#110: Beating Facebook’s Algorithm – and More Facebook Ad Tips

Are you getting the most out of your Facebook ad efforts? As promised in episode 104, my good friend Rick Mulready is back and we are continuing the conversation about Facebook ads. This week we tackle how to make your Facebook ads work for you, how you can leverage Facebook algorithms, and a couple of … Click to Read More

#109: Battle-Tested Tools to Rock Your Business

Three questions for you before we start today: –Do you want to grow your business? (Check!) –Do you want to leverage more of your day to day? (Check!) –Do you want to make your life–personally and professionally–easier? (Check!) Then you need the ultimate tools for your trade. And today I am in my cave of … Click to Read More

#108: How Can I Be The Expert If I’m Just Starting Out?

How can I be an expert if I am brand new at all of this and no one is paying attention—yet? This is a valid, legitimate, understandable concern. My best advice: Get over that doubt as quickly as possible and get moving. Here’s why: We all started somewhere. All the experts you follow and admire … Click to Read More

#107: How Do I Price My Online Course?

I want you to price your next (or first!) online course with confidence. In your heart of hearts, are you getting paid what you’re worth? Are you hitting the “sweet spot” of pricing perfection? This week I tackle these questions and give you a seven-step pricing strategy so you can determine what you should really … Click to Read More

#106: Are You Repelling or Attracting Your Potential Customers?

Do you know the detailed story of your perfect ideal customer? I am not just talking demographics or a just few pain points and struggles— I mean the nitty gritty, day in the life kind of stuff. Because my special guest, marketing and branding strategist Jasmine Star, paints such a vivid picture of her avatar, … Click to Read More