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Our 2021 Company Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

March 16, 2021

“Good Intentions Aren’t Enough, In Times Like These We Need a Plan, We Need Commitment, We Need Change.”
– Amy Porterfield

We believe in the diversity and inclusion of people regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and religion. This includes thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences. We also believe in practicing and enforcing the policies that support it.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Plan is laid out in 4 main sections:

  1. Community — our students, subscribers, and podcast listeners, the brilliant people we serve and support. This part of the plan covers how we want to show up for YOU and changes we’re making to ensure our podcast guests, featured speakers, students, ambassadors, and guest experts are diverse and our BIPOC students feel acknowledged, respected, and supported at all times. 
  2. Leadership — the incredible humans who make supporting hundreds of thousands of big-hearted and endlessly talented entrepreneurs possible. This section of the plan covers changes to our hiring procedures and racism education initiatives. 
  3. Company — the Amy Porterfield Inc. company as a whole. This part of the plan covers the changes we’re making in terms of our mission, our charitable donations, our scholarships, how we market our products, and more. 
  4. Vision — our vision for the future of not just our company but the better world we know is possible and the actions we’ll continue taking long-term to make it happen.
  • We commit to highlighting and lifting up more BIPOC voices on The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. We’ve already started having important conversations with BIPOC business owners whose perspectives are so valuable and important. Since January 2020, we've increased our diversity in our guests by 44% and we’re committed to increasing that number through 2021. 
  • We want you to feel represented when you engage with our marketing and content. This means more success stories and visual examples that show our beautifully diverse students of all demographics making their big dreams happen. 
  • We have created a DEI Committee with 10 students representing various demographics in our community. We meet quarterly to ask questions, get feedback and suggestions, and share what we are doing to uphold our commitment to DEI. You can apply to join our Committee here (Committee members are compensated for their time).
  • We are listening and value your feedback so much. If you have feedback, concerns, or ideas about how we can be a more inclusive community, we welcome them. 
  • Reach out to support@amyporterfield.com with the subject line ‘I want to be part of the change’ and based on your insights we’ll continue evolving into a more dynamic and inclusive company.
  • We recognize the importance of ongoing training, implementation, and enforcement of our initiatives. That’s why we’ve added a DEI consultant to the team who’s already audited our company protocols, SOPs, and suggested a number of improvements that we've implemented over the past several months including Inclusive Leadership Coaching.
  • We’ve invested and will continue to invest in a number of anti-racism and anti-discrimination trainings for our team so that everyone is current and on the same page. 
  • We’ve revisited, revised, and implemented our hiring practices to make them more inclusive. We’ve used these practices to increase the diversity in our team and improve the experience overall for all of our candidates. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in diverse talent applying for positions and we look forward to seeing it continue. 

Our mission to change as many lives as possible and to help people build businesses that support them in doing what they love, helping others, helping their communities, and giving them the freedom to choose who they work with, how much money they make, and how many people they can help remains our priority. 

We’ll continue to champion all types of people in making their big dreams happen. 

That being said… 

  • We recognize the inequality the BIPOC community is faced with and have continued to invest in supporting underserved communities. So far in 2021 we have contributed $50,000 to Backstage Capital in addition to ongoing contributions we’ll make throughout the year.
  • We will also be awarding 75% of Digital Course Academy and List Builders Society Scholarships to those underrepresented be it by age, religion, ability (physical or mental), gender, sexual orientation, race, LGBTQ, and veterans. 

Today, BIPOC are still incredibly underrepresented in the online space and beyond. Worse yet, many don’t have the opportunity to start an online business to begin with. 

Our vision is for that to change, for the hundreds of thousands of brilliant BIPOC business owners working so hard to support themselves, their families, and their communities to be on a level playing field. For the children of those women and those around them to see examples of what’s also possible for them. For them to have just as many opportunities to rise as white men and women have in this space. 

We are committed through action to being a champion for ALL women who dream of sharing their gifts with the world through the power of online marketing, digital courses, and inspiring others to do the same.

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