Transcript: How to Get Past the Fear of Launching

January 3, 2019


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AMY PORTERFIELD: Well hey there. Welcome back to another episode of The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. I’m your host, Amy Porterfield, and I’m thrilled that you’re tuning in today.

Last week I talked about how you are meant to be a big deal in this world and how it’s time for you to play a bigger game in your business. I hope you actually took the time to do the work and complete the exercise I laid out for you in that actual episode. I did an episode freebie.

That one little exercise has the power to completely shift things for you and your business. So if you didn’t do the exercise in Episode #243 about becoming a big deal and playing a bigger game then you’ve got to do that. Maybe after this episode.

It’s at if you want to go back and listen to that one, which I highly recommend you do so after you listen to this episode here.

This week we’re continuing the theme of playing a bigger game but I’m going to be a little bit more tactical in this episode. We’re talking about you launching your digital course or whatever offer you want to launch multiple times in the next 12 months.

Specifically, I’m going to get you past the fear of launching by breaking down some important insights that I really believe you need to know and hear. I’m going to be shaking up some of your mindset blocks that are holding you back from giving it 100% when you launch something new.

I know I’m talking to many of you who are planning to launch but will launch small or maybe you’ve launched already but you launched small. That means you didn’t totally go full out with multiple live webinars or you were planning on doing a video series with your launch and you only did two videos when you knew you wanted to do four.

Maybe you did just a few quick FB Lives and called it a launch. It’s very normal to launch small when you’re scared to launch. I know this because I’ve done it before.

It’s time to launch face first, hands out wide, ready to accept anything that comes your way. It’s time to dive in to launching.

Playing a bigger game means taking risks and jumping into elements of your business that may feel completely scary. We’re going to keep moving forward even though we’re scared. That’s the plan for you to launch multiple times over the next 12 months.

I know the fear of launching, like I said, because I’ve been there. Of course I’ve been there. I still tackle my own demons when it comes to many areas of my business.

I don’t think they ever completely go away. It’s just that you can handle them with a higher level of sophistication. I really do believe that. Tony Robbins calls that quality problems. I definitely have higher quality problems now than I did when I was first launching. But I still have my issues.

We always have to be coming back to looking at the fear of going bigger, playing a bigger game, putting ourselves out there, and really examining what it is and then how we’re going to move past it.

I’ve talked about this before but I had a huge fear of launching with webinars back in my early days when I just started. I feel I earned that fear fair and square. I had a good reason to be fearful and that’s a total excuse, I know.

If you follow me you know the story. I’ll tell it really quickly. When I worked with Tony Robbins he was doing his very first live webinar. He had never done a live webinar before. That tells you how long ago this was, right?

I had never done a live webinar before either, of course. We were practicing the night before. We were using the software Go2Webinar and we actually did a thing where people paid to get on his webinar because it was Tony Robbins, right?

They paid $100 to get on his webinar and we had 850 people signed up. I’ll never forget that number. While we were practicing I hit a button on Go2Webinar and deleted the entire webinar.

All 850 paying customers received an email in that moment at 10:30 at night saying, “Your webinar has been canceled.”

When they all woke up the next morning they all thought we weren’t doing a webinar the next day. To say the least, there were tears. I was so embarrassed. I felt like the most complete failure.

I had completely made the mistake. I will tell you it was by far the biggest mistake I had ever made while working at the Robbins organization. I won’t get into all of the things that happened throughout the night in order to get that webinar up and running but it was brutal.

Yet here I am telling you about the power of launching. You can get past your mistakes.

Let me just give you another one. How about the time I was on a webinar where I had invited Marie Forleo to come on my live webinar while I was promoting her program, B-School.

This was a huge win. I have been promoting B-School for over eight years now and at the time she wasn’t showing up live on other people’s webinars. At the time most people weren’t doing webinars but I was.

To get Marie Forleo on live on anything during her early days of launching it was a big, big deal. I was so fricking nervous. I had done my webinar for about 30 minutes. I told my audience, “We’re going to have Marie here.”

I had hundreds and hundreds of people on and when people show up for a B-School webinar it’s a very, very warm audience. They are very genuinely interested in B-School and they want to know more about B-School and they want to know about my bonuses.

This is a very quality audience. There were 100’s of people. The conversions would be really high. About 30 minutes in I literally was saying, “Okay guys, now I want to welcome Marie Forleo. Marie, how are…”

Before I said, “How are you?” It cut off and no one could hear me. And nobody could hear Marie. It was almost like the perfect tech glitch in the world. At the time I did not know this but at the time there was a system wide tech glitch which was very rare for Go2Webinar.

It was system wide. I called all of my friends that night practically crying and they all said, “Oh my gosh, I did a webinar today too.” I bet three or four people told me all of the volume went out.

They could see the slides move but hear nobody. It just so happened that the minute I welcomed her to the show…Nothing.

I literally had to end the webinar. No one could hear me. I had to send out an email to everyone saying, “So sorry, we’re going to rerecord it. We’ll get you the replay.”

I definitely lost money. At the time, because I did not know it was a system wide tech issue I instantly went to, “Amy, you’re so bad at technology. You totally screwed that up. You should have triple checked this or triple checked that. You look like an idiot to Marie. You just wasted all of her time.”

This was instantly where I went. Back in the day I didn’t have the tools I have now to kind of snap me out of it so it was a little bit more intense and took me a few more days than it would these days to get past that. But it’s all learning.

When I heard it was system wide I was a little bit nicer to myself but I would definitely beat myself up back in those days. That was a really, really big mistake that hit me both emotionally and financially.

Yet, here I am telling you about the power of launching.

At the end of the day I always have to leave those big experiences and mistakes behind me because they don’t define me as a business owner. They don’t define you as a business owner as well. If I let the fear take over I wouldn’t be here with you today.

Maybe you’ve done some webinars in the past and they haven’t gone so well or you launched to crickets or you launched something new with a challenge and hardly anyone signed up. We all have that.

Welcome to building a business online! That is just what happens. I remember it wasn’t too long ago one of my best friends who is also an online marketer, she’s newer in the industry so she’s just kind of finding her way, she texted me that she was on her bathroom floor in tears because she had sunk thousands of dollars into a launch that didn’t work.

I told her, “You’ve got 24 hours to cry.” She had 24 hours and then she needed to pick herself up and she had to keep going. Take one action. Just take one action that will get you into that momentum.

I told her if it was easy everyone and their mother would be doing this. They would be building a business online. I say the same to you. If it was easy everyone and anyone would be doing it. But you are not like everyone else. You are meant to do big things so let’s break through those fears and talk about launching boldly. Deal?

First, I want to talk to you about my philosophy around launching online. This is something I’ve talked about here and there but I wanted to put a stake in the ground and really help you understand what launching looks like in my world and what I want it to look like in yours as well.

I want to define launching. You know I teach what I know. When it comes to launching I know two things very, very well: Live launches and evergreen launches. Specifically, selling digital courses using webinars.

I do live launches with live webinars and I do evergreen launches with evergreen webinars. I’ve generated well over $9 million to date doing both. I’ve studied what works and what doesn’t for years and years now.

For today’s episode, since we’re going to drill down into the fear of launching, we have to talk about live launching. Live launching with webinars comes with many, many fears and mindset blocks.

Let me tell you, I’ve never heard anyone tell me, “Amy, I’m so scared to do an evergreen launch.”

People do evergreen launches because it does take away a lot of the fears and a lot of tech glitches and issues that you would have in the moment when people are watching.

Just so we’re all on the same page, when I say “evergreen launches” or “evergreen webinars” I mean everything is automated and prerecorded and you are not showing up live anywhere.

Essentially, if you do it right like I’ve done in my business over and over again, you’re making money every single day because your webinars are running every single day on automation.

When it’s live and not evergreen it feels more scary. It’s much scarier. You are completely vulnerable. There’s no sugar coating this. Like I said, many, many things can go wrong.

It’s scary to live launch but if you trust me, if you’ve been following me for a while now and know I only have your best interests and business growth in mind, then hear me out.

I want to take a moment to let you in on just how powerful live webinars (live launching) can be for your business and why, in my upcoming Digital Course Academy®️, I encourage all of my students to do a live launch before they ever think about moving it into evergreen.

Right about now you might be thinking if live webinars are so scary and they make you so vulnerable to many, many mistakes why not just jump into evergreen webinars right now and skip all of the scary live stuff?

I’m so glad you asked. Based on doing hundreds of live webinars and running a business that has been fueled for over a solid year straight by evergreen webinars as well I know a thing or two about the live versus evergreen debate.

I know firsthand that if you skip the live webinars and move right into evergreen you’re leaving money on the table, a lot of money, in fact. I’ll come back to that.

Live webinars also allow you to become a highly skilled marketer in your business. When you create and execute live webinars you’re able to improve on the entire launch process in real time and experiment over and over again until you get it just right.

With live webinars your audience is right there with you along the way. This gives you an opportunity to see how they engage with you and your marketing message.

Your audience’s live feedback allows you to make any changes you need to make in the moment while it still counts, while your shopping cart is open, while they are thinking about buying.

If you can get them in that moment there is a higher likelihood they will buy and if you’re able to handle any questions or objections in real time, again while a potential customer is still on the fence, they are more likely to buy.

Here’s the deal. I need you to trust me on this one. If you do several live webinars before you move into evergreen you’ll develop more confidence in your marketing abilities, a stronger message that attracts more people to your digital course, and ultimately more revenue.

Here’s the truth. I’ve thought about this long and hard. I don’t know one successful entrepreneur that I look up to and has been around for a while now (they have sustainability)…I don’t know one successful marketer with sustainability that has started with evergreen webinars.

All of the best marketers, all of them I know, have experienced live webinars first before moving to evergreen. I believe it’s because they know the magic and the personal growth in the live experience.

When I talk about personal growth here’s what I mean. Ultimately I believe if you don’t let the fear of live launches get in your way and you do a few you become a stronger business owner.

I credit so much of my business savvy to being resourceful and a quick decision maker and a really good troubleshooter in the moment of stress, all things I learned doing live launches.

I also believe that both live and evergreen webinars will change your business significantly for the better. You did hear me, right? I believe that live and evergreen launches and webinars kind of go hand in hand because when I launch and teach launching I teach that you launch with webinars. I believe you should do both live and evergreen.

Once you’ve done your live launch at least twice, just enough to learn what works and what doesn’t work and what you like and don’t like, and you’re over-the-moon happy with the profitable results you’re seeing it’s time to turn that launch into an evergreen model.

The great news is that when I open the doors to Digital Course Academy®️ I’m teaching you both. We’re starting with live launches. We’re going to get high conversions so you feel good about the money coming in and then we’re going to switch it to evergreen.

I’m going to show you how because ultimately that’s the holy grail. I want you to get to evergreen. But I also want you to be a business owner who is around for as long as you want to have a business. I want you in this for the long haul.

As I mentioned, live launches will give you those skills and that mindset and that know how to keep going when things don’t work out exactly how you want them to work out.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of money to be made in live launches. There’s a reason why I still do live launches after ten years. It’s not so that I can keep learning and learning.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I’m good with that part. It’s because live launches are more profitable in the long run. There’s a concentrated time with cart open and cart close. There’s an energy around you showing up and answering questions in the moment and you are live on social media and there’s an amazing buzz.

You have affiliates talking about you at the same time that you are posting about your launch and you are emailing. There’s just something awesome about it. I don’t want you to skip out on those lessons.

Now that we’ve talked about the power of live launches and when you’re going to move into evergreen, which is where I ultimately want you to get, I want to move into some of those specific fears I mentioned I would touch on in this episode.

Fear #1 – Something will go wrong

This one is super easy for me. I already touched on it earlier. Something will go wrong. Yes, indeed, it is going to happen. I think you need to get it into your head right now this will be an imperfect process and you will have tons of learnings. It will make you a better marketer.

What I do in my business and I thought I would share this, I’ve never shared something like this before, I have a little strategy, my “shake it off” strategy for when the imperfect happens.

I want you to fill in the blank: When imperfect happens I will _____. What will you do? For me, I dance it out. I turn up the music. I’m all alone. I do this for a few different areas in my business.

You’ve heard me talk about this before but I’ve got to get the energy out of my body, that negative, scared, fearful energy. I turn on the best music and dance it out all alone.

For you it might look different. Maybe you’ll just laugh. You’ve just got to laugh at this. We laugh a lot on the team when we mess up. Maybe not initially but it turns into, “Oh my god, you’ve just got to laugh this out.”

I know one of my friends blames it on the moon’s misaligning. Something is wrong with the universe, the moons or stars are not aligning, something like that. I don’t know but she does do that. It works for her.

Maybe you’ll allow ten minutes of tears and then you jump back into it. Okay, that’s it. Remember my friend that was on the floor of her bathroom crying hysterically? I gave her 24 hours. Maybe you allow yourself 24 hours. But then you get back in the game.

Decide now what you’ll do when things mess up. Then when you do mess up and the technology doesn’t work, when an email gets sent out too soon, or a link doesn’t work to your webinar replay page you just say, “Hey there, I see you. I knew you were coming. I was wondering when you were going to show up.”

You just recognize it and you just keep going. A few other strategies you can use: Have a friend or peer check your campaign for holes. Ask someone you trust to give you 30 minutes. Walk them through the strategy you’re planning to do during your webinars or launch. Ask them to look at it with a second set of eyes that’s not so close to it. Call in a favor.

Give yourself space for those holes. Don’t plan everything last minute. This is something I learned the hard way. You probably will too. Back in the day I was writing launch emails the hour before they were going out.

That’s just something that sometimes happens, especially because I’ve been known to be a procrastinator. I think I’ve gotten better as my business has gotten better but if you’re doing everything last minute everything’s going to feel like it’s on fire. So be careful about that.

That’s why I’m always about planning. In Digital Course Academy®️ we planned way in advance.

Have a backup plan. What Plan B do you have in place in case things don’t go your way? Let me give you an example of a backup plan. Sometimes we have one extra webinar that I’m willing to do that’s on the books but we don’t broadcast it and tell people it’s there.

If sales aren’t looking exactly how we want them to look at a certain time during the launch we’ll do another webinar. We know webinars always make us money or I’ll do more Facebook Lives or I’ll show up in a different way.

We always have a few different things that, if we need to, you can pull it out of your back pocket and say you are going to do “this”. Maybe have one or two things you’re not going to do unless you need to.

Decide how you know if you’re going to need to do it or not. Usually it’s just tracking the numbers every day.

Fear #2 – I can’t figure out the technology

Oh my gosh! Hello! This is me. I’ve been there. I do not like the techy side of online marketing. It’s not my favorite. When it comes to launching so much can go wrong when it comes to technology. That’s just a fact. So many different pieces have to come together.

To this day I have a team of experts that help me, lots of time to plan, and things still go haywire. I am planning that when I launch this next time we’re going to have some challenges.

We’re just going to push through them and they’re likely going to be related to technology. When you launch it’s typically always technology.

Know you’re not alone. Know that I deleted 850 paying customers from a Tony Robbins webinar. Know I’ve had my technology completely fail me multiple times. But I still show up telling you live launching and live webinars are incredibly powerful.

Just trust in that. If you like my style of teaching, if you know I am always sending you in the right direction, just know even when you have technology mistakes the show does go on and that you’re not alone.

I’ve got to share this study I found. It’s a few years old but I still think it’s still relevant here. When I was researching for this episode I found the survey of American fears. Yeah, there actually is one.

Technology is America’s second biggest fear only beat by natural disasters. In the Atlantic article I found about this study, one of the study coauthors said, “People tend to express the highest level of fear for things they’re dependent on but they don’t have any control over and that’s almost a perfect definition of technology.”

That’s so true. Yes, we have to use technology; and, yes, we don’t have total control over it. You can triple check it. You can understand how it works. You can have someone standing by to fix it if it breaks, which is something I want you to look into.

Have Someone Standing By to Fix Tech BreaksIf you need a programmer or coder that you just know when you are in a launch…We started to do this over the last few years, we tell our programmer or coder or someone that we don’t have full time on the team, “We will be in a launch these dates. Can you be on retainer for us for ten hours? We’ll pay you for ten hours during these weeks. When we need you, you just jump in.”

It might be early in the morning or late at night but we will guarantee ten hours of retainer whether we use them or not. We ask them just to be available to us. They almost always…Every time, actually, someone has said, “Yes.”

Knowing we have someone that can help us and knowing that we don’t know everything about the technology that we’re using but have someone on backup is huge for us.

Just think of it that way. That is a Plan B. For Plan B you have someone waiting in the wings if something doesn’t work out.

Get Help – This is one area you should spend money on in your business. Pay someone to help you set up the tech. Don’t just have them waiting if it doesn’t work. I think it is really important that you don’t try to do it all yourself.

There are so many virtual assistants that are tech savvy. Even if you just hire a temporary virtual assistant to help you set up the tech and test all of it it’s totally worth it. Do not do it all yourself.

Get More All-In-One Solutions to Minimize Pain and Confusion – This is something I learned from all of you. I listened to what you guys asked me and what you need. So many of you have said, “Please, please, please tell me there is an all-in-one solution for launching because I don’t want to buy this tool and that tool and this one and that one. I just want one tool.”

Nothing’s perfect. Nothing is foolproof. There is no magic bullet out there but there is a tool I recommend. That is Kajabi. They are an all-in-one marketing tool. They will house your course. They will put it behind a login so your paying students can access it with a username and password and it will look incredible.

I use Kajabi for all of my courses. You can set up your opt-in pages, your sales page, even your website through Kajabi. Your email marketing, all of it. They are an all-inone solution and I highly recommend Kajabi.

Go to and you can check out the special offer they give to my audience. It is definitely the best offer you’re going to find. They are an all-in-one solution and I highly recommend them inside of my new course, Digital Course Academy®️. They are the #1 tool I talk about the most.

I have a lot of how-to videos in terms of how to use Kajabi to get set up and it’s really good.

Fear #2 was the fear that technology is going to fail you and that you have lost control of it. Just know there are some backup plans and things you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen or that you have support if it does happen.

Fear #3 – I Don’t Know What the Heck I’m Doing

It might sound a little bit like what it did for me in the early days. I don’t know what I don’t know. That’s a very scary thought. I used to say it all the time. I’ve made a practice to stop saying that but it freaked me out. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Who knows what’s coming down the horizon or what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know. The answer to that is that you are right. You likely don’t know what you’re doing.

Why would you? No one taught you this stuff in your corporate job. No one teaches this. If you’re in your 30s or beyond you sure as heck didn’t learn it in college.

Luckily, I think my son Cade, who is 16, will actually learn some of this stuff in college. But most of us didn’t learn it in college. I remember when I was in college…This totally dates me…The professor was just starting to talk about email.

How did I get so old so fast? It’s true. This stuff was not discussed in college for most of us. You likely have not been taught any of this.

If you’re like most of my newbie students, maybe you’re far beyond that, but if you are a newbie in all of this, when I talk launching strategies sometimes it feels to you like I am speaking to you in a totally different language.

If you can relate to that give me an amen. I hear it all the time. This is important so come back to me if you’re multitasking. I really need you to hear this thing. I want you to know that because you don’t know what to do or, for some of my more advanced students, you don’t know what to do next, that does not mean you have to be fearful.

You not knowing how to create a digital course or how to launch a course is just a circumstance. It’s just a fact. You don’t know exactly how to create or launch your digital course.

Do you know what that means? It means you don’t know how to create or launch a digital course. It does not mean that you’re less than, not good enough, not tech savvy enough, not smart enough, not cut out for this launching stuff.

It doesn’t mean any of that unless you want it to mean that, unless you tell yourself that every day. Really think about that guys. It only means that if you decide it means that. I’m telling you I’m looking from the outside in and all it means is you just don’t know yet.

If we can get a little tactical I thought I would kind of break down the lay of the land when it comes to launching so that you have a really good understanding of what it looks like big picture to launch a digital course.

From there we can take some baby steps together. We can get you to a place that you really, genuinely know every step you need to take to launch. Hopefully you’ll want me to be your guide or at least choose someone that you really, really trust to be your guide in all of this because you’re not supposed to know it. Why would you? Give yourself a huge break right there.

I thought it would be cool to give you the lay of the land when it comes to launching. I only teach what I know and this is exactly how I launch. I go in phases. We always call Phase Zero the Pre-Launch Runway.

This is before launching, before even creating a digital course. It’s the list building. It’s the getting on Facebook Live and posting on Instagram and putting a freebie out there so you slowly, but surely, start to grow your email list.

One thing I’ve gotten really passionate about over the last year is I’m not going to let my students launch to crickets. No more are we launching to a zero audience. I don’t want you to only rely on Facebook ads to launch.

I want you to have people that have been engaged with you over the last few months when you actually invite people to your webinar. I created this thing inside Digital Course Academy®️ called the Pre-Launch Runway.

It’s all about list building, all about creating a freebie, all about getting yourself out there every single week while you create your digital course and while you put your launch together.

Ideally, you’ll be pre-launching for 30 to 60 days while growing your email list. At least you will have a small list if you’re starting from zero. That’s Phase Zero. When I launch I go into pre-launch mode.

I do more Facebook Live, I run ads to freebies, I create a brand new freebie. I do it too even after ten years of doing this. Just know the pre-launch runway is part of the launch. So if I’m giving you the lay of the land that’s Phase Zero.

Phase One is the pre-webinar phase. This is where, after we start to grow an audience a little bit (you can use Facebook ads in the pre-webinar phase) it’s where we’re filling up your webinar with quality registrants).

You are doing a Facebook Live, you’re inviting them to your webinar. You’re posting on Instagram Stories and inviting people to your webinar. Maybe you’re going into a private Facebook group you have and inviting them to your webinar.

If you have a little email list you are emailing your list. You are inviting everybody who is considered a quality lead for you into your webinar. That’s a whole phase. All we do is focus on filling up the webinar.

If you ask me, that is the most important phase. Of all of the phases I’m going to tell you about this is the most important phase. If you can get quality people onto your webinar (they register for your webinar) you are golden because the next phase is the live webinar.

If you stick with me I’ve got you covered. I probably couldn’t be more excited than anything but this, I created something called The Profitable Webinar Framework. I literally take my students through every single slide I want you to create for your first webinar.

After your first webinar you’ll get a little more creative. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll move things around and make them your own. Great! I want you to. But, if you’ve never done a successful webinar that really converts well I’m going to take you through my profitable webinar framework step by step, slide by slide.

I’m so fricking excited about it. I’ve never laid it out like this before. Webinars, I’m your girl! I am your girl if you want to learn how to do webinars to launch a digital course so that’s the next phase.

You’ve got the zero phase, pre-launch runway; then, you’ve got the pre-webinar phase where you fill up your webinar; then you do your webinar live; and, then you’ve got the next phase, the post-webinar phase.

This is essentially your last phase. This is the one that most people skimp on or don’t even do at all. I had a student, Danel. She has done webinars in the past but she is so funny.

She said, “Amy, I used to love them and leave them.” What that means is she used to do a webinar and then she would be like, “Peace out,” and she’d be done.

She took my webinars course and realized, holy cow, “I’m literally leaving out an entire phase.”

She did the post-webinar phase, which is essentially a series of emails you send to everybody who signed up for your webinar that either attended or missed the live webinar but haven’t yet bought.

Everyone that signed up for your webinar but haven’t purchased yet is getting a series of emails, very specific emails, over a course of a week or so encouraging them to still buy your digital course.

There is a lot of money to be made when you do the post-webinar phase correctly. Danel, one of my students, said, “So, I did it and I made thousands of dollars instantly.”

Now she’s making over $12,000 a month on her evergreen webinars. She did some live webinars. She figured out how to do it right. She put in a new post-webinar phase. She got it all dialed in and then she did exactly what I encouraged her to do, move it to evergreen. You don’t need to be live launching your course all the time. Move it to evergreen.

To get back to that a little bit. Whenever I go out with something new I love to live launch it because I’m excited about it. After a while when your course has been out for a while you’re not as excited as you were in the beginning. You are ready for evergreen.

A new course is exactly the time to do a live launch. That’s what she did. She had new stuff and got it out there. Then she put it into evergreen. Just don’t love them and leave them like Danel did. Instead, the final phase is the post-webinar phase.

Again, the pre-launch runway, then the pre-webinar phase, then the live webinar phase, and then you wrap it up with a post-webinar phase. That is a launch. That is a launch! It doesn’t need to be super complicated.

The first time out you keep it super simple. I’m always about keeping it simple and get fancy later.

If you weren’t even sure what I was talking about with launching or what it even involved, if we’re talking about digital courses you’re launching and you’re going to do them with webinars, there you have it, my friend.

Sometimes breaking things down into phases allows you to take a breath and realize you can take things step by step one thing at a time. That’s exactly how I run my business.

If you find yourself fearful because you just don’t know what to do or what to do next then take baby steps, my friend. First, look at the big picture like I’ve done for you here.

You have the big picture of live launching. You can’t say you don’t know what it looks like. Often times when I’m stressed out or having a little pity party for myself I say I’m so overwhelmed or so stressed or so confused.

My coach always reminds me to stop staying that. You’re not confused about live launching. You just now have the layout. Now you just need to know the steps. Stick with me, friend, I’ll walk you through step by step by step, especially if you want to join me inside of Digital Course Academy®️.

That leads me into the final thing I want to share with you here today. If you follow my podcast you know, especially even in this episode, I’ve been teasing you with my brand new program, Digital Course Academy®️.

I’m opening the doors very soon and they will only be open for a very short time before we close the doors and start the course. Before I actually open enrollment for the new course I want to give you the big picture so you can start to see how creating a course and launching it all comes together.

I’ll be doing so in my upcoming free masterclass where I’ll be breaking down the three behind-the-scene secrets to digital course success in 2019 and beyond.

Specifically, I’m going to show you how to build, launch, and grow a thriving digital course business without hiring a big team or without the constant overwhelm or the momentum-crushing question, “What the heck do I do next?” I’m eliminating all of that for you.

All you need to do is go to DCA means Digital Course Academy®️. It will take you to the page where you can sign up for my free masterclass. I will be doing these live.

If you don’t show up live and you miss it then you’re just going to have to get on a wait list and you can watch this free masterclass in the fall when I offer it again. You will be waiting a long time so do not miss this. You definitely, definitely want to sign up and at least start to understand what it all looks like.

Like I said, I’m taking you behind the scenes with me. I’m showing you some things that have really worked for me and I always keep in mind that you might just be starting out.

This might feel a little bit foreign to you and you might need a little extra hand holding so I’m breaking things down in a way that will definitely get you into motion quickly. Again, go to

You might be thinking that you want to make sure this is worth your time, that you are right for a masterclass like this. Really quick, if you’re a soon-to-be course creator or someone who wants to create a course and you want to launch it right the first time then you are right for this.

If you’re an existing course creator who wants to launch and promote more profitably then you also are a good fit for this free masterclass. If you want to learn how to make your digital course the cornerstone of your business while phasing out one-on-one client work or services you offer or even a day job you’re still in and would love to phase that out then you are definitely a good fit for this free masterclass.

One more time,

Okay guys, thanks so much for tuning in. This episode was extra fun for me because I’m really passionate about these topics (live launching and webinars and getting past fears).

I felt every single fear you are going to feel. I feel very confident about that. I hope in this episode you could hear my heart in all of this knowing that I am literally passionate about helping you grow your business in a way that you feel really good at the pace you’re growing it but also know you are here to stay.

You’re not just going to be someone who is going to dabble around with digital courses, maybe do a webinar here or there, and then switch the business altogether. I know that’s not you.

When I give you strategies they are rooted in “here is what works for those that are here to stay.” That’s what I find incredibly important.

I can’t wait to hear about what you create over the next 12 months and what you launch and I do hope I see you on my live masterclass. I’ll talk to you again soon.

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