Transcript: The Three Do’s and Three Don’ts for Entrepreneurs In-the-Making with Rachel Hollis

April 5, 2018

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AMY PORTERFIELD: Welcome back to another episode of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield. Today we are talking the three do’s and don’ts for entrepreneurs in the making.

One thing I know for sure is that the fear of not being good enough is a tough feeling to shake. If you struggle with this one it tends to show up in many places and way too often.

I don’t know if it will ever completely go away but I am proof that you can silence that voice considerably. So if the fear of not being good enough or that you’re not doing enough or that you’re not doing it right comes up for you then this is the show for you.

In this episode I’m going to introduce you to a powerhouse named Rachel Hollis. Rachel manages a lifestyle website with almost two million readers each year.

She has more than 800,000 actively engaged followers on social media and as CEO of Chic Media she’s formed partnerships with major companies like Sprint, Cover Girl, Walmart, and Target to create inspiring, obtainable, digital content for women and moms of all types and ages.

Her new book is Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Are Meant to Be. You’ve got to love that title, right?

Rachel attracts a female audience but for you gentlemen I feel this episode will still ring true for you and be valuable as you work on strengthening your mindset as an entrepreneur.

I wanted to invite Rachel to talk about the pressures we all face as mothers and fathers and husbands, wives, employees, and of course, entrepreneurs. I wanted her to talk about how to break through some of those major fears that we are constantly up against as we put ourselves out there on social media and in videos and everything else we do to build our online business.

I titled this episode “The Three Do’s and Three Don’ts for Entrepreneurs in the Making.” I said “entrepreneurs in the making” because I know that many of you, when you’re being really honest and maybe just talking to yourself and nobody else, you don’t always completely see yourself as a full-fledged entrepreneur just yet.

You might still have a day job or you might not be making enough money to sustain yourself or to support a family yet. Saying you’re an entrepreneur might feel like a stretch at times.

I’m here to tell you that you’re an entrepreneur. You’re showing up, you’re building your business online, you’re working hard toward a really major goal, and you are legit so I want you to own it.

There is my little pep talk for you before we even bring Rachel on.

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I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s go ahead and bring on Rachel.

AMY: Rachel, thank you so much for coming on the show. I genuinely appreciate it.

RACHEL: Thank you so much for having me.

AMY: Of course. Before we jump in, for my listeners who are new to you, tell me a little bit about who you are and what you’re all about.

RACHEL: I am Rachel Hollis. What I am all about, I’m super passionate about inspiring and motivating other women to live into who they dream of becoming. I actually got my start in business over a decade ago. I was an event planner here in Los Angeles.

I started a blog as a way to market the event planning company and that blog slowly got some traction and attention and I have just kind of followed this organic growth building an online community of women all over the world.

It has really grown with me as I’ve grown into being a woman and a mom and CEO. That’s what I’m all about. I love hanging out with other women online. I love the idea that you are allowed to be whoever you dream and aspire to be.

I like guys too and I have some guy listeners, Amy.

AMY: I have a lot of gentlemen on the show so we are going to talk about some principles that will relate to them as well.

RACHEL: Absolutely. But I just secretly love my girlfriends so that’s what I’m all about.

AMY: Awesome. Let’s talk about this first principle. It is a huge don’t in the online world. It’s about comparing yourself to other people. Don’t #1: Don’t look at what other people are doing. Talk to me about this one.

RACHEL: I think this is really interesting for anybody that lives in the digital space because so often you are looking at what other people are doing. You are looking at what competitors are doing or like-minded brands are putting out as a way to get inspiration or know what’s trending.

I think that’s fantastic and a great way to start your social journey. But, it can really easily lead you to think that you shouldn’t even try, that you’re never going to be as good as their feed is or their work is or that someone else has already done it.

I think a lot of times when we look outside of ourselves and begin to compare it stops us right in our tracks. I think if you find yourself doing that then the best thing you can do is stop consuming other people’s feeds for a while and just focus on what you do really well, what you’re really passionate about, and what you know can add the most value to your customers.

AMY: That’s so very true. I love it. You say, “Comparison is the death of joy.”

RACHEL: Yes, because honestly I think every time you look for anything it takes the power away from you. It takes the joy away from what you are building and I always love the saying, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”

I am sure you get this too, often times I’ll have young women send me notes saying they wish they could have a business like mine or that they wish they could write a book or they wish, “But I’ll never be.”

I’m like, girl, I have been doing this for 12 years. This is 12 years of work to get to this place. Don’t compare my 12 years in with your very first step in this direction.

AMY: That’s so very true. I say it all the time and I love that. I personally resonate with this next don’t, especially in my early years, but even still today some of the time. Don’t #2: Don’t let others make you feel guilty about taking time for your business.

With me, it’s not that my family makes me feel guilty, I actually genuinely feel guilty when Hobie’s home from the fire station and I’m working all day or I miss a wrestling tournament because I have to go to a live event or whatever it might be.

There is a lot of guilt there but is this one just about how others actually make you feel guilty or do you make yourself feel guilty as well?

RACHEL: The thing that I can compare this to best, because I think the guilt shows up most often for working parents (men and women), we miss those opportunities and then we feel the sense of shame about what we did and didn’t do.

I have realized in my career as both a worker and a mother is that guilt doesn’t serve me in any way. It doesn’t serve my children in any way. It actually just makes things worse because now in that time I am spending with them I am beating myself up or am thinking that I’m not enough or I’m going through this list in my head.

I had this epiphany a few years ago where I questioned what if I was exactly the mother they are supposed to have? What if I am exactly the wife he is supposed to be partnered with? What if I am exactly who I am supposed to be and I am wasting this energy fighting myself on all of the things I am not?

It doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t help you. So I think if you can more fully live into the really incredible thing to build a business it’s something to be proud of. I think that we all know our limit.

You know if you’re spending too much time at work. But if it’s just that you have to work today, and sometimes in life we have to work and we miss out on other opportunities, I don’t think it serves you to rake yourself over the coals for that.

AMY: I never thought of it that way, what if I’m exactly what my stepson Cade needs in his life and I’m meant to be or exactly the wife that will light Hobie up and all of my insecurities and my issues and weaknesses and all of it is exactly what he needs? That’s a really cool way of looking at it.

RACHEL: Yeah. It was a really profound moment in my life. I went to a conference a few years ago and had this epiphany. I grew up in the church so there is a lot that wraps around women and faith and who you’re supposed to be.

For me, I had an epiphany like, “Oh my gosh! What if God made me this way?” What if this is exactly the mom and wife and friend and daughter? What if these boys need to see a woman as a CEO and an entrepreneur? What if that will inspire them to become whoever they are going to become instead of “What if being a working mom means that I’m going to mess them up?”

What if it’s the opposite?

AMY: So cool. I love that. We’re moving on to our final don’t. Don’t #3: Don’t feel like other people are in charge of your dreams. What do you mean by this one?

RACHEL: The hilarious thing is I was working out today and I actually have a t-shirt on that my staff made me which says, “Nobody cares about your dream.” I love the idea that our dreams are fully ours to own and manifest and build on.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most supportive partner in business or life or if your parents are super supportive of you, if you are hoping someone else is going to make your dream a reality you will be disappointed.

Nobody ever can love it and care about it the way that you can. You are the one that’s going to have to get up early. You are the one that’s going to have to put in the hours after the kids are in bed. You are the one that has to choose this over and over and over.

Don’t let anybody be in charge of your dreams. Also, one of the best things I’ve ever heard years ago, someone said not to let someone in the cheap seats have an expensive opinion in your life.

AMY: So good!

RACHEL: Right? Don’t let someone who is not in here fighting for this every single day make you feel any certain way about who or what you are. These are your dreams and I believe the fire in our hearts and bellies is the possibilities manifesting in us.

If you just step into that and live into who it is you’re meant to be I think you will blow yourself away.

AMY: You have a great story of being a fighter and pushing forward no matter what with your first book. Tell us about that.

RACHEL: I was an event planner here in Los Angeles and I had an agent reach out about writing a book. I am a huge book nerd so it’s a life-long dream. I wrote my first fiction book about the years I spent as a celebrity wedding planner.

As you do with a book, we sent it to every publisher on the planet and every single one turned it down. Every single one said, “It’s sweet but nobody will buy this.”

The very last day that the very last publisher called and said they weren’t interested I sobbed on my bathroom floor. It was literally the ugliest cry you’ve ever seen. My dreams were over. This childhood thing will never come true.

I cried for about 30 minutes and I legitimately picked myself up off the bathroom floor, went to the kitchen, poured a glass of wine, and I Googled, “How do you self publish a book?”

I self published my first book and one person told another who told another who passed it to a friend and six months later, when it had become an Amazon bestseller on its own through word of mouth, a publisher called and asked if they could buy the book and turn it into a series.

It launched my publishing career and two weeks ago I just released my sixth book. I always tell that story because I like to remind people that even the experts don’t get to tell you what your dreams can be.

If I had listened to every expert in the field that book would still be sitting on my computer. I wouldn’t be where I am today with a career in publishing. I mean, if you can’t go in through the front door find a window, slip down the chimney, but keep trying.

Most of success is that you’re the one who keeps showing up.

AMY: That’s so very true. Keep showing up. I love that. Now we are going to move into the Do’s. Do #1: Look for a community that will build you up. I talk a lot about this. You need to find your tribe.

In fact, I did an entire episode about collaborations I’ve done in the past. Tell me what this one means to you.

RACHEL: For me, I love the saying that you’re the combination of the five people you hang out with most. This is true for life. This is true for your friendships, your health, your marriage.

If you hang out with people where you are the smartest one in your group of friends, if you’re the most ambitious one in your group of friends, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

If you’re the most ambitious of your friends nobody’s pulling you up. Nobody’s helping you get to the next level. I constantly try to challenge myself to make sure I am in community with like-minded people.

For me, this manifests as being an entrepreneur and CEO as a woman, there aren’t a lot of people I get to hang out with and talk to.

I strive really hard for friendships with other women in similar positions, especially if they are working moms so there is someone I can connect with who will talk me through the hard times and also pull me up to the next level.

I think it’s interesting. Sometimes we hear this stuff like, “You need to find your tribe,” or, “You need to make sure you’re looking for your community.” It’s like, where in the world do I find that?

The two things I would say on this point are 1) A lot of my girlfriends and friends in this position in my life don’t live in my town. They are people I’ve met through social media. We trade emails. We send text messages.

It’s not about someone you get to hang out with and have coffee every week. It’s someone you can have a brain trust with and bounce ideas off of. The other thing I will say is that when I was younger in my career I would hear, “Find a mentor, find a mentor,” all the time.

I wanted to know where the mentor tree was. Where does that exist? I don’t know how to find a mentor and am really struggling. I have been blessed in my career. I think I have some of the most amazing mentors on the planet and they don’t know I exist.

Dave Ramsey and Tony Robbins and Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah, anybody who I can gain wisdom from through podcasts and YouTube videos and books at the local library. There is so much wisdom online. You don’t need to actually know these people to immerse yourself in their world and learn from their wisdom.

AMY: That’s so true, so true. I love these really tactical habits and suggestions people can apply so let’s move on. Do #2: Install daily habits to emphasize your goals. Tell me about that one.

RACHEL: I’m a list maker.

AMY: Amen sister.

RACHEL: I like a bullet journal. But one of the things that I have changed in the last year, instead of writing down my goals I write down my big, crazy 12 audacious goals. I write them as if they have already happened.

By the way, I write them down every single day. Every single day my journal has the 12 things I’m working toward as if they have already happened. My example of this was for two years I would write in my journal, “I only fly First Class.”

This, by the way, was when I was in a middle seat on Southwest in coach. I don’t know if you have to travel…

AMY: It’s the worst seat in the house.

RACHEL: Right? You are so tired. It was just that I wanted to make enough money or to be a speaker that was in such demand that people were willing to put me in the nice seats. For two years I wrote that down every day.

I was writing it as if it had already happened. Your brain can’t see any obstacles. It’s like, alright, this is where we’re going. Your brain will just figure out how to get you there.

I will tell you this today, this is super obnoxious, but I only fly First Class.

AMY: Amen, I love it.

RACHEL: That was one of my goals. I love the idea of just big audacious dreams. I write them down every single day so that I remember what it is I’m working toward and why we’re doing the things we’re doing in the hopes of these dreams for myself.

AMY: This is so good, this whole idea of manifesting. I love this conversation. Can you give me one more tip or strategy you use for manifesting?

RACHEL: I’ll tell you another one that I have never talked about. I am a huge fan of the Ramsey organization. I don’t know if you know Dave Ramsey.

AMY: So funny. Yes, I just hired my community manager. She came from Ramsey so yes, I’m very familiar.

RACHEL: They are the best. I have had the chance to go to their conferences. They are just operating at the highest level. I admire them so much. I’m a big public speaker so when I went to my first Dave Ramsey conference I said I was going to speak on the stage.

I’m not going to speak on the one-day event. I’m not going to speak on the Business Boutique, which is for women in business. I love Christy Wright but I was going to speak on Dave Ramsey’s stage.

For a year and a half, every day, I have written down, “I speak on Dave Ramsey’s stage.”

AMY: This is so good.

RACHEL: I write this down every day and then I thought, “How do you get there?” I knew I would need to make friends with people who work there. I am going to need to know whoever is booking those speakers. I am going to need to be on every podcast that Dave Ramsey has.

Now, anyone who works for Dave Ramsey is like, “That’s why Rachel has been hanging out with us so much.”

I have done their podcast. I am like, let me add the most value to your life and let me keep reminding you of what an incredible speaker I am.

I am so passionate about this because I go to a ton of business conferences and there are nine guys on stage and one woman. I am vehement about the idea it’s hard for you to know you can be something if you never see it.

For me, the idea of speaking on Dave Ramsey’s stage or speaking on Tony Robbins’ stage or speaking on all of these men who are in business is because they don’t put women there.

I want the women in the audience like myself to know anything is possible. That’s my why. I write it down every day. I will tell you what, I’m getting closer to speaking on Dave Ramsey’s stage.

When I do I am going to show 700 journal entries, fast forward in a video, of how many times I wrote this down. That’s another thing people don’t understand, how long it takes to build a dream.

The idea of doing something audacious and believing you are capable of something great does not happen overnight. That is not a quick thing. That’s my thing I’m currently manifesting.

When you see me speak on that stage you will be like, “Wow, she sure did write that down every day.”

AMY: That’s so good. When it happens I’ve got to have you send me a text so that I can give you a shout out on the podcast.

RACHEL: I will, absolutely.

AMY: I love it. One more thing I’ll say about that is your “why” for wanting to speak on that stage is so good with the fact that you know there is one woman out of all of those men that are on stage and you’re passionate about getting up there and showing it’s possible.

Also, I love that you don’t just journal about it. That is huge and it’s a big part of it but you’re out there getting on the podcast and making friends with the right people and networking.

It takes both and it’s awesome that you talk about that.

RACHEL: I would tell you that every piece of success I’ve had in my career is because I wrote down a goal and worked backwards from the goal. If you someday want to be here what are the ten steps that are between you and the goal? What can you work on right now today that will take you one inch closer?

AMY: Good. Get into action. I always talk about that.

That is awesome stuff. I love it. But, I really like this final Do that we are going to talk about. Do #3: Choose to make the time. I bring this one up and want you to talk about it because I often have my students ask, “Amy, how am I supposed to make business a priority and build a side hustle into a full-time job when I already have a full-time job?”

They have a wife that needs them, they’ve got three kids, they have a sick mom at home. They don’t have time to build a business. Your Do #3 is to choose to make the time and I love this one so please break it down.

RACHEL: I have four children and if anyone’s wondering it’s the same as having 1,000 children. I have a full-time staff of 12. We have some of the biggest brands ever as our clients. I work full time. I travel a ton.

I decided five years ago that books were going to be a priority for me. It is incredibly time consuming and the number one question is how I find time to write. My answer is always that I get up at 5 a.m. every single day.

You may have to sacrifice some of the things you like doing, like sleep, in order to pursue your dream.

The other question I always ask people when they say they don’t have time is to tell me about Game of Thrones last season or tell me about This Is Us. I sound like such a jerk but I haven’t watched TV in eight years.

You have to choose. Success is about choosing between what you want right now and what you want most.

AMY: Say that one more time.

RACHEL: Success is about choosing between what you want right now and what you want most. What you want right now is that you want to watch TV. What you want right now is to go have cocktails with your friends.

What you want most, if that’s really what you want, you have to live your life with the intention that is going to be manifest. You have to live every single day working toward the goal. Otherwise, you’re just talking about it.

If you tell me you don’t have time I’m going to challenge you. I’m going to tell you you’re not allocating your time in the right way. But you’re a mom? Find a way to bring your children on business trips.

I find a way to incorporate them into the day. I find a way to go away on my lunch break and hang out with my five year old. There are ways you can do this so that you can win.

I’m going to slowly move down off the soap box. There are so many things that talk about work/life balance. I think that sort of exists as this idea of what we can and can’t do and we’re not living up in certain ways.

The truth is I’m really into the idea that you can be excellent at home in your personal life and you can be excellent at your work. The way you’re excellent at both of the things and you find joy in both of those things is that you actually like doing both of them.

When people feel out of balance I think it’s because there is an area in their life, either personal or work, that’s really suffering. If you hate your job you’re never going to feel balanced.

I love what I do. I feel it’s the biggest blessing on the planet that I get to do this work. I wake up every day feeling like, “Man! How did I get here? This is so fantastic. How do I keep living in a way that everybody is prospering in this space?”

That always feels balanced. That always feels centered. You can make the time for anything that you’re aspiring. Maybe it’s your relationship, your marriage, or your work. But you’ve got to choose it. You’ve got to stop talking about all the things you want and actually start making moves that prove that.

If I audited your calendar and audited your life right now what would I see? Would I see you living out the person you want to be or if it all just talk?

AMY: Ending this podcast episode with a little tough love is not a bad thing.

RACHEL: I am the queen of tough love. I say it all the time. I do not want to be your cheerleader. I want to be your coach. A coach sees there is something in you that you may not see in yourself and challenges you to fight for it. That is the friend I want to be to you.

AMY: So perfect, and such a great way to wrap it up. Where can listeners learn more about you and your new book?

RACHEL: The book is called Go Wash Your Face and this one is for women. If your male readers are just dying to get inside a woman’s mind you can pick it up but this is for the ladies. It is available at Amazon and Target and Barnes & Noble.

My favorite social platform is Instagram, for sure and I am MsRachelHollis over there.

AMY: Awesome. We’ll link to all of it in the show notes. Rachel, thank you so much for coming on the show. I can’t wait for my audience to dive in and learn even more about you.

RACHEL: Oh thank you so much for having me Amy. I super appreciate it.

AMY: There you have it. I hope you enjoyed this interview with Rachel as much as I have. I really loved that she shared some of those gritty truths that we tend not to vocalize but know that we’re thinking and feeling.

She brought them to the forefront and I’m so glad we got to discuss those and break them down.

Don’t forget that this episode is brought to you by my free master class, The Ultimate List-Building Catch-Up Plan. If you are not list building yet or if it’s something that keeps being put on the back burner now is the time.

Sign up for my free master class to learn what it takes to get your list-building platform in place. Go to to get signed up right away. I can’t wait to see you there and I can’t wait to see you next week.

Have a wonderful week and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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