Transcript: A Week in the Life (A Behind the Scenes Look Into My Business)

December 28, 2017

AMY PORTERFIELD: Hey there, welcome back to another episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield. Today we’re shaking things up. 

This episode is going to be very different than all of my other episodes. I like to change things up a bit and I hope you really like this format. Here’s the deal. I get a lot of questions about my routine inside my business. 

I’ve talked about my daily routine on many of my different podcasts. On Episode #177, How to Design Your Ideal Week, with Michael Hyatt, I talked about how I set up my day and how I set up my week. 

I got really specific on that episode. In Episode #122, Get Your Content House in Order, I talked about my content routine and how I create content. I even talked about something I call Tiger Time in Episode #102, How to Create Content Rituals to Get More Done. 

Content is my thing. That’s how I spend most of my time so I’ve talked about a lot of that. However, I’ve never taken you behind the scenes on a day-to-day basis. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this episode. 

If you’re anything like me you love to see behind the curtain. What’s really happening? How is it really all going down? That’s why I’m excited about this episode because it truly is a look behind the curtain. 

I’ll be taking you through my upcoming week on a day-to-day basis. In the morning I’ll be recording a short segment to tell you about what the day is supposed to look like. In the evening I’m going to wrap things up, jump on the mic again, and tell you how the day actually happened. 

I’ll tell you what worked, what didn’t work, and all that good stuff in between. You’ll hear me talk about my struggle with making time for Hobie when he’s home from the fire station. You’ll hear me talk about how I was totally in the flow and also how I couldn’t get it together and nothing worked and I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV all day. 

You’re going to get the good, bad, and ugly. I’m going to walk you through every single day as the days are happening. 

I’m also going to share some of my most favorite podcasts and TV shows I’m currently diving into and obsessing about right now. You’ll get a little taste of that and you’ll kind of get a taste of what my day looks like in terms of what happens in the morning when I’m not working and what happens when I shut things down. 

Total disclaimer. Don’t get excited. My life is pretty simple. It is not at all glamorous. But I like it that way. I’m not going to wow you with a bunch of crazy stuff I do after work. However, I am going to show you what it all looks like because that’s my promise to you in this episode. 

Before we get started, this episode is brought to you by my program, Courses That Convert. If you’ve been thinking about creating a digital course for a while now, you might have a great idea for a course or no idea at all, but you are thinking you really want to create something you can sell digitally. 

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I want to invite you to my free master class. It’s called, “How to Confidently Create Your First Profitable Course in 60 Days.” It’s all about what it looks like to put a digital course together. I’ve been creating digital courses in my business since 2010. 

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I cannot wait for you to grab your spot. I promise you’re going to love it. 

I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s jump into this very different episode and I’m going to start with Sunday night. Here we go. 

Sunday Evening 

Okay. It’s Sunday evening. I had a great Sunday with my family but now it’s time to prepare for the week. Every Sunday night I go into my home office and for about 20 minutes I just review my Full-Focus Planner for the week. 

I look at what’s coming up. I make sure I’m prepared for any meetings I have or interviews I might do for other people’s podcast. I look at the week overall. My goal is to look at the week and find the white space. 

Where do I have some down time? Where can I take some breathing room to not be working but just kind of quiet my mind. To be quite honest, this week doesn’t have a lot of white space. Right away I look at the week and think I might have packed on too much. 

That’s pretty normal for me. That means I have to go back in there and find some space where I can breathe a little bit. But when I’m looking at the week ahead it’s very content- creation heavy. That isn’t all of my weeks but there are a lot of weeks that I’m just creating content. 

We recently did an audit of my Webinars That Convert program and we found that a lot of people that buy the program don’t yet have anything to sell on the webinar. In order for me to make this program incredibly profitable for them I need to fix that problem. 

We came up with a solution that I am going to create a bonus called, “The Webinar Pre-Sell Plan. This webinar will teach my students how to create an online live workshop that they sell on the webinar but then deliver after the webinar. 

They deliver a live online workshop for six weeks, week after week, to their brand new paying students. That’s my plan. I think it is going to be four videos in one training. I have to build out all the slide decks this week and I want to get it all recorded. 

I don’t know if that’s going to be possible. We’ll see how it goes because I also need to work on reengineering the Webinars That Convert master class, the actual webinar that sells my program. I’m going to add new testimonials. I have to add in the new bonus I’m working on. 

There are a lot of things around Webinars That Convert that I’m working on this week. Plus, I’ve got meetings and interviews and all that good stuff. We’ll see how it goes. 

Here’s my goal for the week. This is typically what I will do on a Sunday night. What do I want to happen in this week? I definitely want to finish this bonus and I want to rework the webinar. I want to be done with that so I can move on to other stuff I would love to work on in my business before the end of the year. That’s my Number One goal work wise. 

I also want time with Hobie and Cade this week. Like I said, I want a little breathing room and I want to get three workouts in. I want to go into my sauna three times. I’m sure I’ll talk about the sauna later this week as we go day by day. 

I want to stay away from gluten and sugar. I recently went to a naturopath and I realize gluten wrecks havoc on my body and I’ve been struggling with having energy everyday, the amount of energy I think I should have, so I recently gave up gluten and that energy came back within about 30 days. 

I want to stay on that track of staying away from gluten and sugar. I just feel better and I can get more done. 

Personally and professionally those are my goals. There is nothing earth shattering. It is exactly what I need to end the week and say, “This was a good week. I’m really excited.” 

On Sunday nights I also look at Monday. What is my plan for Monday? I get clear on the three things I’m going to work on. For tomorrow I’m going to work on the slide decks for this bonus. I have a team meeting with Chloe and my business partner and I have an interview I’m doing for somebody else’s podcast. 

Those are the three things I’m working on. Plus, if I get everything done and have a little extra time, see this is where I fill up the white space with extra stuff, I really do need to review some emails that were written by my copywriter for my podcast. 

There are six of them because we batch everything. So, if I could sit down it takes me about 30 minutes max to read over the emails and offer any edits I see fit. Then I could move on to the next day. Anyway, I’ve got a jam-packed day tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers that it goes as planned. I’ll see you in the morning. Bye for now. 

Monday Morning 

Happy Monday! I’m going to tell you right from the get go, I am a morning person. You are going to hear way more excitement and energy in my morning sessions with you this week versus my evening sessions. I’m pretty good up until around 2 to 2:30 in the afternoon. Then I kind of lose focus and I run out of steam. I do most of my best stuff early in the morning. 

Right now it is 9 a.m. I’ve been up since 6 a.m. My dog, Scout, pretty much wakes up every morning at 6 a.m. and I am usually the person to get out of bed with him. I’m going to tell you what I’ve done from 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. and then I’m going to tell you about my day. 

When I get up at 6 a.m. I jump into what the Full-Focus Planner calls your morning ritual. This is something I built out way in advance. I try to do it every morning, Monday through Friday. Let’s just have a huge disclaimer that I am not perfect at any of this. I do the best I can. Some days I hit it out of the park and other days I completely fail, which you’ll probably hear this week as I record each of my daily sessions. 

Let’s just all have it be known I am not perfect at any of this. But here’s what my morning ritual looks like and this is what I strive for every morning. If I’m up out of bed at 6 a.m. I take the dog out. Then I usually have water with lemon. This is going to feel very silly, I’m giving you all of these personal details, but I did promise a week in the life of my business and this is how it starts. 

I have water with lemon and then I have some coffee and then I take Scout for a walk. If he doesn’t get a walk in the morning he starts to whine and cry, but only with me, of course. He would never do that with Hobie but with me he gets away with it because I’m a big softie with him. 

We go on about a 30-minute walk in the morning. I love it. I listen to podcasts. I’ve got to tell you about a podcast that I’m obsessed with. It has nothing to do with work. It’s called, “Dirty John.” It is so good. If you like Dateline or mystery type shows or real crime you are going to be obsessed with this podcast called, “Dirty John.” 

Shout out to my community manager, Lindsay. She is the one that got me turned on to it. I absolutely love it. 

This morning when I took Scout on a walk that’s what I listened to. Sometimes I listen to business podcasts. Sometimes I don’t. I’m just telling you about this morning. 

It is a good day in my world if I’m not rushed in the morning. I actually have until 9 a.m. I don’t start work until 9 a.m. So if I wake up early I can ease into my morning. I work out with a personal trainer, Jeff McMahon. I’ll link to Jeff in the show notes. If you’re interested in this whole virtual training thing it’s pretty cool. 

Today was a training day so that means at 8 a.m. I put on my workout clothes, walked out to my garage where I have all my weights and my fitness ball and all that good stuff and Jeff and I did a 30-minute workout. It was just 30 minutes. 

In my world if I focus more on eating clean and eating well for my body I don’t do tons of workout, I’ll work out about three to four times a week with Jeff but it’s only for 30 minutes. He pretty much pushes me pretty hard if you ask me. We get that workout in but then we’re done. 

Once I work out with Jeff I jump in the shower and get ready for the day. By getting ready it might mean, like today, yoga pants and a sweatshirt and I’m good to go. 

I do need to tell you that because my husband’s a firefighter he works 24 hours on and 24 hours off and then he gets a bunch of days off during the month. Firefighters have the best schedule in the whole world. They earn it but their schedule is pretty amazing. 

Today Hobie’s at the fire station and Cade’s at school so it’s just me throughout the entire day, well me and Scout, which I know some of you that work from home and hear that with a bunch of kids at home think, “You are so lucky, Amy.” 

I know. I am very lucky that I get a lot of quiet time, which I need. I’m not going to go into our co-working space today. My team is there working away. I am staying home because, as I told you yesterday, my big three includes creating an entire training slide deck (actually four different slide decks) for my Webinars That Convert pre-sell webinar plan. 

I need some quiet time to really work on that so it’s going to be the biggest thing I do today. But, before I get there let me tell you about my workday start-up ritual. Every morning I’ve got a morning ritual which I just took you through. 

At 9 a.m. I also have a workday start-up ritual which would be about right now. This is what I do. I review all the goals I have set for myself in advance. Again, I use the Full-Focus Planner. I swear Full-Focus Planner should have sponsored this entire episode because I’m going to mention it a lot. But I have all of my goals in there, personal and business. 

It takes me less than five minutes. I just flip through my goals to remind myself of where I’m going. Then I also review my big three that I did the night before, which you heard last night, Sunday Night. I also go through my calendar. 

I try not to have a lot of meetings. I hate meetings. However, they are essential to run the business so I try to keep them at a minimum. Today, as you know if you heard my last night session, I have a one o’clock team meeting and a 3 p.m. interview for somebody else’s podcast. If I can fit it in at 4 p.m. I am going to review some emails for my podcast episodes coming up. 

From there, inside of my workday start-up ritual I also try to get to inbox zero, Asana zero (Asana is our project management tool), and Slack zero. I look at all of the communications and I try to get all of that down to zero. 

With the time left I get on social media. My workday start-up ritual is usually from 30 to 45 minutes. Because I just allow myself that chunk of time that means I can’t go down the social media rabbit hole. Let’s say I only have 15 or 20 minutes left in my start-up ritual then that’s all I’ve got for the social. That always happens last. 

But, I am addicted to watching Instagram stories. I love everything about them so I watch a lot of Instagram stories, I jump on Facebook, I jump on Instagram in general, and I just see what everyone’s doing and likely won’t post. 

I usually have my team helping me out with that. It’s more so that I’m just seeing what everyone else is up to and communicating with people, engaging, and all that good stuff. That’s what my workday start-up ritual looks like every morning Monday through Friday. 

I just wanted to set the scene there. I won’t do this every morning because now you know my morning ritual and you know my workday start-up ritual. Every morning it’s the same. So what I want to talk to you about a little bit is about how the day is going to unfold. I will definitely spend the bulk of my day on the WTC bonus I’m working on. 

I’ll do all of that first because I’m best in the morning with the most energy, the most focus right now. I’m going to get into that right away. Of course I’ll take some breaks. I’ll probably check in with Chloe, my project manager, since she’s in the co-working space with our team. 

If I want to take another walk with Scout I will do so. But, since the boys aren’t home today it’s just me so I’ll probably work pretty hard today because the WTC bonus is going to take me a while. That’s what my day looks like. We’ll see how it goes. I will be checking in around 5 p.m. this evening and let you know how the day went and what worked and what didn’t. I’ll see you soon. 

Monday Evening 

Well hello there. It is Monday evening. I’m wrapping up my workday. As promised, I said I would jump back on and let you know how the day went. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Before I jumped on I wanted to look at the day and see how it went. 

Overall, I got a lot done. I didn’t get everything done. We’ll talk about that in a second. But I got a lot done in terms of the bonus training I’m putting together for Webinars That Convert. I had my team call. I did the interview and I reviewed those podcast emails I said I was going to review. 

All of that got done and I think the biggest win for the day is because Hobie was at work and Cade was at school and then had football (he’s not even going to be home for another hour or so) I had a huge chunk of time to stay really focused. 

Sometimes I get distracted or sometimes I just want to sit on the couch and watch TV, let’s be honest. Sometimes I just can’t get into it. But most of the time when I’m creating content I can get pretty focused. That’s what happened from about 9:30 a.m. after I did my morning startup until 1 p.m. I went pretty hard on those slide decks for the training. 

My goal was to get all four completed so, just to kind of let you know of my process, I didn’t have to start from scratch on that bonus in particular. Inside of my Courses That Convert program I created this bonus around preselling your course. It wasn’t about preselling your course with webinars. It was more of a general promotional strategy of preselling your course before you actually create it. 

That was inside Courses That Convert. But inside Webinars That Convert we had realized there was a challenge that a lot of people that were signing up for my webinars course had. They might not have been in my Courses course so they just had my Webinars course and they didn’t have anything to sell. 

I thought that if someone bought my webinars course they were ready to sell probably a digital course or live workshop or something. But a lot of them gave me feedback that they don’t have anything to sell. So this was a huge opportunity for me to add a very valuable bonus to the program. 

That’s how this bonus came about. But I already had some content I could pull from my other course. So here’s the deal. This is kind of hard to explain. I had to go into the Courses That Convert bonus that I already created around preselling a course. 

I pulled some of the fundamental elements out of that one, some of the key principles and lessons I wanted to teach inside this new bonus. But then I took the content and had to apply it specifically to webinars. So if webinars is all you’ve got and you don’t have any one of my other courses and you want to presell something I’m going to teach you how to presell a live, online workshop. 

I had to talk about how to set that up in advance, how to sell it on a webinar, and how to deliver it after your webinar is over. I had to make it very specific to webinars. Some of the content overlaps and I talk about content a lot so I’ll just bring it up here, that’s okay. 

It’s okay if some of your content overlaps from the courses you create and the freebies you create and your podcast and blog post and all of that. But really, the magic happens, and this is why I think I’m really good at content creation (this is my sweet spot) I can apply it to a very specific strategy. 

I took all of the stuff I know about preselling a course and I morphed it into preselling a live online workshop with only a webinar. That’s what took me so long today. I really had to get the flow and I had to figure out the steps to make this happen. How could I make it very actionable so that my Webinars That Convert students could apply it right away? 

That’s why I need quiet time and I need to just play around with the content inside the slide decks. Like I said, I got three out of four done. I’ve got one more to do and that’s how to deliver the live workshop after it is sold on a webinar. 

I will send those three that I did do to my team and in the meantime, while I’m working on the fourth (probably tomorrow – I have to look at what that’s going to look like), my team can be editing the ones I’ve already created. That’s just a little snapshot of my course creation process because that was a big part of today. 

Like I said, I had the meetings and I reviewed six podcast emails. I’m going to tell you something really quick about that and then I’m going to tell you how I get ready for the next day. There are six podcast emails because we started mega batching, which I talked about in Episode #182 a few weeks ago and I’ll link to that episode in the show notes. 

Basically, because we mega batch my team can deliver me six emails we send out to our list week after week about specific podcast episodes. They can show me six and say, “Okay Amy, review these six.” 

Something new we are trying, I actually hired a really amazing copywriter to write my podcast emails to my list. It’s a little bit more expensive than I would normally do. I don’t typically hire a copywriter to work on my weekly content emails but I wanted to see if we could get the open rates higher and those click-through rates in the emails higher. 

My copywriter, Ry Schwartz, just had a baby so he’s taking some time with his new family and he suggested I work with a woman named Tarzan Kay. Yes, her name is Tarzan. Isn’t that so cool? Tarzan came into our world a few months ago and we’ve been working on some random projects with her and she’s been amazing. 

If you get my weekly podcast emails the last few weeks have been Tarzan. Tarzan interviews me. I tell her what I want to talk about in the interviews. She kind of pulls some stories out of me and then she crafts these beautiful emails for my weekly podcast episodes. 

I was reviewing some of them tonight and she did one where we talked about planning for the New Year. By the time this episode comes out you all will have already had access to that episode but we were planning for the New Year. 

She wrote an email about it that linked to the podcast episode and she said, “Include a really fun image. You and Chloe need to go to Office Depot and get all of the supplies ready for your own planning session and take some snapshots.” 

We did that and she put it into the email and it just changed everything about the email. It was more fun, more engaging, more personal, and I want to do more of that. When I saw this example come through tonight I thought, “Oh Tarzan, you’re totally onto something. This was a lot of fun. Let’s take some more candid snapshots of how we do stuff in our business and start adding those to our emails.” 

I think you are going to see a lot more of that in my coming weekly emails that announce my new podcast episodes. The emails were amazing. I didn’t have to change anything. That was easy and now I’m shutting things down. 

When I shut things down that means I actually plan for the next day. So let me tell you what that looks like. 

At the end of each day I do this thing called a workday shut-down ritual. It goes for about 30 minutes and this is what it includes. 

I try to get my inbox, Asana, and Slack back to zero. I say “try” because I’ve got to be really honest. I’m very, very bad at email in terms of getting it to inbox zero. But I’m always attempting to do so and I have a system so I should be able to stick with it. 

One or two days of not sticking to it and I feel like it’s gotten crazy again. But it is always my mission to get that to zero as well as Asana and Slack. Then I identify my big three for tomorrow. I’m just going to tell you what the big three look like for tomorrow and then when I jump in tomorrow morning you’ll know what I’m working on and I can get into some more details. 

Tomorrow morning I have a call with my coach, Mary Hyatt. I know, I’m in bed with the Hyatts. I know, I know. But I love Michael’s planner. I coach with his daughter, Mary. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow. But I have a coach with my coach, Mary. 

Then I am doing a batching meeting with Gina. Gina works on the content with me for this podcast. Remember I told you all about mega batching? The batch three meeting tomorrow is Meeting #1. We do three meetings for batching a podcast. 

Meeting #1 is to come up with six topics. Meeting #2 is for me to review the outlines Gina worked on for all six topics, and then meeting #3 is just me alone in the studio recording all six episodes. This is a new batch and it’s Meeting #1 so I’ll go into my co-working space, CommonGrounds, in Carlsbad. I’ll link to that in the show notes for all of my local friends. 

I go into my co-working space, my whole team is there, but I’m just going to meet with Gina in one of the conference rooms for three hours. We go over coming up with topics for a good three hours. I’ll tell you tomorrow more about what that looks like. But that’s going to be the bulk of my day. 

Then, because I’m at the co-working space, I’m going to meet with my team about a few different topics so I’ve got some in-person meetings with the team and am just spending a little time with them. That’s what my day looks like tomorrow. 

Hobie is home tomorrow and that makes it a little tough to be away from the house. I’ll talk about that tomorrow as well. 

Anyway, that’s what my day looks like. Back to my workday shut-down ritual. I got everything to zero. Now I just identified my big three for tomorrow, which I did with you here. I look at my calendar just to make sure there are no random meetings I might have forgotten about. But the calendar looks clear. 

Then I’m good to go. Again, I spend about 30 minutes in my shut down and I might need to communicate with my team about some things and I’ll do that at this time. Then I’m done for the day. I will tell you that sometimes I want to jump back in and work on some other stuff, especially if Hobie’s not home. But I’m really trying not to. 

Tonight I’m going to go eat dinner and I’m going to take Scout on another walk with my mom. My mom lives about five minutes from here and I wish I saw her more. I think I’m working too much and I don’t spend enough time with her so I’m going to make time for my mom tonight. 

That’s what I’m doing and we’ll take our dogs for a walk and spend some time together. Easy night. Easy day. There you have it and I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Bye for now. 

Tuesday Morning 

Hey there. Welcome to my Tuesday morning. It’s around 9 a.m. I’ve already gone through my morning ritual and I’m just sitting down at my desk to do my morning start-up ritual to get work going. Here’s how the morning’s looked so far. 

I took Scout for a walk, of course. The podcast I listened to today was a little bit different than yesterday. Yesterday, as you know, I listened to Dirty John. It’s so good. I’m still listening to it. But today I listened to Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer. 

There are so many good episodes in there. I feel like they get really tactical, which I love, so I probably listened to 2.5 episodes while on my walk. I love that podcast. 

I’m not working out today. Today Hobie is also home from the fire station. That actually means two things. 1) He can help with Cade, picking him up from football and getting him dinner tonight, which is always helpful, and 2) I want to find time to spend with him because when Hobie’s home it’s really important to him that I spend a little time not working and, of course, just hanging out with him. 

I get it. I want to do that as well. However, I kind of scheduled things in a way that’s going to make that really difficult. I gave you an update last night so you already know this, but I’m going in to my co-working space and spending three hours with Gina, who I work on this podcast with. 

We’re going to batch topics. I’ll tell you about that in a moment, what that looks like, but that means I’m leaving the house. After that I’m meeting with my team so I’m going to be gone for a while. Truth be told, that frustrates Hobie. 

He asks why I have to go away to the co-working space when he’s home. Why don’t I go when he’s not here? Ideally that is the situation. But as you likely know, being an entrepreneur, and if you have a family, friends, kids, dogs, and all that stuff, it doesn’t always work out as planned. 

Because I’m not the only one making these meetings and Gina has to show up, and she has a family as well, this was the only day we could do it. I’m bummed that Hobie’s going to be home and I’m going to be away from the house today but that just happens sometimes. 

He’s really cool with it. He’s understanding but he does get a little frustrated at times. I get it. So here’s the deal. I’m going to go into the co-working space. Gina and I are going to hash out some topics. Here’s how it looks. 

We rent a conference space. I say “rent” but it comes free because we get the co working space and we get extra perks. At CommonGrounds, where I do my co-working space, they’ve got these beautiful conference rooms with big white boards. It’s just perfect. 

We get in there and Gina comes to the table with some ideas. I come to the table with some ideas. We get our ideas for the podcast based on questions asked in my private Facebook group, plus podcasts each of us are listening to, books that each of us are reading, and just life experiences. 

Gina works with a lot of clients one on one. She helps them actually create their course so she gets a lot of great material we can work with being in the trenches like that. Then, of course, I get to meet people at events with networking situations so I get a lot of ideas from that as well. 

We come to the table with all of our ideas and hash it out. It takes three hours because we actually think of stories and examples and the actual lessons. What will happen is we will hash out each of the episodes and then Gina will leave. 

On her own time she will build out six really detailed outlines. Then we come back together a week later and go over the outlines together. I ask her questions. I talk about how we can move things around to make it a better flow, whatever that might be. 

I’m really, really involved but I don’t have to do it all myself. That’s going to happen today and then, as you know, I’m going to spend some time with my team. I have an idea brewing for a two-hour live workshop that I want to promote and sell for maybe January. I don’t know yet and I don’t want to get to into the particulars in case I decide not to do it. 

I will say I have a fun idea brewing and I know it’s a good idea because everyone I tell about it tells me I’ve got to do it. So I feel this is what my audience wants and I love the idea that it’s live. I do it online and it’s two hours and we literally get in the trenches and get some stuff done (me and the audience that I’m going to attract to this workshop). 

It is an idea I’ve got brewing and I want to talk to Chloe about it and see how we can make it work. Then I’m going to spend some time with my team in general at the co-working space because I don’t show up there everyday so I like to have lunch with them and I like to hang out and just see how everyone’s doing. 

With that a lot of times I could get sucked into it and spend a lot of time at the co-working space because we start thinking about ideas and “what about this,” and “what about that”? Then we dive into other things and I totally lose track of time. 

My goal today is to not lose track of time because I want to come home and spend some time with Hobie before Cade gets out of football. That’s my plan. Cross your fingers for me and I’ll talk to you soon. 

Tuesday Evening 

Okay. It’s Tuesday night. It’s much later than I had planned to record this. It’s almost 10 p.m. at night and that’s my bedtime. I go to bed at around 10 p.m. every night. I like to get eight hours of sleep and I’m kind of a stickler for that. 

The only times I stay up late is if we have a launch going on or if Cade has homework until really late. I hate when that happens but it’s rare. So I’m going to bed in a moment but I wanted to make this audio for you to wrap up the day. 

The day was really, really good. It went great. Gina and I had a great session together. I met with the girls in my office and we hashed out some things. I think I’m going to do the two- hour online live workshop. I want to share it with you so bad but I just need to wait a little bit longer to get it all figured out. 

I’m excited about that and I left there at a good time. I left there about 4:30. My plan was to come back here and record this and kind of fill you in. However, when I got home I thought I should put the computer away. I couldn’t record right now, “I’m going to spend some time with Hobie in the backyard while Scout runs around and plays because I haven’t seen my husband all day.” 

Like I said, he’s home today so I’ve got to make time. We just went in the backyard, had a little snack together, and hung out. It was really, really nice. I took a snapshot. I’ll put it in the show notes for you. I’m trying to take snapshots throughout the week so I can kind of show you the stuff I’m working on. 

None of the pictures are going to be super exciting because I don’t have the most exciting life, as you have probably started to see. But I like it. It’s my life and I like how simple it is. So here’s the deal. Before we went to bed we got dinner and then, while Cade was doing his homework, Hobie and I watched another episode of The Defiant Ones. 

Oh my gosh! Have you seen it yet? It is so incredibly well done. It’s with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, at least Season One of the Defiant Ones. It’s about how they got to the point where they came up with the idea of Beats By Dre. 

I don’t know anything about hip hop, I’m not going to pretend I do. However, I know a lot about Dr. Dre now and the story is fascinating. If you’re an entrepreneur, which many of you are, it just makes you feel like you could have an idea at any age and at any stage in your entrepreneurial experience and you never know where one thing might lead to another. 

I just thought the whole thing was fascinating. I’m actually not totally done with it. I think we have one more but I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. The Defiant Ones is a four- part series on HBO so you might have to hunt for it but it’s totally worth it. 

We watched that tonight but let me give you this a-ha moment that I had when I was at the office and then I’m going to wrap it up. When I was at the office I was feeling a little bit anxious after I met with Gina. 

When I was with Gina I was creating content. I was in my zone. That’s where I should be spending my time. It’s all good. But then I went in to meet with Chloe and then I met with some of the other girls on my team and I just started feeling anxious. 

I asked myself, “What is this feeling?” I realized it felt like I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing, like I was wasting time. Then I looked around and thought that spending time planning with my team is not wasting time. 

I kind of sat there and thought about it for a moment and then thought about it more on my ride home today. I realized when I’m creating content I know I’m in the right place and doing the right thing in my business because that’s where my biggest skill set is. That’s where I add the most value to the business. 

But I’m the leader of this team and I need to act as the visionary. Spending time with my team talking about the direction we’re going and planning the new stuff that we want to do is essential. That’s another piece of how I work inside my team, planning and collaborating with the team. 

There is one more thing I do, and I review a lot of stuff. Because I create a lot of stuff it then goes to my team and they edit it and make it sound good. They make it look good and then it comes back to me and I’m not reviewing for typos and mistakes but I look at everything before it goes out just to make sure the flow is there and to make sure the content is accurate in the way I want to put it out to all of you. 

I also want to make sure it’s on brand both in content, messaging, and aesthetics as well. There are basically three roles I play in my business. 1) The visionary, which I don’t do a lot of an am trying to get better at. Being the leader/visionary of the business means meeting with and collaborating with my team; 2) The content creator, and I think that’s where I am most comfortable and strongest; and, 3) I know it’s weird but I’ve got to oversee the end product. That’s important to me as well. 

I spend a few hours each week reviewing before stuff goes out so, I don’t know, at times I question if I should be doing this or if I should give it to someone else on the team. I never want to lose track of what’s actually being put out there. So no, I feel that’s a good use of my time. 

Those are three places I spend the most time. I guess I’m just realizing this now as I talk to you but another thing I do is spend a lot of time in what Michael Hyatt calls “front stage” where I’m doing live Q&As, making live videos on Facebook Live or Instagram Live or wherever, so I guess I need to add a fourth place of where I spend time in the business. 

I can’t even believe I didn’t think of this before, it is engaging with all of you and actually putting myself out there and making myself available through live Q&As and any other which way I get to interact with you guys. I guess that would be the four main areas of my business. 

I invite you to do the same. Kind of look at where you spend the most time in your business, where you need to be spending time, and just by kind of figuring that out today (it’s kind of loose because I haven’t really developed all of that content I just shared with you) but how I spend time in my business gives me permission to be present no matter where I am or what I’m doing in the business. 

I don’t feel like I should be doing something else. Get clear on the roles you play and then just be present and be there. It makes for such a better experience. Anyway, I just had that little a- ha moment. I was thinking about it on the way home and wanted to share it with you. 

There you have it. That was my day today. Tomorrow morning I’ll tell you about the three things I’m working on for Wednesday and I am going to bed. See you in the morning. Bye. 

Wednesday Morning 

It is Wednesday morning and it’s around 9 a.m. I’ve already done my morning ritual. I think you’re getting used to this setup, right? You know what to expect each of the mornings and each of the evenings. 

Today I had a workout with Jeff. I did my workout and I have to admit, I did not want to workout today. I don’t love working out and I hate to even admit that but it’s the truth. However, the fact that all I need to do is walk out to my garage and everything’s set up there in Hobie’s man cave, that’s where I do the workout. 

I know it’s just 30 minutes and I really enjoy Jeff, my trainer, so I enjoy working out with him. Then the fact that it’s over in 30 minutes and I am sore. The guy works me out well so once it’s over I’m always happy I do it. But that’s how workouts go. Sometimes you don’t want to do it but then when it’s over you feel great. 

This morning was one of those mornings that I felt I should tell him I’m not feeling well. Then I thought, “Shut up, Amy. Get out in the garage.” 

I’m glad I did it. Before I worked out I actually took Scout for a walk, big surprise, right? This morning I listened to a brand new podcast I’d never listened to before called Making Oprah. It was so good! This is going to be my new obsession, I just know it. 

It’s the story of how Oprah came to be back in the very beginning before she even got the talk show. You hear from other people that were involved. You hear about the challenges she’s had along the way. You hear from her directly. It’s brilliant so far. I’ve only gotten into a few episodes but I love it. So I highly recommend Making Oprah. 

Today, because last night I didn’t get to tell you what the day looks like, I’m going to finish the final slide deck for this pre-sell bonus I’ve been working on for my Webinars That Convert program. I’m going to get the slide deck done. 

I meant to do it a few days ago but I just didn’t have enough time. The plan is also to record three of the four training videos for the pre-sell bonus. I’m not going to do all four because I know I’m never going to have time to do it. 

I want to record three. Each of them are about 20 minutes and I want to edit them. When I edit, if I mess up in the video I just do a big pause. Then I pick up where I messed up. When I edit I just look for the pauses in the audio file that I’m working with. 

My assistant will actually listen to it to make sure I got all of the edits. I can go pretty quickly through the editing process although I know I shouldn’t be doing it. I know I should be hiring it out but I just haven’t figured that part out yet. 

I’m also going to do an Insta Live this week with Jasmine Star. This is something that was not planned at the beginning of the week but we’ve been talking about when Instagram allows two people to go on video together on Insta Live that we would do it. 

They recently rolled this out and Jasmine wanted to do it this week. I don’t like to plan anything when I’m recording videos but this is an opportunity I don’t want to pass up. Jasmine has a huge audience. I know my audience has been looking forward to me doing more live video. 

I thought to do it together would be really fun so I’m going to do that at noon today, which means I have to do hair and makeup. You men have it so good. Let me tell you. I’m going to get ready for that and that will take 45 minutes or so just to get cleaned up and ready to go. So that’s going to kind of break up my day. It’s not ideal but we’ll see how it goes. 

Oh! I messed up one thing. I have a nutritionist that I talk to a few times a month. For some reason I schedule a call today at 10 a.m. That’s a horrible time for me to do a personal call. It really cuts into my workday and really messes with my work flow. I try to make those meetings either on the weekend or anytime after 4 p.m. 

Pedicures, manicures, hair stylists, nutritionists, acupuncture…I try to do all of that later in the afternoon so it doesn’t cut up my day. If I have to drive somewhere to go to an appointment that has nothing to do with work it just gets me off my game so I really screwed up. 

I’m not sure when I had planned this meeting but it’s there. I did it. It wasn’t my assistant’s fault so I don’t want to cancel on my nutritionist so I’m going to show up. That is going to mess up my day just a little bit. We’ll see how it all goes down. I’ll check back with you tonight. See you soon. 

Wednesday Night 

Well hey there. It’s Wednesday evening and I’m just going to tell you I am dog tired today. I think I’ve just pushed a little bit too hard this week to get all of this content done for this bonus. Remember that white space I was hoping to find this week? Yeah, I haven’t found any of it. 

I’ve just been pushing myself to get the bonus done. It’s so hard when you own your own business. Maybe you can relate to this, you know if you just get this project done you could breathe a little bit easier and you could move on to the stuff that’s waiting for you. 

Sometimes we kill ourselves to get the project done and I feel this week I have been pushing myself a little too hard in terms of getting all of the slide decks done and getting all of the recordings and editing them. 

I’m sure you guys can’t hear it but it’s super loud to me that Scout is in my recording studio and he’s decided to scratch and scratch and scratch. I don’t know what he’s doing but it’s so loud. But I don’t think you guys can hear it. Anyway, it’s distracting to me. I’m also tired so I might be a little bit sensitive and agitated right now. 

Moving on to what happened today. I did get to finish another slide deck. I recorded three videos but I only had time to edit two. I am actively trying to hire for a content manager locally here in Carlsbad or in the surrounding areas. 

It’s hard to find someone locally, which is important to me because I want them to come to my house and I want them to come to the workspace so we can pitch and catch and work really closely. But they could definitely be helping me put these slide decks together and edit them when they are done. 

Right now I’m not there but I know if I want white space I’ve got to build up this team a little bit more. I never want a big team but I need a little extra support here. 

I also told you this morning I had an opportunity to do an Insta Live with Jasmine Star. Overall it went well. We got great feedback but my lighting was not good and I couldn’t figure out where to put the camera because I was using a tripod that wasn’t working well. 

Have you ever had one of those situations where lighting is bad, the camera feels funky to you and everything feels off? I felt that Jasmine looked angelic. Her lighting was perfect. She looked beautiful. She’s a beautiful girl, of course. 

Then you look at me and I look like a hot mess. I was sweating and, again, my lighting was terrible. Lindsay, my community manager, said, “Actually Amy, it didn’t look like that.” 

I don’t know if she was just being nice or being honest but I just felt off on the Insta Live so then, of course, for the next 20 minutes afterwards I beat myself up, “Why did you say this, “ or “Why didn’t you find better lighting?” 

I have those moments but the good thing is I can stop them pretty quickly. It’s like, “Come on Amy, you tried something new today. The technology was not perfect.” We actually lost the connection and had to jump back on. 

We’ve never used Insta Live with two people so it all felt really awkward and uncomfortable but at the end of the day I did something new. The next time I do it will be a whole lot easier so I’m going to let myself just have that and move on. 

Tonight I’m going to run some errands. Now that I’ve finished my work day I’m going to run out and do some errands. Truth be told, I have a personal assistant, Stacy, who works for me every Tuesday. Every Tuesday she comes to the house. I have a list of things I need her to do like run to the cleaners, run to get groceries, pay bill, random stuff like getting glass on top of my industrial-looking desk. 

She will measure it and go figure out how to get the glass and all that stuff. It’s stuff that would just take me forever when I’m busy and feeling pulled in a million directions. She’s been with me almost three years now. She’s amazing. 

I don’t have to run a bunch of errands and that’s great. If I could stay organized and get her a list of stuff on Tuesday then I’m good to go. But a girl needs to run to Target sometimes. Can you relate? 

So tonight I’m going to run to Target and do some stuff that I didn’t have Stacy do this week and just kind of take care of that. I will be running some errands tonight. Again, I told you my life is not very glamorous but it is what it is. 

When I get back I’ve got to pick up Cade from football. I’m going to get dinner on the table and then I am going to go on my sauna. I wanted to go into the sauna three times this week and this is the first time I’m getting there. It’s such a bummer. 

I love my sauna. I did an Instagram story on it when I first got it. It’s from Sunlighten Saunas. I’ll link to it in the show notes if you want to check it out. I love my sauna. It’s a place I can meditate and get quite. I need that today because I feel a little bit agitated and tired. 

I’m going to take care of myself tonight. That is my goal. I’ll see you in the morning. 

Thursday Morning 

Good morning. I had a great night’s sleep. Last night I was tired and agitated and what fixed all of that was a good sauna session and a trip to Target. That could always cheer up a girl. So I took care of myself last night and I’m feeling good this morning. 

However, it’s 10 a.m. and I like to start my work day around 9 a.m. as you know by now. But here’s what happened. I did my whole morning routine. Everything went well. I took Scout for a walk. I listened to the Oprah podcast, Making Oprah, that’s the podcast I listened to again because it’s so fricking good. Then I came home and had a workout session with Jeff, which went really well. 

My thighs are burning. That’s too much information. Anyway…Then Hobie came home from the fire station. One thing my husband loves more than anything is to grab a cup of coffee with me, sit on the couch, turn the TV off, and just chat and catch up, especially because we haven’t seen each other for over 24 hours. 

He loves that time in the morning and because I’m so business, business, business, move forward, move forward, move forward it’s sometimes hard for me to sit in the morning and just chat with my husband. 

I know that sounds horrible but sometimes it’s really tough when I know I have a full day. However, you know that book, Love Languages? You can take a quiz and find out what your love language is. Hobie’s love language is the one about spending time with people. I forget the exact term it’s called but it’s quality time or something like that. 

I know this about my husband and I want to make sure I give him that time. I tend to love it once I’m sitting there and am really getting into a great conversation with him. But that actually threw me off this morning. 

We sat and drank coffee for about 30 minutes. We had a great conversation and then I ended up getting everything else ready for the morning then running upstairs and starting my day. So I’m an hour off but that’s okay. Hobie’s worth it. My marriage is worth it. And, I have a business where I get to choose when I work and what I do. I sometimes forget that I am the boss. 

I do have flexibility. Sometimes I’m so rigid regardless of the fact that I can make my own schedule. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. As for what I’m working on today, I am going to finally finish the pre-sell bonus training, finish recording and editing, and be done with it. 

I have to admit I get to a point in content creation that I’m just done. I want it off my plate. I don’t want to be working on it anymore. But that’s the time you have to push through. A lot of times people don’t finish stuff because they reach the point where I am and are done with it. You’ve done all the fun, creative stuff with it. 

Now it’s the stuff I just have to get done and over with. That’s where a lot of people think they will do it another day. I do not allow myself to do that because then there is always an open loop. So I’m going to push through. Today I’m going to get it done and then we’ll stop talking about it. Deal? 

Once I get that done I do want to work on the Webinars That Convert free master class adding more testimonials, some new content, and adding the bonus into that automated webinar so that I can get it into evergreen again. 

Then I have the trifecta call between my business partner and Chloe, my project manager. We will have a 30-minute check-in call to make sure everything is moving along smoothly. That’s my morning. I’m crossing my fingers I have a great day. I’ll meet you back here tonight. Bye for now. 

Thursday Evening 

Hey there. Welcome back. It’s Thursday evening. I’m just going to tell you this day did not go as planned. I literally had the desire to sit on the couch and watch Real Housewives all day. I didn’t technically do that although I did do it a little bit. I just wasn’t in the mood to work today. 

I’m not proud of that. I’m just going to tell you what happens in my life. Sometimes I feel anxious or overwhelmed or tired of the projects I working on and I don’t want to do it. I found myself kind of being a little bit of a brat, “I don’t want to do it. No, no, no, no, no!” 

That’s kind of how I was talking to myself in my head, which is not productive, I know. I snapped myself out of it, for sure. But there were just moments I thought it was going to be a big, fat, wasted day. Then I thought about all of you and I thought I couldn’t jump on tonight and tell you I did nothing today. 

I just didn’t want that to happen. It’s kind of like when you’re food journaling and you do not want to write that you ate that cupcake so you don’t eat it. I guess you could lie and say you didn’t eat it but if we’re being honest you don’t want to write it down so you don’t do it. 

That’s kind of what happened today. Imagine if I reported back every single day to all of you how good that accountability would be for me. I got my butt off the couch and got my work done. Around noon or one today I was just burned out and didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to watch Real Housewives and eat lunch. 

I did that a little longer than I would like to admit. Then I was like, “Okay, Amy. Get up. You’re not reporting back that you did nothing today.” 

The good news is I got most of the bonus program done. Are you so sick of hearing about the bonus I’ve been working on all week? Yeah. I’m sick talking about it. Hence, I wanted to sit on the couch and not work on it today. 

I knew I was in a crucial place where the fun, creative, innovative side of creating content was done with this bonus. I already created all of the content and slide decks. I even recorded most of it. Now it was the final recording and editing and that’s where I didn’t want to do it. 

That’s where you just have to finish. I do not like open loops. I know I would have a big one if I didn’t get my act together and get my butt off the couch today. That’s what I did. I’m almost done. I may have to work on it a little next week but I’m not even going to talk to you about it anymore because I’m pretty sure you’re sick of hearing about it. 

I wanted to share one quick thing with you. I was on Instagram while I was wasting time today not wanting to work. I saw Tim Ferriss do a sneak peek of his book that’s coming out called The Tribe of Mentors. By the time this episode airs I am sure it will be out so I’ll link to it in the show notes. 

He gave a sneak peek and it was a quote by Rabbi Sacks. This is what the Rabbi said, “The single most important distinction in life is to distinguish between an opportunity to be seized and a temptation to be resisted.” 

This is a great life lesson, but especially as an entrepreneur, especially a really creative entrepreneur that I’m guessing you are where you have tons of ideas and things you want to work on. What I love about this quote is that when you look at the big picture you really do need to be careful about the opportunities to be seized versus the temptations to be resisted. 

A lot of my entrepreneurial friends that are struggling in this space right (this is normal because we all struggle at one point or another) are not resisting the temptation and are working on things they shouldn’t be working on that are just wasting their time. I see it every single day. 

On a more specific level, today I was also playing around with the evergreen webinar. Remember I said I wanted to put some new testimonials in there and update the bonus and all that good stuff? I got in there and I thought, “I hate the branding! I want to change the branding of this webinar.” 

I thought I could do some new examples “here” and teach it differently “here”. Then I had to resist the temptation. The webinar converts well. I do not have the time to change it up. That’s not what today was meant to be about. It was just about updating it in small spaces. 

My team is waiting for me to get that done so they can put it back on evergreen. If I want to rework the entire evergreen webinar I can but that needs to be at a later date when I book the time and actually communicate with my team. 

I had to resist today in terms of dabbling with an evergreen webinar that I should not have been touching at that level. I just wanted to share it with you because it was kind of an a-ha moment for me. 

Here’s the deal. I had a little bit of an off day. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I wanted to sit on the couch, as I shared with you. But I did push myself forward because I didn’t want to show up here and tell you I didn’t do my work. 

Thank you for keeping me accountable. I will also tell you that tonight I’m going to have dinner with my boys. I’m also going to go to acupuncture. I do that once a week and absolutely love it to manage stress and to have some quiet time in my head. I go to acupuncture every week, usually on Thursday night. 

I am on my way there right now. I cannot wait to talk to you again tomorrow morning. It’s our final day of reporting. I’ll see you there. 

Friday Morning 

We made it. We made it to the final day of the week. It’s Friday morning. I’m feeling good. Again, I remind you I’m a morning person. I think you’ve noticed at night time I’m not as chipper or excited. It’s Friday morning and today’s special. 

I actually have to cut my morning ritual down every Friday morning because this is the day we call video day. Every Friday I go live inside my Courses That Convert private Facebook group for an hour on video with Facebook Live. I answer all of my students’ questions that they have come up with throughout the week. 

We troubleshoot. I answer questions. I give them a little taste of stuff I’m working on if it applies to their program they are creating. It’s a great time for me to connect with my students. I do that in Courses That Convert and Webinars That Convert every single week, give or take a few weeks if I’m traveling or if something comes up. 

Every other week I also go live in my List-Builder’s Lab private Facebook group. That program is less expensive. It doesn’t come with as many perks. However, I do still want to connect with them. Something new that I’ve added over the last few months is to jump in live for a full hour every other Friday in that group. 

Today I have all three groups. That means three hours of live Q&A. We actually ask for questions in advance. Lindsay, my community manager, will jump in the groups a few days in advance and say, “If you’ve got a question for Amy post it below.” 

She compiles all of those questions into a Google doc for me. If she wants to offer some insight to the question Lindsay will add some notes. She will actually help me answer them in advance. Of course I always leave time for live questions. But I like to get all the questions in advance and get a little bit organized. 

That’s how we do our live Q&A on Friday video day. The morning is cut short because I go live at 9 a.m. I have to do some stuff before I go live like a blow out at Dry Bar. This is a must, right ladies? Every Friday I try to get a blow out so I don’t have to do my own hair. 

That might sound a little bit extravagant. However, I want you to hear me out here. Every Friday I go live on video. Video is not something that comes completely natural to me. You guys know my struggles with video, right? 

I did an entire episode about my struggle with video. I’ll link to it in the show notes if you haven’t already heard it. It’s only nine minutes. I talk about my weight. That’s all I’ll say to it because we’re not going to get into it here. 

Because video is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done I like to make it a little extra fun. If that means every Friday morning I get a blow out so that my hair looks great on video, by all means, I’m going for it. That’s my little treat to start the morning off right. 

My appointment is 7 a.m. at Dry Bar in Del Mar, which is about 25 minutes from my house. I’ve got to start the morning early. I leave for Dry Bar at 6:30 a.m. I get my blow out for an hour. I’m back at the house by 8:30. I go live on video at 9 a.m. so it’s a quick morning. 

Poor little Scouty doesn’t get a walk on Friday mornings but I always give him one later in the afternoon. After my three hours of live video I don’t do much. Once I’m done around 1 p.m., if I have three videos like I do today, I don’t plan a lot of stuff afterwards. 

I’m tired. My mind needs a break and I start the weekend early. I like to start the weekend off around 1 or 2 p.m. on Friday and that makes it extra fun as well. So Fridays are good days for me. They are different than everything I’ve done. 

I need a break from creating content. I need to connect with my students. I need to be front stage, as Michael Hyatt says. So that’s what I’m doing today. I’ll report back when it’s over. See you soon. 

Friday Evening 

Well, we are on our final audio snippet so I can wrap up the week. First of all, thank you for going on this journey with me. I was a little bit afraid, if I’m going to be really honest, that you would think my week was super boring. 

Does the girl ever do anything? Just for the record, I go to wine hour with my girlfriends sometimes and we have tickets to Hamilton, the musical, in LA coming up. Hobie and I do date night. That stuff happens. But not all the time. 

This was a week where I was home all week. There was no travel. I had a really big project I needed to get done…The bonus, which you’ve heard about a million times now. I also didn’t want to be running here or there and doing a bunch of stuff. 

When I’m creating content I do need my mornings and evenings to be pretty simple so I have the focus and energy during the day to actually get the content done. 

I guess I just want to invite all of you to do you. Do your week as you see fit, how you want it. I don’t think we can worry about what everyone else thinks about our week. The weird thing, where it’s hard for me to get vulnerable is that I wouldn’t worry about what other people think about my week except for the fact that I just took you along all week and shared stuff that I’ve never shared before. 

It was nothing earth shattering but some stuff is kind of personal to me. That’s where it starts to feel a little “scratchy.” It starts to feel a little scratchy when you share stuff and I think that people are going to think I have the most boring life. For the record, I don’t. 

I love my life. I have some stuff I need to work on like piling it all in to a calendar and working my buns off and feeling totally depleted at the end of the week. I don’t feel depleted. It’s Friday evening. I’m getting ready to go into my weekend. It’s actually Friday around 2 p.m. so I’m ending, like I said, early because I’ve done all my videos. 

That went well. It was fun. I got to connect with everybody. People were sharing with me that they are coming to my live event in early December so it was fun to hear to was coming and all that good stuff. I got what I needed in terms of connecting. I wanted to do that and I think my students got what they needed in terms of connecting with the person teaching them how to build their business. 

That was a huge win. But at the end of the week I could say I don’t feel totally depleted. I wish I had more white space. I did get my workouts in, if we talk about what I said on Sunday, I wanted to get my workouts in. I did. 

I didn’t get all three saunas in. I only did one and that’s a bummer. I didn’t make it a priority. I was great with no gluten and no sugar so I feel good. My acupuncture appointment was awesome so that was helpful. And I got a whole heck of a lot of new content done. 

Overall it’s a win. I wish there was more white space. Next week I’m going to look at my calendar and make sure. I’m literally going to have to take some stuff off the calendar to make sure there is white space but this week I feel pretty good. 

Like I mentioned earlier in the other audio segment, this was very eye opening in terms of how I feel and in terms of how I talk about different things in my business and how I get to the end and am “done” with a project. That’s very normal for me so I’ve got to be very careful in terms of not getting burned out but actually getting it done. 

There are so many lessons that I’ve learned along the way. I hope you’ve enjoyed coming on this journey with me just to kind of come behind the curtain and do stuff, how I work everything out, how I get things set up, and how I get down to business. That was my hope for this episode. 

I appreciate you coming on the journey with me and I cannot wait to see you again next week. Next week, Episode #192, I am going to be sharing the theme I’ve selected for the year, the theme I’m literally going to tattoo on my brain and say out loud every single day and share with my team. 

In that episode I share with you a quiz I took around being a business owner and the role I play in my business and how, in my mind, I pretty much failed this quiz that I should have done really well in terms of how I operate in my business and show up and what kind of leader I am. 

I did not do well on this quiz and I want you to take the quiz as well so I’m going to talk about it next week. I’m going to share with you what I am doing to get better in this area. It’s a good episode and I’m excited to share it with you. 

I am switching gears, very different than the episode I’ve done here, but there you have it. Also, I’m well aware that if you’re listening to this in a timely way that this is the end of the year. Next week’s episode is going to be the first one of the New Year so I just want to thank you for listening to my podcast, allowing me to come into your world through your ear buds (hopefully every single week) to share my tips, tricks and strategies for building a business and a life that you absolutely love and are proud of. 

Thank you for going on this journey with me. I cannot wait to share so many new insights and strategies with you in the New Year. Good luck in all you do and I’ll see you next week. Bye for now. 

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