Transcript: Should I Join a Mastermind?

January 11, 2018

Amy Porterfield: The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.” That was a Socrates quote, not my own. Whoa! I just started a podcast episode with a Socrates quote. I’m getting pretty deep over here. 

Welcome to another episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield. In all seriousness, a few episodes ago, it was Episode #192, I shared my core theme for the year. I talked about what it means to be a visionary leader in your business. 

I think a big part of that is having the confidence to say, “I don’t know it all.” I think it’s important that you are really honest about the fact that you’ve got to always be learning in order to expand your mind and expand your business. 

I always say that I am a constant learner and know I can learn from so many people around me. So I surround myself with some rock star peers because I love to learn what they’re doing. I hang on every word and I get inspired by their lessons and what they share. 

Because of this belief that you should always be learning, I’m a big believer in having a dedicated sounding board for your business. Specifically, a mastermind. 

When I say “mastermind”, I simply mean a group of peers that you can get together with, whether it be in person or online, talk through your business challenges and come up with solutions. You may get together once a week or once a month or even once a quarter. Again, maybe virtually and maybe in person, but today we are talking about masterminds. 

Masterminds foster the mentality of “we’re in this together.” You have their back, they have your back, and I think you know that doing business online can at times feel incredibly lonely. A mastermind is a great way to break through that isolation. 

I wanted to talk about this today because masterminds have become top of mind for me lately. I have always been a fan of masterminds. If you follow me you’ve heard this story way too much. If you’ve listened to some of my older podcasts I am sure I have talked about it a few times so I am going to go really quick through my history of masterminds. 

I paid for a mastermind. It was $17,000 to be exact in 2010. It was right when I had left my corporate job. I paid to go into Marie Forleo’s “Rich, Happy, and Hot” mastermind with a group of about 20 entrepreneurial women. We met four times a year. It was once in Mexico, once in Arizona, once in New York, and I can’t remember where the fourth place was. 

We met in person and connected once a month online in a group call. That was my first experience with a paid mastermind and I actually did it for two years in a row because I loved it so much. 

I’ve also been in peer masterminds. A group of us have gotten together. No one actually pays to be in the group but we are all very similar in where our businesses are and where we want to grow. We are pretty similar in the amount of money we’re making. There was a lot of synergy around it but we were all doing kind of different things and we shared our insights, experiences, our thoughts about each others’ businesses. 

That was pretty awesome as well. I did that for two years. I’ve done my own peer masterminds with my friends and I’ve paid for it. Today we are specifically talking about the masterminds that you pay for. This question around whether you should join a mastermind and how to know when you’re ready to join a mastermind comes up a lot. 

I think it’s a great idea if you want to start your own mastermind with your peers. I think you should be in business for a few years before you do that so that everybody has something really valuable to bring to the table. I would never do that if you were just starting out. 

If you’ve been in business for a while, definitely look into a peer run mastermind. I did an episode several years ago about masterminds where I focused on starting your own. I’ll link to that in the show notes. But, again today we’re talking about finding an existing mastermind that has a leader that you likely will be paying for and you’re going to join their mastermind. That’s where the focus is today. 

At the time of this recording I also recently made a big decision to join James Wedmore’s mastermind, The Inner Circle. Some of my friends are a little confused about this decision. I’ll talk about why they seem a little confused and why I joined the mastermind. 

I’m going to get into my own experience of joining a mastermind. I haven’t paid for a mastermind since Rich, Happy, and Hot so it’s been many years and I’m very excited. I’m going to talk to you about why I joined, how I knew I was ready to join a mastermind again, and some details about my own experience there. 

Here’s the deal. As part of my mastermind journey I wanted to share with you why you should think about joining a mastermind, how you know if you’re ready, and how to pick a great one. 

My hope is if you’ve been thinking about joining a mastermind for a while but are just not really sure which way to turn or if you haven’t thought about joining a mastermind but feel isolated in your business or feel stuck or are trying to up level and just can seem to get to that next level then a mastermind might be a perfect solution for you. I’m going to give you some more clarity around masterminds today. 

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Let’s go ahead and talk all things mastermind. 

Why You Should Join a Mastermind 

Let’s start with the “why” behind why you should join a mastermind. Another way to look at it is to ask what makes a really good mastermind. If you want some criteria to look out for as you are looking for your own mastermind I want to share some experiences I have had in masterminds that have made them really valuable. 

We already talked about the first one, the idea of breaking through the isolation as a business owner. That’s a big plus when you find yourself in a really good mastermind. Your group also helps you get unstuck. We all get stuck in our business. It might be a tech issue that we’re stuck with or an overall strategy issue where we’re just not feeling clarity around something. 

If you put it out there to the mastermind they are so quick to help you out. That’s the cool thing. The people in your mastermind get really familiar with your business and their ideas for your business become really laser focused and incredibly valuable. 

They aren’t just throwing out general ideas, they know you, they know how you operate, they know your business model, they know your team, and they know your limitations. When they throw out an idea a good mastermind will take all of those into consideration as they are helping you get unstuck or helping you with new ideas. 

That leads me to my next point in that a really good mastermind has members who come up with fresh ideas. I’ll talk about why I joined a little bit later in this episode but one of the reasons I recently joined James’ mastermind is because I want some new ideas in my business. 

I’ve been doing the same thing over and over for many years and I just want a fresh perspective. I want new ideas. I want to be more nimble in my business. I know a group of really smart entrepreneurs will help me get there. 

When I was in the peer run mastermind many years ago, Stu McLaren was one of the members in the mastermind. Stu now has a program called “Tribe.” He is an expert in membership sites. In case you don’t know him he is worth checking out, for sure. 

Stu knew me well. He knew my business well. He knew my products well because he took the time to get to know me as we were in the mastermind together. One day we were in Palm Springs just hanging out. That’s another cool thing with masterminds, if you get together in person you have a lot of down time. That’s where ideas tend to flow. 

I was talking about my B-School bonuses. This was so many years ago but I was talking about my B-School bonuses and how I really wanted to come up with a new exciting one. I was explaining how I’ve used B-School in my own business and he said, “I’ve got an idea.” 

He then told me to create the backstage pass to a B-School success story and walk my B- School bonus members through exactly how I used B-School to build a multi-million dollar business. He told me to share all of the details and really let them in to give them swipe file and show them my webinar registration pages and the emails I used and really let them in but relate it to how B-School played a part in that. 

I thought it was a great idea. My “Backstage Pass to a B-School Success Story” has been a huge hit. I’ve used it for almost three, maybe four, years now. I update it every single year as I have more success in my business but it has always been a hit. That came from Stu. 

You will get great ideas and, of course, you’ve got to give in order to get and I hope my peers felt I gave just as much as I got. But that was a huge win for me so shout out to Stu. Thanks for that. 

Getting back to why you would want to join a mastermind. One of the huge perks of being in a really valuable mastermind is accountability. It’s one thing to say you’re going to get something done. It’s a whole other story when you tell a group of your peers your goals, your deadlines, the amount of money you want to make, and how you want to make it. 

When you’re really specific with your mastermind group they will hold you to it. By the way, a quick plug for an interview I did on my podcast with productivity expert, Carey Bentley, back on Episode #174. It was called Three Hacks to Get More Done in Less Time. 

In that episode Carey talked about four levels of accountability. Level two was this: You want to have accountability with like-minded individuals all in the same boat. That’s exactly what a really valuable mastermind will do for you. 

If you want to be held accountable, if you know you need to have something more than telling yourself you’re going to get it done, a mastermind could be the perfect answer for you. 

A few more things about why you would want to join a mastermind, they inspire you to take action. It is partly because you’re seeing everybody else take action. This is a big one you might not even consider but it really does work this way. You’re in a mastermind full of people that are total go getters. 

They are talking about their successes, “I tried this and made this much money when I did it,” or “I made this kind of impact and this is the feedback I got.” They are sharing their wins with you and you are sitting there thinking you want some of that. You’ve got to step up. 

I remember being in a mastermind. I won’t name any names but I remember getting up there at the end of one of my masterminds. I said, “I made this amount of money this year and these are the products I launched.” I gave some details. My friend came up to me six months later and said, “I heard you say that and I started my business when you started your business. I was nowhere near your numbers. I thought, this is it, if I needed a fire under my feet this would do it for me.” 

When she heard my success, knowing that we were pretty equal in terms of when we started our business she thought, “Oh heck no. I’m bringing it on.” She did amazing things after that. She just needed a little push and friendly competition, a little inspiration, maybe a little of all of that, and it got her going. Masterminds definitely help you get things done and take action. 

How To Know When You’re Ready for a Mastermind 

First we talked about the “why” and what makes a really great mastermind. Now we are going to talk about when you know when you’re ready to join a mastermind. 

I thought about this one long and hard because I want to give you some specifics. Although I think every business owner would find value in a mastermind I know, because we’re talking about paid masterminds, some people might not have the funds to actually engage in something like this. 

Let’s talk about some criteria. 

First, you’ve got to be serious about your business. It doesn’t have to be your full-time thing; however, you have to be on a mission to make it your full-time thing. It’s not something you dabble in. You want it to be your number one money maker. 

You would like to quit your corporate job and have this be your gig. That’s important to think about. No dabbling. That’s not worth money in a mastermind. 

You have to obviously be generating money in your business. Number two is a little bit tough. I almost deleted this bullet point and then I thought it was worth just kind of mentioning. I don’t think you should pay for a mastermind if you’re not yet generating some revenue. But you don’t have to be making a lot. 

I put down the number $50,000. It’s not black and white set in stone. However, let’s say you are able to generate $50,000 a year from the business that you’ve created. Of course you want to grow this business. If you’re making money and you’ve figured out that part of it then you have the potential to expand. 

I would try to make at least $50,000 in your business before you think about paying for a mastermind. That’s a tough number for me to throw out so if you don’t agree with me that’s okay. We’ll move on to the next one. But I know benchmarks are important. 

You are serving clients or selling to students on a consistent basis and not once or twice a year. You aren’t dabbling. You are consistently selling and consistently creating content, or at least that is your goal in your business. You want to be showing up every single day in your business. You might not be there yet but that is your ultimate goal. 

You have enough knowledge of your business or industry that you’re in a place to accept and apply feedback. If you went into a mastermind and you’re not really sure what your niche is, you really have no clue about your target audience, and you’re not really sure what you’re going to sell then it is not time for a mastermind. 

A mastermind is to really solidify what you’re doing and take it to the next level. You want to come to the table with knowledge and a skill set that you are applying to your business. Here’s something that’s important along those same lines. This is a two-way street. You’ve got to remember that. 

When you’re in a mastermind with your peers you are expected to give as well as receive. If you’re totally brand new and you don’t have anything to offer in terms of experience and what works and how to up level in different areas, if you can’t get into that conversation then you probably shouldn’t be in that mastermind. 

I do think it’s important that you give and receive. 

You’ve got to be willing to do the work. The mastermind is not going to run your business for you. The leader of the mastermind (we’ll talk about leaders of masterminds) is not going to do anything for you. They are going to offer you some advice. You might even get just a little time with them or maybe no one on one time with them. 

It might just be all in a group setting and you’ve got to be able to take those ideas, the feedback, the criticism, anything that comes your way, and you need to go home and implement whether it is by yourself or with a team or whatever. 

Don’t ever look at a mastermind like it’s going to dramatically change your business if you’re not willing to literally go home and right away do the work. That’s a big one. I just kind of wanted to give you some really good specifics around how to know if you’re ready for a mastermind. 

I tell you all of that and I think the one about giving as well as receiving might trip up some of my listeners. I know some of my listeners struggle with having confidence in their business. But don’t let your lack of confidence make you feel like you are not good enough for a mastermind. 

Be really careful around that topic. You know what you can come to the table with. You know what you have to offer. I think all of my listeners have something special to offer. You’ve got to be careful with that one and just know that you’re not going to get in a mastermind where everybody’s making a million dollars or more and you’ve only made $50,000 in your business. 

You wouldn’t choose a mastermind like that anyway so you’re going to be really mindful about the mastermind you choose so that you can learn from people and you can also offer feedback, insight, and advice. 

There are the pretty bare bones criteria around how to know if you’re ready for a mastermind. Hopefully that will at least get you started in the right direction. So let’s move on to point number three. 

How Do I Choose a Mastermind That’s Right For Me? 

To make this as easy as possible I broke it up into three steps. 

Step 1 – Know Your Criteria – First, you’ve got to know where you want to focus for the next year. Let’s pretend you’re going to sign up for a mastermind that lasts a full year. You’ve got to know where you want to focus in your business. 

From there I want you to write down some of your “musts”. What do you feel you just must get out of this mastermind? I actually want you to do this before you look into anybody’s mastermind. I want you to get clear about what you need before you go looking into the opportunities that are out there for you in terms of masterminds. 

Let me give you an example from my own world. I knew I wanted to be a better visionary in my business moving forward. I wanted to learn more, come up with more ideas, and introduce some new strategies into my own business and then, of course, once I do them and they work well or don’t work well, I get to share that with all of you. 

That’s how I teach in my business. I go first. With that I knew I needed to be in a group that was trying new things, experimenting, and doing things different. I had the privilege to speak at two of James’ masterminds. I spoke at one in San Francisco and one in New York just recently. 

I know his mastermind well. I talked to a lot of people that are in his mastermind. They are good friends of mine so I know their progress and what they are doing. I get their feedback. Plus, I got to be a part of his mastermind two times now over the entire weekend. It was really fun to just pitch and catch with everyone and see what they are up to. 

One of the things I noticed from James’ mastermind is that a lot of people are selling online courses and are doing online launches. That’s exactly the world I live in. That’s my business. 

But I noticed they are doing things a little bit differently than I am doing and they are more nimble. Their businesses are smaller than mine. Not everybody, a but a lot of people in the group, have smaller businesses but they are doing cooler things. 

They are more nimble so they can experiment and try new strategies. I love that. So one of my friends asked why I would join a mastermind where a lot of people in the mastermind are actually making a whole lot less money than you. 

Right now, to me it’s not about how much money somebody is making. James has criteria for this mastermind. I’m not exactly sure what it is but I think it’s multiple six figures that you have to make in order to be in this mastermind. So people are making good money. 

Just because I might be making more than some of them in the mastermind that doesn’t mean their strategies aren’t solid and that they aren’t incredibly smart and that they can teach me something as much as I can teach them something. 

I really did my homework and knew that there was so much goodness coming out of this mastermind and smart, smart people were involved. I wanted to be around those people. 

I am giving you guys all of the details around my decision here but I was actually going to enroll my project manager, Chloe, who runs so much of my business. I was going to have her join James’ mastermind. I was actually going to pay for it and have her join the mastermind. 

I knew it was a lot of strategy and a lot of things that might have put me in the weeds. I have to be careful about that because they are talking about how they did it and the steps to take and the contractors they are hiring for it and all that stuff and that’s what Chloe does in my business. 

I was just going to have Chloe in it but I wanted to be inspired. I want to have the conversations with Chloe and talk about new ideas as they come up. So I decided to do it with Chloe. James has an opportunity to add somebody like your sidekick to come with you to the mastermind. You have to pay more but I loved that idea. 

I’m actually going to enroll myself and my project manager, Chloe, and that’s kind of cool. Both of us are going to do it together and I think that will spur a lot of great conversations and it will force us to look at our business every single quarter. 

In James’ mastermind they meet four times a year. I also thought it was a perk because they are meeting three times in California up the highway from me. I didn’t really want to travel a lot for a mastermind so I kind of love that. I think one of the meetings is in New York. 

I’m sharing all of this with you because I’ve made a commitment to let you behind the scenes of my business even more. I know some people might be surprised with my decision to go into this mastermind. I think it’s an amazing idea. 

I can’t wait and I cannot wait to be able to pitch and catch with so many amazing minds in this mastermind. It’s small. I think it’s around 25 people. That’s a huge plus for me as well. 

Now let’s get into some of the “musts”. For me, here were some of the musts. It needs to be a small group. I think 25 max. Anything more than that, for me, and I would feel like there wasn’t that intimacy. I like smaller masterminds. 

I think it’s important that there is some type of criteria in order to join. If you’re just getting started and the criteria is that you have to be in business for six months and you had to have made at least your first $10,000 and that’s you then that’s great. That’s where you should start. 

It’s all relative but I liked that James had a criteria of multiple six figures and you have to fill out an application. He gets a lot of applications and you are selected for the mastermind. I liked that there was some exclusivity. 

That was one of my musts. There needs to be some exclusivity. You’ve got to jump through a few hoops to really get accepted into the mastermind. 

Another one of my musts is that I’ve got to like the people that are in the mastermind. I got to cheat a little bit. I’ve been to two of his masterminds. A lot of the same people are coming back so I know I really like that group. 

You don’t always get the luxury to know who’s going to be in the group before you join a mastermind but if you have the opportunity, by all means, take it. 

It was a must that I was going to be surrounded by people that were doing things different from me, that were taking risks and were nimble in their business and generating revenue on a consistent basis. That was a must for me and that’s what I was looking for. 

Here’s another one. For me, one of my musts is that I have to really respect the leader of the mastermind. I have to see something in that leader that I want to aspire to. This is huge. When I joined Marie Forleo’s mastermind I wanted a business very similar to the business she had back then. 

Since then she’s gone in a really amazing direction by creating Marie.TV. That’s not typically the direction I want to go but in the early years of building online courses and blogging every day and really getting out there and connecting with her audience I loved all of that and wanted all of that for me. 

I wanted to model her business so she was a perfect leader for a mastermind that I paid for. In James’ case, he is a visionary. He really does a good job of looking forward and he is full of ideas. 

One thing I love about James is anybody could come up to him and say, “I have a problem in my business. This is what it is,” and he would have an idea for you. He is just always coming up with great ideas and he spends time with his members. I’ve seen it. 

He lets mastermind members call him on his cell phone during their launch if they are stuck, if they need a little pep talk. He gives a lot so looking at the leader of the mastermind I’ve got to see something in them that I would like to aspire to. 

Because this is my year of being a better visionary in my business I think James has that. I’m really intrigued and I want to learn more so those are my musts. I thought I would share mine with you and then you could create yours. 

What are yours? What are you looking for in a mastermind? Do the homework first before you start shopping different mastermind opportunities. 

Spend a little time thinking about the “must nots”. One of my must nots is that I can’t go into a mastermind with a bunch of dreamers. It’s one thing to dream up ideas and think about what’s possible. 

But if people in the mastermind aren’t doing it and actually being really open about their results and the numbers and details I have no interest in being in that mastermind. That was another one that was a big deal for me. 

I also look at time commitment. This is kind of a big deal for me as well. With James’ mastermind we meet four times a year and then we have monthly calls and there is a Facebook group. The four times a year is in person. Like I said, three of them are in Laguna Beach where James lives, which is just a drive down the highway for me, or up the highway for me, I always say that wrong. 

It’s an hour, max, to get there. That’s wonderful. It’s over three days so it doesn’t take a huge chunk of time. But if I had to travel out of the country three or four times a year I would never sign up for a mastermind like that. I don’t like to do a lot of business travel. I’ve had enough of that in my past. 

The time commitment and travel is something you’ve got to take into consideration, especially because the cost of a mastermind never includes hotel, airfare, food, and all that when you are actually at the mastermind. So you need to take that into consideration, for sure. 

Again, where do you want to focus in your business? What are your five musts? What are the musts that have to be included in that mastermind? What are any of the must nots? What is the time commitment? One more is if it’s virtual or physical? 

Mine is a mixture of both. A lot of them are. But maybe it’s just all virtual. That is great as well. If it is all virtual, that tends to take the price down and that is a good thing. These are some things you need to think about in terms of whether it is the right mastermind for you. 

Step 2 – Do Some Detective Work – If Step One was to know your criteria then Step Two is to do some detective work. The first thing is to ask around. Ask some of your peers. If they have been in any of the masterminds you are thinking about get the low down from them. 

I would go to my peers first and ask about masterminds. That’s what I actually did this year. I talked to some of my friends who were in other masterminds to learn what they thought about those before I made a decision. 

Another thing that I think is so important is that if you’re going to pay $20,000 a year or some are $30,000 or even more than that, if you are going to put down that kind of money, a lot of times they have payment plans, that’s what I did with Marie Forleo. I had to take advantage of her payment plan because it was expensive and I didn’t have any money at the time; beyond that, I think you need to get on the phone with either the leader of the mastermind, which is always a plus if that can happen, or somebody that’s included in the mastermind. 

Ask all of your questions. You are entitled to get answers before you spend that kind of money. They might have an application, which is a good thing. If you’re going to pay that kind of money you want to fill out an application and you want it to be exclusive. It’s one thing for you to fill out and application. 

But let’s say you’re accepted. You need to get on the phone with someone and say, “I’ve got some questions for you.” Just take your time and go through the questions. Of course you will be polite about it and really gracious for them spending the time with you. But I think that part’s important. I know I would do that, for sure. 

I’m also going to list a few masterminds that I really like in my show notes. Of course I’ve mentioned James. At the time of this recording I’m pretty sure it’s full. I’m pretty sure he has filled it up and is good to go there. But he also has another mastermind that is less expensive. 

I think there are more people involved and it might actually be all virtual or maybe a mix of virtual and one physical date. I don’t know, but I feel it is a really good way to ease into it. I know I’m sounding a little bit vague about explaining it. I’m going to do a better job in my show notes and I will link to that in my show notes. I’ll give you information about it. 

Some of my peers have some fantastic masterminds. I know a mastermind where if you’re trying to create a course and you have struggled with it and you haven’t gotten it done. I know a great course-creation mastermind and a few others. I’m not going to give them all away. I’m going to list them all in my show notes at to check out the show notes. 

Remember I told you that I have three steps in terms of knowing how to choose a mastermind? The first step was to know your criteria, we just went over the second step which was to be a detective and really do your research up front. 

Step 3 – Commit – Once you choose a mastermind, we’re talking about masterminds you pay for and for the record, there are masterminds that might be $10,000 for a year of masterminding or just $10,000 for six months, or $20,000, $30,000, and I’ve seen some as high as $60,000. There is a huge range. Again, do your homework. 

I’ve also got to talk to you about money and masterminds for a second. Some masterminds are so powerful because you do have skin in the game. You’re paying for it and you’re going to show up. If Step 3 is to commit, I don’t even think I need to tell you that one because I’m pretty sure if you’re putting money up for it you’re going to show up to all the calls, all the different physical events they have, and all of the virtual events they do. 

I’m pretty sure you’re going to take advantage of all of it. It’s kind of like when we fly First Class sometimes. Hobie, my husband, will take everything they give us. If they want to give us a hot towel, bring it on. 

I was sleeping one time when they came around with champagne. He woke me up because he didn’t want me to miss the champagne. He is in First Class. He paid for it. He is getting everything they offer. That’s kind of how you should look at a mastermind as well. Take full advantage of everything. 

I tell you that because I wanted to talk about the money situation for a second. It’s likely going to be a little bit of a hardship for you. I’ve never known anyone to say, “I signed up for a $20,000 or $30,000 mastermind. No big deal!” 

It’s a chunk of change. No matter if you’re in my situation where you have a multi-million dollar business or if you’re just starting out I look at that as a lot of money. Just know that I don’t think you will ever be totally comfortable paying for it but if you can find a way I want you to push yourself. 

That’s saying a lot because I’m not selling you anything. I don’t have a mastermind. As of right now that’s not what I want to do in my business. I’m just talking about anybody’s mastermind. If you find one that you feel is a really good fit and you go through the criteria and use the mastermind to kind of vet if it’s a good fit for you and look at the money and think, “Whoa! That’s going to be a little bit tough for me to pay on a payment plan every month,” push yourself a little bit. 

That’s what I did the first two years of being in Marie’s mastermind. Both years were kind of hard for me in order to pay such a big chunk every single month. It was almost $2,000 every month. It was a lot. I’m so glad that I did push myself and I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone in two ways; 1) the money made me very uncomfortable, and 2) I didn’t know anybody. 

I didn’t have the opportunity to meet any of the women before I joined the mastermind and I was so nervous. That’s okay too. It’s okay, just step outside of your comfort zone. 

I know we’re talking about a big topic. I know some masterminds are so expensive. Maybe this year you’re not in a place to do it. However, I’m hoping this episode will kind of get you thinking about the possibility and opportunity in a mastermind. 

Let’s say if you’re not ready now, throughout this year when you hear about a mastermind you know how to kind of check yourself and your business against that mastermind and you can start saving for one. When next year rolls around you will have a chunk of change to be ready to invest in your business and in yourself through a mastermind. 

Maybe this episode found you at just the perfect time so you can start planning. There you have it. Let’s go ahead and wrap it up. 

I hope you enjoyed some of the insights I shared around masterminds with my own experience and my new experience with the mastermind as well. Two things. Don’t forget that I have a free master class all about list building. It’s called The Ultimate List-Building Catch Up Plan. 

I use a lot of examples in my own business and those of my students to show you how to get started with your list-building foundation. If you’re interested, again it’s totally free, go to to sign up for the free master class and then I’ll tell you more about my List-Builder’s Lab program inside the master class. 

First I’m going to teach you a whole heck of a lot around list building and then you can decide if you want to join my list-building program as well. 

In next week’s episode, Episode #194, I am going to talk about how to handle criticism online. In that episode I’m going to tell you two stories. One story is about how some woman was so incredibly nasty to me online about a decision I had made and I did something I shouldn’t have done and fed the monster. 

I made it a million times worse. That’s how not to deal with criticism. I’ll give you all the details in next week’s episode. 

One more story I will tell next week is about a guy giving me “feedback” on Instagram through a direct message. His delivery was terrible but he was oh so right. I’m going to tell you how I dealt with that one as well. 

Plus, I’ll give you a whole bunch of other examples, tips, and insights so that the next time somebody gives you “feedback” or criticism online you will know how to deal with it so that you can do it gracefully and feel good about it. 

I will see you next week for Episode #194. Until then have a wonderful week. Bye for now. 

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