Transcript: How to Create a WOW Experience When Selling Online Programs

September 1, 2016

AMY PORTERFIELD: Hey there, welcome back to another episode of  The  Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield. Today we are talking about wowing your customers, your students, if you’re selling online training programs. 

Wowing your students is sometimes a little bit different than how you can wow somebody if you have a brick-and-mortar store. There they come in and meet you, buy from you, and are buying physical products. 

It’s even different than if you’re selling physical products online and how you can wow people that way. In that case you’re mailing something to them and they are getting it in the mail. You can wow them with so many different things in a physical sense. 

When you have an online training program it’s a little bit of a different experience. Here’s the great news. I think it’s way easier than you think. I’m not going to inundate you with a million different ideas that you can apply to your business to wow your students. 

I am going to give you some solid actionable tips that you can walk away from this episode today and apply them instantly. That’s how easy some of these tips are. You might have to do a little bit of digging for some of the tips and you might have to do a little research but it’s very, very doable. 

I am creating this episode because I have recently been planning a trip to Italy. I’m going with the Duncans. Many of you know that Devin Duncan is my business partner. I’m going with Melanie and Devin and my husband, Hobie, to the Italian Riviera. 

We’re going for ten days in September. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a great experience. But I needed to buy some things for my trip to Italy. Quite honestly, Melanie Duncan is really, really fancy and she talked me into getting a few things I’m going to want on this trip. 

Two things happened. She got me turned on to this site called Net-A-Porter. Most girls know this site if they like to shop online. When you buy from Net-A-Porter, they will send your package in two ways. 

One way is a simple way in just a regular box with some tissue paper. Or, for free, you can choose the fancy way, which is a beautiful black box with a special ribbon on top. You open it and it’s all packaged nicely inside. This little thing, the fact that every time I order from this site it comes in a beautiful black box with a bow on it, just gets me excited. 

I am excited to open the package. I paid for it. It’s not like someone is sending me a gift but I just love the fancy experience that comes inside the black box. 

When this came to me I thought it would be a great time to talk about wowing your customers when you’re selling an online training program. The feeling I get when I order from this site online just makes me want to go back and order more and more… To Hobie’s huge demise. He’s hoping I don’t order anything more. 

I’m ordering some things for him too, by the way. But this whole experience got me thinking that we should be very mindful of how we are treating our students inside our online courses. 

Before I get into five things you can do to wow your students I wanted to kind of set the stage with some customer service stats that might kind of blow your mind. When we did research for this episode they definitely blew my mind. 

I’m going to talk a lot about what bad customer service does in terms of really benefitting your competitor. I chose that angle because many of you have been coming to me saying you want to create an online course but so many people are already doing what you want to do. 

You think you probably shouldn’t even create the course. I am always saying, “Of course you should!” We all bring a special unique talent or skills or our personality is different from someone else. We are all bringing something special to the table. 

Imagine if I said, “You know what, I’m not going to create these programs because other people are doing it.” I wouldn’t have a webinar course, I wouldn’t have a course on courses, I wouldn’t have a list-building course, and I sure as heck would never have a Facebook course. 

Everybody already did it before me. But one of the things that allows you to stay in the game and stay above your competition is wowing your students from the get go before they even buy, and even more importantly, once they put down cash and say they want your program. 

Let me give you some of the stats. 40% of customers begin purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation for great customer service.  That’s  from Zendesk. 

Basically, if your competitor gets a really good reputation for great customer service you could lose some of your students or potential students. That’s why you always have to have the best reputation for customer service. 

Here are some other stats. 53% switch because they feel unappreciated (New Voice), 42% switch because they’re put off by rude or unhelpful staff, 32% switch because they are fed up with speaking to multiple agents, 29% switch because they are annoyed by a lack of staff knowledge. That’s a big one when you have an online course. 

Also, 25% switch because they are tired of being kept on hold. That one is probably not happening because most of us do not have people on the phone with students all the time. However, instead of being kept on hold I bet a lot of people switch because they’re not getting a response from their support emails. I’m sure that happens a lot. 

In order to make sure your students are not switching to your competitor or, even worse, your potential students are losing interest in you because you haven’t been responsive so they are going someplace else, we’ve got to make sure we wow our students from the get go. 

Remember, when you wow your students they are going to tell other people about you. Though it is really hard to track, I think so much of my business comes from people telling their friends, “Hey, Amy took really good care of us. Her programs are impeccable, they’re full of detail, she’s always giving more than she says she’s going to give. You should go check it out.” 

That’s the kind of thing I strive for every single day. So I wanted to outline five different ways you could wow your students once they have actually laid down the cash and said they want to be a part of your program. 

We have talked about some of these things before in different episodes but I wanted to really make it clear to you that these things are pretty simple and are doable. You can put every single one of these ideas into your next online program. 

Here’s the kicker, you’ve got to plan for this stuff. You can’t let it be an after thought. It’s very obvious when customer service is an afterthought after somebody sells their online program. 

They are so worried about putting their content together and launching their content that the last thing they are thinking about is how they’re going to support people once they join the program and how they are going to show they are genuinely appreciated and that you weren’t just taking their money and running. 

That’s not what any of us want to do. However, if you don’t plan for the customer experience it’s going to feel like you took the money and ran. That’s the last thing you want to do. 

Let’s jump into the five ways you can wow your students inside your online training course. 

01: Send a Welcome Email 

The first thing you want to do is welcome your students properly. I have three ways you can do this. I want you to actually consider doing all three of these tips. The first is to send out a welcome email. 

Some of you know that’s a no brainer. Of course you are going to send out a welcome email. But hold your horses. Many times when I have joined somebody else’s online training program the first email I get is from the platform. 

You might get an email from WishList Member and the email is really cookie cutter with your username and login ID. It then tells you to enjoy the program. Sometime after that, maybe ten or 15 minutes, you might get a real welcome email from the course creator that is a little bit more personal. 

But I want you to be aware that the very first email they get after they have paid you should never come from your platform. It should always come from you. I like to find a way that my membership site never emails my students (using the tech stuff behind the scenes. You can figure it out). 

I want to make sure the first and only welcome email they get is from me. We use WishList Member and we found a way to work on the back end so that the email that comes to my students is 100% from me. It’s a personal email that I’ve written in advance. 

We have merged the username and password into the email so there is no separate email that’s coming from WishList Member to my new students. I hate that way because it’s not personal and sometimes it gets really confusing when people get two emails. 

If you can figure out a way that you send just one email with a personal welcome merged with the username and password then you should definitely do it. I had to ask for help because I couldn’t figure it out myself. But it was a pretty easy strategy once we figured out how to make it work. 

We do that every time. In the past, years ago, I used to have that email come from WishList Member. I hated that process so I finally asked why I was doing that and decided I needed to find a better way. 

That little tweak makes a huge difference. I also want you to infuse your personality in that welcome email. You are a cheerleader at that point. Buyer’s remorse is alive and well. It happens all the time, especially when you’re selling online training courses. There is nothing tangible for them so right away they  can  start  doubting  their decision. 

You want to be their cheerleader, offer inspiration, encourage them to jump in right away, and make sure they know they have made the best decision possible for them and their relationship, their business, their body, or whatever it might be. You want to seal the deal in the welcome email. It’s incredibly important and should come within 15 minutes of actually giving the credit card information. 

The second way to welcome them properly is a welcome video when they login to the member’s area. This is something I can actually improve on and I definitely plan to do so in the near future. 

When you login to my programs there’s always a welcome video. You hear my voice and I take you through the membership site and my #1 goal is to make sure you know how to navigate through the membership site. That’s incredibly important. 

I think some of that welcome video should be direct to camera. I think people should see us even if our program is just audio and slides, which is what my programs are. I think my students should see me right from the get go so they can see my sincerity of welcoming them and getting the personal connection so they know they aren’t alone. 

In the video I can talk to students about what to expect throughout the program. I could then show students inside the member’s area and how to navigate. I would really only need to be on camera a few minutes. You all know my love/hate relationship with video. 

I am getting over it and think it’s incredibly important. I think a welcome video right when people log in to the members area is a must. 

The third way to wow your audience that goes above and beyond and will cost some money is to possibly consider sending out a thank-you card, a physical thank-you card. I’ve done this many, many times. We’ve kind of gotten away from it with my last few programs and I think the reason for that is that we’ve done so many programs in such a short period of time that we felt a little bit rushed. 

This “wow” kind of fell off but I want to get back to it. But I’ve done it tons and tons of times with The Profit Lab. I use a company called Bond. It’s a little pricey but I love it because you actually write the thank-you note in your handwriting. 

You then send it to Bond and they have a machine so that every card is in your handwriting and it genuinely looks like you wrote it. People are going to know you didn’t write 100+ cards to people but I love that is truly in my handwriting. 

It’s my personal message and is beautifully designed and it is really quality. When I sell a $1,000 program I can afford to spend a little money to send out a personal thank- you card. 

Yes, it costs some money and you’ve got to decide that and plan it in your budget in advance. There are tons of other companies you can look into that are not as expensive as Bond. But the most important thing is that you’ve got to plan ahead for this. 

This is not an afterthought. Before we even launch a program, if we’re going to use something like Bond, Trivinia has already planned how it’s going to work. She’s already had me write my personal note. She has sent it to Bond. They are ready to go and she knows the process of uploading the list of our new buyers. 

It’s a process that’s happening as we’re launching. That’s how you wow your students. You don’t make it an afterthought. If that thank-you card came two months later it wouldn’t be as powerful. It is something to think about. 

Do you want some major, major extra credit points? If you are launching your first course and you know it’s going to be a small one (maybe you are only going to have 10, 15, or 20 people in your first course) I would get on the phone. I would make personal phone calls to every single one of them. 

That is going to take some time and most of the time you will just leave a message but sometimes they will answer. They will want to talk so be prepared. But, imagine what an impact that would make. I would definitely do this if you were filling up a mastermind or a small group coaching program. 

I would definitely get on the phone and make those personal calls. This is kind of a side note but I remember when I went through B-School as an affiliate. I ended up in the top three and Marie Forleo had tons and tons of affiliates. I know she couldn’t do this with everybody because it wasn’t practical, but I got a personal phone call from her the day her cart closed. 

She thanked me for my efforts and the time I put into her promotion. I have never ever forgotten that. She hasn’t done it every year, it was just a special year. She probably felt compelled and probably called a few people. But it really meant something to me. 

I got to share with her my experience, which I think is valuable for her. Those calls can go a long way. 

02: Surprise From The Get Go 

When it comes to wowing your audience, the unexpected is incredibly powerful. That’s when you start to hear, “Wow, she really, really gives more than I expected.” You always want to hear that inside your online training programs. 

How can you do the unexpected? One of the easiest ways is to include a piece of content in your member’s area that your audience wasn’t expecting. I’ve done this a lot by adding extra bonuses right from the get go when people join my program. 

This always gets your audience excited and it builds loyalty and trust. A lot of the time this has happened by accident for me. I have launched my program and I’m in the launch and realize there is a question that keeps popping up with people before they join the program. 

It may be something I didn’t address in the program but I can create a video about it really quick. It takes me 20 minutes. I make a video about one topic that keeps coming up and put it in the bonus area of my member site and then when I welcome my new students I can add a P.S. that says, “I added a little extra piece of content you’re not expecting. I think you’re going to love it. Here’s how to find it.” 

That can be something you plan for. I stumbled upon it by accident but now I try to plan it from the very beginning. 

I talk a lot about Tony Robbins. I do that because I got a lot of my  ideas  and experience from when I worked with him. A lot of what he did in his business was incredibly successful so I hope you find these little nuggets valuable to you as well. 

Two things I did while I was at Tony Robbins’ are things I thought were really good. One of the things was to learn about stick strategy. Stick strategy is basically giving your students something unexpected that keeps them engaged. 

The stick strategy can happen right away like the extra bonus you added that they didn’t expect. It keeps them engaged from the get go. Or you could use a stick strategy where you tell them about an extra thing you are adding but tell them it will be released in 30 days or 60 days, which coincidentally (but not so coincidentally) happens to be when the refund period ends. 

You are keeping them engaged to get them past that important hurdle of not being too into the program because they haven’t used it yet so they are thinking of asking for a refund. You are keeping them engaged by telling them you have something (a live webinar just for students, for example) right around the time the refund period is coming up. 

There are different things you can do but stick strategies are incredibly valuable. 

Another thing we did when we were launching an online training program when I was getting ready to leave and start my own business I think it was Frank Kern that had the idea to send people two cookies in a baggie as well as a card. It said, “Hey, enjoy your new program.” 

We found a company that made cookies and packaged them nicely and sent them out to the new students so that when they were watching the content they could have a little treat. Yes, this took money. Maybe you don’t have it in your budget, but that’s going the extra mile by sending them something physical even though the entire program is online. 

That is definitely an option. You’ve just got to be really mindful of your budget and make sure you can afford to do these little extra steps. You don’t have to do the extra task of sending them something physical in the mail but it would be kind of cool. 

03: Show Up To Keep The Momentum 

I have talked about this again and again in so many things I do on this podcast. I won’t go too deep here but I want to remind you that when you show up for your students after they’ve purchased, that is what matters the most. 

If you’re going to have a private Facebook group you’ve got to jump in that group regularly. For me it’s one day a week. I do a live Facebook session and  then throughout the week I sprinkle in some audio answers to some of their questions and I type responses to some of the questions. I’m active in my signature groups (Webinars That Convert and Courses That Convert). They are my most expensive programs so I make sure I show up regularly there. 

This is important because so many people complain that when they’ve purchased an online course there was no extra real support afterwards. The complaint is that they can email support but it takes forever for people to get back and they never hear from the instructor, just the team. 

I think it’s important that you see me and hear from me on a pretty regularly basis once you have joined my big signature programs. I’ve said this before, but if it’s list- builder’s lab or my Facebook program, because I can’t be everywhere all the time, I tend to have my team support those groups. They do a really good job of supporting those groups so I’m not active in those groups. 

I am active in my bigger programs because I have to choose where I am going to spend my time and where I can make the biggest impact. I believe it is incredibly important for you to have a private Facebook group for your course if that makes sense to what kind of course you’re creating and I think you need to schedule time to get in there a few times a week to be incredibly active. 

In an ideal world I would be in there every day. It just can’t happen. I can’t get enough work done if I were in my groups every day. Anybody who has had a private group knows that once you’re in the group and answering questions it’s like you’re sucked in there because you want to help everybody. If you’re anything like me you have a little ping of guilt if you can’t answer every question. 

I’ve had to really manage my emotions with these private Facebook groups. Now I feel good about declaring when I’m there. I continue to be consistent with my Facebook Live sessions. I do Q&As. 

Something else you can do to keep the momentum, since that’s what Tip #3 is all about, you can do a little bit of mini training inside your private Facebook groups as well. 

I typically do live Q&A sessions with my private Facebook groups. I will jump on Facebook Live in my private group and the day before I will ask members to post all of their questions because I am going to do a live Q&A the next day. I am typically on for about 45 minutes answering a bunch of random questions. 

Tomorrow in my Webinars That Convert group I want to teach them something. I want to teach them how to use Facebook Live sessions on their page to fill up  their webinars. There are some little nuances of how to change your Facebook Live session to make sure it’s going to help you fill up your webinars. 

I’m going to teach them something new. Some of the people in the program just started because it’s on an automated webinar. Some people have been in it for about six months now. Whoever is in the group, whenever they joined, they are going to find a little nugget of new content really valuable. 

That will wow some people. They will love it and will find it makes a big impact on what they’re doing. They know I am there and am showing up. That’s a simple way to wow your audience and keep them moving forward. 

04: Hire People Pleasers For Your Support Role 

People pleasers get a bad rap. I’m pretty sure I would be considered a people pleaser. However, in a support role I actually love those people on my team that love to support other people. 

I have a really small team, as you guys know because I’ve talked about it many times. I have hired a staff that loves to help other people. Not everybody on my team is perfect for that. But those that are in a support role are definitely perfect. 

Just the other day Trivinia, who many of you know because I’ve talked about Trivinia as my head support role inside my business, told me, “I know it’s weird but we haven’t done webinars in a while and I loved being in the chat for the webinar we did yesterday.” 

She said it was so fun. It fired her up. She loved answering everyone’s questions and chatting with them and having a good time. That was music to my ears. She genuinely enjoys this. I don’t know if I would genuinely enjoy manning a chat for an entire webinar. I don’t know if that would be my favorite thing. 

She loved it and that’s how I know I have the right people in the right roles. I also have another support role, Kate. Kate gets really excited when someone sends me a little love letter. If they tell me how I made a difference in their life or they have changed habits because of what they’ve learned or little things she hears that I would never see unless she sent them to me, she gets super excited and she will Slack me the message. 

She will say, “Amy, you’ve got to read this. You made such an impact for this person’s life. I just love it and wanted to share it with you.” Her enthusiasm is exactly what people feel on the other line; like when people are emailing and hear from Kate. 

I tell you all of this because if you are not hearing, “Wow, your team is amazing,” or “Your team is just impeccable. You’re customer service is fantastic,” if you never hear that there might be a problem. 

On a regular basis I hear about Trivinia and Kate and Lindsay, my community manager inside my groups. I hear about these girls from all of you a lot. That’s important. I wanted to add this tip to hire people pleasers for your support role because I want to remind you if you’re not getting feedback about your amazing support you’re probably not doing an amazing job. 

Either look for it more, maybe they are saying it and you’re not seeing it; or, look at your team and ask yourself if your team is genuinely excited to wow the pants off of potential students and current students. Do they get a little high off of being so incredibly nice that it’s almost too sweet sometimes. 

I love when my team is genuinely overly nice to people. That’s important to me. They are also an extension of you. Whoever is emailing in a support role in your business is essentially you. They are just an extension of you. If you don’t like that person or their style you’ve got to move them out of that role. 

If you don’t have anybody and it’s all you, well it’s time to get a little extra support. It should not be all you. Imagine what you could be doing if you weren’t answering a bunch of support emails. I’m going to guess your response time is a little bit delayed because you’re stretched too thin. 

There is so much to think about there. Ultimately, if you’re not hearing some good feedback about your amazing customer support on a regular basis and they’re not calling out your support team by name I would rethink the whole thing and make sure you have the right people in the right roles. 

05: Reward Your Students’ Loyalty 

We’re in the home stretch. This one has to do with your current students and how to make them feel extra special the next time you come out with a new program, product, or service. 

REI  has an amazing loyalty program. Hobie absolutely loves it. When he buys a new pair of hiking boots he always gets a little extra cash in the mail that he can use the next time he goes shopping at REI. He loves that store. I never go to that store. I am not a camper. It’s definitely a joke in our family. 

Don’t take  me out  in the  wilderness. It’s  not my thing.  However, I  needed some Rainbow flip flops. I’m a California girl. Anyone in California, you guys know Rainbow flip flops, right? REI sells all different kinds. With Hobie at the fire station I decided one day to just go to REI. 

I needed two pairs of Rainbows. I went in there and they are expensive, like $50. It’s ridiculous. I sound like a huge shopper on this episode. I promise you that’s not my style but I guess in this case it happens to be lately. I don’t know what’s going on. 

I put my flip flops on the counter and she asked if I had a loyalty program phone number hooked up to REI. I figured Hobie did so I gave them Hobie’s phone number. They told me I had $60 so I decided to use it not even thinking. 

They applied the $60 loyalty reward to my payment so I was just paying a few extra dollars for the expensive flip flops. I walked out thinking I got a great deal. Then I realized I spent my poor husband’s loyalty dollars that he has probably been saving for over a year. I felt like the worst wife ever. 

I had to call Hobie and tell him I had done something so selfish and I didn’t think about it because I love a good deal. Luckily he just laughed. I didn’t think that was very nice that I did that. Bad wife, for sure. But thank God he wasn’t very mad. 

Getting back to the point, loyalty and treating your students as though they are extra special because they are already a student is a really important thing to wow them. 

When you have an online training program here are some easy ideas you can apply to this wowing experience. 

Discounts For Previous Students – When I launch The Profit Lab I had a 12-month enrollment period. You were enrolled for 12 months and your enrollment expired. I was updating that program because so much of it had to do with Facebook. It was almost like a new program every year. Near the end of when that program was still live (it’s no longer live) I decided to deep discount anybody that wanted to come and reenroll in The Profit Lab. 

It was a huge success. I think I talked about this in one of my launch recaps on my podcast episode for Profit Lab. It was a huge success because it was a deep enough discount that people thought that if there was a little bit of overlap of something they had already learned it would be okay because they weren’t paying full price. 

I also think my Profit Lab students felt really appreciated. I recognized them as being a part of the family and was giving them a deep discount. That was huge. We actually made $40,000 more than we expected, if I can remember correctly, just by offering this extra special discount. 

Many of those people probably wouldn’t have enrolled if we hadn’t offered it. It made a big difference. 

Discounts For Students of Other Courses – When I launched Courses That Convert, my last program, anyone that was a part of Webinars That Convert was given a limited time offer of $100 off of my new program. It was a really quick promo that we did. We reached out to them and told them it would be offered for a few days. 

If they wanted to take the offer they were already part of the Webinars That Convert program so they were given $100 off the new program. I typically don’t do a lot of discounting but I think it’s important for my students to know I’m going to take care of them. 

The real truth is that I probably didn’t need to offer the $100 off. It’s not that much money that people would say they weren’t going to buy but now they are. Some people will say that but not the majority. I probably could have made more money if I hadn’t offered the $100 discount. 

It’s not about the money at this point. That’s easy for me to say when I’m making over a million dollars on a launch. I get that. I know perspective is important. However, for everybody listening, even when I wasn’t making this much money it was important to me that my students felt really connected to me and knew I would take care of them. 

I wanted them to go on the journey with me. I want my students to go through all of my programs because that’s the big picture of building an online training business. With that I wanted to let them know that I knew they were a part of me already and are in the trenches so I offered a little something extra just for them. 

Change your perspective around that and you might be willing  to  offer  those discounts. That just made a huge discount in terms of how I could support those that were already loyal to my programs. 

Those are the five ways you can wow your students. I’ll repeat them one more time. But before I go there, one thing that goes without saying is something I am going to say anyway. This all comes back to knowing who your core customer is. You can’t really support your students if you don’t really get who they are and what they need. 

One of the best ways for you to wow your students is to anticipate where they are going to get stuck and what they will need from you. Anticipating their challenges and working that into the welcome email or in your Facebook Live sessions or even mentioning something in a thank-you letter, just acknowledging that you know where they are makes a huge difference. 

I’ve had some episodes about understanding and knowing your audience and I’m going to link to those in the show notes at I want you to go back and listen to some of those episodes if you’re still struggling with really knowing your avatar. 

The final thing I’ll say is that the easiest way (this is important so pay close attention) to wow your students when you have an online training program is very similar to how most of us would like to live our lives. Give more than you take and exceed all their expectations by being kind and generous and true to your word. 

That’s just kind of how most of us want to live our life. I’ll add one more thing to that. Wowing your students is a lot like what I was taught about being a good parent. In the end it’s not really about how much money you spend on your kids or even how much time you spend with them. Yep, I said that. 

It’s ultimately about the quality of time you are present and there for them. When Cade was a toddler, four or five years old, the quality time that I spent with him meant that I had to get on the carpet and had to play pirate ships with him. 

I remember it vividly. It was 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I was on the carpet playing pirate ships. I’m not patting myself on the back. I didn’t necessarily love it but I knew that was important to him. Cade would stay interested with me playing pirate ships for about 15 minutes until something way cooler,  maybe  cartoons,  caught  his attention and he was done with me. 

What mattered is that I got down there and played for the amount of time that meant something to him. The same goes for your students inside your online course. The equivalent to sitting on the carpet and playing pirate ships is scheduling 20 or 30 minutes to do some Facebook Live sessions in your private group, being present and fully supportive for them. 

This is not always easy. You have to change some habits to make it possible. I speak from a very personal experience with this. A little while back on Instagram they came out with Insta Stories. I have been doing the Insta Stories and on one of them I showed my viewers how I plan my day. 

One of the things I said is that over the weekend I schedule when I’m going to be live inside my private Facebook groups. This is a big deal to me because I’ve noticed that if I don’t schedule it in advance I am not live in those groups. I skip a week. 

This happened just recently so I have to put it on my calendar and I have to tell my team, “This is when I’m going to show up.” That’s a habit I had to change in order to be fully present for all of you who are my students inside those courses. 

You might have to look at some of your habit and how you plan things in order to make it happen. As a side note, if you have been watching Insta Stories and you’re not following me on Instagram, I’m just AmyPorterfield on Instagram. I have been doing them pretty regularly to key people behind the scenes in my business. 

Follow me on Instagram if you want to see those live little video snapshots of behind the scenes. They’re kind of fun and I think I’m enjoying it even though I don’t love video but am starting to come around. Hopefully you’ll meet me on Instagram so you can see some of those stories. 

There you have it. The moral of the story is to get on the carpet, play some pirate ship and wow your students. How weird would that be if I put that on social media? Very weird. But you get the point. You get why it’s so incredibly important to be present and support your audience at a level that they never even expected from you. That’s how you wow everybody who is inside your online course. 

One more thing before we jump off. I try to make each podcast a mini training, especially when it’s just me and I’m not interviewing somebody, I try to give you something incredibly actionable to take with you into your own online business. 

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I cannot wait to connect with you again next week. I’ve got even more good stuff in store for you so I will see you then. Bye for now. 

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