Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

#680: Experiencing Content Creation Burnout? 5 Powerful Strategies I Swear By

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#680: Experiencing Content Creation Burnout? 5 Powerful Strategies I Swear By


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AMY PORTERFIELD: Welcome back to another episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield, and I am thrilled that you are here with me today.

Today we’re going to dig into some list-building strategies. However, I’ve got a twist for you. We’re going to talk about list building on YouTube. In fact, we’re going to talk about something even more specific, building an evergreen list-building machine onYouTube.

When I say evergreen I mean something that’s going to happen over and over again automatically. You don’t have to hustle so hard to build your email list. If you’re anything like me and you heard the word “YouTube” you might be thinking, “No, no, no. This one’s not for me. This is about video, in fact, this is about YouTube. I’m not using YouTube that much,” and you don’t do a lot of video.

Listen, stay with me here. As I interviewed my guest, Sunny Lenarduzzi, a YouTube boss (let me tell you the girl knows her stuff), I started to think, “Wow, this is incredibly doable.”

You know my goal is to do more video. I have been doing more and more of it and I’m encouraging you to get out in front of that camera and make sure you’re showing your face and are inviting your audience in at a more personal level by creating videos that are real and transparent.

You can really show your personality as well as teach people what you know, teach them what they need to know in order to get results or in order to transform, or whatever you might do.

I don’t want you to dismiss video and I sure as heck don’t want you to think that just because you don’t have a huge YouTube following that this list-building strategy is not for you.

Those are all my disclaimers. I have a lot of great stuff to cover with Sunny today so you definitely want to listen in.

Let’s talk about my guest, Sunny Lenarduzzi. As I mentioned, she is a YouTube boss. In fact, she has a following of over 170,000 subscribers and she’s helped her clients go from zero to 100,000 subscribers and build their email list from zero to 28,000 in less than ten months resulting (this is the important part) in multiple six-figure businesses.

Forbes listed Sunny as a must-watch YouTube channel that will change your business. That’s pretty impressive.

Today Sunny’s going to share her proven three-phase method to creating a YouTube evergreen lead machine without using paid advertising. If you’re on a shoestring budget, if you’re just getting started, if you don’t have the budget to spend on Facebook ads or YouTube ads or any ads, for that matter, you want to pay attention.

This is going to be a mini training format so get ready to take a lot of notes. For all of you who are commuting right now or are taking me along on your walk or you are working out (I love it) then don’t worry because I always provide a full transcript with every single episode.

If you go to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the show notes and you will see a link for transcripts and you can get all of the details there.

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I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s go ahead and dive in.

AMY: Sunny, thank you so very much for being on the show. I am excited to have you here.

SUNNY: Oh my gosh, it is such an honor. You’re the first podcast I started listening to ever so this is such a surreal full circle moment for me, so thank you for having me.

AMY: Oh my goodness. I absolutely love that. I feel very, very lucky to have you on the show because girl you are on fire. You are truly a YouTube boss. You are killing it out there. I know your business has been growing like crazy because I’ve been watching all of your videos and I’ve been seeing what’s happening.

To get you on the show and you are the perfect person to talk all about evergreen list building with YouTube, so thank you for that.

SUNNY: Oh thank you. I’m honored and I’ve definitely had a pretty funny experience growing my list with YouTube and an interesting journey and I know that I can teach your audience a lot about it and how to do it the right way off the bat.

AMY: That leads me to my first question. How did you get started with YouTube and was it something you just fell into or were you really intentional about it? Can you tell me about your story with that?

SUNNY: Yeah. I call it a really happy accident. Basically, what happened was I had a social media consultancy where I was working with clients all over the place, really, and in all different niches.

I absolutely loved social media from the day that it even became a thing. I remember playing around on Twitter and playing a round on Facebook. I just fell in love with the fact that you could talk to people one to one and build these really deep relationships and those people would then be a part of your journey moving forward.

Coming from someone who was actually a journalist before I fell in love with the online space because I liked that you could deliver information but also integrate it with your audience real time as opposed to just talking at people. You were talking with people.

I did this social media consultancy for about five years. I have all of these different clients. I’m doing campaign management. I’m actually doing community management. I’m doing the posting and doing everything. I’m doing strategy.

I love it but as any consultant knows, or solopreneur knows, you hit a ceiling. I truly thought I would never want to have a team and would just want to keep doing this by myself forever.

I hit a point where I had so many clients through word of mouth that I couldn’t possibly keep doing it by myself forever. I basically had a moment of wondering how to clone myself or duplicating myself and starting to scale this.

My first thought, out of pure desperation, was all of my clients were asking me the same things over and over again. I didn’t have to go to meetings and I didn’t have to get on phone calls.

If I could make one tutorial I could send to all of them at once they could just learn from that. That’s what I did.

At the time it was March 2015 and Periscope, the live streaming app, had just come out. Periscope and Meerkat were in competition and all of my clients were asking me how to use live streaming to build their businesses and build their lists and all of those other kinds of things.

I thought I would sit down, window, webcam. Check, check. I don’t need to put too much effort into what I look like because this is just going to be sent to my clients. I filmed the video and did a whole tutorial on how to use Periscope to build your business. I sent it to my clients, which I had about ten at the time, and I didn’t think anything of it because my YouTube channel where I uploaded the video was basically dormant. I had no subscribers. I had no branding. All of the videos on there were either personal family videos or really old demo reels.

That’s what I mean when I said I thought nothing of it. The next day I woke up and I had 2,000 views on the video.

AMY: Oh my gosh! Were you like, “Wait a second! It was for ten people.”

SUNNY: Yes, I was very confused. I also wished that I had put a little more effort into what I looked like. First I was like, “What just happened? How did this skyrocket so quickly? Why do I have so many comments?”

It was a really big lightbulb moment for me and such an interesting pivot in how my career transpired and my trajectory. It was a total lightbulb moment where I started reverse engineering how this happened.

I realized that YouTube is obviously a search engine. It’s the second largest search engine in the world owned by the #1 search engine in the world. At this time Periscope was a trending topic. Live streaming from mobile was a trending topic and I was the first to create a video on it and people were searching for it in a higher volume than normal.

My video on YouTube at that time was the only video on the topic. Obviously more and more people started creating them afterwards but I automatically ranked #1 and because of all of the search volume around it all of these people were finding me and discovering me for the first time.

I basically did the tutorial just for my clients so I had nowhere to send people. I didn’t even bother doing a download or list building or anything but that’s really the turning point where I wondered what would happen if I started getting intentional about it and did just one tutorial based on my client frequently asked questions each week for the next year.

In that year I grew to 50,000 subscribers and three million views. I always say to imagine what would happen if in the next 12 months you went from working with ten clients and only using word of mouth to build a business to being discovered by three million people. My life changed.

AMY: Yes.

SUNNY: Yeah. So that really was my starting point with YouTube and how I started to reverse engineer the success about one video and apply it to every video moving forward.

AMY: That is so good. I love that you just gave it a shot not even thinking it would be something big and then what’s really important is that you paid attention and thought, “Wait a second, there’s something magical that just happened here and I’m not going to ignore it.”