Transcript: The 10 Most Powerful Episodes to Help Move Your Business Forward

December 8, 2016

AMY PORTERFIELD: Welcome back to another episode of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield. If you ever follow any of my podcast episodes you likely already know I love planning. 

I love this time of the year because we get to plan for the future. I love diving into the planning process specifically because I start to think about things like what my customers need more of and where I should focus to serve them even better. 

I like to think about things like where I want my business to go. Or, I look at my family and wonder what we want for our lifestyle as we move into the New Year. 

I think the idea of change or progress is incredibly exciting. But I have to stop and think that change and progress are all really exciting but there is some value in looking back as well. 

We should all look back and think about what we accomplished, what was great, what could be better, and where we struggle. Debriefing with ourselves or our team or family is so very valuable before we move forward. 

When it comes to business I have been doing a little bit of reflecting with my team, specifically with my podcast team. We’ve been talking about some of the episodes we think made the greatest impact for our listeners. 

One of my team members, Debbie, said, “Why don’t we create a best of episode where we take people behind the scenes and talk a little bit about why we chose that episode and why we thought it was so valuable.” 

She thought we could include some of the stories that went into creating that episode and then, in some cases, what transpired since actually recording the episode. 

So, a little bit of behind the scenes to why I love the episode and why I think it’s so valuable for you. 

We did just that. I started to think about why I love going behind the scenes when I watch a documentary about how a movie was made. When I find out one of the scenes was totally off the cuff adlibbed I love that. 

When I find out a different actress should have been cast for a scene but it didn’t work out I love those behind the scenes kind of things when it comes to movies. I thought it might be kind of fun to go behind the scenes when it came to my podcast episodes as well. 

This week we’re changing it up. We’re keeping this podcast episode short so that you can get the real meat in the Show Notes. This week’s show notes are the round up of the top ten podcast episodes from 2016 from my show. 

It was really fun for me to create this for you. I got to reexamine some of my favorite shows. One of them is How to Create Content Rituals to Get More Done. Do you remember Tiger Time? If you’re not using Tiger Time or have never heard that episode, that’s the one I want you to go back to for sure. 

One of my most popular episodes was the Five Big Launch Lessons where I literally held nothing back. That was Episode #116. I also did some great interviews. If you listened to the one with Jasmine Star where she talked about Elle, did you hear that one, where she talked about Elle and how she grew up on an organic goat farm and made soap and what her life looks like now. 

You found yourself wondering why she was talking about Elle until you realized it was Jasmine’s ideal avatar brought to life. It made all of us want to have our own Elle. I loved that episode. 

There was another great one I loved with Jill and Josh Stanton where they talked about the value of a closed or private Facebook group and how that can completely change your business as it changed theirs. That was a good one as well. 

These are just a few teasers of the top ten episodes of 2016. If you missed some, which I am sure you have because you have a busy life, I literally listed out the ten episodes that I think are the most valuable, the ones that if you missed you have to go back and listen to. 

I did a little write up for each of the episodes. I told you why it’s important for you to listen to each one in case you missed it, what you will learn from it, and a few quick little stories about what transpired after I recorded the episode. 

The one with Gabby Bernstein…am I still meditating? Is that really making a difference for me? I share it in my show notes. 

I want you to go to There you will find a list of the top ten with a quick little write up for each one. It will include a link to the episodes. I want you to pick and choose which ones really speak to you. 

Again, we only chose the ones that will literally make an impact in your business right away. I want you to take action with any of the episodes you listen to. 

You know I always have a freebie and you know it’s always good. What we did was create a Top Ten Business-Building Lesson List from 2016. It is a list of the top lessons I’ve learned as I’ve gotten to train many of you in your online businesses, as social media has changed, as online marketing has changed, as I’ve changed my business and the things I’ve learned that I think will help you build your business to be more successful, profitable, and to make a bigger impact. 

Every year is different. Every year we are moving our business in a different direction. I always have these lessons I take with me into the New Year. These are the takeaways that I want you to know as well so that you can help them shape how you approach 2017. 

If you’re listening to this well into 2017 these lessons are still going to be valuable for you. Don’t miss them. All you need to do is go to 139 to check out the list. Choose the episodes that you missed that are going to be really valuable. 

And, make sure you get the freebie: My Top Ten Business-Building Lessons from 2016 at It is just a quick cheat   sheet   of really valuable takeaways. You do not want to miss it. 

Thank you so much for listening. Like I promised you, this is a short one but you’ve got some homework. I will see you over on my blog at 139.

Thanks so much for tuning I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.


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