Transcript: How To Get Noticed Online When You’re Just Starting Out

March 21, 2018

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Welcome back to another episode of The Online Marketing Made
Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield, and I’m so happy that you’re tuning in.

I’ve been at this online marketing thing for a long time. I’ve worked with thousands of students and I’ve gotten pretty good at finding patterns. Specifically, patterns in limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that often stop promising entrepreneurs in their tracks.

One common struggle I’ve uncovered countless times is the struggle of standing out when the online world had become so saturated. Here’s the thing, it is tough to stand out. It is sometimes a struggle, and it can definitely be frustrating.

One student of mine asked, “Amy, the online world is extremely crowded. How do you differentiate yourself from the rest so you don’t get lost in the mix?”

Another student asked, “It’s so hard to get through the beginning stage of my business. No matter how much value or quality I add no one is paying attention. What do you do when it feels like no one cares about anything you’re doing online?”

Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever wondered how to stand out in a busy world and what you could do to get noticed because you have very few views on your videos, you jump on Facebook Live and nobody’s paying attention or you hardly have any Instagram followers?

If you’ve ever wondered this you’re not alone. It’s a valid question. The reason I wanted to address this question today might totally surprise you. So here goes.
Every single online entrepreneur that I have studied and respected over the years has likely never spent too much time pondering this question. Their minds just don’t go there.

They don’t wonder how to stand out in a noisy online world. They just keep pushing forward.
They make their own rules, they do things on their own terms, they are more real and gritty than most, they share the things other people won’t share, they try the things their competitors are too scared to do, and they are fearless so they take risks.

They pave their own way and they are not asking, “How do I stand out in a noisy world.” Believe me. I promise you, I have studied so many excellent and stellar entrepreneurs that are making bank online but, more importantly, making a really big impact in all difference niches.

They are not at all wondering, and they didn’t even in the beginning, wonder how they could stand out in a noisy world. They just plowed forward. Yes, there are a bunch of social media tricks and tips you can test out to get noticed online.

There are list-building strategies you can implement, video campaigns you can launch, and overall marketing funnels you can develop to break through some of the noise. That is definitely a fact.
But I’m going to take a gamble and say that you don’t need me to give you another tip, trick, or strategy right this minute in order for you to stand out in a noisy online world.

As you know, I’ve given you many strategies in the 200+ episodes of this podcast. I hope you’ve taken action on many of them. In fact, I’m going to guess you have at least ten ideas or ten strategies waiting for you right now that you know you would love to implement if you just have a few more hours in the day.

Can I get an amen? I’m with you. I feel the exact same way. But if you’re still asking what you need to do to stand out in a noisy online world then my answer to you is to adopt the mindset of those who have never even thought about that question but have made a huge impact in their own specific niches and with their own ideal customer avatars because they just plowed forward.

To take that one step further, I want to encourage you to act as though you have already nailed it, as though you already own your online space, as if you are a pro, as if you’re kicking butt and taking names already.
Even if you are not, act “as if”. That is precisely what the best of the best have done to get where they are now. And they believed it. Even when they weren’t there yet they could see they were going to get there. They knew in their heart and in their gut that they are going to nail it so they just acted “as if.”

I know you love strategies and tips. I do too. The truth is that when you learn new strategies or new techniques to do this or that it actually makes you feel in control. This is the exact same thing for me. If I learn a new strategy and you tell me, “Amy if you do ‘this’ then you’ll see ‘these’ results,” I feel in control.

Okay, I can do this, bring it on. I’m just going to take action and I’m going to get the results. I like that type of control. But even more important is that you have to shift your mindset or all of those strategies won’t ever really come together in the way you want them to come together.

It’s all about how you think and how you feel. Trust me, this is so much more important than any strategy. That’s why I like to give you both on this podcast. I like to give you those strategies, tips, and tricks that I know work and I like to remind you that what’s more important is between your two ears, what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling.

That’s what separates the winners from the losers and it’s what makes or breaks a successful entrepreneur.
I thought I would spend a little time sharing with you how to shift the way you approach a noisy online world and in turn get noticed. I am going to give you some tools to work with. They are just going to be a little bit different than you might have guessed.

Trust me, I know where I’m taking you and I know what you can do with the information I’m going to give you here so just stay with me here because I think it can make a huge impact in everything you are doing online.
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Let’s dive in to ways to shift your mindset so that you never, ever ask, “How do I stand out in a noisy world?” It’s not even going to be on your radar. Let’s do it.

Not too long ago Marie Forleo was on my show. That episode was called How To 10X Your Results in 2018 and Beyond With Three Dead-Simple Strategies. On that episode Marie was talking about being a relentless MFer.
I’ll refrain from saying the “F” word in case you have kids in the car because many of you tell me you listen during your carpool. But I think it takes a lot of guts to say you are a relentless MFer as you build your online business.

You know what that means. It means you do whatever it takes. You push forward no matter what. You are scared but you do it anyway. You laugh at your setbacks. You may not initially laugh but you get there pretty quickly and you think, “No matter what, I’m moving forward.”

I saw the best quote that is perfect for this episode, “It’s okay if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up you rise as the whole damn fire.”
I love that. Collette Worden wrote that and it’s true. That is what a relentless entrepreneur does.
Strategy #1 – Relentless Entrepreneurs Embody Dogged Determination
My strategy #1 for you is that relentless entrepreneurs embody dogged determination. They rise as the whole fire after they have fallen down a few times and things haven’t worked out.
Again, remember, the goal of this episode is that you never, ever ask again how you stand out in a noisy world. You just stand out. You just do what you’ve got to do to get to a point that people start to pay attention. I want to get that fire in you to start thinking in a different way.

The truth is the online world is a crowded playing field. I’m not here to tell you, “Oh, it’s not a big deal.” It is. Let me give you some numbers. The number of bloggers in the United States is set to reach 31.7 million in 2020.

Facebook videos have increased 360 percent across everyone’s newsfeed. There are 500,000 active podcasts on iTunes and it’s growing every single day. So yes, it’s crowded.

Guess who wins? Guess who bursts through the noise? Those that are relentless and pick themselves up every single time they fall down. Sometimes you have to get scrappy.

That means instead of worrying about how many video views you got today or how many likes you got on a photo on Instagram you go grass roots.

This is another thing some of my mentors did early on. They went grass roots. That means each person meant something to them. What a concept, right? I’m guilty of getting away from this as well.

The stuff I teach you is stuff I need to hear so I wanted to let you know that you and are in this together. That means when you do your next Facebook Live and ten people show up I want you to remember those are ten people that are trying to make their lives better.

They want help from you. They are paying attention. Treat them as though they were a million people. Treat them as though they really mattered and it was very exciting for you to see them there.

Give them all of the love and support you can give them because we get so caught up in big numbers that we forget that one person is a big deal when you’re just starting out. Go grass roots and imagine if you treated them as though you were so fricking happy they were there, they will come back for more.

Go grass roots. That makes a huge difference when you’re trying to stand out from all of the noise.
Here’s one more tip. Get into your DMs. As you are a small business this is so much more manageable. Believe me, I struggle with this now that I have a bigger audience. But get into your DMs on Facebook or Instagram and answer people personally. Talk to them. Have real conversations one at a time. Grass roots.

As a reminder, Strategy #1, relentless entrepreneurs embody dogged determination.
Strategy #2 – Relentless Entrepreneurs Close Loops
Along with being determined you have to find the one thing you’re going to commit to and you have to keep doing it.

This one sounds so simple, right? You’ve heard me talk about staying focused and I’ve seen it over and over again, even with some of my good friends. They are flip floppers.

Let me tell you about one friend without naming names. She’s building her business. She’s had some traction, for sure. She’s making some money. But she can’t get to the next level.
She’s been trying to for over a year now. She’s just kind of plateaued. The reason is that she is always flip flopping. I see her on social media. One day she will show up on an IG story and will say, “Hey guys, do you think I should start a YouTube Channel?” Then she will put up a poll, “yes or no”.

She will talk about it all day where she might get started with a YouTube Channel. She will tell you some things she will do on YouTube and ask what they think and all that good stuff.

The next day she will say, “Hey guys, I’m thinking about selling t-shirts with my brand new tagline on them. What do you think, yes or no?” Then she does another poll on Instagram. All day she talks about her t-shirts.
Then the next day it’s something else. Instantly she has abandoned her main focus, which I know is creating her first online course. Plus, all of these polls and questions she is asking totally dilute her brand and confuse her audience.

Now she’s got a bunch of open loops. But on the flip side take my guest from last week, Caitlin Bacher, Episode #202. Caitlin focused solely on her program around Facebook group. For over a year that’s all she’s talked about, Facebook groups, Facebook groups, Facebook groups.

She’s gotten results. She shared her results. She has helped her students and now she’s bringing in over a million dollars a year with just one program. That’s what it looks like, my friend. That’s what it looks like to be a relentless entrepreneur that closes loops.

I think this is also one of my super powers. We all have one or two, right? I definitely close loops before I open new ones. That’s exactly what Caitlin does as well. Her results prove it.

Here’s a little side note. If you’re looking to grow your team, that’s a topic I’m going to be talking about more and more as you grow inside of your business and you want to add more people, when you do not close loops you really break down the morale of your team.

It is very frustrating to your team and they stop trusting you. They know if I get started on this you will just stop me and go on into something new so why even give it my all.

If you’re looking to build a small but mighty team like I have now you have to be a loop closer. You have to be relentless with this because it doesn’t just affect you it affects your audience and confuses them but it also affects the team you are working so hard to build. Keep that in mind.

If you feel no one is listening or watching get really honest with yourself and ask yourself if you are a flip flopper. That is an official term in the dictionary, I think. Am I a flip flopper?

Do you change ideas and projects as much as you change your undies? Are you a master at consistency or does that word feel so out of reach for you right now? You know what consistency looks like.
You know showing up every single week at a certain time and certain day and doing Facebook Lives proves you are being consistent. You know if you are blogging once a week or getting your podcast live once a week you are being consistent.

Choose a few different things to show up and be consistent with and then just drill down on that one project, like creating your course or building the mastermind you want to sell or putty your group coaching together or whatever it might be, one project at a time…close the loops.
Closing loops breaks through the noise.

Strategy #3 – Relentless entrepreneurs Blaze Their Own Paths
This one’s a short one because I’ve talked about this one a bunch. I have a caveat to this one. There are so many avenues for exposure these days. It’s insane. There are so many different things you can do to break through the noise.

I want you to continue to model the best while you blaze your own path to break through the noise. Those kind of feel like they contradict each other. Model the best and blaze your own path.

I wanted to bring it up here because a relentless entrepreneur knows how to do both. So let me tell you what I mean here. I have a few mentors that I believe in and follow. You all know this. I’ve named many of them on this show.

I have studied them and learned how they have built their business. I have studied their business model. I’ve watched them through their list-building campaigns and their video campaigns and how they use social media and how they talk to their audience inside of their email campaigns.

I have studied it all. I model those that I think are doing it right and those that really resonate with me most. But that’s where it stops. I model how they are doing it in terms of big picture but then I hone in on my own voice.

I tell my own stories. I then do it on my terms. I really do think that relentless entrepreneurs know how to do both. They know how to model the best but then put their own spin on things so it never seems like I’m copying somebody.

If you look at my branding and my stories and the way I do videos it looks dramatically different than Marie Forleo, right? You all know she’s one of my mentors. Hers are way more polished. She’s a whole different beast than I am. We are so polar opposites in how we deliver content and how we show up on video and all that stuff.
No one’s better or worse than the other. She’s a bigger brand than me but you get what I’m saying. However, I totally modeled her big picture of how she’s built her business.

How I do business is very similar in terms of how she does business when you look at the big picture. But we have very different brands, very different voices, we’re just different in how we do things. That’s exactly what I want for you as well.

Go find your mentors. Study them like a hawk. But then pave your own way. Blaze that path in a way that feels really good for you. If you are a copycat you will get stuck in the noise, I promise you. You will be just like everybody else.

Those that blaze their own patch built on strategies that work without reinventing the wheel is the whole idea of modeling the best. You’re not reinventing the wheel. You are just doing it your own way. That’s how you quickly move from a noisy world to one where people are actually listening. It’s something to think about.

Strategy #4 – Relentless Entrepreneurs Tell True Stories About Themselves
Finally, #4. I had to say “true” stories here because I use the word “gritty” a lot and that’s what I’m noticing with the entrepreneurs that are really making a difference in this world.
I’ve talked about this already. They are the ones that are telling the true stories. I want to push myself to do this more and more because I feel if I tell my true stories, which tend to not be super sexy or attractive and kind of embarrassing or scary for me to tell, if I do it more on this show you’re going to do it more with your audience.

That’s what I want. I think the world needs more of those gritty, real, honest stories. All relentless entrepreneurs know how to tell a real, true, gritty story about themselves. It is one that doesn’t make them look amazing, one that doesn’t make them look better than the next person, but actually makes them more human, more real.

Of course I did this with my weight episode. It was funny. I was at a live event, Social Medial Marketing World, not too long ago. Everyone that came up to me, not everyone, maybe 90% of those came up to me referenced that one podcast episode.

Of all of the strategies and techniques I’ve taught on this show, all of the mini trainings walking you through step by step by step, that’s the episode people bring up. If that’s not proof that real gritty stories break through the noise then I don’t know what else is.

When was the last time you told a real, true, gritty story? Ask yourself. When was the last time you did that? Then don’t just stop there. Do it over and over and over again. I’m going to start doing the same.

It is a scary thing but it is so important. I’m talking about stories related to the messy middle, the true confessions, the behind-the-scenes, all the human stuff that leads to why the work stuff becomes so important.
Here’s one distinction I want to make about the true gritty stories around the messy stuff. There are two ways to do it and I think we need to do both. The first way is to talk about when you’re in it.

I think you limit this as a leader, as somebody pushing forward. You talk about the messy stuff as you’re in it because you don’t have any solutions or any way out just yet but you’re moving toward it and you just want to be honest about it.

That’s one way to tell a story that’s incredibly powerful and I’ve seen many leaders do it. You don’t want to just share stories like that because then it feels as though you are not elevating your audience and helping them move forward.

You also want to share the stories of the messy and how you came through it and what you did and how you’re working on it. Give those tips and insights to help your audience move through it as well.

I think both of them are powerful and both of them are needed. Imagine if I showed up here every week and told you about all of the hard stuff with no end in sight and no light at the end of the tunnel.

It would feel like, “Thanks Amy for depressing me but not helping me see how I might move out of it if I’m struggling with it too.”

Again, those stories are sometimes okay as long as you keep sharing them to show you are actually getting to the other side. I think those stories and the stories of, “Hey, this is what it looked like and this is what I did about it,” are both needed.

Both of them are powerful. I don’t think anyone explains it that way and I just wanted to share my insight with you because if my mentors came on their podcast every day and just told me about the messiness and didn’t share how they are moving through it or what they’re going to do about it I’d feel very blah, thanks for nothing.

Yes, I want to relate to them. Yes, they’re more real. But I also look up to them. I think it’s important to add that element of, “Here’s what I’m doing to move past it,” or, “Here’s what I’ve done to get the results when I was in the messy place.”

It is just something to think about. I just wanted to be open and real with you about my view of sharing all of those stories.

There you have it. I’m going to review them one more time so that you hear what a relentless entrepreneur truly does to break out from a very noisy online world.

1. A relentless entrepreneur embodies dogged determination. I read you an awesome quote and I will put it in the show notes as well.
2. Relentless entrepreneurs close loops.
3. Relentless entrepreneurs blaze their own paths while still modeling the best.
4. Relentless entrepreneurs tell true stories about themselves.

Next week I’ll get back to the tips, strategies, and techniques to help you build your online business.
you have it. I know this episode was probably a little bit different than you.

I’m never going to abandon those. I love them. Again, I feel they give us that control we’re looking for in order to keep things moving forward. But don’t forget the mindset stuff, the limiting beliefs, and the shifts in how we think are way more important than the tips, strategies, and techniques that you can implement into your own business.

The final thing I want to remind you, and I think this is another relentless entrepreneur kind of thing, you’ve got to remember it’s not a sprint. Relentless entrepreneurs know it’s a hundred marathons over a long period of time.

They know they’re not going to get to where they want to get tomorrow so they are willing to keep at it. That’s one more thing I want to remind you. The world is very lucky to have you so you’ve got to keep showing up.
Okay guys, thanks so much for being here. I’m one lucky girl to be able to share all of these thoughts and mindset shifts and busting through those limiting beliefs with you. I need this lesson just as much as you might need it so thanks for being here.

I can’t wait to see you again next week. Until then, have an amazing week and I’ll see you soon. Bye for now.

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