers, parents, creatives — just like you. The only difference is they decided to take their online course dreams off the back burner and make them a reality. 

Now, if you’re feeling inspired and ready to start building your own online course but aren’t quite sure how to get started, I have just the tool for you. This quick 2-minute quiz will help you pick a path to digital course success, based on your experience, expertise, and where you’re at in your business. 

And remember: if these creators can do it, so can you.

Results are not guaranteed. Please see earnings disclaimer for more detail.

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