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We love to see who we're speaking to during our calls, but being on camera is absolutely optional. Please feel free to keep your camera on or off during your call, whatever makes you most comfortable.

A little warning! There are only 20 spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If all 20 spots are filled before your scheduled call, we will reach out to put you on our waitlist for the next time the program opens. If you have any questions we can answer in the meantime, please reach out to  

What To Expect On Your Call

We’re here to answer your questions and shed some light on what YDCC is and all that it includes.

That’s right, this isn’t a “Sales Call”. In fact, none of us are “Sales People” and there’s not a penny of commission on the line. 

We’re just members of Team Porterfield who know the program like the back of our hand and are OBSESSED with your potential.

Long story short – we’re just here to chat and provide any helpful, unique-to-you data that will assist your decision to join – or not join – Your Digital Course Coach.

A Note From Me


If you’ve made it to this page, that means you take this decision seriously – and I want you to know we respect that. So when you hop on this call, ALL the pressure is off.

We know that sometimes it’s genuinely not the right time to jump into a program like Your Digital Course Coach.

And, hey, telling you to jump in when you’re not ready creates 10x more work on us! So we won’t tell you YDCC is a fit if it isn’t.

But we also know that sometimes one piece of information about a module or accountability group or course creators who have gone through and done well is ALL you need to have the confidence to jump in.

We genuinely care about you, your business, and those big, beautiful dreams of yours. So whatever you need today, you’re in charge. 

We’re just the people with the details. ;)


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