Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

#688: How To Break Free From The Fear You Have Around Money with Mel Abraham

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#688: How To Break Free From The Fear You Have Around Money with Mel Abraham

AMY PORTERFIELD:  Welcome back to another episode of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield. Today is a little extra, extra special. The reason for that is that we’re changing things up a bit. 

We’re not going to talk about Facebook ads. We’re not talking about funnels, email marketing, list growth, my favorite webinars. We’re not talking about any of it. However, we are going to get deep into a topic that can directly affect the success of all those things. 

Today, we are talking about meditation manifestation. That might seem a little bit weird on my show. If you know anything about me you already know I’m not woo woo. I actually do not meditate although I have tried many, many times. 

When my brand new friend, Gabby Bernstein, told me she is coming out with a brand new book and wanted to talk about the connection between media and meditation I thought it was something I definitely needed to explore. 

If you don’t know Gabby Bernstein, she is the author of some wildly successful books. One of my favorites is Spirit Junky. She has a brand new one coming out called The Universe Has Your Back. If you picked up one of her books you would learn that she has been featured as a next-generation thought leader on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. 

She appears regularly as an expert on the Dr. Oz show and was named a new role model by the New York Times. That’s just a little snipped about Gabby and what she’s all about. 

I like that Gabby taught herself PR. She ran a PR business. Then things kind of shifted over time and now she is best known for her teachings related to spirituality and meditation and manifestation. She is definitely and inspirational speaker. She is an inspiration in my life and I have to warn you of something. 

I typically record the intros after I do the interview. I just did the interview with Gabby and I kind of gushed a little bit. I’m a little bit embarrassed about that. But I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes when I interview somebody the topic is just such perfect timing for me. 

I feel I needed what she shared today and I hope that you actually feel the same. I hope by the end of this interview that you, too, are gushing all about how amazing this woman is. She is a new friend of mine and I think we’re going to have an amazing friendship. 

I also really value what she shares. It’s different than how my brain works and that’s always a little exciting and a little scary at the same time. I don’t want to give it away. I am going to let you listen in and see if this is something you might want to take action on. I know I definitely will be. 

I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s go ahead and jump in. 

Amy: Gabby, thank you so very much for being on the show. I truly am excited to have you here. 

Gabby: I’m so happy to be here. As you know I’m a huge fan of you and the show so it’s very exciting for me. Thank you for having me. 

Amy: We have so much to cover. I love that this is a little bit of a different take than the normal stuff I talk about on the show. But before we get into all the juicy questions we have planned I want to start at the top. 

We’re going to talk about media and meditation. But how did you get there? Why this mix? 

Gabby: I’ve been meditating since I was a child. My mom taught me how to meditate when I was ten years old. It’s been a big part of my own personal growth and my personal development. But I’ve also been an entrepreneur since 2001. 

Of course I merged my meditation tools and belief systems into my business at a very young age, even before I was a spiritual teacher. I use these principles in a way where I could learn how to harness an energy that would help support me in creating the experiences I wanted to have as a business owner and almost like a swell of support behind my endeavors. 

I’m really excited to talk about this with your audience because I know there are a lot of tactical things we can do and practical things we can do but I think there is also a big, big element of the energy in the thoughts and intentions that we are bringing to the work we do. 

I could talk about this for hours and I’m so thrilled we can do it today. 

Amy: I love that. You actually believe we can manifest media for our message. Tell me how. 

Gabby: First of all, the proof is in the pudding. I have many, many stories, and I will share some of them with you today, of how I have personally manifested my greatest media experiences. From sitting next to Oprah Winfrey and being interviewed on Super Soul Sunday to feature interviews on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Style section. I have literally a laundry list of stories. 

Most of it, I believe, in major media placement whether it is getting on a podcast list this or seeing yourself sitting next to Oprah all come first with an intention, an intention to spread an empowering message in a meaningful way. 

That’s got to kind of be at the core. With that intention has to come a belief system and excitement and enthusiasm behind what it is that you are sharing. I believe when you’re in that place of joy and enthusiasm you are in the absence of resistance. You are in the energy state of excitement. You are bringing positive vibes to what your vision and goal may be. 

What happens on a spiritual level is that it opens up invisible doors. Anyone that is listening, whether they identify as spiritual or not, have those experiences when they are thinking about something and all of the sudden it is seen in the newspaper. 

Sometimes you hear a song and the next day it’s playing ten more times on the radio. Something that you may be saying in your podcast could be exactly what somebody needs to hear today. That kind of synchronicity is really undeniable. I’ve built my entire career based on helping people own that and have more faith in that power. 

As it relates to marketing and manifesting media it’s no different. I spent a decade sitting on my meditation pillow envisioning myself sitting next to Oprah Winfrey and feeling the feeling of what it felt like to be in her presence. 

I remember about two weeks before I got the call from Harpo to be on the Super Soul Sunday Show I was deep in my meditation. I was looking at a picture of Oprah on my vision board and kept sending her love. The key to manifesting is the feeling. 

Feeling the feeling of what it would be like and the magnitude of what that would mean for me as a teacher and the magnitude of what that would mean to get the message out into the world and really feeling the feeling of gratitude and love I have for her as a catalyst for great work. 

That would come up and I would feel that feeling in my meditation. Two weeks later I sat down and found myself turning to my notebook at my desk and I wrote, “I’m ready to be on Oprah.” 

Three hours… 

Amy: Stop it! 

Gabby: Three hours later I got a phone call from the folks at Harpo. It was Cornelia, the producer from Harpo, said they would like to have me on the Super Soul Sunday show. This was ten years in the making but time speeds up when everything aligns. 

Amy: Yes. 

Gabby: That’s the first message. The energy and intention behind what it is that you are co-creating is what is probably first and foremost. If you have a very positive, high- vibe energy and a service-oriented work that you feel very proud of that you can’t wait to get out into the world you have to trust in the power of those vibes. 

Your vibes speak louder than your words…often. People can feel you miles away. That is kind of a very crucial step in the process of manifesting, making sure there is no resistance and that you are in the presence of joy around what it  is  that  you’re creating and that the joy opens invisible doors to support your endeavors. That is kind of the first step. 

Amy: So when you talk about these really big opportunities you had you were saying that for many, many years you meditated on this. You believe that meditation is the key to success. It’s something I definitely want to do more of. I definitely do not find it at all easy for me. 

I would love for you to talk about why you think meditation is the key to success. Maybe if I understood it a little bit more it would be something I would be able to embrace. 

Gabby: First of all, I can say this with conviction, meditation is the #1 key to success. I don’t say that lightly. It is a very important message that people need to be hearing these days in particular. With successful people I see a lot of burnout. That obviously blocks any possible future for success. 

You can do a lot with your sheer will but that ultimately won’t be sustainable. That’s what I want to say. There are people out there that are very successful that have never meditated a day in their life. But how many of them feel burnt out? How many of them feel they can’t keep it up? I see it and I hear it all the time. 

To break it down very, very simply, we talked a little bit earlier about resistance. The main block to our success is resistance, resistance in our thoughts, resistance in our energy, and resistance in the overall presence of what we show up with. 

Resistance comes from fear-based thinking. Resistance comes from the need  to control outcomes. Resistance comes from stress. Resistance comes from disbelief. 

When we’re in that stressed out, controlling, fear-based way of running our businesses we’re blocking the infinite possibilities of what can come into our life. You may see some seemingly successful things come into your business but they will always feel like they came with a struggle. 

That is a sign you are actually relying on your own strength. 

Amy: Wow, I feel that a lot. 

Gabby: Okay. Let’s talk. Let’s get into it. 

Amy:  That’s interesting. You’re saying that when I feel like something was a struggle but I got it done and I wear a badge of honor around that. I really hustled and worked 

hard to get it done. You are saying that really is fear showing up, or resistance of some kind, and it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Gabby: The amount of energy and excitement you put into the work could have been equal. You could have put the equal amount of energy into the work but it could have been graceful. You could have been breathing easily and sleeping better. As a result you could have probably been achieving even more than you do today. 

Amy: Wow. 

Gabby: Not probably, definitely. 

Amy: Keep talking girl. Tell me more. 

Gabby: You would also just be feeling better physically. 

Amy: Yes. 

Gabby: Feeling better physically, emotionally, spiritually. Your relationships will thrive from this and people will feel it. They will feel the shift. I spent many years, even as a meditator, still resisting that flow. It has really been in the last two years as I started to work on a whole new body of works that I just had no other choice but to surrender fully. In that full-blown surrender I feel there is no glass ceiling. 

What does it mean to be in the absence of that resistance? In the absence of that resistance you breathe easily. You feel faithful even if you don’t know what the exact outcome is going to be. You still lean towards faith. You have a sense of collaboration. You have a sense of a greater belief system overall. Believing no matter what. 

You are also kind of letting go of the rope. Rather than saying it has to be this way, the thinking is more like it’s “this” or something better. How do we get into that place of really releasing that resistance? Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to clearing that resistance and coming back into the flow. 

We calm our nervous system. We reorganize our energy. We clear our mind so we can almost have a clean slate. In that space of non-resistance and in the space of the absence of resistance that’s when intuitive ideas come forth and when creative solutions present themselves. That’s when our energy emits this beautiful, for lack of a better word, vibration. 

It is just an energy field. In that beautiful state people want to support you. More people will show up and say, “Hey, can I put you on my radio show,” or “Can I get your book out to the world,” or “Can I let people know about your podcast?” 

The absence of resistance is the state you want to take action from. Don’t get me wrong Amy. We’ve got to take action. 

Amy: Right. 

Gabby: A lot of people think they can just meditate and shit’s going to happen. That’s not true. I talk about spiritually aligned action. We take action from a place of knowing. We take action from a place of peace and a faithful place. 

I have a really cool story. Do you want me to give another little manifesting story? 

Amy: Please. 

Gabby: In 2009 my first book came out. It came out at the end of 2009. At the beginning of 2009 I was getting the book ready to go into print and I remembered a few years earlier I had pulled out a masthead from the New York Times Sunday Style section cover. It was a story this reporter had done about a bunch of bloggers and it was kind of a trend story about food bloggers before it was hip to be a blogger. 

I ripped out the masthead and put it on my vision board. My vision board is just a place to hold images of what you want to create. It is the image of your dream home or your book on the New York Times Bestseller List or the image of the seven-figure launch or whatever it is that you’re manifesting. 

In this case I put the image of the New York Times Sunday Style section. It had been sitting on my vision board for three years. It was already in my consciousness. Then about six months before the book went into print I remember looking at my intern. I was sitting in my office and looked at my intern and said, “I’m going to pitch myself right now to the New York Times Sunday Style section. Watch me.” 

In my first business I ran a PR business for five years. Again, this didn’t come out of nowhere. I had an understanding of how to pitch the media. I picked up my phone and went to my Rolodex and had one contract from the New York Times. I had dinner with him once and had met him at a party. 

I called Alan Salkin up and said, “Hey Alan, this is Gabby Bernstein. We met at a party once.” He wanted to know what I wanted. I told him I had a really cool pitch idea for him. He told me to tell him quickly. 

I told him it was all of the girls that used to want to be Carrie Bradshaw who now want to be Wayne Dyer. I already knew he was into spiritual stuff so he got it right away. He said it sounded interesting and asked if I could give him a trend story. 

A trend story, for anyone that’s listening, is really a very generous way of pitching. You pull in many people rather than saying it is just about “me” it’s a collaborative way of pitching. You are saying that “these” give people are doing this really cool thing and I happen to be one of them. 

Amy: I like it. 

Gabby: Yeah, this is a big marketing tactic. I think it’s very important for people. Don’t make it all about you. The more you can give somebody whether it’s traditional media or online media, the more of a full-bodied story you can give people the more exciting it is. There is more proof. 

I gave him the list of four different women that I identified as my contemporaries that were doing this type of work. He said it was interesting. 

Months and months would go by, maybe two months, and he would check in and tell me he was still considering the story. Three months would go by and he would still check in or I would check in with him and he would tell me he was still considering it. 

About a month before my book came out I got a call from Alan Salkin and he said he was coming to my apartment next week. He said he was going to cover my entire group coaching and they would be doing a feature story on the cover of the New York Times Style section. 

It was like oh boy, I have a lot of work to do. He came over and at the time I was doing group coaching in my apartment. He watched the whole group. He interviewed me and at the end of the interview he walked over and was checking out my vision board. 

He looked at the vision board and saw the Sunday Styles masthead. He asked what it was. I told him I had been manifesting the story. I told him I had read a round-up article several years before about the bloggers and I knew I wanted that type of story for my own business. 

He looked at me in shock. He said, “I wrote that story.” 

Amy: No way! 

Gabby: Here I was. Not only did I manifest the exact same story I wanted but with the same reporter who would give it the same energy and enthusiasm. 

Amy: Here’s what I love about that story. This was on your vision board. You definitely manifested it. But, just as you said, you also took action with this. 

Gabby: That’s the key. You can’t just manifest it. In the case of Oprah, I didn’t actually pitch the Super Soul Sunday show but I did take a lot of action. I had several books out. I had been doing work for over a decade before they made that phone call. It’s not like I was just sitting in my apartment praying and somebody called me. 

That isn’t impossible. There is a lot of power to prayer. But you have to take action. You have to show up. It’s co-creating the media. This doesn’t take away any of the marketing tools that we all believe in and swear by. I see myself just as much as I’m a spiritual teacher I’m also a marketer. I absolutely love marketing. 

None of this takes away from it. But let me tell you, some of the biggest and most magnificent marketing ideas that have come to me have come through my meditation. One example, I kept meditating weekly and I kept thinking about how I needed to get my second book in a glossy fashion magazine. 

That didn’t seem like the obvious place for a spiritual person to be looking. But what I heard in my meditation, because I was letting my intuition come forward, was that was a place where people may have been thinking they were looking for fancy shoes to make them happy but they really needed a self-help book they could resonate with. 

Amy: I’m with you. 

Gabby: It doesn’t sound like the logical place for a person to pitch themselves. But at the time I was meditating so frequently that I kept hearing, “glossy fashion magazine, glossy fashion magazine.” 

I spoke very candidly to someone that I was coaching that worked at Elle. A month later she said she didn’t know what happened but she had just mentioned it and there was now a six-page feature in Elle that we needed to do. 

Amy: Oh my goodness. 

Gabby: It just continues on. But I want to tell you something really fun. I was listening to your podcast maybe six months ago, way before we had gotten on the phone and became friends. I remember thinking that I wanted to do a segment about manifesting media with you and now here we are. 

Amy: You just made my entire day with that. That is pretty incredible. I love that. I love everything about that. I think it just gave me some chills. While you’ve been talking I’ve been thinking that I’ve really wanted to meditate and I know people are listening right now that are liking what you are talking about. 

We really struggle with sitting down and getting quiet. Are we talking about finding a quiet place and sitting down? Can you make this a little tactical for those that are thinking they want to do it but don’t know what to do? 

Gabby: Let’s break it down in simple terms. I think a meditation practice that I hear a lot of successful people love is transcendental meditation. That’s a mantra-based meditation. I think a lot of people in the business world like it (marketers and high- level executives) because it’s not really heady. It’s not very woo woo. 

You’re not chanting on a pillow or doing some kind of crazy breath work. You’re just repeating a mantra. It’s quite simple. I am going to give you guys a mantra today. 

I teach Kundalini meditation and this is a mantra that I can share with you. If you feel called to look further into transcendental meditation, a great place to look would be the David Lynch Foundation. 

For the sake of teaching you how to do mantra-based meditation you can do it right now. The mantra that I use is, “Sat nam.” Sat means truth and nam means name. So it is identifying the truth of who you are, sat nam, truth is my name. 

Amy: Okay. 

Gabby: Really, simply put, when you meditate you come back to your truth. You come back to your joy. You come back to inspiration and intuition. That’s your truth. While you’re meditating you are going to repeat the mantra in your mind, “Sat nam. Sat nam. Sat nam.” 

You are breathing long and deep in a quiet place sitting cross legged or sitting up straight. I often like to suggest people have their palms facing upward because you can feel almost an energy moving through you if you have your palms upward. It’s a pose of receptivity. It’s a posture of receptivity. 

In repeating the mantra, “Sat nam, sat nam,” your mind will go to crazy town. It’s going to go crazy and you are going to think about… 

Amy: Thank you for saying that. It literally goes crazy like, “Oh my gosh, I’ve never even thought of that crazy thought and here it is in this moment.” 

Gabby: Of course. It’s just going to go crazy. For anyone, even serious meditators like myself, I’ve been meditating for 30 years, I am going to go crazy. It’s going to come back. In that place what happens is you go to the crazy and the simplicity is that you just return to the mantra. You return to the mantra and return to the mantra. 

Then you go back to the crazy place and you return to the mantra. You don’t judge yourself. The thing that happens, I want to be really clear, people get hung up because they can’t stop thinking while they are meditating. That’s actually not a bad thing. That’s considered an active meditation. 

That means there is a bunch of junk or nervousness or anxiety or maybe an unconscious trauma that needs to get wrung out. If you are thinking a lot through your meditation the focus of healing doesn’t necessarily have to come directly associated with that you’re thinking about. 

Those overactive thoughts are just a sign you are clearing something out. That is just considered an active meditation. There is nothing wrong with it but return to your mantra. That’s why a mantra is beautiful for newcomers because it’s an anchor, a place to come back to. It is simple, “sat nam, sat nam, sat nam.” 

Amy: That’s going to be my new thing to go to the crazy and come back. I can do that all day long. 

Gabby: Do it all day. And the beauty of this one, you can start with five minutes in the morning. I would recommend trying to do it twice a day. Listen, do the best you can. 

Amy: That’s what I love about everything you teach. It’s all in moderation. Do the best you can. There’s no need to beat yourself up. I love the message that I feel from you every time I read your books or watch any of your videos on your website. That’s one of my favorite messages. 

I’ve got to ask you, you have a PR background but I have heard you say that God is your publicist. What the heck are you talking about? 

Gabby: I really genuinely believe…let me break down my background. I  have  no training in PR. I actually taught myself publicity because I loved to market and sell naturally. That is something that our listeners can hear. Really, the best marketer for your work is you. Of course I have PR teams now but I really do believe God is my publicist. No offense to my amazing publicist and PR team. 

I do believe it because at the end of the day I believe God is the every present energy of love and joy. That love and joy is within each and every one of us. When we tap into the excitement and joy and enthusiasm miraculous occurrences happen. 

That’s been my experience in pretty much every corner of my life but, in particular, as it relates to this conversation. That presence of joy has been the driving force behind the work I do and the love and commitment and conviction that I have behind what it is that I share. 

I think most of your listeners are entrepreneurs, marketers, people that have business ideas. These are some of the most excited, enthusiastic, and joyful people. When you spend more of your time and attention in that presence of joy and less of it in the weeds of having to make it happen then an invisible force takes over. 

Amy: That’s big. I think a lot of us can be found in those weeds every single day. Say that part again. 

Gabby: I’ll give you an exercise for this as well. 

Amy: Okay, good. 

Gabby: It’s almost like when people try to help you eat healthier and tell you to put 70% of your plate as greens and 30% is going to be meat. Let’s have 70% of your day focused on the presence of joy and 30% in the weeds. 

Right now we are 90% in the weeds and 10% in the joy. I think that goes for most people in business. You are excited about what it is you want to do and you get so overwhelmed by all the things you think you have to do. 

Amy: Exactly. 

Gabby: Then you are in resistance. Throughout our day we are in the excitement and enthusiasm and the celebration of what it is that we are expressing in the world. That is the most powerful force. That is the most powerful force of energy that could actually move mountains and take people like yourself who are extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs and take it to a whole other level, a whole other stratosphere. 

Amy: I like it. 

Gabby: That presence of joy, how do we lean into that? When I was in my 20s my reader was in her 20s. Now it is a little less age specific and less gender specific. But, this was my demo, one thing I did before my first book came out I would sit in meditation and I would begin to think about my reader. I would send love to my reader and feel her excitement about this content. 

These images would start to come into my mind. This is what we would call a creative visualization meditation. I would just allow my mind’s eye to create images. The image of this young girl sitting on a subway train in New York City (most of my audience at the time was New York based) reading a book in her skinny jeans and Keds holding the book with really cute hair. 

She was crying and trying to wipe away her tears on the train because she was so moved by the message of the book. Telling you this story right now moves me. It makes me cry just even saying it out loud to you. Every single time I repeat this image in my mind it moves me to tears. 

That feeling and that experience of seeing the reader is what turned that book into such a success. It was really the catalyst for me having five books in five years and a big literary career. It wasn’t because I was hustling and busting my ass. Of course I did hustle. It was backed with an absolute deep devotion and love for my reader. 

If you can spend two minutes a day deeply loving your reader or audience member or blog reader or podcast listener and just thinking about them and sending them gratitude and love and being so moved by the message then that message will move the masses. 

That is my motto. That is why I believe God is my publicist. When I tap into that presence of joy that joy takes over. That joy of God takes over. 

Amy: I absolutely love that. That’s pretty powerful stuff, for sure. Now I want to switch gears just a little bit because I also know that you love social media and online marketing. At the same time you are super spiritual as you have just shown us in the whole idea with God as your publicist. 

How do these areas of your life actually play together? 

Gabby: They go hand in hand. First of all, I always say to lean toward joy and you will be led. As it relates to media, do what you love and if there is an outlet or social media platform or something you don’t like, do not do it because it won’t work. 

If you love it and are moved by it then it will take on a life of its own. Obviously, there’s no way in the world you would be doing this podcast if you didn’t have so much joy and excitement around it and that’s why it’s been so successful. 

I can speak for myself. For me, for the past 11 years I have had a weekly video blog. I made a commitment to my audience… 

Amy: That’s so good. 

Gabby:{laughter} Every Monday for the rest of my life I will be putting out a video blog. I really don’t know when it ends. It’s been going on for 11 years. Every Monday a video goes out. I chose video rather than blogging because it’s  much  more comfortable for me to speak extemporaneously than it is for me to write an 800-word blog every week. 

That was the medium that brought me joy and was free flowing and effortless. That’s the area that has had a lot of success and support as a result of just doing what I love. The same goes for social media. 

I love social media. I love just being quick to post something and sharing throughout the day and being in this conversation with my followers. If I didn’t love it I wouldn’t be able to do it. I wasn’t in love with writing blogs so I wasn’t able to be a written blogger. I had to be a vlogger. 

I just want to say this really clearly. If people don’t really like Snapchat but love Facebook then spend your time and energy on Facebook and that’s where you will see the momentum. It’s really about being conscious of what brings you joy and not doing the things that don’t. 

Amy: It comes back to this message that I am always talking to my audience about, consistency. I always see the people that are really getting it right and making a huge impact are showing up regularly like you with your Monday vlog and every Wednesday or Thursday Marie has… 

Gabby: She’s Tuesday. 

Amy: Yes, Tuesday. I totally got that wrong. Every Tuesday I see her in my inbox. There are so many other people that are so consistent. I think when you do combine the marketing with the spirituality and finding what you love and doing it that makes the whole consistency thing way easier. Would you agree? 

Gabby: Yeah. If you dig it and enjoy the process then you’re going to stick to it. 

Amy: If you can’t be consistent with something maybe you’d better look at whether you are actually enjoying doing it at all. 

Gabby: Absolutely. If you’re not consistent then you likely are not enjoying it. That’s the honest to God truth. 

Amy: Good connection there. Another thing I talk to my audience about beyond consistency is the idea of comparing yourself to everybody else online. I really do think my audience, including myself, really struggles with this. 

You have a great message around comparing yourself to everybody and seeing what they are doing on social media and feeling like you’re not measuring up. What do you say to that? 

Gabby: I see it all the time. Once again, it’s always another form of resistance… comparison, jealousy, separation, and attack. All it is going to do is just bring you down, keep you small, and block you from creating what you are here to put out into the world. 

There are a few things you can do as a pathway for healing that kind of resistance and that kind of comparison. You can look at the people you may be judging and take that pointer finger and point it back on yourself for a second. 

Ask yourself what it is within yourself, what is the disowned part of your own shadow, that’s getting triggered by that person? Maybe what you don’t like about them is something you don’t like about yourself. Or maybe what you don’t like about them is something you wish you had in your own life. 

Really taking an inventory of that judgmental behavior and really looking closely at how that judgment is blocking you…it’s blocking you because it’s not making you feel good and in the absence of joy your are in the place of resistance and you are blocking what it is that you want to create. It’s also keeping you from potentially having collaborations with people. 

In the world of marketing a huge part of what’s happening, you are supporting me so much right now in a new friendship. I’ll support anything you do. I’m one of your biggest fans. It’s like rather than looking at you as someone and saying, “Her podcast is so popular, I could never be on that,” or “I’m not good enough,” or thinking you have more Facebook followers, instead we chose to be friends. 

That friendship is going to be a propeller for all of the future collaborations that you and I may have. You’re a great example of turning comparison upside down. You bring a lot of people who may be considered “competitors” onto your show to promote them. Right? 

Amy: Yes. 

Gabby: There is an element of almost being in the service of the people that you maybe are comparing yourself to. 

Amy: I love that. 

Gabby: It’s not from a manipulative place at all because that won’t work, but from a genuine place of recognizing that someone has what you want and you are going to support what they do. 

Amy: There is enough to go around. That’s something I learned from you that I love. There is enough to go around. 

Gabby: Yes. This is a lesson I teach a lot of people that I train. A lot of aspiring coaching and people that are looking to get into the field of personal growth and development look at and compare themselves to others. The #1 thing I say is that there is enough to go around. There are far more people in need than there are people rising up to teach. 

This is a time, particularly as it relates to personal growth and spiritual development and self help, their voices are needed more than ever and it is a crucial time for people to actually show up and not play small because they think somebody else has done it. 

I really think that one hits home for a lot of people. There are far more people in need of your services than there are people rising up to give those services. 

Amy:  That is a sound bite I’m going to have to use somewhere. That is so true. So many people I teach that are in my classes feel that “it’s been done before.” 

They want to create a course about XYZ but it’s already been done before. That has definitely never stopped me but I’ve never been able to say it so eloquently as you have just said it. That’s a gift. Thank you for that. I’m going to keep that one for sure. 

Now, to wrap up, in four days I’m going to Italy. The one book that is going to be packed in my bag is your brand new book, The Universe Has Your Back. I cannot wait to dive into it. 

Please tell us how this book can help us in business, marketing, life. It’s going to be a blockbuster, for sure, tell us about it. 

Gabby: First of all, I have this beautiful image. You are giving me more creative visualizations for my meditation. Thank you. I have a beautiful image of you on your way to Italy with a beautiful bag and all of your stuff and then my book. 

Amy: And then your book. I’ll take a picture for you and send it, for sure. 

Gabby: I want that. Yes, I want that picture. I love that it’s a vacation for you. First of all, talk about enthusiasm and excitement. I am so excited about this book. 

Amy: I’ll bet. 

Gabby:  I have been revving up for this launch for so many months. I have just been once again moved by the message. I wrote this book during a really, really difficult year in my own life. I sent it off and it went into print and I reread the book and it healed me. It healed me on a very, very, very visceral level. 

I walked away saying this book is going to serve people in a big way. It was no longer just my teachings. This is beyond me and it’s helping me now. The title is The Universe Has Your Back and the subtitle is Transform Fear to Faith. We all know we are living in very tumultuous times. 

We are living in a fear-based world that is giving us the experience everyday of feeling very powerless and very fearful and scared and very out of control. We need an anchor. We need a belief system. We need guidance on how to navigate through these times. 

First and foremost, that is the promise of this book, to give you power when you feel powerless, to give you a sense of certainty in these uncertain experiences and give you an anchor and a spiritual relationship of your own understanding. 

How that relates to our business, this whole book is about what I’ve been sharing with you guys today. It is how to get into the absence of resistance, how to clear the path so that you can return to the presence of joy. When you are in the place of joy the universe does miraculous things. 

When we can start to own and honor our own way what that relationship to the universe means to us in our own unique way, a relationship of our own understanding, through this book you can establish that relationship. Once you start to know what that relationship means to you, you can begin to apply these principles not only in your personal life and in your relationships and health but in your business and wild, wild successful experiences can become your reality as a results of practicing these principles. 

I’m really excited to be the witness of all of the miracles that occur as a result of readers going through this content. 

Amy: It’s going to be pretty amazing. I can’t wait to hear the stories that come from people that have read your book and really have taken action with it and let it be a guide for them. It’s going to be so exciting to see. 

Gabby: It’s officially out. That is the most exciting part. 

Amy: That’s so very important. Where should people go, anywhere they sell books? 

Gabby: You can go anywhere they sell books. There is a very, very big bonus. I have never given such a big bonus. 

Amy: Tell us about this. 

Gabby: I’m giving 6 ½ hours of digital training for free. It is valued at over $200 and is a 6 ½ hour digital workshop based on the principles of the book. If you read the book and want to take it to life and learn more from me this is probably one of the greatest ways to do it. 

The workshop includes meditations and stories and lessons that will bring the principles to life through the digital training. It is free wherever you order the book from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, wherever you go. Just return to the page http:// and just drop in your receipt. You will get the 6 ½ hour training. 

In the past I have given much smaller bonuses for my book but this year I felt I should just go big. While I’m an author, first and foremost I’m a motivational speaker. This training is from live events so they are going to walk away with the experience of the download of what goes through. 

Amy: That’s a must to get your hands on. I love that. I didn’t even realize you had that. Why would you ever skip a bonus? You’ve definitely got to go jump on this. Tell me the URL again? Let’s say I get it on Amazon and then where do I go? 


Amy: I’ll put it in my show notes as well just in case you’re on the move and need to come back to it. Definitely grab the bonus. It’s so very valuable. Gabby, thank you so much. I so value our new friendship. I loved having you on the show. 

It’s not often that I’m eating up every little word and feeling like you are definitely here for me. I know you’re not. I know you’re here for everyone, but it really, really touched me so thank you. 

Gabby: I’m so grateful. And thank you so much for letting me come on the show. I definitely manifested this. 

Amy: That’s so cool. 

Gabby: I put the story in my toolbox. Thank you so much. 

Amy: That is so awesome. I can’t even wait to have you back but I also can’t wait to get that book out to the world and just see what it does for people. Congratulations on your brand new book that is available right now. 

Gabby: Thanks Amy. 

Amy: There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I have. I know I have a little bit of a crush on Gabby Bernstein. The content is so dang good. I could use a little meditation. Hopefully if you don’t meditate and it’s something that maybe speaks to you, maybe you are looking for a little bit of a shift and more creativity and a little more white space in your life, then maybe you too should check it out. 

Definitely check out her brand new book, The Universe Has Your Back. It is going to be on my entire journey to Italy. I’ll make sure to Insta Story all about it and let you guys know what I think. I cannot wait to dive in. 

Thank you so very, very much for being here with me today. Links to all of Gabby’s bonuses and details about the show are in my show notes at http:// Make sure to go check it out. 

I cannot wait to connect with you again next week. Bye for now.