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5 Specific Ways I’ve Used B-School to Build My Business

5 Wats

My husband thinks I’m crazy. This morning at 4am (on the weekend, no less) I had to jump out of bed and write this email to you. Crazy? Maybe.  But I had an ‘a-ha!’ moment that I could not ignore. I was lying in bed thinking about all the info I’ve shared with you over … Click to Read More

How to Stop Working So Hard and Still Get More Clients

red_business building

When you’re in the process of creating your dream job, the first thing to take a hit is your confidence. No matter how much expertise, passion or moxie you bring to the game, there’s just something about starting your own business that can shake your confidence to the core. So where does confidence come from? The … Click to Read More

#45: The 3 Crucial Stages of an Online Business

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It’s no secret that the longer we work on our business, the more confident we become. It makes sense—confidence comes from little wins building up to big ones. But what if you could have that confidence now, and skip over those early years of making costly mistakes and feeling that constant overwhelm? This post was created to help you do … Click to Read More

#44: The Secrets to Building a More Strategic, Valuable Blog

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To a large extent, blogs are living, breathing things. They’re a place for you to record the day-in-the-life of your brand, to explore new possibilities and take the occasional look back to see how far you’ve come. This is precisely what makes your blog the primary place where brand loyalty is fostered. Your posts allow your audience to come along with … Click to Read More

#43: How Your Subject Line Could Be Killing Your Emails

04-no link

How many times has this happened to you? You’ve spent hours composing the perfect email to showcase your content, you’ve carefully segmented your list to a specific audience, you’ve queued it up to send at the optimal time…and a week later, your analytics reveal a dismal click-to-open rate. Ouch! It’s frustrating and discouraging, the kind … Click to Read More