#022: How to Start and Build a Profitable Podcast with John Lee Dumas

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On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, we talk all about creating a brand new podcast. My special guest is a recent Best of 2013 iTunes award winner, John Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. His show is unique in that he broadcasts seven days per week, which takes a crazy commitment!

John has interviewed over 425 people to date and his interviews tell the stories of entrepreneurs who have “made it” in their niche. The stories of his guests are inspiring to say the least and help others out there who are looking to take their own entrepreneurial leap.

I wanted to create this episode at this specific time because at the time of this recording, I’ve been podcasting for almost a full year, and it’s been an extremely rewarding experience.

I LOVE podcasting. It’s opened so many doors for me, introduced me to an entirely new audience, and has allowed me to expand my brand beyond my Facebook trainings.

It’s also given me more confidence in my business and has created opportunities for me that I would not have been given had I not created this show. I highly recommend podcasting to anyone that is looking to expand their brand and take things beyond their blog and website.

This episode is extremely valuable. There are tips for those just thinking about starting a podcast, or just starting out, AND there are some great ideas in there for those that have been podcasting awhile and want to take their show to the next level. So we have something for everyone here!

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to get started with podcasting
  • How John went from having zero online presence to building a six-figure monthly income
  • Tips for those questioning whether or not they have what it takes to podcast
  • The minimal equipment needed to start a podcast
  • Steps needed to produce a podcast
  • How podcasts are found in podcast directories
  • The importance of great show notes and how to best utilize them
  • How to monetize a podcast
  • The importance of intros and outros, and how to get them done well
  • What aspects of podcasts you can outsource
  • And so much more!

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Question: Do you already have a podcast? If not, do you think you’ll start one?

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ Entrepreneur On Fire

    Rockin LP! Super stoked for ya!

    ~ John Lee Dumas

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ Entrepreneur On Fire

    <3 you!

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ Entrepreneur On Fire

    NMX rocked right?

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ Entrepreneur On Fire

    Perfect timing Tulia…YAY!

    ~ John Lee Dumas

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ Entrepreneur On Fire

    DD, so excited for you to LAUNCH…you have the tools, now take action!

  • http://www.EntrepreneurOnFire.com/ Entrepreneur On Fire

    MY, you are a superstar…thanks for sharing your feedback…here’s to a GREAT 2014!

    ~ John Lee Dumas

  • Kwin Tan

    You are right, I am starting in Feb. I’ve put my title up on Facebook and got a vote on it. Cover picture done…will also get my fb fans to vote on that….I figured that I’ll just let them decide on the topics as well. That way, I don’t have to crack my brain over it! Hehe

  • http://jasoncurlee.me/ Jason Curlee

    Thanks for the encouragement John. I do feel I will this year. Launching my business beginning this week and really feel I’m going to add podcasting back in the mix.

  • Paul Potter

    Between Cliff of you anyone who is considering podcasting should have everything they need.

  • http://ourpeacefulfamily.com/ Marcus

    Great info, starting mine in the fall. Thanks for the tips.

  • https://kylemusser.co/ Kyle Musser

    Besides the NMX Plague that seemed to take everyone down afterward….that was a great time!

  • http://jasonpockrandt.com/ Jason Pockrandt

    how do you get the little download on iTunes button to put on your site and link too?

  • http://www.bernieborges.com BernieBorges

    I’ve launched my second podcast. Just 5 episodes into it. I want to upgrade my microphone. I currently have an M-Audio Producer USB mic. Not too happy with it. I’m wondering if the Blue Yeti is a step up? The Heil PR-40 seems like a big jump. Suggestions?

  • http://www.DavidASpecht.com/ David A Specht

    I just received my Logitech Headset. Now I want to record my skype interviews using either Garageband or Audacity. Is there an easy way to do that?

  • Diane Belz

    Great feedback. Just start.
    I have been overthinking this for YEARS!
    Looking to build our audience for a fiction book I co-authored. We are developing a book/bible study to engage and increase readers. After this podcast with you two pros, I think that podcasting is the way to go.

  • Yusi

    Thank you sooo much Amy for all the great free content, amazing podcasts and inspiring webinars! You have changed my business and life! I have just listened to this episode and couldn’t agree more about the importance of having a podcast :)
    I just had a question ; how long should the podcast be? Is there a too short or too long in podcasts? If I was able to maintain a 10 mins podcast on weekly basis do you think it would be acceptable and worth the effort or would it be too short?

  • Isaiah Paradis

    Hi Amy,
    Love the podcast! What do you think about having a podcast and doing a book review every day? So, every day, the audience would hear a 25 minute podcast on the book and the powerful strategies in the book. What do you think?

  • Kitt Depatie

    yes absolutely! this was a wonderful, informative and my favorite “actionable” podcast! nicely done Amy and John.

  • Kitt Depatie

    just ordered my logitec clearchat headset!

  • 5
  • Kitt Depatie

    Bought the “Podcasting Paradise” program after listening to this! Thanks for all you do, I feel so blessed to be introduced to all your wonderful guests who are helping me to skyrocket my business, and you inspired me to create my first podcs
    at “How to Attract Your Best Life in 30 Days”!

  • http://www.clergyforhire.us Jay McNeal

    This is my foundation, Amy. Thank you! You, John, equipment and Tim Paige are all on board or en route. Within a couple weeks there should be Clergy for Hire podcasts!

  • http://about.me/christophergdavis chris_chringle

    Great breakdown – reduces getting started to simply a matter of…getting started

  • LA
  • http://www.mindmaphero.com/ Mind Map Hero

    Great info and energy from John. Inspiring! Well done guys!

  • Paula N Okonneh

    I love your answer, John. Yup , just start! You learn as you go along but even more importantly you meet amazing people along the way.

  • Melanie Hafner

    Hi Amy, is there a way to still receive the ebook? Thanks Melanie

  • Tiffanyruhl

    …………rocking the amyporterfield > < Make It Easy