#019: How to Set Priorities In Your Business with Pat Flynn

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On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, my guest is one of my very favorite people – Pat Flynn.

I know most of you already know Pat, but if you don’t, he is a well-known and highly successful online entrepreneur. He is a podcaster, blogger and author and is best known for his transparent leadership style and smart business strategies. He blogs at smartpassiveincome.com and has a
podcast by the same name.

Now there are a dozen topics Pat and I could discuss that would be highly valuable if you are growing an online business – but I am going to do something a bit different with this interview.

About a week ago I saw a Facebook post from Pat where he talked about all the hard work and dedication he put into one keynote presentation he recently did for a financial bloggers’ conference called FinCon. The post is inspirational and demonstrates the mindset needed to succeed, and after reading it I had so many questions for him, I decided to invite him onto the show.

Here’s Pat’s Facebook post:

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The importance of focusing on one thing at a time
  • What Pat told himself in his head in order for his FinCon speech to be successful
  • How speaking can help you in other parts of your life and business
  • What Pat does to make sure he stays the course
  • How Pat sets big goals and priorities
  • What Pat told himself to keep from procrastinating
  • What you have to do to make goals real
  • How fear is a disservice to your audience
  • How to grow your confidence
  • Tips for finding a mastermind that’s right for you
  • And so much more!

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Your turn: Leave your WHY in the comments below!

  • Alkra Yumbrea

    Hello Amy, for some reason the podcast is not working, It stops from the moment you are about to allow Pat to speak. How do I download it or listen to it some where ease?

  • Oma Beate

    Really great info. Thank you so much! I learned a lot.

  • Tammy Hawk-Bridges

    Got up early to listen to this – it was so worth it! Thanks Amy for another great podcast. Cheers!

  • Megan Simson

    Hi Amy, I would like to share my why -I desire too assist people
    come to self acceptance and enable them to be more expressive in the world. I believe when we do this without shame or undervaluing our
    place in our families and our communities, we will have fulfilling life
    experience. I have blog abloomingbiglife.com I am a Aussie lady thankful for all
    your support and dedication.

  • Tracy Stonard

    Hi Amy, I loved this podcast episode with my two favorite online marketers!! I’ve been working on my ‘why’ recently. I started another business this year and the original goals I set out for the business have since changed course because I didn’t fully address the ‘why’ at the beginning. My ‘whys’ are my family and making a difference through teaching and helping others in their businesses. All decisions for my business now have to be checked against these moving forward. Thanks for another great podcast!

  • http://www.professionalcontentcreation.com/ Rebecca Livermore

    Alkra, I’m Rebecca, Amy’s content manager. I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem. I’m listening right now and it’s working okay for me, so I’m unsure as to why this problem is occurring for you. Having said that, near the bottom of the post, right up above the iTunes button, you’ll see a link where you can download the audio. So hopefully that will work for you, but definitely let me know if it doesn’t. Again, sorry to hear you’re having this problem!

  • Añya Grant

    It worked for me, try again.

  • Añya Grant

    But why?

  • Añya Grant

    Hi Amy this is my first podcast:) and I really enjoyed it. I love Pat, he’s so awesome. I really needed this, was so emotionally drained and overwhelmed yesterday, that I broke down and had thoughts of quitting and just get a job in my field. Then I thought about my WHY. My WHY – is that I’m in business to build a legacy, to be independent and be able to financially sustain myself and my family with the goal if growing a business for generations to come.

  • Darla Kirchner

    Hi Amy, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your talents! This is a great episode with two of my favorite mentors! I am ALWAYS so inspired by you and Pat. Finding my “WHY” has been a journey. And yes the path has not always been easy though I do know I found my focus because of struggles and failures. Over the last few years I have peeled several layers and know my “WHY” is my family and providing more than just security for them. I strive to walk what I talk “that if you find your purpose and passion you won’t work a day in your life.” This is my purpose for both my children and for the creative community I serve. As a creative entrepreneur I try to live authentically and love to learn so that I can help others find their WHY faster. If your ever near the Cincinnati, Ohio area, please let me know. I’d love to be at the meet up or you can reach me at http://www.cbizschool.com/contact/. Thanks again!

  • Sean Twomey

    Hi Rebecca

    I just finished listening to the podcast and there does seem to be a problem with the audio of the actual interview.

    The intro and outro are fine (this audio plays in stereo & sounds great) but the main interview sounds a bit strange (when listening closely with my headphones) – sounds like a weird echo and it only plays in mono (sound only comes out of the left channel). Amy’s other podcasts that I’ve listened to all sound perfect.

    I downloaded via Podcast app on iOS7. Having the interview play in mono does get annoying when listening with headphones/earphones, which I know many people do.

    I’d be interested to hear what caused this.

    PS: Happy Halloween :D

  • http://www.professionalcontentcreation.com/ Rebecca Livermore

    Sean, I am noticing this as well and am trying to figure out what is causing it. The interesting thing is that if I listen to the audio directly on Libsyn (where the audio is hosted), it doesn’t do this, and it also doesn’t sound that way when I listen to it directly on my computer. Otherwise I was just going to process the audio again and reupload. So I’m stumped at the moment but am trying to figure out the cause of the problem.

  • Sean Twomey

    Hi Amy & Pat

    Thanks for this awesome podcast – so many important lessons. You guys are two of my favourite online role models.

    I have studied both of your businesses, read blog posts, listened to countless webinars/podcasts and am (one step at a time) implementing your teachings and strategies to find greater success with my current businesses.

    I’ve been self employed since 2008. At the age of 23 I decided to create my own path after walking out of a 2 week long 9-5 office job at a digital agency – thus far that has been my first and last ‘proper’ job and walking out was the best decision I made. Over the years I have been working as a solopreneur – following my dreams & figuring out my WHY.

    Asking WHY is so powerful and so very important, as it let’s us dig deeper to what really matters – at the core I believe everything is linked to our values. I had a great conversation with my 95 year old grandfather the other day about how important values are and how many people don’t act on their values & beliefs – they act out of conformity and fear.

    I’m an online marketing & WordPress consultant (trade as Posmay Media) and have recently started a travel video website called ExoTravels. I’m also working on launching an online learning community to help marketers enhance all elements of their marketing strategy.

    My WHY is to always remain true to myself & those around me. I strive to be the best person I can be – grateful, humble, authentic, genuine, fair, generous, caring, happy. My family & friends are also very important to me and my goal has always been to structure/design my work in such a way that I have the time available for the important things in life.

    This is such an important topic & as you can see I can go on and on talking about it. Thanks to both of you for all the hard work and for being such awesome role models.

    Meeting both of you in person is definitely part of my plan. Let me know if you ever in Cape Town, South Africa – I believe Lonely Planet just rated Cape Town 3rd in the top 10 destinations for 2014.

  • http://rayedwards.com/about/ Ray Edwards

    Amy, thank you for this podcast episode. One of the most inspirational, practical, and change-producing shows I’ve heard. I appreciate you and Pat sharing so much on this subject.

  • http://www.leadtoimpact.com/ Bernard Haynes

    Amy, I enjoyed the podcast. I love Pat stuff. My ‘Why’ is to bring out the color within people lives by encouraging, equipping and empower them to realize and live their unique vision.

  • http://www.professionalcontentcreation.com/ Rebecca Livermore

    Sean, thanks for your input. It looks like we’ve fixed it, but please let us know if it still sounds bad on your end. So sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Martin Poldma

    Keep going Anya, that’s what life is all about and I’m sure you will succeed with that type of a mindset!

  • Sherri-Lee Woycik

    Hi Amy and Pat, Thanks for a great podcast and lots of great information. You really helped me see that success starts with the plan. Thank you. My WHY, are my two kids, who I am solely responsible for. I want them to see options in life other than the go to school become an employee option and I want them to see that our choice to homeschool is a start to a life lived in adventure and that they can continue that past “graduation” with their work/life choices. Thanks!

  • Christi Daniels

    Amy ~ Thanks for bringing Pat and his approach to us. Truly worth the time to listen and filled with valuable and actionable ideas that I’ve already started using! PS: I’m seeing you as a valuable and trusted advisor who can filter through the sea of info out there and bring back to us the ‘big fish’, the ideas, people, concepts that truly make a difference. Even bigger thanks for that!

  • Megan Simson

    Hi Anya, thanks for asking me to clarify. and all the best in your journey with your Why.

    To see a debilitated person rise above self doubt is why I do what I do.

    To create a situation where an isolated person feels they are valued is why I do what I do.

    To assist people to see they have something to offer and they are capable of contributing to their community is why I do what I do.

    I have raised two sons who are amazing men who are creating their own legacies in the world.

    At this point in my life I do not have monetary security or housing but personally to achieve this is not why I do what I do. To let people know that the world needs their unique offering is what drives me.

    Wishing you all the greatest blessings with your journey.

  • Diane

    Amy and Pat – I so enjoyed this interview and will be listening again and again! I loved Pat’s suggestion of setting up physical folders for ideas and projects, and limiting yourself to only learning about the topic you’re focused on at the moment.
    Thank you!

  • http://www.SocialAna.com/ Ana Lucia Novak

    Hello Amy! What a wonderful way to help others by leveraging from others experience and wisdom! This is so timely and I so needed this! Thank you!

  • LadyJevonnahEllison

    Excellent episode. Enjoyed it. My why is to educate, motivate and inspire leaders to reach their full potential in area of life and business. I love to see lives transformed by the love of God and watch people discover and operate in their purpose.

  • http://kickstartyourjourney.com/ Karl Steinmeyer

    Very inspiring!

    My Why-

    To create freedom for my family and pass on assets I created for generations into the future!

    Thanks very much for touching on this very important piece of the biz world, and wishing you all the success you desire.

    Karl S

  • Shelia

    Anya, I had that same mindset on yesterday, but thankfully I believe in replacing every negative thought with a positive one, so that is what I did to come out of the funk that I was in. This was also, my first podcast, but it will definitely not be my last. I can listen at this one over and over and over again. Hang it there, don’t retire your dream or your WHY!

  • Shelia

    Thank you Amy for sharing this awesome podcast with us. This discussion came at a time when I needed it the most. Very simple steps to follow, I am good at writing things downs, but I haven’t created a goal road map. My overall WHY, is purpose. I believe that we’ve all been put here to do something, primarily to help others, so that is one of the reason I’ve fostered a culture of learning so that I can assist others with their growth and development in whatever theirs goals and dreams are.
    Again, thanks for sharing this is truly what I needed to hear TODAY!

  • Gary Fawcett

    Yep same issue here Sean, great content but interview is only coming through on the left channel. But love the content, Amy sometimes comes back on right channel.

    Didn’t notice it when I was in the car, only with headphones.

    Thanks Amy and Pat…Gary

  • Ross

    Hi Amy, thanks for this great podcast. The first thing which struck me was the quality of the audio – it seemed like we were almost on the same room – I am in Australia. My why is for myself and my wife to be able to create and set our own schedule. My wife is currently working full time and has had enough of that deal. I work part time on odd jobs and building our consultancy business. The part where Pat talks about doing certain things at set times reminded me of a technique which works for me called action triggers. Meaning you know your goals ahead of time both big and little picture. You then schedule in certain tasks at set time in your schedule, the STICK to it. No outside interruptions allowed – turn off phone, no answering emails, nothing. Just the scheduled task. You don’t have to make a decision on the sport as the decision is made – that is, this is what I am doing at this time and that is it. This has been helping me hits lots of targets of late whether it be making a call, writing content, making a video, etc. It works for me. Thanks again for your top class content. Regards, Ross Freiberg.

  • Paul Potter

    Hi Amy,
    Great interview with Pat. It was a great peak behind the curtain on how hard Pat and you work at your craft. I admire both Pat’s and your genuine concern for your audience and the ability to put into action. On a side note your Platform Conference presentation was a home run. Keep up the good work! Each episode keeps getting better and better.

  • Melissa Meehan Baldwin

    I had the same problem, so I took the headphones off and just listened directly from my iPhone.

  • David Prochaska

    Awesome podcast, Amy! I just recently discovered you on the iTunes podcasts (I’ve become a podcast junkie I think, lol). My “why” is because I want to say when I work, and I want to be home with my family. My “why” is because I want the freedom to read more inspiring books, listen to more podcasts, become more involved with people that are doing things like you, and become more involved with people that are trying to get their online business. My “why” is because I want to make a difference in someone’s life. My “why” is because I don’t want to be told how much money I can make. I don’t want to be limited. My dad told me when I was younger that to get ahead in life I need to get a job with a good company, work for them for years, and retire. I love and respect my dad, but for him to tell me that, it gave me motivation to tell myself, that will not be me. I will not be a limited individual with limitless possibilities. That, Amy, is my “why”. :) Keep up the awesome work!

  • http://www.southernstarr.us/ Eric Fisk

    This is such a great interview and discussion. I love it when the interviews take you out of the normal getting to know you like this. I love listening to what Pat has to say. His niche sites have inspired me to create my own website at http://www.podcastreviewshq.com Thank you for this great interview.

  • Mel

    Hi Amy, Pat’s Facebook post isn’t linked in the podcast notes

  • Kimberly Coleman

    My “why” is definitely my kids. Giving birth changed my entire career trajectory. I went from a corporate lifestyle to becoming a work at home mom entrepreneur – all because I fell HARD for a chubby little man!

  • http://www.bestnindia.com/Mangalore/Restaurants Restaurants in Mangalore

    You done a impressive work.. I like the wok because it contain lots of good info.. It is useful to not only me, It’s to all..

  • http://iag.me/ Ian Anderson Gray

    I’ve finally listened to a couple of podcasts and subscribed to your blog after being recommended by Ian Cleary. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into it- very professional and helpful stuff.

    I’d never heard of mastermind groups before. I’d love to find out more and how I can join one or set one up. Does anyone have any tips?

    Although I agree with Pat’s thoughts on planning and having a vision- we’re all different and some people find it easier than others. All our brains are wired differently and I wondered is it really possible for everyone to get organised and learn how to prioritise? It’s my biggest problem and it doesn’t come naturally to me. If anyone has any tips, I am all ears!

    Thanks again.

  • Stanil

    My answer to why – because it is fun and it is challenging. :-)

  • http://www.carolinefrenette.com/ Intuitive Leadership Coach

    Such a perfect time for me to listen to this podcast: thank you!

  • Anna Hewstan

    Hi Amy and Pat – thank you so much for this fantastic podcast, you recorded it months ago and I just listened to it. Its never too late, right :)? Great content and so many bits as take-away’s – thought provoking ideas, tools, book recommendations and insights.

    As for my Why – I have a few. Like Pat, my kids are a big influence in shaping why and how I do things. Showing my girls how to be respected in your circles. How to be independent but know when and how to lean on others and offer support back and how to raise people up so than they can realize their own potential. Another Why is financial, to never have to worry about money and be smart about it. Yet another Why is love – in all forms – relationships as well as loving what you are doing – sometimes it boils down to enjoying the ride :)

  • Collette Schultz

    My why is to get to the lifestyle to enjoy time and create memories with my kids. While doing that to show the kids you can get out of life what you put into it.