Transcript: Three Types of Profitable Digital Courses You Can Create (And How to Choose the Best One For Your Business)

December 11, 2018


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AMY PORTERFIELD: Hey there, welcome back to another episode of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield, and today we are switching things up.

I recently did a Facebook Live called The Three Types of Profitable Digital Courses You Can Create (And How to Choose the Best One for Your Business). This Facebook Live was incredibly popular.

Of course I have a really cool freebie that goes along with it so I thought I would put this one on my podcast just in case you missed it. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today, the three most profitable types of courses.

If you’ve been thinking about creating an online course for a while or maybe you’re just starting to entertain the idea of adding a digital course to your business then this, my friend, is the perfect episode for you.

The fun part? I’m going to tell you about some of my star students and the types of courses they’ve created. They are way different from each other so that’s really cool so you will see just how creative you can get with your digital course.

Each of the students I talk about in my Facebook Live have had incredibly lucrative launches so you can bet the course type they chose was very successful.

I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s go ahead and tune in.

I’m so glad you all are here. So, let’s do this. I like to have a little fun so if you pay attention and I ask questions and you post in the comments you might just win an Amazon gift card. Why not have any fun with it, right?

If you’re engaging I’m going to reward you. We’re going to be choosing winners throughout the entire little mini training I have for you here. Again, you’re in the right place if you’ve been thinking about creating a digital course and you’re just not sure what type of course to create and what would be profitable in your business.

I’m going to switch back from slides and then being here with you on camera just so you can get the full experience. Good? Again, this is three types of profitable digital courses and how to choose the best one for your business.

I’m going to go through three types of courses: The Starter Course, The Spotlight Course, and The Signature Course.

Here’s what’s cool about these courses. Each one can make you money. You can decide on any of the types of courses as long as your audience is ready to dive into that type of course (and we’re going to talk about that). That course can be profitable in your business and even if you’re just starting out you can create a more robust course, which is the Signature Course, and we’ll get there.

You might decide you just want to start out a little bit easier and, of course, that would be the Starter Course.

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey one of these types of courses is going to be a really good fit for you. What makes this mini training extra special is that I’m going to give you examples from some of my star students to show you what they’ve done inside their courses just to spark a little creativity and get those ideas going for you. Cool?

Let’s get back to it.

I forgot to tell you, I do have a freebie in case you don’t want to take notes but want to remember all of this. It’s called The Course Creation Starter Kit. You can get it at It’s super easy and I included the three types of courses in this freebie.

I also included how to name your course and that’s really important. That’s one of the first things you want to do, How to Name Your Course. Once you have a name for your course everything starts to get a whole lot easier. You can check that out later. Just don’t forget it’s at

The Starter Course

Here is the first type of course, The Starter Course. A starter course is the jumping off point where you help your students get started in your area of expertise. Your training will give them just enough information and support to help them begin moving forward.

That’s what the starter course is all about. Basically, think of it this way. You’re going to help them kick start their momentum. With a starter course you will help your students produce small, but valuable, results that can lead to bigger results if they keep going.

A starter course is a really great place to start if you just kind of want to get your feet wet with the digital course. You don’t want to deliver the whole shebang, everything from start to finish, but you know you can teach how to get started in one area of expertise you are very, very well versed in.

This is a great way just to get going. Typically, people charge around $97 for a starter course and it’s exactly how I got started. I started in my digital course career with a starter course. I’ve since created eight digital courses in my business but that was exactly how I got started.

I highly recommend it for my beginner students. Do this. Let me know in the comments if you have a course or you are thinking about starting a course. If you have a course let me know or if you’re thinking about starting a course in 2019 let me know in the comments.

I’m just going to wait until you get going. I know there is a little bit of a lag from what I am saying and what you’re hearing so I’m not going to look in the comments just yet.

When I look in the comments, the first name I see who answers this question (either “I have a course” or “I’m thinking about creating a course”), the first person I see is going to get a $25 gift card to Amazon.

I’m going to do this throughout the presentation just to make it more fun. If I call your name out you need to DM my community manager, Angie Cline. She will be active below in the comments.

Just say, “Hey, I’m a winner,” and give her your email address and she will send you an Amazon gift card. Deal?

Here we go. I’m going to look one, two, three…Stephanie. Stephanie says, “I just started filming my course right before jumping on here. Such good timing!”

Such good timing that you’re also a winner of an Amazon gift card, Stephanie! That’s really cool. And I love that you’re in the stage of recording your course. You’ve already chosen the type of course you’re going to create. That’s so good, so good.

I love all of these others though. I’m just going to call out some people that are saying…Sebila is building her course. She’s one of my students. Dena says, “I’m in the middle of creating my course.”

Megan says, “I want to do a course for my design clients, my business owners.”

Francis says, “I’m thinking of starting a course in 2019.”

Stacy says, “I think I have a starter course I can offer. I have my signature course ready to go.”

Awesome! She’s already jumping to the third type of course and we’re not even there yet. I love that you’re already doing that.

Let me tell you a quick story. First, let me give you the details. This is Melissa Norris. Melissa is one of my star students. She created the course, Home Canning With Confidence. The price point was $97.

Melissa was a pharmacy tech with really long hours and a long commute. She was actually raised in the homesteading lifestyle. She realized she does canning all the time in her life. She cans for her family.

This is a technique she could actually teach to somebody else and that’s where she got her idea of doing a starter course just to help people do canning and get their feet wet with homesteading.

She said, “Some of my students start out not knowing how to grow or can anything and now they are able to feed their families for a year on what they grow themselves.”

How cool is that? Here’s what’s even cooler about that. She was a pharmacy tech and she decided to do this canning program, a canning course. She really wanted out from a long commute, long hours, family at home, she wanted to work from home.

She said, “I am not quitting my pharmacy tech job until I’m doubling my revenue with my digital courses and my online business.” She made a commitment of no quitting until she doubled the revenue.

In two short years she doubled her revenue that she was making as a pharmacy tech. She quit her job and now she works full time from home creating digital courses. She’s also gone on to create a membership site.

Here’s the coolest thing when you create a digital course, you start to learn what your audience wants. You start to really get to know them and what they need and where they are having challenges.

Your first digital course opens up so many opportunities for what you might want to create next. She realized she needed a membership site where people would pay her on a monthly basis to know what she knows about homesteading. That’s precisely what she’s done.

She’s gone on to build an incredibly lucrative business from a pharmacy tech to a course creator. Those are some of my favorite, favorite stories. You might be wondering what are some of the pros and cons of starting a starter course.

Let me show you. Some of the pros. First of all, this is a great option if you’re new to digital courses. You’ll get your feet wet and you’ll experience adding a digital course to your business without too much effort. They are a lot easier to create.

Typically you’ll offer a lower price point with your starter course, between $100 and $200. This makes it a no-brainer decision for your audience. Starter courses are some of my favorite ways to start out with digital courses.

Here’s one of the cons. A starter course may feel like a lot of effort for a small return. This type of course may run the risk of giving too much away for a lower price point. But I always teach my students that you don’t need to worry about giving too much away if you just teach the basics in a starter course just to get their feet wet.

For Melissa, she said, “If you want to start the homesteading lifestyle one of the first things you want to learn how to do is canning. Once you start canning you’ll kind of get that bug that you want to do more.”

You will ask, what else is there? Can I grow my own vegetables? Can I start composting? What can I do? There is so much more you can do but she just got their feet wet with the basics.

That’s the greatest way to ease into digital courses. So I feel there are so many pros and the definitely outweigh the con that it might not be a big price point; however, let’s say you start to sell ten units a month at $100, if you did that throughout the entire year just starting out really simple, it will usually take over some of the stuff you are doing in your business that you don’t want to be doing.

You can definitely sell more than ten units a month but I’m just being very conservative about what that might look like on a consistent basis inside of your business. It’s pretty cool, right?

We’ve got the starter course. I want to bring you into the next type of course you can create for your business. I want you to tell me if this is something you think you could do in a business, if you have an idea for this next one. Are you ready?

The Spotlight Course

The Spotlight Course takes a deeper dive into just one main area. This type of course offers specific and detailed information and often uses a step-by-step framework that’s valuable to your students.

With a spotlight course you will help your students produce very specific results in one area. The laser-laser focused approach (I got really specific there) is exactly what they are looking for.

I want you to think about this. Can you think of something that you can teach that is super laser focused? Let me give you an idea first and then I want you to tell me if you have an idea of your own.

This is one of my students, Kelly McHugh. Kelly’s course is Build Your Yoga Website With WordPress. Here’s what you need to know. Kelly is a yoga teacher. She helps other yoga instructors effectively share their message and build their communities. With a WordPress course, Kelly puts a spotlight specifically on how to set up a successful yoga website that enables her students to build a prominent online presence.

You can buy her signature, and more robust program, The Profitable Yoga Teacher, but I love that Kelly offers yoga teachers this deeper dive option.

What’s really cool about a spotlight course is that you can go into one area and teach everything you need about that one area but then you can create bigger courses around a bigger topic if you want.

A spotlight course is different from a signature course because it typically goes down deep into the layers of that one very specific topic. Because it does that it’s not a beginner, let’s get started, but it’s “Let’s go deep into this topic.” With that you can charge more. That’s what’s really cool about a spotlight course. You just take one area of your expertise and go deep with it.

In order to have a little fun and give away an Amazon gift card I want you to tell me if you have an idea for a spotlight course what it might be. In the comments, if you think you could create a spotlight course I want to get it out of you. I want you to get those ideas going. What might you create for a spotlight course? What might that look like in your business?

I’m going to give you a second because there is a little bit of a lag and then I’m going to look over. If I choose yours and you are talking about spotlight course (I have to find one where you are talking about a spotlight course) then you get a $25 gift card.

Then I want to talk to you about some ideas around your course. Elizabeth says, “Professional boundaries in health care.” Elizabeth you are our winner!

Elizabeth said, “I could go for a spotlight course, Professional Boundaries in Health Care.” That’s perfect. It’s not all about health care. It’s not all about how to conduct yourself in all of these different areas. It’s just the professional boundaries.

That is a perfect, perfect spotlight course. You can do deep into that and she can talk about strategies, tips, tricks, ideas, and exercises around one core topic.

That typically helps people decide if they have a starter course to just get feet wet and get started or if they are going to go deep into one area.

Let me give you the pros and cons. The pros for a spotlight course are that it allows you to drill down and focus on one topic at a time when building your course. Since you won’t be including all of your expertise at once the spotlight course could lead to a series of courses.

You can charge more for a spotlight course versus a starter course. Usually around $200, $300, or $400 for a spotlight course tends to be about the going rate.

Spotlight courses are a fantastic way to show your expertise and be known for something. That’s another thing. Way back in the day I created a spotlight course around Facebook advertising. I used to just teach Facebook marketing.

I was known as a Facebook marketing expert so I had a course about how to get started with Facebook marketing. It was called FB Influence way back in the day. That was my starter course, how to get started with Facebook.

Then I created a spotlight course which was how to use Facebook advertising. I got really deep into one specific topic. It was more expensive. I think it was about $397 versus the $97 starter course.

Then I learned that my audience really wanted a Facebook marketing plan and that became my signature course, which is next, so let’s get into that.

The Signature Course

A Signature Course is your complete comprehensive system. It’s the most in depth of all three types of courses. A signature course is specific and detailed and includes the entire framework from start to finish and it leads to a total transformation.

I always say it’s the whole shebang. I have a really fun student spotlight to tell you about as it relates to a signature course. This is Lauren Messiah. She has the course Personal Style University. Her price point is $997.

With her Personal Style University, Lauren walks you through her proven step-by-step system to help you find your personal style, detox your closet, and build a wardrobe that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Lauren has put the best of what she has learned as a stylist for A-List celebrities into one place, one course. In her signature course you are getting Lauren’s years of experience in one complete system from start to finish.

The signature course is a great way to teach a more robust system or formula or roadmap from start to finish. So many of my students have created signature courses because 1) They have a bigger price point, and 2) You get to teach exactly what you know from the beginning until the end.

You can promise really big transformations. I love signature courses. I don’t think you need to start there but they are a great way to have a bigger price point so you can make money faster and you also get your entire expertise all in one course.

I’m really big on baby steps. Like I told you, I started with a starter course. Then I went into a spotlight course. Then I went into something called The Profit Lab. That was how to create a marketing plan using Facebook marketing. That was my $997 program.

I took baby steps into creating a signature course. Let me share something that’s really cool with you. The first time I launched The Profit Lab it was actually called The Facebook Marketing Profit Lab. I changed the name as I got going and learned more about my audience and what they needed.

The first time I launched it I made $30,000. I thought I had made it, $30,000 is a lot of money. I remember my husband looking at me like, “What the heck just happened? How the heck did you just do that?”

It was a really exciting day for me. But after I launched it I thought I could launch it again. So I launched it again. Then I launched it again. Over about 18 months I launched it several times. I eventually put it on evergreen so that I could just launch it every single day and I didn’t have to do a live launch.

When I launched it live I went from $30,000 to the last time I launched it $950,000 in one launch, which is about 14 days. $950,000! I’m telling you this because when you find the course that’s really working for you and you just continue to launch it, you’re not creating something new, you’re not adding this or that, you’re just staying with what’s working, if you launch it several times you get better and better.

Launching it to $950,000 in one launch is life changing. You don’t need a bunch of digital courses to be successful in your online business. One course could actually get you to a million dollars.

I just want to tell you that because I believe as entrepreneurs we try to do way too much. Too much, too many spinning plates in the air. We stretch ourselves so thin that we get totally burned out from the businesses we’ve created.

I believe if you create a digital course in your business and continue to launch it, whether it’s live or evergreen, you can have consistent revenue so that you’re not feeling pulled in a million directions.

I just hope that if you’ve never created a digital course you will stick with me. That is definitely my expertise. I really hope you give yourself the opportunity to explore what a digital course might look like in your business.

When I talked about Lauren I have to tell you something really cool about her. She actually teaches other stylists how to be stylists as well. Some of the people she’s taught are actually on tour with Beyoncé.

One of them is Beyoncé’s personal stylist. Lauren taught them and now they are working with Beyoncé. I don’t know who else would ever have a success story like that but I wanted to bring it up because 1) The cool factor is just too high, but 2) You could change lives with your digital courses.

Right now you might be working one on one with people but imagine what you could do if you worked one to many. How many people could you reach? How many lives could you change? It’s pretty amazing, right? It’s just something to keep in mind.

I want to give you some pros and cons of a signature course. I think there are lots of pros: 1) Because this is your premium content you get to charge more. You can charge way more than $1,000 if you feel your course is worth it, 2) A signature course can be a direct replacement for your one-on-one consulting.

This type of course establishes your authority and can launch you into another gamechanging level as an entrepreneur. It’s genuinely life changing to have a digital course in your business that works for you over and over again.

The con is that a signature course takes the most effort of all course types. At times it feels riskier because it’s a big project to tackle. You might not want to go so big so quickly but it is something to aspire to, for sure.

Here’s my question. If I gave you these three courses again: A starter course, a spotlight course, and a signature course, I want you to jump into the comments right now and tell me which one you think fits where you are right now and what your audience would really want from you.

Just type in “Starter Course”, “Spotlight Course”, or “Signature Course”. You can bet I’m going to choose a few winners for a $25 gift card to Amazon just to get a little something if you’re thinking about something on Amazon you’ve had your eye on.

What is it going to be? If you created a digital course do you think you would do a starter course, a spotlight course, or a signature course? Just put it in the comments and I’m going to look over in just a minute.

Before I do, if you don’t know and aren’t sure what you want to do, my question is, “Who is your ideal customer avatar?” Who is it that you’re marketing to? I know this is a loaded question and some people don’t know just yet.

Don’t beat yourself up, that’s okay. If you do know, where is she/he in her journey right now? Where is her biggest pain point or challenge? What is her desire? What does she want? The more you know your ideal customer avatar the more you can decide if you should start with a starter course or maybe a spotlight course or if you want to do a signature course.

You definitely have options. I was helping more of my students today with a question she had (I have a private Facebook group for my students) and she created a course to teach you how to do wine and cheese pairing.

I absolutely love this course. She’s doing really well. She’s literally launching it for the second or third time right now. I love that she’s created this course because you don’t have to create a course all around a pain point or challenge.

I do. In the courses I create my students are struggling to make money online. They are frustrated because their online business isn’t working. They feel like they don’t have what it takes to make it online and they don’t know where to start. They have a lot of challenges and pains around getting an online business to be profitable.

That’s one way to look at your audience to see where their pains are and where you can help them. But my other student, who has the wine and cheese pairing, looked at their desire.

What do they want? Do they want to be able to go to a party and right away know the perfect wine with a cheese. It’s kind of a conversation starter. Or, when you go to a restaurant you don’t feel uncomfortable when they bring a wine list or when they bring over the wine and they pour it and want you to sample it?

I hate when that happens. I always get so nervous. What am I supposed to do here? She teaches you how to hold your own in those situations and then how to have a delicious spread with your wine and cheese.

I’m a wine and cheese girl so any time, if you’re going to give me a cheat meal, bring on the wine and cheese. I definitely feel that is my thing. However, getting back to staying away from just talking about wine and cheese, getting back to the idea that you might just be fulfilling a desire with your course.

That is valid for a really good course as well. I just wanted to kind of put that out there.

I’m going to back up. I’m kind of backing up the comments, shuffling them around, I’m going to choose a few right now.

Allison Benson says, “Starter course for me to begin with but who knows after that.” I like that she’s forward thinking like that. She’s like, “Bring it on.”

Digital courses can change your business and your life. I am living proof of that. If you’ve never seen one of my Facebook Lives before and you have no idea who I am, you can definitely check out my podcast. It’s called Online Marketing Made Easy on iTunes.

Just to give you a quick, quick, quick little background, I’ve been creating digital courses since my days at Tony Robbins. I was the content development director at Tony Robbins for 6 ó years. I learned how to create courses while I was there.

Then I went out on my own. Since then I have created eight blockbuster digital courses and have built a multi-million dollar business online. Now I teach people how to create courses and launch them with webinars.

I started just like Allison with a starter course. Now I create signature courses that are more expensive but also help for total transformations. I just wanted to give you a quick little “who am I” and why I’m teaching this kind of thing.

Allison, you are a winner so I want you to DM my community manager, Angie Cline. She’s in the comments below. Give her the email address so we can send you an Amazon gift card.

Let me move on down. Katy says, “I’M GOING TO CREATE A SIGNATURE COURSE.” She put it in all caps. She is serious about this. I love it.

Starting with a signature course you can definitely do that. You don’t have to start with a starter course or spotlight course. If you can get someone a total transformation from start to finish, by all means, look into a signature course.

Look at what Lauran Messiah has been able to do. When I tell you stories about my students: Melissa with her canning course, Kelly with her website yoga course, and Lauren with her personal style course. I only tell stories about people who have launched their courses and have seen such great success.

We’re talking $250,000 and $300,000 courses or more. Just the other day, I wish I had it with me right here (it’s on my desk in the other room), Lauren sent me a card. She said, “Amy, you have helped me build a million-dollar business by creating digital courses.”

She has a style book, How to Choose Your Personal Style. It’s an actual physical product she now sells. What’s really cool about that…I’m so glad I brought this up…When you create a digital course in your business and you have revenue coming in with your digital course you get to then decide what you’re going to work on and what you’re not going to work on.

Now that Lauren has a million-dollar plus business she started to think about what else she wanted to do. She wanted to create a physical planner that actually helps you decide on your style. It’s gorgeous. I wish I had it with me right now. I’ll put it on my Instagram later but it’s so good.

She said it is something she wanted to do forever. When you have money coming in with your digital course you get to think about what you want to do and what you not want to do. I have a freebie for you and I want you to grab it at

There is a link in the description of where I’m recording this video right now. It’s a little link. Just click on that if you want to get the freebie in messenger on Facebook. That’s the easiest way. Just click on that link in the description and it will open Facebook Messenger and it will give you the freebie right away.

If you just want to go to you can do that as well.

What’s cool about this is that inside the starter kit it’s all about getting started with creating your course. One of the things I’m going to do is walk you through an exercise to decide what you’re going to NOT do in your business once you are making money with your digital course.

What are you going to stop saying, “Yes” to because you do not want to do it anymore. You are frustrated and done with it. I’m going to give you mine. Many of you are my students, I love you guys and see you in the comments there. Thank you for your support.

My students know this but if you’re new to me you won’t know this, when I left Tony Robbins I started a consulting business for social media. I didn’t know how to create digital courses on my own just yet. I had never done it alone. I had only done it on a team inside of Tony Robbins.

I thought, holy cow, I can’t do this. I’m too scared. I started a consulting business and started doing social media for small businesses. I absolutely hated it. I started an online business for two years that I hated.

I don’t like doing one-on-one work. Now in my business 90% of my revenue comes from the revenue of my digital courses. I don’t do coaching or one-on-one support or client work or anything like that. I don’t do service-based work. I just sell digital courses.

When I started this consulting business I realized I was terrible at one-on-one work. I struggle with boundaries. I like to say, “Yes” to make my clients happy and then I end up with a laundry list of things I have to do that I will never get done on time.

It was just crazy. I am an introvert to my core. I like to do my work alone. I like the quiet time. Creating digital courses is an opportunity where you get to sit down and create and, if you’re an introvert, you probably love it even more so than anyone else because you’ve got a lot of time alone as you create your course.

I didn’t like the client work so after two years of building an online business that I did not love I shut it down. That’s when I started creating digital courses. I have never looked back. My life has never been the same.

I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t have digital courses in my business. I just wanted to put it out there that you get to say “no” to the things that, right now, you’re not loving.

Let’s do something kind of fun. If you want to be transparent and vulnerable with me, it’s just us, just for a minute, in the comments what’s one thing you’d stop doing if you were making money from digital courses?

I was only going to choose four winners on this entire Live and Angie’s probably like, “Whoa, whoa, we’ve got our winners.” But I’m going to do a few more because this is a good question.

In the comments, what’s one thing you would stop doing. Just so I can find them, write the word, “STOP” and then tell me what you’d stop doing. I’m going to look for the Stops. What would you stop doing in your business, or if you have a part-time job or full-time job maybe that’s what you’d stop doing, what would you stop doing if you were making consistent revenue with a digital course?

If you are launching it and money was coming in and it was definitely keeping you on goal for your 2019 goals, what would you stop doing? This is the question that I think changes everything.

When you get really clear about what you’re doing in your business that you don’t absolutely love then let’s change it. The beauty of having an online business is that you get to pivot and move around and change things, not chase the next shiny object, I never do that.

That’s one thing I do not do…Let’s do this, let’s do that, let’s work on that. I create my digital courses and I stay in my lane and teach what I know.

One thing that’s really cool, if I want to expand on what I’m teaching, I think that is definitely think is the beauty of having an online business. I used to only teach Facebook marketing in my digital courses.

Now I no longer do that and I only teach course creation and launching your digital course with webinars and how to put a launch together and how to sell online. That’s my specialty.

I really stay in my lane but I needed to pivot to make sure I found my perfect spot. I invite you to do the same. If you don’t like the business you created don’t go into another year of continuing to build a business you don’t love. That’s so incredibly important.

Let’s do it. What are you going to stop doing? Hold on. Oh my gosh. There are so many comments. You guys! Thank you for participating. It gets a little lonely over here when you’re doing a live and you’re wondering if they are listening or are here. You are so thank you so very, very much.

Let’s see, Janis you’re a winner because I chose yours first. Janis says, “I’m going to stop doing everything myself and hire a team.” YES!

Janis says, “When I start making money with my digital course I’m going to stop doing it all myself and I’m going to hire a team.” I love that I teach my students to start with a virtual assistant. Start there. I started my first virtual assistant nine years ago. She was five hours a week because I was terrified that 1) I couldn’t afford more, and 2) I wouldn’t know what the heck to even give her.

Her name was Rebecca. I love you Rebecca if you happen to be watching this. It feels like a lifetime ago. She was five hours a week to start out with. Baby steps. If you like to ease into things and if you’re new to me I think you’ll like me. I think you’ll like my teaching style because I’m all about not needing to take a huge leap, you don’t need to quit your full-time job today, you don’t need to change everything overnight.

If you’re consistent with your baby steps, holy cow, they add up so quickly.

Here’s another winner. Rachel says, “Stop my teaching job at the university.” She said, “I would stop right now.”

I won’t say her last name in case she needs to keep that private but she’s saying, “I’ve got a full-time job,” maybe not a full-time job but she’s teaching at the university. She’s like, “I’m out. Peace. See you later.”

There are things, and it’s okay if you’re doing stuff right now that you don’t want to be doing. That’s what fuels you. That’s what takes you to the next place. I think it’s so important that you get really clear with yourself what you are going to stop doing.

What’s not working for you? For me the client work was not working for me. I did not love it. Here’s another thing I stopped doing when I started to make consistent revenue in my business, this one you might be like, “That’s not me.”

To each their own. I stopped traveling to speak at conferences or to speak for small groups. I got paid to do that. Sometimes I got $10,000 or $15,000 a speaking gig. This  was a while ago. I would get paid to speak and I started saying “no” to all of it because I don’t like to travel for business.

This is just me. That’s the beauty of creating a digital course business. You get to just be yourself and you get to say, “I know other people would love to speak on stage and they would love to travel for business.”

The thing is, when I worked at Tony Robbins, six years of traveling all over the world was amazing. I went to Australia and the Philippines and the U.K. and Fiji. I traveled everywhere working on the content that Tony would do onstage and in his digital products.

It was awesome. But then I got married. Then I never saw my sweet husband, Hobie. For the first year of marriage I was on the road probably every other week. I was gone for a long time. We never saw each other my first year of marriage.

I realized this wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted. I had to switch it up. For many years I did not travel for business. I said, “No thank you, “ to every speaking paid gig that came my way.

Now that my business is more established and is easier, my courses are created, I’m making money every single day with my digital courses, once in a while if something peaks my interest I’ll say, “yes” to speaking onstage.

I’m going to do a little bit of speaking in 2019 because I’m excited to do so. That’s all that matters. If you’re lit up to do it and it excites you then it’s a total “yes” but if it’s not a total “yes” then it’s a “hell no”. Don’t do it if it doesn’t light you up.

The honest thing here is that not everyone can say “no” because it doesn’t light them up. I’m saying to create a digital course in your business to bring in consistent revenue so that you can say “no” to the stuff that doesn’t light you up. That’s what’s most important.

That’s what I wanted you to hear from me. It is so, so, so, so valuable.

I want to choose a few more winners. What would you stop doing? That’s the biggest question. What would you stop doing if you were making money with your digital course?

Here’s one. Annie says she loves that “OMG, if it’s not a total yes then it’s a hell no.” That is how it is.

Laura says, “Stop renting and buy my own home.” Amen! I love that. That is an awesome, really solid goal. I love it but it’s a big one. No more renting. She’s going to buy her home.

That’s the thing. You don’t need to just stop doing stuff in your business when you’re making money with your digital course. You can also start living a different way. Be a homeowner instead of a home renter.

Your lifestyle can change. I typically don’t talk about the fact that when you have an online business you could go to Mexico, drink margaritas, and type on your computer on the beach and make money while you sleep.

That can actually happen but it feels very far off for most of us. You are like, “Sure Amy, right now it’s 30 degrees where I live and I’m in a cubicle and I’ve got this dream to create an online business but I’ve got to get all of this work done before I can go home at 5.”

I get it. Some of you are in a place that feels so far from margaritas on the beach of Mexico typing away in your online business. Let’s take baby steps and think that one thing you need to do is create a digital course. It’s important that you have an asset in your business that can make you money over and over again.

You can create a digital course on the side even while you have a full-time job. Definitely. You can do that. The place you get started is to start figuring out what type of course you will create.

I love the idea of naming your course and putting it out into the world. I’m big on manifesting things. Let’s make it happen. I’m a little bit strategy and a little bit manifestation. Let’s do a little bit of both. If you choose your course name it’s almost like you make it so.

I’ve got a great resource that will help you choose your course name. It will also help you drill down on the type of course you want to create. Go to and there is a link in the description. You can click that link and get the starter kit in Facebook Messenger.

It happens a little faster if you do it that way so you can definitely click the link in my description and it will open up Messenger for you. You can just grab my PDF right there.

This is a brand new, free guide that I created and it’s all about kick starting your course creation. If you’re serious about this, you want to say “no” to somethings in your business that are not lighting you up, by all means make sure you grab this freebie and download it and get started because it is definitely the way to go if you’ve been thinking about getting your course up and running right away.

Let’s do this. I’m going to wrap up. You already know the three types of courses. You’ve got The Starter Course, The Spotlight Course, and The Signature Course. I want you to think about what type of course you would create in your business.

I think the easiest place to start is with the starter course. But heck, you might have a great idea for a signature course. You could definitely make more money if you start out right away with a signature course.

You might be thinking that you want to create a digital course but you don’t know where to start. Well, you do. Go to That’s where you start.

The second thing you might think is that you don’t have an email list or an audience yet. That’s something I definitely talk to my students about. In January I’ll be releasing a brand new program called Digital Course Academy®️. That’s where we start.

Let’s grow your email list before we actually launch your course. You could be growing your email list and growing your audience on social media while you’re creating your course and that’s exactly what I teach inside of my courses.

I’ll talk more about that in January. In the meantime, let’s just dream a little. Let’s just start thinking about what you might create, a starter course, a spotlight course, or a signature course.

Think about those little stories I told you about my star students. Maybe they can spark some inspiration. And from there, definitely think about what you would name your course. If you give it a name and put it out in the universe you make it so and things just magically start to move forward.

Coming from a strategy kind of girl, when I say things magically start to move forward, believe me, it truly does happen. I like to get things in motion and that’s precisely why I created the starter kit for you.

Alright guys, thank you so very, very much for being here. I cannot wait to see you again soon. Until then, make sure to grab the freebie. I’ll talk to you soon.

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