5 Facebook Posts That Spark Massive Engagement

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “How do I create more engagement on my Facebook Page?” Creating consistent conversation on your Facebook Page is anything but easy. To help you with this challenge, I’ve compiled a few actual Facebook posts from different Pages that have created genuine engagement. These posts are the real deal.

Each post uses a specific strategy that you can model to start eliciting more engagement on your own Facebook Page.

Below are 5 types of posts that solicit massive engagement.  Here’s the great thing.  Each of these posts are NOT from big brands like Starbucks and Zappos. I wanted to show you some real people having really cool conversations.



Pat Flynn's easy call to action included with the quote added instant massive engagement to his Facebook Page.


The strategy here is all about asking for the action.  A LOT of people post quotes on Facebook, and for the most part, they work great.  However, because you see quotes these days in just about every other Facebook post, you’ve got to do something extra to make yours stand out.  Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income did just that by not only posting a quote, but he asked his fans to click Like if they like the quote.  It’s a simple tweak to the standard “quote post” – but can make a huge difference with your overall engagement. You can also use this strategy when you post tips, ideas and other valuable info on Facebook.



LittleFriendsPhoto know their audience well (fanatic dog lovers!) and often put a twist on the traditional posts by seeing life through a dog's eye.


The strategy here is to combine the “fill in the blank” strategy with specific content that’s fun and will grab your fans’ attention. You’ve likely seen Pages do the “fill in the blank” strategy, in fact I just used this strategy on my Page.  And it works great! But to take it one step further (because these days you have to go the extra mile to succeed on Facebook), add a twist to these posts and make them more fun by adding creative images and relating the “fill-in-the-blank” directly to your ideal audience .  Knowing your fans’ “fun triggers” gets your posts noticed by the people who matter most – your ideal audience.  That’s exactly what LittleFriendsPhoto did above and with 314 Likes and 91 comments, this strategy seems to be working just fine for them!



Lewis often solicits the opinions and thoughts of his fans as he's creating new content. That's why they keep coming back for more!



By teasing his content before it's out, The Abs Expert is able to create pre-buzz for his upcoming product.


The strategy here is 3-fold.  First (and most importantly), when you ask your fans for feedback, you show that you genuinely care what they have to say. (Lewis Howes does this very well.)  This helps you create raving fans.  Second, fan feedback can be extremely valuable and ensure that you’re on the right track with your projects.  And third, when you pull the curtain back a bit and let people know what you’re working on (just as The Abs Expert did above), you create excitement and curiosity around your upcoming projects. This pre-buzz can go a long way when you are ready to launch.  Both examples above have done a great job of teasing their content to create excitement around it.



A quote is great, but when you add the quote inside an image, your post stands out in the news feed and does not get lost in the sea of posts. Images takes up more real estate in the news feed - giving you the opportunity for more engagement.



How could you NOT stop and check out this crazy photo if it landed in your news feed?


The strategy here is to dominate the news feed.  When you can include images that spark engagement (like the MorningCoach.com post above) or post peculiar, fun, or interesting photos (like the 2 dogs in the water), you can instantly stand out amongst all the other posts in your fans’ stream.  Facebook posts with photos can get up to 80% MORE ENGAGEMENT than posts without photos.  When you have the opportunity to post a great photo, don’t pass it up!



Johnny Cupcake is a lifestyle brand that sells T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. They know what will get their fans to take action and buy. Fun promotions help drive their Facebook engagement up and encourage their fans into the stores.



The strategy here is to try something different with your promotions.  The unusual, entertaining and/or untraditional promotions on Facebook tend to get the most attention.  Johnny Cupcakes is a perfect example of this.  Kisses for savings is not the typical promotion, but with 453+ fans clicking LIKE next to the post, it’s sure to be a hit.  And remember, each Like gets them more viral visibility – just what they need to turn their promotion into sales.

To sum it up:  When it comes to Facebook engagement, the key is to know your audience and understand what makes them tick.  If you know what topics, words and emotions will trigger them to take action, it becomes much easier to craft the perfect post that DEMANDS engagement.

Now it’s your turn:  What type of posts get you the most engagement?  Share below!


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    Thanks Amy.  Love the ideas.  I have been struggling with increasing engagement of my FB page.  I will implement the Like teh quote, fill in the blank, and try to share images.  Thanks!!

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    Amy, a BIG…thanks for putting perspective on the whole posting concept!

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    Good stuff, Amy. I’m beta-testing a smoking cessation course I created and will be building a FB page for it soon. These tips will certainly help get me off the ground quicker.

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    Thanks for the tips, Amy. Just what I signed up for your emails for! Too bad this doesn’t work if you only have 9 friends. I’ll save it for a later time. Still struggling with getting the audience.

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    Awesome Tips Amy, Thanks for sharing them :)

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    Great post Amy, thanks for the great case studies! I recently was blown away at how much activity a cool photo could get! I mean, I knew photos really stood out, but when I posted a photo of “Winter Surfing on Lake Superior,” it went viral (for my audience anyway). 

    That image got 115 likes, 160 shares and 62 comments! (I had about 1,200 fans at the time, and my “average” post gets about 5-10 likes and comments). 24 hours after posting that photo I had over 100 new fans! :) 

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    Thanks for the tips and keeping your video that announces it short and sweet.

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    As always, so helpful! Whenever, I read your posts, I am always left feeling inspired and instantly go into brainstorming mode. I’ve already come up with ideas to engage my audience!

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    I love hearing that, Alyssa! Thanks for stopping by :-)

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    All great tips Amy. I like all of them. Simple call to action, images to take up more real estate and get more attention. My experience with engagement is that the right image can drive CTR. Also, when sharing from a blog, selecting the right thumbnail if presented with choices makes a big difference. Facebook is finicky sometimes in pulling in the thumbs on a link share, at least from our blog but it is worth the effort to have a catchy thumb when sharing blog content, people work better than objects.The creativity of #5 is also key. Chances are if it is unique and creative, people will want to share which can be huge for offer distribution and reach. Thanks for sharing.

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     What a great blog post. It is important to remember that we need to give the audience a reason to engage. Blanket statements just are not good enough anymore. Thank you for the reminder.

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    They may not see it on your timeline, but it wil show up in their newsfeeds.

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    very interesting ‘engagement’ ideas! we should try some of it because we haven’t tried them yet

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    Great tips. Simple yet having great potential. Will definitely try them on our company’s Facebook page. 


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    Thanks for reminding me that a call to action is power.  God Bless

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    Hi Amy, I notice you use your blog posts as facebook tabs. Can you please tell me which tool you use to do that?

  • http://www.AmyPorterfield.com Amy Porterfield

    HI, Igor!  I use this tool for that:  www.amyporterfield.com/app

    And here is an article I wrote all about it:  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-apps-to-drive-facebook-timeline-engagement/

  • http://www.facebook.com/rodney.bukuya Rodney Bukuya

     Hi Sally, I had the same problem then someone suggested I start sharing my Page posts to my personal timeline. It did the trick, I dont have thousands of screaming fans or anything but the people who are engaging with the page are people I already have a relationship with. Hope that’s a little bit helpful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rodney.bukuya Rodney Bukuya

    Hi Amy, this was awesome.

    I learned about adding pictures of people (chet holmes or purple cow?) a little while ago and it increased engagement.

    After reading this yesterday, I ran a little experiment on my personal profile. I put up a picture of a local celebrity who has a reality show about to hit the air and asked people to ‘like’ the post if they won’t be watching it.

    Wow, amazing stuff. I can imagine though, that you probably couldn’t get away with this all the time though. What do you think?


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    This post is very helpful! Thanks! :D I’m managing our company’s Facebook Page and we’re a start-up so we’re trying to establish our online identity through more likes and engaging content. Thumbs up!

  • MIke and MAXSolutions

    A few of my Clients are restaurants. By far, food and drink images garner the most engagement. As well, questions about “what is your favorite_______”? are big too. For me, the most engaging content is the stuff that shows concern for others or asks for input from others. People love to have their opinions read. Thanks Amy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.poteat1 John Poteat

    Hi Sally it has been a year since the post about the number of friends, but if it is still an issue, try using a real photo of yourself (one that you like) or at least of a pet or something people can relate to. an avatar seems detached and a bit aloof… this is just a feeling I had when I saw it.

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    Love your content, just started my business facebook page, so it has come at a good time. Question- where does famzoo.com acquire their photo’s to post on Facebook?.

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    Great springboards for ideas! Thanks for sharing. Will need to rethink my FB posts. Thanks.

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    Question….what are your thoughts now on using quotes as an image and then promoting as an ad? I got a kickback from FB ad team last week that denied an ad that was a quote because it had more than 20% text for a newsfeed ad.

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    Great tips that are simple to apply. Thank you!
    QUESTION – Are different values given to a SHARE vs LIKE vs COMMENT in terms of how a post is pushed into a new feed?

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    Thank you! I have tried staying away from posting silly pictures on my “business” facebook page but need to reconsider…especially because I’m trying to help people escape the corporate mentality they are stuck in! Thanks for these great ideas!

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    Apologies if this question has already been asked – when I’m making an image in PicMonkey, what is the ideal size for posting to the Facebook news feed? I noticed that when I used their default size, not all of my text was visible.

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