Digital Course Academy

The most comprehensive program for validating, creating, launching and selling your digital course

Digital Course Academy is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to create your digital course like a pro — but how to get it into the hands of dozens or even hundreds of customers every month.

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Before I tell you all about this life changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

You’re a dreamer with no shortage of ambition who’s tired of trading dollars for hours and ready to build a business that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, make a whole lot more money, and work wherever, whenever, and however you’d like.

Whether you’re…

  • a service provider who’s reached a very real ceiling that knows creating a scalable digital course is your ticket to helping more people, creating time freedom, and diversifying your income streams
  • a corporate employee (with the heart of an entrepreneur) tired of being confined to a cubicle and fully aware you’re capable of so much more
  • a budding entrepreneur who wants to build an online business the smart way with a digital course (hint: most online business owners just turn themselves into employees and remain stuck in the time for money hustle)

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Digital Course Academy will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating and launching a profitable digital course.

By the end of this program you will have:

  1. Nailed down your course topic

    instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it and created a compelling course name that will attract your ideal customer

  2. Validated and pre-sold your program

    before recording a single lesson, to make sure your audience is excited to invest all while giving yourself a motivating cash and confidence injection

  3. Developed a high-converting webinar

    presentation and irresistible offer that authentically enrolls the best prospects into your course

  4. Expertly recorded your course content

    even if you’re a total technophobe and have never recorded a single video in your entire life

  5. Leveraged a mix of email and social media strategies

    to get a packed house of highly qualified prospects onto your webinars every single time

  6. Crafted a compelling sales page

    and post-webinar email funnel to amplify your course sales and make sure your hard-earned prospects have the best possible chance to convert

But above all else…

Digital Course Academy will give you the confidence to finally generate consistent, scalable revenue and make the lucrative leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to choose who you work with and what you focus on.

“Amy is one of the clearest, most inspiring teachers you could ever find!

We used her webinar framework to create two webinars for two different programs, both of which were wildly successful. Her step-by-step process is easy to follow and customize. If webinars are on your list, run — don’t walk to Amy.”

Marie Forleo

Plain and Simple: Digital Course Academy Changes Lives and It’s Officially OPEN for Enrollment
(but not for long… )

6 Monthly Payments of 387

Buy Now + Pay Monthly

A one-time payment of 1,997

Buy Now + Get An Extra Bonus
2 Percent

Make your dream the catalyst for another

2% of all DCA proceeds (up to $200,000) will go towards supporting the Global Fund for Women.

Our Digital Course Academy Alumni Stories are Major Page Turners

I set the goal to make $50,000 by the end of the year with my digital course business… and thanks to Amy and DCA, I’m already halfway there!
Hunter Donia Licensed Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist, Educator View Story
DCA taught me the strategies I needed to create a profitable online course, and I made $26,048 on my very FIRST launch!
Adia Gooden Clinical Psychologist View Story
After losing my dear husband, I was suddenly the solo parent AND income earner for my family. As I adjusted to a completely new normal, DCA helped me build a brand, inspire women, and grow a business.
Bevin Farrand Founder, Take the DAMN Trip Movement View Story

Looking for Digital Course Academy Success Stories YOU Can Relate To?

Check out our searchable database of nearly 150+ student testimonials and climbing

Read stories from students in all different industries with all different levels of experience.


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That’s right, you can ask questions and hear directly from the people who’ve created and launched profitable digital courses.

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What's Inside Digital Course Academy

  1. Module 01

    The 7 Key Decisions

    Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you — I know exactly where most students get stuck in the course creation process. In this module, we’re going to crush the 7 most common decisions that could stop you from moving forward if left to the last minute.

    We’ll start setting you up for success by getting some big decisions out of the way with the end goal of helping you achieve TOTAL clarity about where you’re going and HOW you’re going to get there.

    Module 1 Highlights: 

    • Get your 7 most critical digital course decisions done and dusted so you can move forward feeling clear and confident. These 7 decisions will serve as the sparks that eventually become a full-blown bonfire (aka. your future successful course launch). Who knew creating momentum could be as easy as making a few smart choices BEFORE getting started?
    • The art and science of naming your course (hint: the name alone can and will influence your course sales).
    • Discover your course pricing for a profit sweet spot. Not only will this motivate you into action, it’ll eliminate the dreaded wavering and second guessing that often sets in if you let this important decision go untouched until AFTER you’ve created your course.
    • Map out your entire course creation plan and launch dates so that you can know right off the bat how you’re going to sell your program instead of letting the looming fear drain all your energy and motivation.
  2. module 02

    Pre-Selling and Validating Your Course

    Nothing is scarier than investing time, energy, and money into your course, only to find out, after the fact, that nobody is willing to pay for it.

    Yet, this is the nightmare that many course creators find themselves in.

    It’s not that they don’t want to validate their course idea. They’re just overwhelmed by the process and have no clue how to go about it.

    So they just “create and pray,” hoping that they’ll be the exception to the rule. Fortunately, there’s a better way. And in Module 2, I’ll show you how to validate like a pro in a fraction of the time.

    Meaning, you’ll be armed with total confidence and excitement to start creating your course.

    Module 2 Highlights: 

    • Learn the best ways to validate your course idea before you spend time and money creating it.
    • Solidify your course promise and gain the confidence to officially “greenlight” your course idea and move forward knowing that it will sell. (Hint: this is the key to eliminating overwhelm while nearly guaranteeing that what you create will be a profitable hit.)
    • Learn how to execute a Founding Members Pre-Sell Strategy before you’ve recorded a single lesson to give yourself more confidence, momentum and to start generating revenue. (There’s no way you won’t reach the finish line after you do this!)
  3. Module 03

    The Art of Outlining Your Course

    Perfectionists rejoice!

    Raise your hand if you have this problem: You want to make sure that you literally get all your ideas out of your head, but quickly find that the process spirals into an uncontrollable, overwhelming mess.

    Yep. Totally get it.

    As an expert and course creator, you want to feel fully expressed in what you’re sharing, but you also want to make sure that things stay organized and actionable.

    That’s why in Module 3, you’ll get access to the exact outlining process I’ve used to create every single one of my blockbuster programs without feeling overwhelmed or getting lost in the weeds.

    Module 3 Highlights:

    • The Porterfield Process for Outlining Your Course (aka how to pull all the ideas out of your head in a sane, super organized, action-oriented way).
    • The PDF Support Strategy that will enhance your student’s experience — helping them understand what they’re learning at a deeper level, process the information you’re teaching more quickly, and highlight the most important takeaways from each lesson.
  4. module 04

    The Digital Course Sales Page Blueprint

    Now that your course is outlined, it’s time to develop the sales assets that will get it in the hands of hundreds and even thousands of customers every year.

    Here, you’ll develop an irresistible offer and sales page that serves as the backbone of your course marketing for months and years to come.

    Even if you’ve never written a sales page in your life, this module will break it down into simple, easy-to-execute steps that will finally make you feel confident about selling to a large, global audience at scale!

    Module 4 Highlights:

    • Irresistible offers are made, not born. You’ll learn how to position your course content so that your ideal client won’t be able to help themselves.
    • Learn how to craft a sales message that cuts through the noise, overcomes objections, and connects to the hearts and minds of your ideal customers — they don’t teach this stuff in school, friend!
    • Follow my template and training to quickly create a page that gives your visitors the extra confidence needed to enroll in your course.
  5. module 05

    The Profitable Webinar Framework

    This module is worth the cost of enrollment alone. In it, you’ll learn everything there is to know about creating, promoting, and hosting insanely profitable webinars.

    From filling virtual seats to overcoming “stage” fright, to presenting like a boss, creating an irresistible sign-up page, and setting revenue goals — it’s ALL inside this module.

    In the juiciest module of this program, you’ll learn how to leverage a perfect mix of promotional materials to ENSURE you present to a packed room full of perfect prospects every time. Even if you’ve never delivered a webinar, this module will break the whole process down into simple, easy-to-execute steps.

    Module 5 Highlights:

    • Implement the Profitable Webinar Framework that I’ve developed and perfected after promoting digital courses for the last 11 years.
    • Learn the golden rules for delivering a profitable webinar to authentically close more sales without ever feeling forceful, awkward, or sleazy.
    • Learn the 5 key elements of a high-converting webinar registration page to make sure you never waste your precious, hard-earned traffic.
    • How to be a PRO on your Live webinar, even if the idea of delivering a webinar makes you want to crawl in a deep dark hole with a stuffed animal 😉
    • Set your course revenue goals, and develop a high-converting webinar presentation page that serves as the backbone of your course marketing for months and years to come.
  6. Module 06

    Crafting Your Email Sequences

    This is where you graduate from “that’s nice” results to, “let’s clink wine this weekend to celebrate” results.

    Nearly 50% of your sales will come in the “follow up,” yet this is where most course marketers take their foot off the gas prematurely.

    It’s tempting to close up shop and count your sales once your webinar is done. But without implementing the email marketing strategies in Module 6, you’ll be leaving a good chunk of your potential profits on the table.

    By using the resources waiting for you inside this module, you’ll eliminate the guesswork and start enrolling students in record time.

    Module 6 Highlights: 

    • Leverage expert-level email marketing strategies and templates to send compelling invites to your list and make sure they show up!
    • Deploy the Webinar Fill-Up Formula that I’ve used to get over 100,000+ perfectly-targeted prospects onto my webinars.
    • Implement the post-webinar replay strategy to make sure that your no-shows (or those who attended and have yet to purchase) still have the best possible chance of enrolling.
    • Craft a high-converting post-webinar email funnel that turns “maybes” and “fence sitters” into raving customers.
    • How to create a customer onboarding sequence that primes your new students for success while dramatically cutting down on soul-sucking (and cash-draining) refund requests.
  7. module 07

    Recording Your Course Content


    Now that you’ve validated your course idea, mapped out your promotional plan, outlined your lessons, and delivered a high-converting webinar it’s time to deliver your course!

    For some, this is the most exciting part of the process. For others, it’s the most terrifying. Wherever you land on the spectrum, this Module will break down the recording and delivery phase into a simple, fun, and excuse-free process that guarantees you get your course expertly created.

    Module 7 Highlights:

    • How to choose the perfect recording strategy that best suits your experience, personality, and style (hint: you DON’T have to be on camera).
    • The art of teaching a digital course: Most course creators ignore this completely and then shrug their shoulders when their students don’t get results. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to TEACH your content in a way that delivers higher completion rates, results, and referrals.

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll during this limited time period:

  • 7 Implementation Modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your expertise into a wildly successful digital course that people want to pay for.
  • The Webinar Fill-Up Formulato make sure you never deliver to an empty room again, and instead get a packed house full of perfectly-targeted, “ready to buy” prospects.
  • Next level email marketing, sales page, and social media strategies to amplify your results and get up to 3x the enrollments.
  • A complete, step-by-step launch plan showing you how to pre-sell your course (before recording a single lesson!) and how to create and launch a high-converting webinar presentation that ethically (and authentically) enrolls more students than you ever thought possible every time you deliver it.

(A $2,997 Value)

You’ll be given access to one module per week

(except for the implementation weeks) ‒ so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of the project plan BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most would-be course creators in their tracks.

These Bonuses To Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum (and Keep it) Right Until Your Course Launch

  1. bonus 01

    10 Weeks of Live Q&A Sessions with Amy (40 Sessions!) Inside the Digital Course Academy™️ Facebook Group for Members Only

    Never get left behind. That’s the promise I’m making you inside the private Digital Course Academy™️ Facebook group. I’ll be live in the group 4 times every week for 10 weeks — that’s 40 opportunities to get your questions answered by yours truly!

    (A $1,297 Value)

    Our private, student-only Facebook groups are active, highly-curated communities full of supportive go-getters who are on the exact same journey as you are. Meaning, you’ll get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks if you were to go at it alone. With myself, my team and your peers in your corner, you’ll turn isolation into inspiration — and frustration into fearlessness.

    What You’ll Get:

    • 10 weeks of live Q&A sessions to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence.
    • An active and highly supportive Facebook community with fellow students, Alumni Ambassadors and Team Porterfield to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.
    • Overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other digital course owners who “get” the journey and are here to help you cross that finish line.
  2. Bonus 02

    Exclusive Ticket to The Entrepreneur Experience: The Course Creators Edition

    (A $297 Value)

    When you enroll in Digital Course Academy, you’ll get a ticket to my virtual 2-day Live course creators event happening on December 1st – 2nd of this year.

    This is the only virtual event dedicated to supporting digital course creators with the latest strategies, endless inspiration, powerhouse speakers, and access to an ambitious and supportive community of fellow go-getters. Don’t for a minute think that just because it’s virtual makes it less impactful.

    During our time together, I’ll be teaching strategies, systems and new ideas that support and go above and beyond all you’ll learn in Digital Course Academy. These are bonus lessons that I’m saving for our time together LIVE so I can help you get even bigger results. And you know me, I love to have a good time at my live events! I promise you won’t want to miss it!

    Alongside the work I’ll do with you, and to make this event EXTRA SPECIAL, I’ve invited some of my favorite industry leaders and teachers, including…

    Luvvie Ajayi Jones is taking the stage to talk about how to ditch fear and embrace the unknown so that you can succeed. An internationally acclaimed speaker, 18-year blogger veteran and 2-time New York Times best-selling author, Luvvie leads us in elevated conversations about living life loudly, with courage and conviction.

    Tarzan Kay writes sales emails that are more addictive than Netflix and has proven that you can have a 7-figure relationship with your email list, no matter the size. Tarzan is ready to set the record straight from the stage: you can write words that convert in an authentic way without being “salesy”. By the time Tarzan is done, you’ll feel confident in not only writing sales emails that sound like YOU but also bring in the SALES!

    Jen Gottlieb is here to show YOU how to Be on TV — the queen of PR, Jen will share with us her Super Connector Method, a method to help skyrocket your brand and sell your course like gangbusters through the power of visibility and PR.

    And last but certainly not least, the World’s #1 Emcee extraordinaire, Devon Brown will be our fearless host for the entire Entrepreneur Experience. As one of the most fun event hosts you’ll see on stage, Devon will keep us pumped up and excited the whole way through!

    Joining these four powerhouses on the stage will be more guest speakers including past DCA students who were exactly where you are now just a few months or years ago.

  3. bonus 03

    “How to stay ALIVE when going LIVE” with Jam Gamble
    Live Training + Q&A

    (A $297 Value)

    In this *BRAND NEW* Digital Course Academy bonus, I’ve called in the big guns to help you overcome some of the mental and emotional blocks that keep online entrepreneurs frozen in their tracks as they hover over the “Go Live” button.

    As someone who wrestled with being live on video foreeeeever, I can relate to the heart-pounding tension of wanting to deliver high-quality live content to your audience, but hating the idea of being seen or heard…of making a mistake, saying something silly, or not having the perfect answer…in a space where there are no re-dos.

    Enter: Jam Gamble, the original “Mic Slayer” herself. I’ve invited Jam to teach an exclusive training — for DCA students only — called “How to Stay Alive When Going LIVE.” In this LIVE 45-minute minute training and Q&A, Jam’s sharing aaaall about how to:

    • Recognize the vocal roadblocks that are getting in the way of you feeling comfortable when going live
    • Understand the importance of trusting your voice NOW and not later
    • Inspire the world with your ideas and communicate more meaningfully with your audience
    • Use Jam’s favorite tips + tricks to help you go live like a pro

    You’re here to make an impact and your voice deserves to be heard, my friend. This exclusive Digital Course Academy bonus will show you how — from the inside, out.

  4. Exclusive “Pay In Full” Bonus

    How to Use Facebook and Instagram Ads to Fill Up Your Webinars

    (A $997 Value)

    I’ve successfully used Facebook and Instagram ads to attract hundreds of thousands of people to my webinars.

    But learning to run your own Facebook or Instagram ads can be as complicated as performing opera with the hiccups.

    Until now.

    This bonus will simplify Facebook and Instagram ads so you feel confident experimenting with this powerful platform and knowing you’re following a proven path to ROI.

    Facebook Ads expert, Salome Schillack will show you how to use paid advertising like the pros in order to profitably fill up your webinar room with perfectly-targeted audiences.

    Whether you’re ready out of the gate, or waiting until you start generating revenue, this Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy won’t break the bank, and will scale with you as you grow your business.

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $5,885.

But you can join Digital Course Academy today for just…

6 Monthly Payments of 387

Buy Now + Pay Monthly

A one-time payment of 1,997

Buy Now + Get An Extra Bonus

Team Porterfield is in this with you.

(And we mean it.)

If you have questions about Digital Course Academy, we're here to chat.

Click here to schedule a 1-1 LIVE Zoom call with someone from Team Porterfield.

Plus You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.

Digital Course Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for entrepreneurs who are excited and COMMITTED to creating and launching a digital course this year.

Our community is highly-curated and filled with helpful, motivated, and super-supportive members who like you are building a digital course to add to their businesses. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now here’s the kicker.

By the end of these 14 days, you’ll have received access to the first two modules of Digital Course Academy.

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to validate your course idea and map out your digital course launch BEFORE making a final commitment. You’ll even be able to start making some course sales using the How to Implement a Founding Members Pre-Sell Strategy lesson from Module 2.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your course idea (and your ability to launch and sell it like a pro), simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. Full details here »

Burning Q’s your fellow digital course owners asked before grabbing their access

  • I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things I’m going to need to learn and execute inside this program. Are you sure I can do this?

    I’ll be totally up front with you.

    YES, there’s a significant amount of things I’m going to ask you to learn and implement inside Digital Course Academy.

    YES, it’ll probably get a little uncomfortable at times.

    YES, you’ll have moments when you might curse my name out loud and scare your neighbors or pets (I forgive you in advance).

    But here’s the thing…

    As long as you’re willing to invest a few hours every week and reach out for help every time you get stuck, you can absolutely do this.

    You’ve probably recognized by now that there’s NOTHING of value that can be created in the online business world without a significant amount of effort.

    If you’re reading this, I’m sure you actually want to put in the effort and feel like you’ve earned the life-changing outcomes that a successful digital course business can provide.

    You just want to make absolutely sure that every amount of effort you invest in executing the plan will move you closer to the end result.

    And that’s my big promise to you. You’ll never waste your time or energy, and you’ll always feel like EVERYTHING you're doing is bringing you one step closer to owning a profitable digital course business and all the rewards and fulfillment it provides.

  • Will I need to invest in any other trainings to create and launch my course?

    Absolutely not.

    I totally understand the frustration of only getting “one piece of the puzzle” at a time, only to find out your actual results are dependent on the ”next thing.”

    I also recognize that you don’t have the time or energy to be pulled down an endless rabbit hole of confusion and half-truths.

    Rest assured, there will be no “carrot dangling” here.

    It’s literally all here.

    Everything you need to create and market a profitable digital program is right here inside Digital Course Academy.

    If your goal is to add other products to your business (memberships, coaching, events, etc.) then you might choose to invest in other programs over time to help get you there.

    But if your goal is to add a lucrative digital course to your current business that frees you from the time-for-money trap and allows you to spend more time actually living life… then everything you need is on the other side of this page.

  • Will I need to purchase a whole bunch of fancy tech tools and software to make this work?

    You will need to invest in a software to house your course content for your new students and set up your marketing system to launch your course.

    To keep things simple and effective, I suggest Kajabi to all of my students and use them myself. They are an all-in-one marketing platform that is incredibly easy to use. I will tell you more about Kajabi when you join and get you the best they have to offer.

    There are a few more optional tools we recommend. Check out the full list here and keep in mind — the cost for most of these tools is less than what you’ll likely charge just one person for your future course.

  • Do I need existing tech skills to pull this off?

    One of the best parts of running a digital course business is that the tech learning curve is extremely low compared to other types of online businesses.

    That said, you’ll be getting all my top software recommendations that have been chosen for their ease of use and effectiveness.

    And to make extra sure that tech is never an obstacle for you, you’ll get access to a complete tech library, giving you super detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs that will have you executing your landing pages, membership areas, and email sequences like a total pro even if you’ve never done it before.

    As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and follow along with the lessons, tech will NEVER be an obstacle for you inside of Digital Course Academy.

  • I’m fairly new to digital marketing. Is this going to be too advanced for me?

    It depends. Some of our best students came into our programs just beginning their online business journey.

    We’ve also had longtime “veterans” use our programs to FINALLY create a sustainable and automated income stream through digital courses and webinars.

    Resilience and perseverance are really the only common denominators between all our successful students.

    The lessons inside Digital Course Academy will make NO assumptions of your current skill level as it relates to course creation and will map out the entire A-Z process of creating and selling a digital program.

    Whether you’re somewhat new to the online world or been at this a while, the difference-maker will ALWAYS be your willingness to stay the course, trust the process, and ask the questions needed to move you forward with confidence.

    We suggest that if you are a beginning entrepreneur, it's helpful to first grow your list before you launch. That's why we created a Start From Scratch module inside Digital Course Academy that will help you set the foundation for growing your email list.

    In addition, inside the program Amy will teach you how to boost your email list, so that when it comes time to sell your course, you will have attracted an audience that is ready to buy.

  • How much time and effort goes into creating and running a digital course? What’s a rough idea of the time and schedule commitment needed to do it successfully?

    Listen, I know you’ve got a lot going on. The idea of creating a digital course might feel overwhelming when you look at your existing to-do list. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be.

    I’ve streamlined and simplified the entire process so that step-by-step you can make consistent progress and reach the finish line without feeling like you need to catch your breath.

    On average, it’ll take you about an hour to watch the video training lessons in each DCA Module. We suggest you spend another 2-5 hours per week implementing what you learn and a little more than that when you’re working on your emails and webinar content (since that’s where you’ll be making sales happen!)

    My best advice is to take it one week at a time and treat yourself like a client. What you’re building is well worth the short term time sacrifice it’ll take to make it happen.

To read more FAQs about Digital Course Academy click here.

I love Digital Course Academy because it's not just a course about building courses. It's a program that sets you up to succeed long term in your online business. And if that's not enough, Amy highlights the importance of customer service and customer experience throughout the program and her actions match her words. I feel so supported by this team and this course.

Gina Gomez Business Strategist and Advisor
gina gomez

Ready to bet on yourself and turn your existing expertise into a profitable digital course?

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6 Monthly Payments of 387

Buy Now + Pay Monthly

A one-time payment of 1,997

Buy Now + Get An Extra Bonus
2 Percent

Make your dream the catalyst for another

2% of all DCA proceeds (up to $200,000) will go towards supporting the Global Fund for Women.

If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing but I’m still not 100% sure” keep reading…

You should give Digital Course Academy a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

Whiteboard that reads "Inhale Exhale" with plant beside it
  1. 1

    You want your life back... like… really badly.

    Whether it’s a super demanding day job or being fully dependent on one-on-one client work, you’re fully aware that you don’t have the time, location, or financial freedom you TRULY need to be living your best life. More importantly, you’d prefer not to spend the rest of your career flirting with burnout while chanting the mantra of “I don’t have time” every time something fun and exciting pops up. You know creating a course will take time in the beginning but will eventually help to free you up to only do work you love and ultimately give you the freedom you crave. That’s why you’re motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months in pre-selling, setting up, and launching a profitable digital course that can dramatically alter the rest of your life and career.
  2. 2

    You’re so freakin’ ready to“put in the work”.

    By now, you fully understand that when it comes to digital courses, the barriers to entry are low — but the barriers to success are high. This doesn't scare you. It lights you up! You appreciate that this barrier to success also serves as your biggest competitive advantage against the dabblers and those without a COMPLETE, step-by-step implementation plan. But above all else, you're ready, willing, and excited to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You're not afraid of putting in the effort. The only thing that scares you is “wasted effort.” And because Digital Course Academy is the most proven, refined, and comprehensive program for creating and launching a profitable digital course, you have total confidence that every hour you invest in building and launching your course will pay off dramatically in the coming months and years.
  3. 3

    You recognize that there is no “perfect time” and waiting is not the answer.

    That doesn’t mean you don’t break a sweat when you think about pressing the buy button below and investing in your incredibly promising future. But it does mean you’re fully aware that it’s “one day, or day one” and only YOU can decide. For what it’s worth, if there ever was a “right time”, it would be now. There are more people online searching for virtual solutions to their problems than ever before. Online learning isn’t going anywhere, so buckle up and get ready to share what you know far and wide! With everything you get inside of DCA, including the stack of special launch bonuses, you're totally unwilling to let this opportunity slip — and even MORE unwilling to let a countdown timer get to decide what the next 10 weeks looks like for you.

Still on the fence?

Talk to someone who’s been in your shoes…

Whenever I’m about to make a big decision the most comforting thing is to speak with someone who’s been there.

Thousands of entrepreneurs have gone before you in creating profitable digital courses and you can chat with one of them today to get a feel for how they felt before taking the leap to join DCA, what they’ve learned since, and whether this opportunity is truly right for you.

Chat with a DCA Alumni

This is your chance to join Digital Course Academy, friend. So what’s it gonna be?

Will you put your trust in me and the program that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs create digital courses that have added 5, 6, and even 7-figures to their businesses while impacting infinitely more people?

If the answer is a solid ‘let’s do this’ get yourself into Digital Course Academy and let’s get started!

6 Monthly Payments of 387

Buy Now + Pay Monthly

A one-time payment of 1,997

Buy Now + Get An Extra Bonus

Why you deserve to have a seat at the table…

More and more people are opting into online learning as an alternative to traditional educational models, and the digital learning market will surpass 243 billion dollars by 2022* (Statista).

It’s YOUR time and YOUR year to create a seismic shift in your online business.

There truly has never been a better time to create a course out of your idea, knowledge, and passion. It’s time to make the leap and believe in yourself and what you bring to the table.

You might have doubts about being an expert, you might doubt your abilities. I’ve been there too. Heck, sometimes I’m there now! My friend, you’re not alone.

Digital Course Academy was created with these doubts — doubts we all have, especially after the year we’ve just had — in mind. DCA will show you step-by-step how to bring your course idea, your dream, and that lingering nudge you have inside into reality. You can create the life you want AND at the same time impact the lives of your audience.

No more second-guessing. No more procrastination. No more “ifs, ands, or buts”.

Amy Porterfield


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that online education is here to stay and there has truly never been a better time to get in on the action and help the people searching desperately for solutions that YOU have.

You might think only the smartest, most talented, tech-savvy, charming, and expert level entrepreneurs can create a profitable course but that is so far from the truth. There is room for you at the table, friend so what are you waiting for? Slide on in and commit to creating a course that will help you weather any storm.

Should you choose to say YES to your inevitable success, I personally guarantee that these next 10 weeks will be completely and utterly life-changing for you and your family.

I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you on inside Digital Course Academy!

ALL my best,


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