Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

#688: How To Break Free From The Fear You Have Around Money with Mel Abraham

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#688: How To Break Free From The Fear You Have Around Money with Mel Abraham

AMY PORTERFIELD: Well hey there, welcome back to another episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield. Today we are going to do a gut check on your business. 

There’s no better time than right in the middle of the year to look at your business to make sure you are on track. Even more thank making sure you are on track, I want to make sure that you are moving in the direction that actually fuels your soul. 

I know I don’t typically use terms like that but I want you to be excited about your business and I want to make sure you’re moving in the direction that will allow you to create a business and life that you absolutely love. 

In order to make sure that’s happening we’ve got to do a little gut check into your business. In addition to that today’s episode will encourage you to do a little dreaming as well. If you’re not dreaming in your business things are going to start to feel a little bit stale or not as exciting as they used to be. 

Finally, to wrap up this episode, I’m going to ask you to ask yourself one specific question every single quarter of the business year. I ask this question of myself every single quarter and the response to the question always surprises me. 

My response is always different quarter after quarter but it always encourages me to tweak something I’m working on. I’m not going to give it away. As you can see, I’m teasing this question. It’s coming at the end of the episode but I think you’re going to love it and hopefully you will use it year after year after year. We’ll get there in just one moment. 

We’re doing a gut check on the business, we’re doing a little bit of dreaming, and I’m going to give you this one question you must ask yourself every single quarter to make sure you are moving toward building a business that you absolutely love. 

Before we get there I want to let you know something that’s incredibly exciting and that I’ve never, ever done before. I’m actually opening the doors to my live event I’m doing at the end of this year to my general audience. 

I usually put on a live event at the end of every year and the only people that get to come to my live event are those that are my B-School Bonus members or bonus members of other programs like 90-Day Year since I promoted that last year as well. 

This time I’m actually opening the doors to my general audience and you are invited to attend this live event as well. Tickets are limited, for sure. The name of the event is The Entrepreneur Experience. 

Rick Mulready will be there talking all things Facebook ads. He has an awesome, awesome training planned. My business partner, Devin Duncan, will be there and he’s talking about launching. I’m going to teach some new content I’ve never taught before. And once in a while I’ll bring in one more special guest. 

We’re still kind of working on all of that but it’s going to be a great event. It’s a one-day event in San Diego. There are two different dates, October 21 and December 2. The cost of the event is $997. Again, seats are limited. 

Seats are limited because all of my bonus members get to secure their spot first. Right now at the time of this recording they are all securing their spots. When I know how many of my bonus members are going to come I will open the door and have a limited number of tickets for those that were not part of my bonus experience in 2017. 

This is the first time I’ve done this. I’m really, really excited. Registration opens in about four weeks but you can get on the wait list today. If you go to http:// you will get on the wait list if you’re  at  all interested. 

When we go live with the general admission we will, for sure, send you an email with all the details: Where it’s going to be located in San Diego, information about travel, information about what the day’s going to look like, and I promise you it’s going to be jam packed with really cool trainings. 

Beyond that, it’s a chance for us to meet in person, for you to network with some really cool action-minded , serious entrepreneurs at all different levels. If you think you’re too new, you’re not too new. There are people just starting out, people that have been at it for a while, and even people who have been at it for a long time. 

I always attract a really diverse group to these live events and I always love every minute of it. You’re invited if you’re interested. Again, to get on the wait list go to 

There you have it, now let’s get to the good stuff: The gut check, the dreaming, and that one question you’ve got to ask. Here we go. I’ve broken up your gut check into four different categories. 

Category 1 is content. The question is: This year, have you been creating consistent, original content? I know, some of you are hiding under your desk and saying, “Shut your mouth, Amy. Stop asking us this!” 

I know many of you struggle with showing up weekly on your blog, podcast, video show, or whatever it might be. I am definitely here to tell you that you need to be showing up every single week. Most of my students are creating online training programs or are coaches or consultants. 

With that I think in order for you to stand out from all of the noise online you’ve got to have your own original voice. That doesn’t mean you need to be writing epic blog posts every single week that are thousands of words. It just means you need to have your own messaging. 

You need to do your own mini trainings or mini insights throughout your content or podcast or video show or whatever it might be. Your opinion matters and your audience is looking for a go-to source. If you show up every single week you’re going to beat out all of your competition. 

I can’t sugar coat it. It is incredibly important that you are showing up every single week with original content. In case you haven’t listened to it I have a podcast called “How to Create Content Rituals to Get More  Done.” It’s #102. I have another one called “Get Your Content House in Order” and it’s #122. I’m going to link to both of those episodes in the show notes. 

I’m linking to both of those episodes because I know creating consistent, original content is not an easy task for most of us. I’m going to try to make it easier for your with those two episodes. That’s Gut Check #1, are you showing up every single week with original content? 

Category 2 is all about leads and growing your email list. My question for you is: Are you growing your email list every single day? Every single day might mean you’ve got ten to 20 new leads today. That starts to add up really quickly. 

To do that you stack the opportunities for people to join your email list. By stacking I mean that you have a home page freebie, something on your home page of your website that allows people to opt in to get a free audio session of yours, a free video, a cheat sheet, or whatever it might be. 

You then have some core podcast episodes or core blog post episodes that you’ve included contents in. By content upgrades I mean that you do a blog post and then you have a freebie, cheat sheet, guide, blueprint, or whatever it might be that people can opt in to with their name and email in order to get something of great value beyond just the blog post. 

You do not need to do this with every piece of content you create but you do want to create a few different epic blog posts that you can drive traffic to again and again that include some kind of freebie. 

If you’re getting interviewed on people’s podcasts or you’re getting to guest blog post on someone’s blog you also want to find a way to include a freebie opportunity where people opt in to get something of great value from you. 

You can mention it on a podcast. You can link to it in a blog post. If you are doing any kind of interviews for other people and getting in front of new audiences you want to be driving traffic to some kind of freebie. 

That’s just a little snapshot of what it might look like to stack the opportunities to grow your email list. If you have a few different list-building opportunities out there it makes it a whole lot easier to be list building every single day. 

I’m going to be talking about this whole idea of stacking your list-building efforts in a later episode this month but I just wanted to tease that because it is important. But look at your overall list-building efforts up until this point in this year. 

How are you doing? Do you feel good about it? Do you feel like you are always finding ways to grow your email list? If yes, awesome. If not, it’s an area you kind of want to back track and look at what’s not working and fix it. Fix it sooner than later. 

Category 3 is retention. This one’s very personal to me and I wanted to share a story of what recently happened. Before I share my story, the question is: Are you taking care of the students you have already brought into your community? 

They have already spent money on your services, your products, your programs. Are you keeping them in your community with other opportunities? For me,  up  until recently the answer was, “not so much.” 

Recently, we uncovered a problem in my business. I have three programs. I have a really awesome product suite. If you want to start with list building I have List-Builder’s Lab. If you’re ready to create an online course I have a course creation program called Courses That Convert. If you want to do webinars, I think that’s my favorite program, it’s called Webinars That Convert. 

I’ve got a really nice product suite. But what was happening, let’s say you already bought Courses That Convert and Webinars That Convert from me. You’re doing pretty good on list building so you don’t need my List-Builder’s Lab program. Now what? 

Sure, I offer affiliate programs throughout the year but not many. A lot of my students have all of my programs or have as many programs as they need of mine and now they’re just kind of hanging out. They still have challenges I know I can help with but I don’t have time to create another signature program nor do I see a huge need for it. 

What I see a huge need for is what I am calling mini trainings. Recently, when I was diving into List-Builder’s Lab, because I’ve been redoing the program over the last few months, I realized many of my students that are new at online marketing really struggle with finding their target market, their ideal customer avatar. 

This is something that comes up again and again. Right away, as I dug into the information that my students were giving me I realized this could be its own stand- alone mini program. It doesn’t need to be a whole signature program that’s $1,000 or more. It doesn’t need to be a program that lasts 60 days to get through. 

It just needs to be concentrated and deep around one specific topic. Once my students dive in and figure out some of the challenges around their target market, not only will it enrich every single one of the programs they join (that are my programs) but also everything they do online. 

I sat down with my business partner, Devin, and our project manager, Chloe. We talked about this and have come up with an idea to get out a mini program sooner than later. I’m not actually going to spend months and months creating it. I’m going to find a way to be nimble, put the content together more quickly, and once I’ve done that I think I’m going to be able to share how I got out a course a lot quicker than 60-90 days, which is typically needed when I’m creating a signature course. 

If it’s just a mini training, whether you want to use it to get your course creation started or you see a need in your audience but it’s not a huge program, it’s just one specific area, I can’t wait to share with you how I do it and then teach you how I did it. That will be a great podcast episode if not something more. 

I think I’ve already talked about this on another podcast but I’m bringing it up again to let you know when you look at the category “retention” in your business (how are you supporting the student you’ve already attracted into your world), you might need to think a little bit differently. 

You might not need a whole other big program to support them but maybe you do. Maybe you want to create a mastermind or group coaching or some kind of VIP experience to take those people you’ve already attracted. You have already done the hard work. 

Now let’s take them to an area where you know you can help them whether it’s horizontal or vertical. You can figure out how that works into your product suite but I think there’s some opportunity there. As a side note, once I do the target market mini program I’ve got tons of ideas of others I’d like to try out as well. 

If you’re looking for some new content from me, my friend, it’s coming your way. 

We already went over Category 1, content; Category 2, leads; Category 3, retention… Category 4 is revenue. This one is a big one. If you are not  checking  in  on  your revenue then you’re actually not sure at all if you are on the right track. 

Just a little side note as to what I do in my business, I actually have a bookkeeper. I will link to my bookkeeper in my show notes because I’ve used her from Day 1 and they are amazing. They are called Good Cents. I’ll link to the actual website in my show notes. 

They give me my P&L every single month. I am very clear how much we’ve spent, how much we’ve made and a lot more detail just to dive into what’s working and what’s not working. It’s really important that at this point you know, at least, how much you’ve brought in gross and net. 

Then I would take a really close look at your expenses. Most people are spending way more money than they need to in their business. At one point in my business I looked at all of the different subscriptions and tools I was paying for that I wasn’t even using. 

I started to save a few hundred dollars a month by cleaning up the recurring charges on tools that I thought I would need in my business that I haven’t even touched. Right away that’s one area to pay close attention to when you look at expenses. 

In general, I want you to look at the money coming in and the money going out. This is a really nice time to reassess. If you don’t have a bookkeeper and you need to do it yourself, by all means, do so. One of the tools I highly recommend is FreshBooks. You can look into FreshBooks  as well and that might be a great place to start, especially if you have to invoice people and you want to track your revenue and expenses; FreshBooks might be a really good solution for you. 

I think it’s important for you to sit down as soon as possible and just look at the revenue. It really does paint a very big, great picture as to whether things are working or maybe they’re not and it’s time to reevaluate before you get too much into the second part of the year and it’s too late to reevaluate and make some pivots. 

Now that we went through the categories: Content, leads, retention, and revenue, it’s time to do a little dreaming. Let’s do it. 

When it comes to dreaming I have four different questions I want you to ask yourself. Before we get there I wanted to tell you about my friend, Danika. I say she’s my friend but I’ve actually never met her. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a girl crush but I’m pretty sure this is girl-crush caliber here. 

Danika Brysha is the founder of Model Meals. You guys have probably heard me and Rick Mulready talk about Model Meals. It’s a meal delivery service that’s amazing and Whole-30 compliant. It’s incredible and I get it every single week. 

I was looking over Danika’s website and she does a lot of morning rituals. If you ever want to read about her morning rituals, I’ll link to it in the show notes. But my point to the whole story is that while I was reading her morning rituals, one thing she does is a daily biography of herself in her dream life. 

She thinks about all of the things she wants to create for her business and her personal life. She really does some serious dreaming about the future. Then she does a daily biography of herself in her dream life. She writes about her life in the future. 

Even beyond that, she does a journal entry from her future to get herself feeling how that life would feel. She does a little biography and then she does an actual journal entry as though she were in the future. 

That’s some intense stuff. But Danika has changed her life dramatically from where she was to where she is now in all areas of her life. When I see people have major success and major transformation I don’t judge them on the intensity of what they do in their daily rituals in order to create the life they have. 

Instead, I look at that and am incredibly impressed. This is something I’ve recently added to the mix of the things I do. I don’t do it on a daily basis. I’m not really good with journaling everyday. But two or three times a week, I can do that. 

This is something I’ve just recently adopted so I cannot say I’m a huge success at it just yet. It’s brand new for me but I absolutely love it so far. So, when we’re talking about dreaming and looking at your future self, journaling as though you are in the future in your dream life, I don’t see anything wrong with that one a long as you are staying present and taking action every single day and looking toward the future, bring it on. 

Other ways that people love to dream is through vision boards. I have definitely done that as well. They are so cool to look back on and realize all of the things that actually came to fruition based on what you visualized on your vision board. 

I know you guys know many different ways you can look into the future and dream big. I just want to encourage you in the next 48 hours to take at least one hour to just dream big, however you want to dream. You can do it the way Danika does it. You can vision board. You can do anything you want to do. Take a walk and think about what’s possible. 

I want to impress upon you the importance of taking an hour in the next 48 hours because I don’t dream enough. I put my head down and get into the work. I forget to think about what’s possible, what good I can put into the world beyond what I’ve done so far. What can I create? What’s possible with the business and my life? 

I just don’t spend enough time in that space. If you’re anything like me you get it. In the next 48 hours spend one hour to allow yourself to do some dreaming. Then take some notes so you know what it is that you want to create. 

First, I want you to do that. Then beyond that I want you to answer these four questions. This is what today’s freebie is all about. I’m going to walk you through, in the freebie, the actual four gut checks and then these four areas to allow yourself to start planning for your future and do a little dreaming, then actually making it happen. The freebie today is really simple. It’s basically the four gut checks and the four ways to dream and do. 

Dream Question #1: What’s one big leap you’re going to make for the second half of the year? 

If you’ve already made a bold move this year then I feel you’re covered. If you feel you’re on the right track and you might not need to make another bold move but you need to focus more on list building or figure out retention then, by all means, spend your time there. But if you haven’t done something bold this year, now is the time. 

If you haven’t listened to the very first episode I did this year it was called Bold Moves to Shake Up Your Business NOW, Episode #142. I actually outline ways to make bold moves in your business. I wanted you to choose just one. If you haven’t done that yet you still have time. You have the rest of the year to do it. 

You want to make these bold moves because we can’t stay comfortable. We can’t get all warm and fuzzy and cozy in our business if we want to keep moving forward and keep creating amazing things. You’ve got to get a little uncomfortable. It’s got to feel a little awkward at times. 

Then you get past that and it’s smooth sailing for a while. Then you’ve got to get uncomfortable again. I feel that’s the only way to do business as an entrepreneur. 

Let me tell you, you all heard that I’ve been creating this video studio. I’ve been talking about it online a bunch. I probably already mentioned it in the podcast. But I spent a lot of money to create a video studio in my home office. 

It is a big deal. I’m in there right now but my podcast equipment is still not set up properly until next week. This audio might actually sound different than my traditional audio. Regardless of that, I’m looking around. There are two different cameras. There are six different lights. There is trussing in here, big metal poles, and all that good stuff. 

It makes me very nervous. I am not at all comfortable in this new video studio. I just feel the lights are hot, this is a smaller room. I normally do video from downstairs in my big living room and use natural lighting. 

But that didn’t work because if I wanted to do a video at 6 p.m. that went out the window. The camera angle wasn’t right. The lighting wasn’t right. It just got really stressful. I wanted to go pro with my videos. So it was time, in my business, to do this. 

Putting the video studio together made me uncomfortable. Sitting here in this video studio, recording live videos, doing a weekly live show on my Facebook page right now…all of that makes me incredibly uncomfortable but I’m still going to show up and do it because this is how I stretch myself and how I move my business forward. 

I’ve got to test it out. I might change things down the road. I might not love having a video show. I don’t know, I’ve got to try it. That was my big, bold move for 2017…a video show on my Facebook page every Thursday and creating a next-level video studio for me to really be pro in what I’m doing. 

That’s my bold move and, yes, right now I’m sweating bullets and I’m really uncomfortable with it but I will make my way through it. I always do. Same for you. What’s your bold move? Don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable. 

Dream Question #2: After you decide your big bold move, if you haven’t done it yet, what’s one small change you’re going to make? 

Every bold move starts with just one small shift or one small change. What is that going to look like for you? I just wanted you to think about one thing you can do to get the ball rolling and then move into something big. 

You might not need a small shift. But, if you do I want you to explore that if it’s going to propel you into the next big thing. 

Dream Question #3: What is your second half of the year mantra? 

Maybe you are listening to this later so it’s beyond the second half of the year. It doesn’t matter. What is your mantra right now to move your business forward? 

To be quite honest, while I was preparing this for you I wasn’t sure what my mantra was. I promised myself I would have my mantra picked out before this episode goes live. So, the morning this episode goes live I’ve got to jump on InstaStories  or Facebook Live or something and I’ve got to share my mantra with you. Then I’ll tell you to listen to this episode so you can share your mantra with me as well. 

I think it’s important that we are repeating something to ourselves over and over again. One of my friends is fearful right now in her business because she’s just starting out. Every decision she makes, every move she makes, she just feels fearful about it. 

Her mantra right now, in this season of her business, is “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” Every time she does something if she feels herself clamming up or her heart beating fast or sweating around a decision, she thinks, “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” 

It is something you can repeat to yourself over and over again when you see your old patterns creeping in. I’m going to think about mine. I’m going to share it with you the morning this episode goes live. I want you to think about yours and, holy cow, I would love to hear it. 

Come over to my Facebook page where I post about this episode the morning it goes live and post your mantra. I would love, love, love to hear it. Let’s share it with each other. 

Dream Question #4: What are you most excited about right now in your business? 

If I were to ask you that, I want you to speak out loud if you’re somewhere that you won’t look crazy by talking to yourself, what are you most excited about right now in your business? I wish I could hear you so very badly because I would love to hear what you have to say. 

Here’s the thing. When it comes to my business what I’m most excited about is that mini program I told you about. It’s not just the topic of finding your target market, I’m excited to create something new and to do it in a really quick, efficient manner and to try some new technology as we roll it out. 

It’s just going to be different than anything I’ve done before. I’m excited to try some different stuff. What are you most excited about? 

I also want to share one little thing with you. Before I’m even allowed to touch that new mini product, I have to get done with a big project I’ve been working on for a while, revamping List-Builder’s Lab. I’m excited to revamp List-Builder’s Lab and I’m deep into it right now. 

If you told me I could be done with that and move on to this new, exciting project right now I’d be like, “Hallelujah!” But I can’t. I made a commitment to my students to rework this program. I’ve been telling all of you about it. My team’s working on it. I would let them down if I just pushed that to the way side. 

You’ve got to respect your word. You’ve got to respect yourself and your team and your clients. Whatever you’re working on right now, get it done before you move onto that next thing you are so very excited about. 

You are lucky if that thing you’re working on right now is what you’re most excited about. Typically, as entrepreneurs, we always have one step into the next big thing that we can’t wait to get our hands on. The entrepreneurs that are most successful are those that do not allow themselves to go there until they finish what they’re working on now. 

That is my big wish for you, that you finish what you’re working on now and then move on to what you’re most excited about. 

I already went through the gut check and the little bit of dreaming that I want you to do. Now my final thing I want to share and what I promised at the very beginning of this episode is a question that I want you to honestly answer. See if you could just answer it right now in the moment. Then we are going to talk about it. 

The question is this: What are you doing in your business right now that you dread? What are you doing in your business that you hate doing? What do you think about and think, “Gross. I don’t want to do that at all”? 

We all have these things in our business. There is no way you can tell me you love every single thing you’re doing in your business. What is one thing you absolutely hate? 

I’ll share mine and then you have to promise to think of yours as well. For me there are a few things I don’t like to do. One of the things I did not like to do for a long time was check in with people to make sure they completed a task and then get all the details about that task and move it forward. I just hated doing that. 

We would have it in Asana, long before Chloe came on as project manager. We would have different tasks in Asana but I hated checking in to Asana to see if other people were doing their job. It must reminded me too much of my corporate days. I did a lot of management. 

I am just tired of that. I also know I have a pretty awesome team that is moving forward. But it’s not fair to them if I’m not being a good leader and checking in regularly and giving them the support they need. I just hated that feeling of always checking in on people to see if they were doing the work I asked them to do. 

That was one of the big reasons we got a project manager in the business. The project manager can check in with everything and have the meetings she needs to have to make sure people have the right information to move forward and do their job. 

Once we hired a project manager I didn’t have to have as many meetings anymore. I didn’t have to check in with everybody to make sure they did this or that. For some reason I just have this yucky feeling about all of that and I didn’t want to do it anymore. 

Here’s the thing about being an entrepreneur and being honest about what you want to do and you don’t want to do, there’s no judgment. You’re the boss. I might tell you I don’t like to check in and see if people are doing their work and you might say, “that’s a terrible leader, Amy.” 

I say it’s just something I don’t like to do so, instead, I find somebody who does it even better than me. I feel like that’s a great leader. Don’t judge yourself or anybody else about what they want to do or don’t want to do in their business. Just keep your eye on your own stuff. 

Be honest with yourself and when you find that one area that you just hate doing, even if it is super simple and small or bigger like the whole management of all of the pieces, then you want to do something about it. 

I just took a few minutes to outline some of the ways you can approach the stuff in your business that you don’t want to do or you hate doing or dread. The first thing is that you can stop doing it, period. 

Again, Hobie, my husband, has to remind me all the time, “You’re the boss, Amy.” If you’re complaining about something you’ve got to look at the situation and determine if you want to just stop doing it completely. 

That is usually not my answer. Obviously, for my situation, what I didn’t like it, I’m not going to just stop managing my team, period. But that is one of the options. So I just kind of wanted you to try it on for size. 

You could change something so the task actually does go away. In my case, that wouldn’t have worked. I don’t think I could change my business dramatically so that nobody needs to be checked in with. But that might work for you. 

Again, change something in your business so the task that you hate completely goes away and is not even a factor anymore because it doesn’t work into any of the projects you’re working on. It’s an option. 

Find a way to make it more enjoyable. If you hate a task and can’t give it to somebody else or stop doing it and it has to be done by you, if that is really the truth then you have to find a way to make it more enjoyable. I don’t know what that would mean for you but there’s always a way to make it more fun or to make it more interesting or add variety to the task that you are doing every single day or week. That is a possibility. 

Another option is to just hire it out. I didn’t want to jump to that right away because you might not need to hire it out. You might not need to pay someone to do it for you but that is a possibility and usually the one that most entrepreneurs jump to. There is no right or wrong but I wanted to save that one for the last suggestion. 

However, if you’re going to hire it out like I did, I hired a project manager, I feel you need to be committed to spending the time that you no longer have to use on that task on something incredibly valuable for your business. I made a commitment that if we were going to hire a content manager that meant I had a lot more time to create content. 

There were no more excuses that I wasn’t getting my podcast out every single week. That was a big one for me. Back in the day I wasn’t doing a weekly podcast. I may have done it two or three times a month at the most. 

If you’re going to hire something out I usually justify it by asking how much time it’s going to save me and what am I going to do with that time? I’ve got to make it worth it. It usually comes back to creating consistent content. 

Do you see what I did there? I looped it right back to the beginning. That’s pretty good, right? Anyway, I just wanted to end with the question I ask myself every single quarter, “What am I working on that I dread, hate, don’t enjoy?” What am I going to do about it? I gave you four different ways to approach that. And there you have it. 

A few quick housekeeping items before we wrap up. 

  1. As I mentioned earlier, for the first time ever, I am inviting my community to my live event in October and I have another one in December. You get to choose which date works best for you. Typically I only open my live events to my B-School Bonus members and my 90- Day Year Bonus members. All of you that are part of my bonus experiences get first dibs on the tickets. Each event will be around 300 people, probably a little less, but somewhere around there. We are definitely not selling tickets beyond that. It’s first-come, first-served. The tickets are $997. You get to choose between the October 21 date or the December 2 date. Each of the events will have special guests that will do trainings. I will be teaching new content and beyond that we are going to have some amazing networking opportunities. It’s a one-day event in sunny San Diego. I would love for you to join me. Tickets are not yet av a i l a b l e b u t y o u ca n g e t o n t h e wa i t l i s t a t http:// 
  2. The freebie for this episode is a quick one sheet where I walk through the four gut checks I want you to ask yourself and then the four different questions to help you dream about the possibilities that are out there. Of course, I’ve included that golden question, “What are you working on right now that you are dreading, that you are hating, that you wish you didn’t have to do.” This one sheet is important because right now you know this stuff. You remember it and have been answering the questions as we’ve been going along. But what about at the end of the year? What about asking yourself these questions at the end of the year to plan for the new year? Depending on when you’re listening to this you might want to ask yourself these questions every single quarter, which is the goal here. Because of that I want you to download the freebie, save it on your computer, and then pull it out every quarter. It’s just a quick little check in. Go to to get your hands on it. 

Wow, that is a lot of links I just gave you so everything can be found at http:// Thank you so very much for tuning in. I cannot wait to see you again here next week. Bye for now.