#104: Your Facebook Ad Questions Answered

Do you have questions about Facebook advertising? That’s a silly question, right? We’ve all got questions! (Why does Facebook have to make it so complicated sometimes?!) This week I have my go-to-resource for all things Facebook ads with us, Rick Mulready. You might remember Rick from previous episodes. He left the corporate world to help … Click to Read More

Bringing Your Side-Business to Life with Christy Wright

I know many of you are starting your online business with the intention of having a side business. This can be a great place to begin especially if you’re not quite sure which direction to go or how much time you want to put in. Oftentimes “side businesses” expand and grow into full-time entrepreneurial businesses, … Click to Read More

#103: Scaling Your e-Commerce Business with Steve Chou

Google-ads, targeting, and Facebook-scaling, oh my! We are LUCKY to have e-commerce expert and trainer Steve Chou in my latest episode to keep you in the know of what’s working now in e-commerce. The great thing about this interview is that although we are talking about e-commerce, the insights are applicable across several areas—business coaching, … Click to Read More

#102: How to Create Content Rituals to Get More Done

My quarter one has felt chaotic. I felt scattered. Everything except time to create content was dictating my life. It was time for a new approach to my schedule. I know you feel me here. I needed a die-hard plan to make time for what drives my business forward. I needed a content creation RITUAL. … Click to Read More

#101: How to Intentionally Design the Life You Want with Michael Hyatt

When my dear friend Michael Hyatt said he was going to come by to join us for our latest episode, I knew it was going to be good, and profound. And in my latest episode, he doesn’t disappoint, ladies and gentlemen… Because he’s talking about the ONE thing we should be focused on in our … Click to Read More