Transcript: [Case Study] How to Turn a Pre-Launch Strategy Into a Wildly Profitable Online Launch with Terri Cole and David Vox

March 9, 2017

AMY PORTERFIELD: Well hey there, Amy Porterfield here. Welcome back to another episode of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. Thanks so much for tuningin.

Today you are in for a really special treat. Today’s episode is actually Part II of a two-part series I created all around The Power of Creating a Pre-Launch Strategy. Lastweek,in Episode#149, I unveiled a 90-day pre-launch blueprint.

In that episode I gave you step-by-step instruction on how to create your own pre-launch strategy. You know me, I like to put it into a cheat sheet or blueprint, or whatever you what to call it, in order to make it actionable for when you are ready to create your pre launch.

There is a freebie that goes along with each of these episodes, today’s episode andlast week’s episode. To get your hands on it all you need to do is go to You will get my entire 90-day pre-launch blue print and let me tell you it is good.

I wanted to create this because so many of my students have struggled with their launch. They don’t really have big email lists. They don’t have a really thriving social media audience. So when they launch it’s almost like they feel they are launching to crickets.

I want to end that because I know it’s soul crushing. I know how it feels because that is exactly what happened on my very first launch that was a huge bomb. And I mean bomb in a bad way. It did not do well.

I know the agony. I know the frustration. One of the ways to fix your agony with a launch that you felt was a huge failure is to start over but get out in front of the launch with a pre-launch strategy, all the work you do to create original content, find your ideal audience, attract your ideal audiences, nurture your audience, love up on them, so that when you are ready to open the cart and sell your program, product, or service your audience is ready to buy. That is my goal for last week’s episode and then for today’s episode. Last week’s episode was all about how to do a pre-launch strategy. If you missed it you don’t need to go back and listen to it right now because I think you are going to love this episode.

But after you listen in on this episode make sure to jump back to Episode #149 because you are going to love it. {What? My phone! It’s like I’m an amateur. My phone just went off but we’re going to keep ongoing!} With that, now that you know I have a blueprint PDF download that you can use when you’re ready to create your own pre launch, you can go grab that.

Today’s episode is a case study with two amazing people I dearly love who created a highly-successful launch and I believe a huge piece of their success was due to their pre-launch strategy.

We’re going to get in to all the details. I asked them tons of questions about how they did it,what worked, what didn’t work, and you are going to get the back stage pass.

My two guests are Terri Cole and David Vox. Terri and I go back a little ways and I hinted at last week’s episode that we go back enough that we were in the woods together chanting some crazy mantras and doing some crazy moves at some retreat that I really can’t talk about if Idon’t have a few glasses of wine. It was that crazy.

We had this special experience together the first time we met each other and we’ve been fast friends ever since. But I want to give her a proper introduction because she’s a pretty impressive woman.

Let me tell you about my good friend,Terri.Terri is a NewYork-based licensed psychotherapist relationship expert and the founder of The Real Love Revolution. Fortwodecades,Terri has worked with some of the world’smost well-known personalities.

Terri’s favorite motto, when it comes to creating healthy, vibrant love, is “It’s not magic, it’s psychology.” Her strategies and courses have proven to create sustainable, positive change plus true transformation for thousands of women world wide.

Here’s the extra good part. She’s been featured as an expert on A&E’s Monster-In-Laws, TEDx, CNN, and my favorite, Real Housewives. Yes, she was on Real Housewives of NewYork as a psycho therapist to one of the ladies.Come on,does it get much better than that? Not in my world.

She’s also been featured in Cosmo and Vogue and Elle plus many others. Both David and Terri sent me little, fun facts about themselves. Terri’s fun fact is in her previous career incarnation Terri was a talent agent, way back in the day, and negotiated contracts for Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore,and many others.She said, “Look, it was the 90s. These ladies were a big deal. ”Ofcourse they were, so I thought that was pretty cool. That’s Terri Cole.

Now let me tell you about David Vox.DavidisTerri’s business partne rand a Norwegian online serial entrepreneur living in Barcelona.He is a marketing and branding expert and has produced over 150 coaching programs. His super powers include successfully promoting high-ticket online transformational programs.

He’s got this special niche in the transformational programs. David has been featured in the Forbes series Entrepreneurs Rocking the World, which is pretty impressive, and wait for his fun fact. He was Mr. Gay Europe and Norway in 2005.

Terri and David were pretty big hot shots, let me tell you, and they still are because they are producing some amazing programs together with some awesome success.

At the endoft his episode, and this is along one so I’m going to warn you it’s probably my longest episode, but it’s that good. You’ve got to listen to the whole thing because at the end we’re going to tell you what their email list and Facebook page and YouTube channel and email open rates looked like before they launched and then what it looked like after they launched. You are going to be absolutely amazed. It is that good.

Here’s how this episode is going to shake out. I’m going to walk you through the seven steps thatTerri and David used to create massive launch success. The first six steps are all about the pre-launch experience. Instead of talking about just exactly what they did when they launched I wanted to flip the script a little bit and talk about what they did in the pre launch because that’s where most of my listeners are totally missing out, almost ignoring the whole pre-launch process.I don’t know about you but I learn best when some says,“This is what I did but here are exactly the details around it.” We’re going to paint the picture for you. David, Terri, and myself are all going to talk about this.

Really quickly, let me walk you through the seven steps. I’m just going to name them and then I’m going to get in to each of them when Terri and David come on.

Seven Steps of a Pre-Launch Strategy

  1. Build a main plat form (for Terri and David it was YouTube. For you it might be a podcast or blog but I want you to hear about how they had a plat form that was a total dud and what they did to revive it).
  2. Create a 21-day challenge inside the closed Facebook group.
  3. Open the cart with multiple webinars (wait until you hear how Terri and It’s so freaking good, you will love it).

A little extra, they debrief at the end to tell me what they would never ever do again and what they would add the next time they launch. This is going to be an action-packed,tons-of-value episode. I won’t make you wait any longer, let’s dive in.

Amy: Terri and David, thank you so much for being on the show. I’m thrilled to have you here.

Terri: So excited to be here, Aim…

David: Thank you so much Amy.

Amy: I’m so excited to do this interview because we have spent some time detailing the whole thing out. I feel like it’s going to be very step by step.If you’re cool with it I am ready to just dive in. Sounds good to both of you?

Terri: Perfect. Sounds good.

Amy: To get things rolling, let’s first talk about the online course that you created for this launch. I’m going to do a little rapid fire with you, Terri, because I want to get down to the details. Are you good with that?

Terri: Great.

Amy: First of all, the name of the program is Real Love Revolution. What is the focus of your program and who is your ideal audience?

Terri: The program takes women through the five pillars that I’ve created to create healthy, sustainable, real love in their lives. It’s for both single women and for women in relationships. I would say the demographic, or women in our tribe, are really high functioning and successful. They identify as over functioners, basically, in their relationships. They struggle with perfectionism, which I am sure you would know nothing about, Amy. They are highly intuitive and sensitive to other people’s emotions and they struggle with setting boundaries in their personal relationships.

Amy: Got you. So you cater to women that are not in a relationship yet and also those that are already in a relationship, right?

Terri: Yes because, basically, the focus of the program is your relationship with yourself.

Amy: Got you. I feel that’s a little bit of a really good Trojan horse.

Terri: Well listen, you can’t call it “self love is the only path to true love” because no body would take the course.

Amy: Right. I like what you did there, for sure. How did you organize the content inside the course?

Terri: We have the modules, the training videos. We had the integration exercises, which were weekly PDFs, a really important piece of it. We had weekly live Facebook broadcasts. We had a secret group in Facebook,which is the Facebook community. And then we had an education platform where everything was delivered for people who actually didn’t want to be on Facebook in anyway.

Amy:Oh cool.So you have a membership site where people would login but then there is a lot of activity. I know this first hand. You have a lot of activity inside your paid Facebook group where you are doing your live streams and all that good stuff. Was the content dripped or did they get it all at once?

Terri: It was dripped weekly.

Amy: Every single week. Was there a start date and end date to theprogram?

Terri: Yes, it started February 1 and once we got going I actually added a week because I realized the first week really was about people getting acclimated to the education platform and a lot of people in our demographic are not super tech savvy so it took a period of time for them to be comfortable going into the Facebook group to make sure it really was a secret group.So it started February1 and now the end date is April15. It is actually 11 full weeks.

Amy:Nice.And you are very active in the group and people are responding so well to it. I’ve just got to say, “Congratulations on an amazing program.”Beyond the success of selling it, the content is fantastic so congrats on that.

Terri: Awww, thank you so much. Trust me, it’s two decades in the making and very exciting.

Amy: I do love that we are kind of just honest, it didn’t just happen overnight. We’re going to talk a little bit about that coming up but I love that you put that out there. Real quick, one last question, the price of the program?

Terri:$997. That is the one-payprice.

Amy: Okay, and did you have a payment plan?

Terri: Yes. I had a payment plan of $97 a month for an entire year that I think I learned about fromyou.

Amy: Imagine that! I love it. How do you feel about doing the payment plan? Did you feel good about that? It is obviously going to be more work in the long run but I’m assuming your audience responded well to it.

Terri: I think, as you talk about it Amy, it really is the truth that it opens up the possibility for a different demographic and so many morepeopletoparticipateinthecourse.IfIhadn’tdonethe12-monththing,andIdofeelgoodaboutitandI’veneverdoneitbefore,sowewillseebytheendofthisyear.

There will obviously be a percentage of people who default. If we hadn’t done themonthly thing we would have done some other payment program. I can’t imagine just launching and saying it was only a one pay because it would be very limiting demographic wise.

Amy: For sure. I bet my audience, who doesn’t know you yet, Terri, is now mesmerized by your amazing voice and you are putting the min to at rance as we speak. My mom is going through your program as well. The first thing she did is call me and said, “Oh, Her voice is beautiful and I could listen to her every single day.”I said, “I know.”

Terri: She’s so cute.

Amy: She is pretty cute, but it’s true. I do love your voice and I love listening to you. Even if you just talk about nothing important, which is not what we’re doing here, I’m just going to listen to you all the time. This is going to be a little treat for me as well. So, David’s coming up soon, but we’re not ready for David just yet. I’m going to get into Step 1 and, Terri, I’m going to have you take this one as well.

Because you all know I love going through step by step and as I mentioned in the intro, there are seven steps to this process that David and Terri have created, Step 1 is that they launched a pilot program.

Terri will you talk to me about this pilot program? I want to know details about how long ago you did it, who was invited, what it looked like.

Terri: This was over a year ago, the “pilot program.” But the beta test, honestly, became a test in hind sight once David and I really started working together in earnest. We had known each other but this was once our business relationship really solidified. After that first launch I was actually in my carbawling my eyes out talking to Kris Carr, one of our mutual friends, about the launch because the marketing company I used came in 68% above their original estimate. Any profit I would have made on that“ bet a tested launch” I really didn’t make it. I was so frustrated and so upset about that. I did have enough mind to do an exit survey with the people who had taken the course and learned a lot but it was really from David’s input,his way of looking at it. He was telling me how important the data was and that it was going to be amazing, that I could see what I was experiencing as a failure. It was really valuable feedback that could be used as the foundation for a more successful situation.

Amy: So you did this pilot program, beta program…We’re talking about the same thing, right?

Terri: Yep.

Amy: So you did the beta test and at the time you felt it wasn’t a huge success so it felt really bad for you.Then you and David started to work together and David said to“wait a second. This information is golden.”

Terri: Yes, and what I didn’t know was going to happen on this is that I had my own trepidation about launchingt his because I wanted to but what I had done successfully for almost two decades was me in a therapy room with a person one on one. I knew my strategies worked because I had so much evidence in my experience as a therapist and coach. What I didn’t know is whether it would work in an online form and if it would work for people all over the world and if they had no one-on-one time with me. That’s really what that beta program showed us.It absolutely translated.

Amy: I love that. David, Terri was telling me that you went through the surveys of the beta test to pull out some of the important stuff. Tell me about your experience with that.

David: A lot of people that took the first program wrote in detail all of the different experiences and transformations they had. It was really interesting actually connecting with the mon Skype and asking them much more specific questions.There were just so many things that create ripple effects in their lives because if they changed your life, maybe they are ending an abusive relationship, maybe they got into a relationship,maybetheygotpregnantand have been wanting that their entire life.All of these things kind of don’t always fit into the narrative and timeline of a short survey so what I saw when I started digging into this is that there is a gold mine of information and transformation waiting to actually be shown to her audience.

Amy:So you used a lot of the stories youg ot and testimonials from the beta program to shape what the pre launch and launch looked like for the successful program we’re talking about now, the successful experience you just had. Am I on the right page there?

David: Yes, correct.

Amy: Perfect. Moving into Step 2…In Step 1 they did a beta test, a pilot program a year in advance. Then Terri felt it wasn’t as successful as she thought it would be. David luckily said she had created a gold mine to have a successful experience following.

I wanted to really hit home, like I’ve said three times, but a lot of my students will come out for the first time with their program and think it was a huge failure. If they look at that as their beta test and that they will learn a lot from it they can pick them selves up and do it again.

Terri and David are a case study of that exact experience so listen as we get into the details. At the end, I’m kind of teasing you as to what they actually ended up with interms of success, it’s going to blow you guys away. So let that first experience with your program, may be not the best experience, guide you into creating something pretty amazing, which is what we’re getting into now.

Step 2 is that you all surveyed Terri’s list that she already had. So Terri started to build an email list and you surveyed that list. David,will you break down this whole experience of the survey for us?

David:Yeah,becauseaftertalkingand,ofcourse,seeingyoursurveyforherbetatest,the pilot program, we could see there were some common denominators that kept recurring all the time.When we surveyed the entire list we could kind of ask a lot of questions and figure out if this is something that’s happening for a lot of women or just the people in our program.

We had a Google survey that went out and we had a lot of “yes” and “no” questions in the beginning just to get people started. Then we got them more to explain their status quo and their narrative or dreams for the future.

We had almost 2,000 responses. What I thought was so interesting, and it still kind of breaks my heart, 67% of these women never had healthy role models of love growing up.

It kind of told us that there are a lot of women that don’t actually know how to create healthy, loving relationships in their lives. For the single women, this was for both women in relationships and those that were single, but 54% of these women were single and attracted the same wrong guy over and over again.

On the positive note, 89% of these women believed that real love was possible for them. So it kind of told us that even though there were a lot of challenges and pain points there was a lot of positivity and hope that they could actually create real love in their lives in the future. Luckily for us we had a program.

Amy: Imagine that! So Terri, when you surveyed your list and you saw these 2,000responses and learned of the information about no healthy role models and the fact that these women did believe in real love, myquestiontoyouis, “Were you surprised by anyof this or did you think it was what you knew but it had now been validated? ”What was your experience with the data?

Terri:It was the latter. It was that I had been speaking to a lot of this in a lot of the work I had been doing and I was most interested in healthy love. I felt when David and I first became friendly years ago, he asked what I wanted to do the most or was most lit up about, even back then when I was considered more of a fear expert I had said,“Healthy love.” I really think it’s not just like I’m an expert but I know really how to do it because I’ve been doing it in my personal life as well. So this really validated what I thought was true.

But it also gave me the black and white evidence of going forward and making it bigger and taking into consideration all of the suggestions from the people who had taken the beta course, really making those changes and how I could make it the best, most comprehensive course possible.

Amy: That’s so true. I think one thing we need to remember when we actually take thetimetosurveyouraudience,isjustwhatTerriwassaying,shehadtheseideas.Shewaspretty clear about where her audience was, but now it was black and white and there was noquestion.

Every time she created a piece of content or wrote an email or put something out on social media or into her free Facebook community, which we will talk about,she knew she was spot on. There was no second guessing, lack of confidence, not sure if this was the right message.

There is something magical that happens when you have that confidence in speaking to your audience. So I love that you guys didn’t cut any corners. You surveyed your audience and what David said when he was giving me the notes around this, “We used the survey as our map toward what subjects to target as we created our YouTube videos on the core platform. ”And that’s Step 3. I love the connection there. You surveyed your audience to make sure you were on the right page with your overall course but you also now had anamazing gold mine for what you should create content about on a weekly basis.

So many of my students are stuck questioning, “What kind of content should I create. If eel stuck. I’m blocked. I don’t know what to keep putting out there.” You survey your audience and you will know.

Really quick, last week I talked about Mind Your Business, a podcast with James Wedmore and my dear friend, Phoebe. It’s so good. David, do you listen to that one yet?

David: Yeah, and I also met Phoebe and I just love her.

Amy: I love Phoebe. She’s so amazing. They just did a recent podcast, I mentioned this last week,about surveying your audience. I’ll link to it in the show notes because I feel like David and Terri knocked Step 2 out of the park and it really shaped their content creation.So this is a step we can not skip. It’s a great podcast episode,for sure.

Moving into Step 3, it’s all about building a main platform. For Terri that was YouTube. Terri is amazing on video. She connects with people instantly and what’s interesting is that Terri already had a YouTube channel.

Before I bring David on to talk about this in even more detail, Terri, I’ve got to hear from you. Talk abou twhat yourYouTube channel looked like before and what it was doing for you.

Terri:Well,I didn’t even know it was supposed to be doing anything for me.Therefore,according to me, it was doing just fine until I started understanding, through David, who was really educating me. Keep in mind, he’ll be nice about it, but I had so much resistance to make the changes he wanted to make. It’s so funny.

Amy: I didn’t know that.

Terri:Oh yeah.Oh yes.

Amy:Whatwassomeofthatresistance?Givemeanexampleofwhathewassuggesting you do around YouTube and video and where your resistance was comingfrom.

Terri:Sure.IcangiveyoutenexamplesbecauseIdon’tknowhowhedidn’tbusinesswise break up with me from all of this. I had massive resistance because hewantedmetodolongervideos.HewastellingmeIhadtodo20-minutevideos.

Even though I knew nothing about it I felt that nobody wanted to watch a 20-minutevideo,“Whatdoyouknow?”Myvideoshadbeentwotothreeminutes.ForfiveyearsIhadbeendoingaweeklytune-uptip.

My open rate was whatever it was. I had no engagement on YouTube and that’s thetruth. Maybe a really popular tune-up tip, because anything I did around meditationwould be very popular, so over five years something would have been viewed 1,000timesor2,500times.

Most things were viewed 400 times even years later. David will hit you with all of theother factual things about what is happening because of the changes. But one of theresistances to the long form is similar for me personally, and the same thing I had aresistanceto David’s suggestion that I be more of“myself” than my therapist self.

I had a lost of resistance to that as well. We would go back and forth about what thatmeans. He said, “Terri, you’re funny and you curse and in real life you are rarelycompelling.”

He was basically saying he felt I was only showing a part of who I was and maybe noteven the best part. So I did eventually relent because he is very patient. That’s all I cansay.

Amy: It’s so nice to have that in a business partner. I think that helped immensely. Youhad a YouTube channel that basically wasn’t getting much traction whatsoever. Youhad really short videos. I agree, I would have though the really punchy, short, to-the-pointvideoswouldhavedonewell.

David said you needed to go with 20-minute videos. You would use the survey to pulloutthetopics.Iknowhesaidyouwouldnolongerjustdobrandedsubjectsthatnooneissearchingforbutyouwouldstarttalkingaboutrelationships.

Iamassumingyouallknewthatifyougotmoreintodetailsaboutrelationshipspeople would find you for that and, of course, go on the journey with you into yourprogram.


Amy: I love it. Okay, David, you and Terri put a plan together to transform Terri’sYouTube channel and turn it into a platform that would attract the perfect audiencefortheLoveRevolutionprogram.Obviouslyyouwantedtoengagetherightaudience,buildtrust,affinity.YoualsowantedtostartlistbuildingandIthoughtthatwasgreat.


David:Wedidhavemuchlongervideos.Theywerearound20minutes.Weknowthaton YouTube they really do prefer longer videos and high-quality content. They look for video that has a lot of likes or dislikes and a lot of comments. Six months before we launched we started to transform the YouTube channel and we started adding all of the longer videos.


Terri: I actually felt the overhaul that David was orchestrating and had designed, forme, the launch was really only one part of the overhaul because I really had beensearching for the overhaul for so long and just didn’t have the skills to do it myself. Ihadn’tfoundtherightpersontopartnerwithonthis.

For me, I was super psyched to have a really long lead time.

Amy: It must have felt really good. Six months before you launch you were going to over haul the whole thing. David, I fully cut you off but that was a big piece. Kudos to you for doing so. Keep going.

David: Just on the YouTube channel we started hitting all of the pain points and Terri really got to show her brilliance and also show all of her different sides. I think theYouTube audience fell in love with her and started commenting and, ofcourse,we got a lot of good rankings for her videos and since Terri answered every single comment people could see that she is anexpert that really validates and really listens and really responds to everyone.

She started to build all of this trust and consistency and credibility everyweek. Then for every week, because we look at you, Amy, as the #1 expert, we added lead magnets every week to collect leads form YouTube and that has been a huge game changer for her platform.

We have specific pain points and specific tags and email systems so we can target people very specifically from the channel and that’s amazing.

Amy: I know I shouldn’t choose favorites but David has become one of my favorites because he doesn’t just listen to what I say on my podcast and what I’ve been doing in my own podcast with list building. He actually showed up and, with Terri, they did it.

They really did create a bunch of list-building opportunities from Terri’s videos. I lovethat because at the end we’re going to share with you guys where Terri’s list was when she startedandwhereitisnow.You will be blown away by those results.

Showing up and doing the work, and let’s be honest you guys, it wasn’t easy. It couldn’t have been just over night you had 30 videos out there with  a  bunch  of freebies. This stuff takes work, right?

Terri:Yeah,ittakesworkandtimeandthought.AndonelastthingIwanttosayaboutthe overhaul of the platform which led to the launch is that the way the platform was before, and I feel probably many people who do what I do in this world of empowerment are the same, we want to be an expert on everything.

We don’t want to exclude anyone. It was a very disjointed platform that really was notengineeredfordialogue.


Terri: What David taught me and helped me understand was how to really be in ameaningful dialogue, an even just giving me that task that every single week, everysingle day, even now, I prioritize being on YouTube even while the course ishappening.

I answer questions. I don’t just stop. I’m in the free group answering questions. Being present and knowing that by putting the work in, as he was always telling me, it will pay off in a different way, in a real way.

Amy:I love that. It will payoff in a real way and in a different way. That’s true. I think a lot of us, once the launch is done, feel we have to take a break. We have to stop doing all of this. And here you are still in your YouTube comments knowing that you’re going to launch again.

That’s not the only reason you do it ,but if we’re talking marketing strategy, you’ve got to keep up these rituals and habits of engaging with your audience even when you’re not in a pre launch or in a launch.


Amy:Exactly.Itisallaboutwhattheyfeelduringthelaunchandafterthelaunchthat’s important. That is so good. I love that. It’s not easy, by any means, but you’reshowing.IlovewhatTerrisaid,shemadeitapriority.

It is a priority everyday. She is showing up. For me, if it’s not on my calendar it’s notgoing tohappentoI’ve gottoschedulethis stuff.Itisso brilliant.

One more thing about this. Obviously, again to remind everyone where we are, Step 3,building out the YouTube channel, is the biggest piece of the puzzle because itchanged everything in terms of attraction, finding the audience, list building, and allthatgoodstuff.

One more thing you told me you did, David, you mentioned that you were actuallytalkingabouttheupcomingprogram,RealLoveRevolution,inthevideosassoonasDecember hit. You guys launched in January but in December you started to talkabouttheprogram.

David: We also had some promo videos that we shot. They were not exactly sales videos. They were talking about the different pain points with Terri’s amazing voice and showing them narrative and showing generation after generation how these different love patterns have been inherited from one family to another and soon.

In every video, at the end, it would say, “Join me and one powerful group of women inone transformational adventure starting February 1, 2017.” It was an open gestalt. It was like at easer of what was coming.

A lot of people were like, “What is this starting?”

Amy: That’s always great.That’s one thing I actually learned a long time a go from Marie Forleo. I notice that in her video show, she started to talk about B-School coming up,“Get excited.”

Back in the old traditional way of internet marketing you never mentioned your product until the carts open. That feels very salesy. I love that you all were saying that you had some thing really cool coming up and to pay attention and stay with you.

I feel that soft sell before the cart opened probably really actually created more trust and affinity.


Amy: Okay, so we’re going to move on toStep4, to create a launch freebie.In addition to the freebies you offered on the YouTube videos during your pre launch also created a core lead magnet for the entire launch.

Here’s what’s really interesting. A lot of you have different audiences you want to cater to and you feel really pulled.You question whether you should talk to “this” audience or “that” audience. What was so brilliant about Terri and David’s launch is that they catered to people that were single and also those in a relationship.

I’m going to have David explain why they did this launch freebie in addition to all of the freebies on the YouTube channel, but in addition to those freebies, the launch freebie was 1) Your attraction style for singles, 2) Your relationship archetype for those in a relationship, and after people opted in they got redirected to the private Facebook group, which we are going to talk about in the next step, Step5.

David, will you share the strategy behind these core lead magnets for your launch? If you already had the freebies in the YouTube channel what was the reason you wanted to create these as well?

David:We wanted to create an opt-in opportunity to build a massive waiting list and a tribe for the program and also to show off all of our beautiful promo videos. We had only one URL, just one URL that we put all of our traffic towards.

We split tested this in many variations. Somehow, The Over-Functioning Sisters, a video we made with Terri…

Amy: So, you have an accent so I just want to make sure people understand what you said. Over-Functioning Sisters. When we were doing the prep for this, one of my girls that works on the podcast wanted to know what the heck an over-function in sister was.

Terri, you just might need to really quickly explain that because it is so interesting. But, before you explain that Terri, what I think is so important that David said is that they split tested a lot. They thought they were going to find a different headline that would totally attract.

David was looking for something a little more sexy but this really stuck out. Real quick, David, I’m sorry I keep interrupting you. I keep getting excited. But Terri, will you explain what an over-functioning sister is?

Terri: Yes. It’s probably most of the sisters listening in to this podcast. Part of thedemographicthatweidentifiedwereover-functioning,high-functioning,co-dependentwomen.It wasn’t like your mother’s code pendency, not with the image of weakness and can’t get it done but almost like a Super Woman.

Amy:I’ll do it all.

Terri: Getting it all done. They really related to the over functioning because they’retired.Who doesn’t identify? It resonated.They also know that I’m a recoveringish co-dependent, over-functioning person so they feel there is hope.

Amy: Yes. I love that. David, I’m not going to keep interrupting you. Basically, keep going on this whole idea of a launch freebie.

David: This launch freebie actually had a conversion rate of 66 to 67%. Of course, everyone was an ambassador or affiliate and I got super excited because everyone was pushing their traffic this way. Once somebody opted in we actually asked them if they were in a relationship or single and then you went to separate landing pages.

On one landing page for singles we had specifics for the assessment, as she said. Then, under relationship we had different ones. We started sending them emails with gifts and video promos that were custom to their relationship status.

That was a huge differentiator, I think. When someone opted in we could kind of invite them directly into the Facebook group so the next landing page they got was immediately, “Come over to the Facebook group and join me now, Mama.”

Amy:I love how he says, “Mama.”Say it again for me, David.

David: Mama. That’s what it said.

Amy: It said, “Come join now, Mama. ”I love it. That’s another thing that you all don’t get to experience because, obviously, the launch is over. There were little things that Terri says,“Hey, what’sup Mama?” So, when you see it in her marketing you realize she is really being herself and this is what you get.

When you get in to the group you don’t feel fooled. You see it’s the same chick you’vebeen watching in the videos and now you get to communicate with her live in a Facebook group.It all blended so nicely. It’s just a reminder that we get to be ourselves in our marketing because we are our own bosses. That’s kind of an amazing thing.

I also love that David shared with me earlier that when someone opted in they didn’t have to wait for that person to open up the email, get the download, and then invite them to the Facebook group. They instantly sent them to a thank-you page that said, “We’re sending you your freebies ”and“ join the Facebook group right now. ”It was on the thank-you page and I think that’s so very smart. I’m glad you brought that up.

Now we’re moving into Step5,to create a Facebook group. We’re talking about a free community where you got to introduce your launch freebies, you got to do videos with them, and all that good stuff. I’m going to give it away because I want Terri to talk about what she did.

I want to point out, because we’ve been talking about Facebook groups a lot on this podcast, this is the over arching community where you get  to  talk  about  different topics and Terri is that go-to source, the leader of the group.

This is before she is actually opening the cart so she is building the community in advance of all of that. Terri, how did you create community and engagement inside of this group?

Terri: The first thing we did was we had the free weekly Facebook Live experience. That was weekly. It was a Q&A. We would pin to the top of the page a weekly question that would be the focus of that week. They knew that is what we would be talking about on Friday.

They sent their questions in to my assistant. It was organized. It wasn’t just, oh, if you get on the line. It was really people getting their specific questions answered for them. We created this clear narrative week by week.

Me being there and answering questions in the Facebook group was the real thing,creatingthecommunity.ButtheywereallexcitedaboutbeingliveonFridays.Wecalleditthe#FridayFocusQuestion.Again,wewerecreatinga  social  media community and awareness around it as well.

We were promoting it and inviting other people. This is how we built that Facebook group up. We were putting it out there in a social media with a hashtag saying, “If you want your questions answered by Terri personally, join the group and be here on Friday.”

They had to join the Facebook group, obviously, to be on the Facebook Live experience.

Amy: So there was a lot of live video going on. You were asking questions. You were answering questions throughout the week. The community started to share things in that group,right?They started to share their experiences and talk.

Here’s what’s cool. Terri did these assessments, your attraction style and relationship arche type. Right?

Terri: Yes.

Amy:People figured out what their attraction style was and now they are sharing it in the group and talking about it. If someone else didn’t take the assessment yet they wanted to know where to find it. Or, they would tell you their relationship arche type and ask someone else what theirs was.

Someone would be like, “I don’t know. Where do I find it?” Now people are going back to the freebies and optingin. I feel like you created the best experience for that.

Terri:I feel like David created the best experience for that and I just did what he said.

Amy: Seriously, I love it. Let’s give David some credit because that was really, really smart. Speaking of things that are really, really smart in a prelaunch, you also did a 21-daychallenge.ThisisStep6.

Get ready guys, because after we talk about the challenge we are getting into what they did on webinars, which will kind of blow your mind, so I’m just teasing it right there.

Step 6 is to create a 21-day challenge. I love this because not only was your challenge right on point with what you were going to sell but it was also just one extra way to engage people. David, tell me about this challenge and how it worked and what the goal was and all that good stuff.

David:Itwasa21-daymeditationchallenge,whichwascalledTheRealLoveMeditation Challenge. The goal of the challenge was to warm the list up for launch. Open up the emails and get a good experience.

We also offered daily affirmations that Terri wrote in all social media channels and then linking back to the challenge. If you didn’t join on Day 1 or 5 you could still join and receive these beautiful affirmations that were all around relationship and love.

We ran this from January 1 to January21.The cart, of course ,opened the minute the challenge stopped. We just ran the challenge inside of the Facebook group. You had to opt in through the funnel so we knew if you were in a relationship or single before you could join.

We literally only announced this to her email list and in the different social media channels but we also gave it to all of the different ambassadors and affiliates because it was one more way for them to engage people just through one single link that had this challenge and all of the assessments and, in the next segment, the webinars.

Amy:I love that this challenge ended when the cart opened to  the  program. Remember, with daily challenges, people are opening their emails to get the daily challenge. Remind me, Terri, was this 21-day Real Love Meditation Challenge a daily meditation and were they hearing your voice everyday?

Terri: Yes.

Amy: That’s huge guys .Now people are hearing from Terri so they are getting used to Terri coming into their house every single day and they are loving it because she’s getting them the results they are looking for. They are feeling better, getting into a habit and a ritual. They are opening her emails.

I feel you all did this challenge beautifully. Terri, I’m curious, as the content creator of the entire launch you put together, what was your experience with the whole 21-daychallenge?

Terri: Ihonestlyfeelthe21-daychallengewasamazingandbroughtpeopletogether.But it was more like the free gift icing on the launch cake, if I can say it like that. It’s weird but you know what I mean?

The six months prior to this is really what set the stage for the tribe and the community feel that happened, more than this, I feel this was almost a celebration, a gift for the tribe we had already created over all of those months of consistently caring about them and caring about what they were going through and what they were experiencing and seeing them and validating them and valuing them.

I really do think this was just a thank you for them.

Amy: Yep. I love it. The challenges can do some amazing things inside of a pre launch. You are right, all that work up front, the six months of YouTube videos, only added to this entire experience. That’s why I love that we’re talking about this whole pre-launch experience and what it looked like for all of you.

That is actually a perfect segue because now we’re getting in Step 7, which is the cart opened up with a multiple webinar strategy, which we will talk about. Here’s what I want you all to really pay close attention to. Steps1-6 were all about the pre launch.

Terri and David’s experience is solid proof that if you do the work up front, if you are patient and take the time to actually warm up your audience with amazing value, you are setting yourself up for launch success.

Don’t get me wrong, they did a lot of work in the launch process as well and we’re going to talk about some of that right now. But we cannot overlook the fact that they really put a stake in the ground and said they were going to do it right up front.

I know in Episode #149 I gave you a 90-day pre-launch blueprint but the way Terri and David did it, they did a six-month pre-launch blueprint. If you can give yourself that extra time, by all means do so. Because, now we are going to talk about some of the success with their launch.

David, will you walk us through what it looked like once the cart opened up?


We also didn’t offer 50 videos on the sales page, which was my plan. Thank God we didn’t.

Amy: Again, I love that you’re such a good student. As I mentioned in the intro, David, Terri, and I got to talk just a little bit before they launched. They had all of these amazing videos and David was going to put them on the sales page.

I was a little nervous about that because when people start watching a bunch of sales videos or promo videos on the sales page they get very distracted and don’t take action. There’s too much going on.

David was like,“Okay, we’re going to change that. ”I’m so glad you did.

David:It was amazing advice.Your podcast was also a game changer for this launch because a year ago when I started working with Terri I was walking around listening to your podcast allthetime.

You are like my Oprah Winfrey in marketing and I really knew how to create these type of high-ticket coaching programs, producing them. I have produced over 150 of them. But I didn’t know how to get them to convert.

You, Amy, alone are my biggest guide to online marketing strategies so I am just verygrateful.

Amy:Than kyou. That means the world to me so thank you, David.

David: Once we had everything figured out we had the cart open for two weeks and we had six webinars with Terri. We had three for each relationship status and then we had five additional affiliate webinars so in total we had around 9,400 people that signed up for webinars and around 3,400 that were live.

Amy: That’s a lot of webinars.Terri,oh my gosh, were you exhausted?

Terri:I wanted to kill David. Even though I knew it was in the service of what we both wanted, but I was like, “You’rekiddingme?”

Amy: I had no idea until he sent these notes. I was like, Terri did a lot of webinars. I had no idea. What’s important, before David goes on, and I know I said I wasn’t going to interrupt him but  I have to for this one because youguysaregoingtoloveit.

They did six webinars for Terri’s list and Terri’s audience. Those really were the ones that really converted the best. Of course they did because it’s her own audience. They did three for those who were single and three for those who were in a relationship. I thought this was brilliant.

They had already segmented their list so when they emailed to their list they knew who were single and who were in a relationship. But if I saw a promo for a program about love and I saw Terri talk about those were single and those in a relationship I truly would think it wasn’t for me.

I want something for someone who’s married. That’s where I am right now. Terri didn’tmakemedecide.She said,“Look, if you’re in a relationship this is for you.”

Imagine how detailed she could get or how specific she can get in her language on a webinar whether the free content or when she’s selling when she knows she’s only talking to people in relationships or those that are single.

Take it from a girl that was single for a long time, those are very different worlds. I absolutely love that you did that. Congrats on a huge success with your webinars.

I want to dive into the webinars even a bit more. So talk to me about how you boosted the engagement. This,too,was something that I was over the moon excited to hear about. The engagement on your webinars was amazing. Terri, how did you do that?

Terri:  Part of it, again, honestly, was that David and I came up with a strategy but he was the one who would really know the strategy and because he has a really intuitive way of knowing people there were different kinds of engagement.

This is what we just went for. We were asking them empowering questions.  An example is, “What do you want to feel in your relationships?” If it was people who are married or in a relationship it would be “in your relationship,” or “one your are in a relationship” if they were single.

We then created a specific thing with words on it, things I wanted. Then I would say to please put it in a side bar three words of how you really want to feel in your relationship.

I then took the time out of the webinar to actually read almost everyone, the person’s name, and say what it is they wanted. I would say, “Jennifer wants to be witnessed. She wants to be cherished. She wants to be loved,” “Betty Sue wants to be respected,”whatever it was.

I knew that caring about them specifically makes them so much more engaged inwhatitisyouaredoing.Itwasworthputtingthattimein.Ifwecanfullyamplifywhattheywantintheirlifeandwhattheyareseekingandletthemfeelseen,becausetheywere,itreallygotpeopleexcited.

I think that was a really big part of the engagement and also promising and comingthroughwithansweringallofthequestions.Ihadaskedthemtosaveallofthe

questions until the end so that nobody was co-opting the webinar or hijacking the webinar. But then we stayed on as long as it took.

Some of these webinars were almost two hours long.

Amy: Wow. I love that. You got through all of the questions. I didn’t realize I took anidea from all of you. When we talked weeks ago it was right before B-School. I wasputtingmyB-Schoolwebinartogether.Icreatedanextraslidethatsaid,“Howdoyouwanttofeelinyourbusiness?”




Amy: Yeah. This was a marketing webinar. It wasn’t one about love and feelings and allthat good stuff. This was how to do strategies but it still came down to the fact thatweallwanttofeelacertainwaywithwhateveritiswe’redoing.

You guys gave me a huge gift because, you are right, I got so much engagement fromthat. One thing Terri did not mention because she’s humble like that, they had over700-800 comments when there were just 150 people on live on one of their webinars.Thatisincredible.



Terri:Let’ssayitwasaboutselfcompassion.Therearedifferentmodules:Selfawareness, self knowledge, self acceptance, self compassion, the fourth module. So,asking them a question, “Do you always prioritize everyone else’s needs above yourown?”

Just that, bringing it back to how that is not having self compassion when you dothat.Alwaysdroppingthedifferentmodules’contentwithinthewebinarandwherever else we were talking so that people would be familiar with the pillars thatcreatetheloveyouareseeking.

Amy: I’ve got you. I love that, always tying it back to them and having them validate,“Yes,that’sme,Itotallygetit.”


Amy:That’ssosmart,soverysmart.Ilovethatandhopeyouallreallyunderstoodthatpart. You might need to rewind to listen to it one more time because it’s that goodbutIreallylovethattipandtakeitintomyownwebinarsaswell.

OnefinalthingI’llsayaboutyourlaunchsuccessisthatyouandDavid  havesubscribed to the concept of a soft sell. First when I read this I was a little nervous tobringthisup beforeI gotinto thenotes.

I don’t want my audience to be afraid to sell on their webinars and through theirpromos. But then I started to read the notes and I thought it was a really coolapproachbecauseitspeakstoyou,Terri,andnowthatI’mgettingtobefriendswithDavidIcanseeitinhimaswell.


Terri:Partofitisthatwesoldinawaythatwasalignedwithwhoweactuallybothare.As a psychotherapist and a coach and, obviously this is a coaching program, right, youaren’tactuallypsychotherapizinganyoneonlinebecauseit’snotpossible,butthereisa sensitivity that I would have to, as David would say, not stomping on someone’s painpoint with “Join us or you’ll never get married and have babies or worse, you’ll passthisdysfunctionontoyourchildren.

Thatwouldbereallymean,scaringpeople.Ithinkpartofwhy,forsolongbeforeDavid, I didn’t know. A soft sell is something I learned from him. I knew the hard sellwould never work for me. I really believe that is why I have not successfully done itbeforeheandIpartnered.

He taught me and showed me that I could be myself and he respected that. He’s amaster marketer so sometimes he would want to do something. I would be like,“actuallynot.”Hewouldjustsay,“Okay,tookitoff.”

He wouldn’t try to go against it. He would say maybe I was right, maybe it was toohard.Butitissortofacasual,friendlysalesapproachandmessagingthatresonateswiththemwithouttryingtoscarethecrapoutofthem.

Amy:ItwassotruetowhoyouareandwhoDavidisandalso,  because  youunderstood your audience so well, you knew what they were going to respond to thebest. Freaking them out with “You’re never going to get married and have babies” wasreallynotthewayyoueverwantedtogo.

I love that you said that. Again, I know every promo video and every blog post andevery message would include, “Join me and one powerful group of women on onetransformationaladventurestartingFebruary1.”Ijust lovethat.

I know David said it earlier but I wanted to say it again because they had a little tagline that was so inviting, “Join me and one powerful group of women and onetransformational adventure starting February 1.” I’ve never done that before where Icreatedalittledittythatwascoollikethat.


Amy:Join them in 2018.Yes, I likeit.

Terri: We would also say at the end of that little tag, “The Real Love Revolution” so thatyouwere,again,gettingbrandrecognitionsothattheadventureandtheamazinggroupofwomenwereallassociatedwithTheRealLoveRevolution.

Amy: That’s so cool. They kept hearing it. They were hearing it from you with a cool tagline.It’ssomethingI’veneverdonebeforeso,anyonelistening,thatmight  besomethingcooltoaddtotheendofyourvideosleadingintoalaunch.It’sreallycool.

We are definitely getting to the end here. This is the stuff that my audience eats up.They love, and maybe it’s the stuff I eat up so I’m assuming my audience loves this aswell, butI want to talk about the launch stats.

I want you to break it down for us. David, I want you to tell us the total revenue andthebreakdownoftherevenue.Howmuchdidyouspendonads,conversionstuff,likethegeekysideofallofusthatlovethesedetails.Breakitdownforus.

David: It was fun because the webinars were literally the highlight of my life. You couldjust feel the energy and you could just see all of the sales coming in. The total revenueoftheentirelaunchwas$441,000.







David: We got $90,000 more in affiliate sales and 162 actually paid in full then 284paidthemonthly$97.

Amy: That’s a lot of people to pay in full so 162 paid in full. I can’t remember, this isnottotootmyownhorn,IknowwetalkedaboutmaybedoingabonusiftheypaidinfullbutIdon’trememberifyouguysdidthat.Didyou?






David:They actually got one extra call, a smaller group, with Terri for each of themodules,foreachofthepillars.



Amy: That’s cool. That’s even better. I like it. Awesome. Great. That’s something you allcanthinkaboutifyou’regoingtodoa12paybutarehopingmorepeoplewilltakethe full pay, add an extra bonus. We do that with all of our programs and it makes ahugedifference.


Amy: Ilovethat.Okay,good.

Terri: It was right there where they click on it. It tells them exactly what they aregettingtopayinfull.

Amy: Yes, that’s a new thing we implemented in both Webinars That Convert andCoursesThatConvert.Whenyougotothesalespageonthebuttonitactuallygivesyou a list of everything you get if you do the 12 pay and everything you get if you dothefullpay.

There is one extra thing if you do the full pay so it kind of stands out right on thebutton.Cool.IforgotthatwedidthatsoI’mgladyoubroughtthatup.

David, howmuch didyou guysspend inads?

David:Wespent$4,500inadsandwereonlyretargetingpeoplethathadbeenonthewebinar back to the cart or to the webinar. We had an average conversion live, withaffiliatesitwasdownto8%butinaverageitwas17%.Thebestliveratewasactually45%onasinglewebinarwithTerri’saudience.



just to break that up a little bit, that’s crazy that they only spent $4,500 in Facebookads.



Startbuildingyourlist,engagingwithyourlist,creatingvideosordoingblogpostsorwhatever it takes, but would you guys agree that all of that work up front definitelyprobablysavedyoualotofmoneyintryingtofindyouraudiencewithads?


Amy: I can’t even believe how little you spent on ads to get that launch success. Kudostoyou.That’samazing.


David: Before the list was around 12,000 and the open rate was as low as 12% someweeks. But the email list now is closer to 30,000. It is 27,000 and the open rate isbetween26and27%.

I feel like you said on your podcast that the email list is the beating heart of yourbusiness so I really feel we had cholesterol problems when we started working withTerri. Huge! We were really just waiting for the heart attack. Now I feel we are healthyagain andwe’regoingto worktowardgetting35% and40%.

The Facebook was around 8,000 likes and thankfully we have this amazing friendcalledStevenAitchesonandhisgroup,YourDigitalFormula,itislikealittlegroupofFacebook pages in this field of transformation that I feel helps promote each other.WegrewthatFacebookpageto150,000andmassiveengagement.



Terri: It’s okay. Facebook. The change in the Facebook page, part of it was David’sconnectionwithafriendofourswhoisafriendofminenowthatImetthroughDavid,StevenAitchison.HehassomethingcalledYourDigitalFormula.

Really, his group of heart-centered Facebook pages help to promote each other. Itwasveryinexpensivetojointhatgroupandoursocialmediapersontookthecoursethat he has and learned how to grow the pages with organic engagement and notboostingfinancially.

Luckily for me it was David’s connection to Steven but this really is what turned theFacebook situation around as well as all of the other ideas David had and how wewerechangingtheplatform.

We just wanted to shout out to Steven Aitchison and Your Digital Formula because itreallywasagamechangerforourFacebookpage.

Amy:Okay,I’mgoingtolinktothatbecauseI’msurepeoplearelisteninganwantingto know more about that. I’m going to link to it in my show notes at

You are talking about your Facebook page so we’re not even talking about a group.We’retalkingaboutgoingfrom8,000fanstoover150,000fansinmassiveengagement.Isthatright?


Amy: Cool. I’m so glad you guys brought that up. That’s awesome. Okay, keep us goingDavid.

David: YouTube was around 3,000 subscribers. There was literally no commenting andnoengagement.


Terri:I’mlike,“Iwonder why?”

David:Nowitisaround4,000butwehavemassiveengagement.Wehavethousandsof comments and it is just growing and growing faster and faster. We have videosbefore of her that were on the average of 300 or 400 likes. Now they are going up to10,000likesandclimbingtoward20,000.


Amy: Oh my gosh. I love it. I’m going to link to Terri’s YouTube channel in the shownotes for sure. You guys have to check it out. Whether you’re in a relationship or singleyou’regoingtofallinlovewiththiswomansoI’lldefinitelylinktoit.


David:Wehavealmost3,000andit’sstillveryactivewithweeklyquestionsandwehave a monthly Facebook broadcast or live stream with Q&A with Terri. People aresendingquestionsandaresuperengaged.

It is so good because the people who couldn’t join this time are still being in the TerriColeexperienceuntilnextyear.

Amy: That’s so cool. So, just like Terri mentioned earlier, she’s still engaging in thatgroup. She’s still doing her live streams through Facebook video. It’s still active and, ofcourse, when they open their program again in February, 2018, this group will bereadytobuy.

Now they have tons of time to nurture this group so it’s all about habit and the ritualofgettinginthereevenafterthelaunch.Ilovethat,forsure.

I said we were wrapping up but I do want to get into a little bit about what you woulddodifferentlyorwhatyouwillneverdoagain.Let’sstarttherewithNeverAgain!Evenwithahugelysuccessfullaunchthereisalwaysstuffyouarelike,“Ohheckno,that’snotgoingtohappenagain.”

David, walkus throughjusta fewofthose.

David: I will never, ever do a webinar on the go again. All the landing pages, all theemailcopyandallofthedifferentschedulesandpre-writtenandpre-testedstuff,wedon’twanttodothatonthego.

We had a lot of influencers and it just requires so much more time than you think,especially when you’re a testing freak. We just need it to be at least a month out. Soless is literally more. I would rather have fewer webinars that were Terri’s webinarsbecausetheyconvertbetter.

When you have a lot of different influencers it’s a very fragmented pitch. It is manynarratives coming together to lead them to the program. It’s better to focus on Terri’snarrativebecausewekindofperfectedthatone.

I will never do copy on the go again. It kind of feels good to be flexible but it shouldalways be like an editor or copywriter reading over it or at least have a day or two todigestthecopy,especiallywhenitissalescopygoingoutto10,000folks.


David:Doingthetechnextyear,therewilldefinitelybesomebodytakingcareofallofthetechandcheckingeverything.Youcan’tdoeverythingatthesametime.Wewerejust two people doing the entire launch and, of course, we had some help from ourteambutitwasjusttoomuchpressureonusatsomeofthesewebinars.

Amy: Okay. I love the hashtag, we have notes, as I told you guys. It says, “#Valium” so,seriously, launches can drive you to insanity, especially when you’re doing a lot of it onyourown.

I love what David said, “No more on the go.” Everyone who has done a launch hasexperienced this, the night before or one hour before the email is supposed to go outyou’retypingawaylikeacrazyperson.Thenyoulearnthatwillneverhappenagain.

David, I’ve so been there. I get it. It’s nerve racking, for sure. That’s a lot of good stuff,never again, no more webinars on the go, copy on the go, and all of the tech stuff,gettingaprojectmanager.


But it usually happens on the second one. I do have to say, I know we’re going to wrapup and we’ve got one more little section, but I love the fact they are talking aboutlaunchingagain.

Instead of, “This was a huge success, now what am I going to go create?” No, you’veput in way too much work to not do this again and again and again. I absolutelycommendyouforthatandIloveit.

After we’ve gone through this list of what we will never do again, how about nexttime?Terri,shareafewthingsthatyouwouldlovetodonexttimearound.

Terri: We would keep the content sharing because I love that. The Facebook group, thefreeone,Ireallydolovealloftheengagementevenifitcanbealittlebitoverwhelming.Wewouldcertainlydothewebinarsandallofthat.


We have either more time or the same amount of time. But now I am really excited tosharethetestimonialsfromthisgroupandmorebehind-the-scenesRealLoveRevolution updates and after Real Love Revolution. We are going to have peoplestaying in touch with us because the transformations are happening at a rapid ratewithinthegroup, life-alteringthings.

We know we’re going to have a lot of testimonials. We are hoping to add 1,000 newleads to the waiting list per month. David set the bar. I was like, “Okay, that soundsgood.”

Another thing, and this is actually a really smart, smart thing to do this time aroundanditwasacombinationofDavidandanotherfriendofmine,SusieBalson,ofgetting20journalistswhoaretakingtheprogramthistimearound.

Amy: OhIlikeit!Sothejournalistsareintheprogramnowandthennexttimearoundtheyaregoingtotalkaboutit.

Terri: Yes, many of them are writing about it now. They want to write about it. Cosmo,there is a bunch of high-profile journalists. Another thing that was amazing is that afriendofbothofours,DanielleLaPorte,wasahugesupporter.

She is currently taking the course and promoted the hell out of it. She is not anaffiliate.Herwholeentireteamisdoingthecourse.Shedidafreewebinarwithmetobasicallyintroducemetohertribeandwasverycleartotellthemsheisn’tanaffiliatebecause she really knows that it works and has benefitted from my work for manyyears as a very close friend and is really just so excited to share my strategies with hertribe.

That’s generosity on a very super high level. I really appreciate that. Now I don’t expecther to do that again next year but there is something really impactful about thatbecause her profile is very high and I feel…David, how many sales do you thinkprobablycamethroughDee?

David: Must have been from 50 to 100. This type of high-ticket sale, I saw a lot out ofthem. They were on our list. They were on YouTube. They went to the lead magnet andthey did one, two, or three webinars or maybe four webinars before they bought theprogram.

Ithinkalotofthesedifferentthingsjustcreatedmoreandmorevalidationandmoreand more credibility and they eventually bought the program. So it’s not just onething.

Amy: I absolutely love that. I just feel like getting the influencers and online celebs andjournalists involved…I’ve never really done that and I’ve seen it, though, make a hugedifference.Youaresosmart.

One thing you guys have is patience. You are thinking, “Okay, they are in the programnow.Weknowinayearfromnow,almost,thevaluethatwillcomefromthat.”

Patience definitely wins out here. I can’t wait to have you guys on next year after yourlaunchtotalkabouttheseven-figurelaunchthatyou’vedoneandallofthelivesyou’veimpacted.DoIhaveyourpromisethatyou’llcomebackon?Please?



Amy: Oh my gosh, David. I can’t even wait until you guys come back on. I cannot thankyou both enough for breaking down your entire success of your launch, specifically thepre-launchstrategy.

You two are really what inspired me. You two and my friend that I talked about lastweekontheepisode,inspiredmetocreatethispre-launchblueprintbecauseIknowit works. I’ve seen it work over and over again. You two are the perfect case study forthat.

I appreciate you sharing that. I want to give you both a final chance to wrap up withme but I want to give a shout out for David. I mentioned in the intro that David is anexpertathelpingtocreateandpromotehigh-tickettransformationalprograms.

There are many of you listening that are thinking that’s what you want to create andwhat you have been struggling with. I want you to go over to his page and get hishigh-ticket transformation strategy. There are seven questions you’ve got to answer soyoucanmakeasix-figurecoachingprogram.


David: They just go to my homepage, www.davidvox.comand it will be all over thewhole page because it is my favorite, favorite thing that I have created out of doing160oftheseprogramsnow.

Amy:Youknowwhatworksandthat’ssocool.Now,younotonlyknowhowtocreatethem but you know how to launch them and you have a great case study. I cannoteven imagine what’s going to come after this. will be in the shownotes,forsure.

David, thank you so much for sharing that. I think you will get a lot of traffic becauseit’ssuchasgreatopportunity,forsure.Thisisafreebie,guys,thatyoucancheckout.

Terri, thank you so much for being on the show. I want you to share what you’ve gotcomingupaswell.

Terri: We’re going to be doing a boundary boot camp challenge because I find thatdrawing effective boundaries with ease and grace is something my demographicreally, really struggles with. A lot of people think boundaries is a bad word. It meansyouhavetohavefightwithsomeone,whichitdoesn’t.

In The Real Love Revolution waiting list group that David was talking about, all theyneed to do is go and that will bring them into where youhavedescribedbeforeandthentheycangototheFacebookgroupfromthere.

Amy: Perfect. I’ll put it in the show notes as well but you’ve also go the URL that youcangotoandjumponthat.BoundaryBootCampChallenge.Imighthavetosignupfor that. I definitely am Terri’s demographic. That’s why I love her so much. That’sawesome.

Guys, thank you so much for being on the show. This is a treat. I know this is a longepisodebutthisisafull-ontrainingforpeoplethatwanttodowhatyou’vedone.You’vejustgivenahugegifttomyaudience.Thankyousomuch.






Amy: There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I absolutely lovedspeaking with both Terri and David. I thought it was so cool that we got to see whatthey did in their prelaunch and then you got to see the reward of what their successlookedlikeoncetheylaunchedtheirproduct.

If you an put the time into your prelaunch you will see the rewards inside of yourlaunch. I feel very confident about that. All the links we talked about in this episodecanbefoundat

Next week we are talking to Jill Stanton of and it willbe Part II of my Facebook group mini training. Weeks ago I did Part I and Jill wassupposed to follow right after and a few things go mixed up on my end so we havebeenwaitingforourepisodetogolive.

I’msoexcitedthatitisgoinglivesothat’sepisode#151andyou’lllearnhowshewentfromabout7,000fanstoover38,000fansinherfreeFacebookcommunity. She did this allinoneyear.

I can’t wait for you to hear all of the details in next week’s episode about building a free community via a Facebook group. You’re going to love it.

I’ll see you next week inEpisode#151.Until then, have a beautiful week.Byefornow.

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