#47: How to Gain Confidence, Increase Productivity, and Move Toward Mastery Each Day

If you’re anything like me…or if you’re just human…you have faced your share of challenges and fears in the process of growing your own business. That might not be so bad, if we could all solve those challenges by simply trading stories. But no two people’s challenges and fears are alike!

The reason our challenges are so unique is because our minds are. Unique, that is. Struggles and fears originate in your brain, and how it processes whatever you’re dealing with, from one day to the next.

That’s why one day you can be flying high, confident and on top of your game, and the next day you’re sunk into despair, wondering how you got into this mess and whether it’s too late to get out.

As I’ve said before, the real key to every aspect of growing your business is CONFIDENCE. And we all need a little help with confidence sometimes.

That’s what today’s post is all about–getting your head “unstuck,” learning how to move forward with purpose even when you’re struggling, and using each day to take the action you want.

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 That’s why I invited my personal business coach Todd Herman to join me in today’s podcast episode. He’s a bit of a legend when it comes to performance mentality; big-deal people come to him for help with achieving mastery and improving performance. I’m talking Olympic athletes, corporate billionaires, members of international royalty…plus thousands of online entrepreneurs just like me.

Todd is all about action, productivity and results…which is exactly what I need for my business right now. To put it simply, he helps people perform so that their vision and what they do matches up.

I have to tell you, this Q&A with Todd is a landmark episode for me. Lots of listeners sent in their questions about improving performance for Todd to answer right here on the show. His answers will blow you away; in fact, even my editor told me that this is the most insightful podcast episode I’d ever done.

Honestly, there’s just too much great stuff to list in a single blog post, so why don’t you click the play button at the top of the post to listen right now? Trust me–this is stuff you’re going to want to hear.

Also, I’m offering as today’s “freebie” a special task-tracker that Todd gave me to use as part of improving my professional performance and guide my daily actions. It’s called an Entrepreneurial Scorecard, and it’s a simple, one-sheet tool that has been rocking my world ever since I started using it.

You can get the Entrepreneurial Scorecard for free by clicking here.

What follows below is just a tease from my interview with Todd. Make sure to listen to the podcast to get all the insights Todd provided to listener questions.

Question 1:

“I am constantly working on a million things at once and nothing seems to ever get my full attention. How can I manage my day more efficiently, so things actually get done?”

To answer this, Todd takes us through a process known as “context switching.”

Question 2:

“How can I overcome the fear of failure that constantly prevents me from making decisions?”

Todd offers a tip from the world of professional athletics that strengthens your mind against fear of failure and self-sabotage.

Question 3:

“How do I know what are the right things to do at the right time, and stay focused while doing them?”

One of Todd’s signature phrases is “mental toughness.” Get his secret for developing this important trait.

Note: This is where the Entrepreneurial Scorecard really comes in handy, folks. Using the scorecard will give you a crystal-clear picture of what activities are worth your time, and what you should be leveraging or delegating so that the time you are spending on projects is quality time…in other words, time that makes a difference in your business.

Download the Entrepreneurial Scorecard by clicking here.

Question 4:

“I need guidance in picking the right kind of marketing for my small business, in order to stay relevant but not become too scattered.”

Todd says the key to knowing what kind of “reinvention” your business needs is all about the big picture–context is sometimes even more important than content.

Question 5:

“I have insecurity over getting that first paying client.”

In order to get past insecurity, Todd tells us about embracing your alter ego.

Don’t miss out on Todd’s great advice–click here to listen to Episode #47.

No matter where your business lies within the growth process, Todd’s specific, detailed insights are going to help you achieve mastery and gain confidence…every single day you sit down to work.

As I mentioned, the Entrepreneurial Scorecard is all about helping your goals gain traction each day. Download this valuable freebie by clicking here. The Entrepreneurial Scorecard is going to help you identify where you are spending time wisely and not so wisely, along with the areas you should be leveraging for maximum return on your effort.

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  1. Loved the discussion about context switching. This is something that I have been working on, but putting a name to it will help!

  2. Email Marketing Home says:

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  3. What about Landing Page Monkey? It’s far cheaper and I made a couple of opt-ins with it.

  4. JackieBernardi says:

    Fantastic episode Amy – as much as I love the more technical “how-to’s” you produce, this podcast was incredibly valuable. Todd’s distinction about context switching made me take a hard look at my working hours and how much time I’m losing by trying to fit everything in. I’ve just downloaded the scorecard and hope it helps me to work more efficiently.

  5. Zillion thanks for the podcast! Context switching kind of completely shook me up from the complacency I have been living with so far. I always worked on more than one projects, with out realizing that I am not able to give 100% to each of them. Task tracker is one gem of the tool.

    Cathy Mayhue

  6. Dave Mayer says:

    Excellent. Todd clarifies the distinction between what & why.

  7. Thank you so much Amy and Todd for such a valuable discussion. As I was listening to your podcast I was laughing as I switched to a few other things instead of staying focused throughout. So that context switching was happening while you spoke about it! I also loved what you shared on making mistakes and going after them – taking regular risks is a key to success.

  8. Jill Gottenstrater says:

    Amy, this was so helpful. I had been stuck a bit on moving forward with my online coaching plan and this episode gave me just what I needed to get past the overwhelm I’ve been feeling and look to a shorter goal period. I am going to try the 7 day scorecard too. Thanks for always providing tremendous content!

  9. I got a TON of value from this podcast, Amy! Thanks for introducing me to Todd. This is one I will listen to again and again.

  10. One of my most favorite podcasts to date (meaning out of all the podcasters I listen to and out of all the episodes) – this one really nailed down some things for me. THANK YOU!

  11. Amy, I needed this today! The context switching concept made a huge dent in what I’m doing wrong! I’m SO not losing at least 20% anymore! And as a student of yours twice over, you TOTALLY give the room to apply your step-by-step how-tos to our own businesses. This was a great episode and I could go on about my take-aways, but I’l stop there. :) Thanks, Amy and Todd, for sharing such wisdom.

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  13. Wow Amy. This is an incredible episode. 90 days created a major lightbulb moment for me. There are so many more awesome gems also included in this post. Thank you and Todd for this terrific episode. I will be listening again.

  14. Wow. So much value packed into this podcast! I’m going to share and listen to this again and probably again to make sure I absorb as much as possible. I created an alter ego for the parts of me I need to kick out but never thought to create a positive one… but she’ll be along very soon. Can’t wait to use the scorecard and apply the context switching to my work day… and my client’s workday. Thanks so much! I’ll be sharing this for sure.

  15. I don’t know how I missed this episode when it first came out. Just listened today and WOW! So much awesome stuff in here! Some of it I knew, being a student of the mind as well. But some I did not. Looking forward to applying the knowledge I gained from this episode. Thanks so much, Amy!

  16. I like that: “the real key to every aspect of growing your business is CONFIDENCE”. So true!

  17. I loved this episode! Well, I’ve loved them all so far…. I loved the tip about creating an alter ego – I will definitely give that a go. I also loved info on context switching (I do this all the time!) and now I can see how much time I am wasting doing it.

  18. Great interview, full of insights and validation of concepts that I know, use and share but from a different angle. It will come in handy when explaining to my clients. Thanks!

  19. Enjoy listening to you when I have the chance. I started working with Todd this year. Totally amazing.

  20. Wow, what an episode!
    Loads of information.
    This is the first podcast, i have heard more than 2 times (in the same day), and making loads of notes of the small actions i need to make.
    The 5 stages of business is amazing along with the entrepreneurial scorecard.
    not to forget the context and content difference.!

    Thank you,

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