#036: 3 Keys to Understanding Your Audience to Increase Sales with Pam Hendrickson

On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I interviewed my good friend, Pam Hendrickson. Pam and I go WAY back. She is actually the person who interviewed me for my position with Tony Robbins, and was my first “big boss.”

Pam and I have spent many hours working and traveling together. We joke that we spent more time together during certain seasons than we did with our husbands!

Pam worked for Tony Robbins for close to 20 years before going out on her own. Considering her experience with Robbins, she thought launching her first products would be easy, but she was wrong. In spite of the fact that the products were great, she made very few sales.

The turning point for her was when she learned how to give her customers what they want, and in this episode, we dive in deep about how to do that.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • A key success principle for business
  • What will cause your business to fail even if you have the best content in the world
  • The necessary foundation for great marketing
  • Common mistakes when defining a target market
  • Tools for understanding your target market
  • How to cultivate relationships
  • Why technology will never replace face-to-face interactions
  • And so much more!

Key Takeaways

  • A key to success in business is not being afraid to make mistakes
  • Great content alone isn’t enough. If it isn’t want your customers need and want, it won’t be successful.
  • The foundation of our marketing comes from understanding who our target audience is, and creating all of products and services based around that.
  • Ideal customer exercises are great, but they don’t go deep enough. It’s important to go beyond who and really dive deep into their pain points.
  • Product creation and marketing are easy when you truly understand your audience.
  • There are three primary areas to focus on:
    • Tactical
    • Relationships
    • Emotional connection
  • Tactical focuses on learning more about your audience. This is an ongoing process. In order to learn this information, you can conduct surveys, look at what your competition does to see what’s working for them, and conduct market research using tools such as Keyword Spy and Ispionage.
  • Relationships focuses on really getting to know your audience, and enable you to go deeper when it comes to truly understanding them and therefore really knowing how to meet their needs. A great example that Pam gave was that if you went to the gym and someone had you  fill out a survey, they would have a certain level of understanding about your needs. In contrast, if you went to the gym and spent time talking with the person exercising next to you, you would have a much deeper understanding.
  • Emotional connection is when you really begin to FEEL what your audience feels. It goes deeper than having an intellectual understanding of their needs, and enables you to basically put yourself in their shoes so that you better understand them on an emotional level. This is the opposite of the tactical side of things because it focuses on feelings rather than facts.

Action Steps

  • For a week or two, spend ten minutes per day researching your target market using tools such as Keyword Spy, Eyespionage  and Pew Research.
  • To help you build relationships with your audience, pick one or two live events to attend. The goal is to have an opportunity to connect face-to-face with your target audience.
  • Set aside 20-30 minutes to get quiet and FEEL the problems and pains of your customers.

A Special Gift from Pam for My Audience

Pam really went the extra mile by creating a special gift just for you, a free video training and report, which you can get here.

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

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Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

  • http://insta-influencereview.blogspot.com/ Tamira Hamilton

    I think this is one of my favorite podcasts Amy! I love the way Pam breaks it down and makes it so actionable and how she even provided great resources in just the right amount.

  • http://www.socialmediaminder.com/ Sherri-Lee Woycik

    Love this podcast, thank you Amy and Pam, love the information, so refreshing from the usual “customer avatar” which has always felt very cold… so thank you, I’m excited to go through your video for us about this…launching a new program in the fall so this is perfectly timely. Thank you!

  • Pamela Hendrickson

    Thanks Tamira! Amy and I definitely received the same training on that! ;)

  • http://insta-influencereview.blogspot.com/ Tamira Hamilton

    I just listened again and I have to give more props her Amy. I love love love the way Amy took it a step further than demographics. It is about solving problems, not just demographics and that is pristinely apparent after listening to this twice today!

  • Pamela Hendrickson

    Thanks Sherri-Lee! I appreciate your comment so much because this is exactly what not only makes your marketing more effective, but it feels more authentic, real and more fun because it’s based on relationships. Good luck with your launch – congratulations for going for it!

  • http://insta-influencereview.blogspot.com/ Tamira Hamilton


  • Eric

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  • http://www.wisdomprocounseling.com/ Dean Wisdom

    Really enjoyed this – Thanks Pamela and Amy. One question – I could not find eyespionage – is it under a different domain? Thanks so much!

  • Pamela Hendrickson

    http://www.ispionage.com/ (and I also like http://www.SpyFu.com or http://www.keywordspy.com/ ). In terms of research: http://www.PewResearch.org or http://www.BrainJuicer.com for a more innovative approach. This all ought to keep you out of trouble for a while. ;)

  • http://www.wisdomprocounseling.com/ Dean Wisdom

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Carole@RusticArtistry.com

    I always learn a lot from Amy’s podcasts, and this was no exception. So glad you mentioned Tony’s “schedule it” mantra Pam. I went through the entire Life Mastery program in 2000 and that concept was an important takeaway for me. (Not to mention the 40 foot firewalk which made me sure I could start an ecomm business and make it a success :)

  • http://beastlike.wordpress.com James Broderick

    Another great tool to “spy” on your competition is BuzzSumo.com. :) It helps you see what’s hot for the top influencers in your niche.

  • Minette

    I am a student studying Business Management but one of the modules I take is Marketing. Learning the theory and writing tests about it is one thing but I always wonder if we really use the theory in the real world. Your blog however, helped me to understand that we will use the knowledge we gain now in the real world and in practice one day. For instance in your blog you talk about how important it is to build relationships with the customers and really understand their need, in our textbook we have a whole chapter on that topic. It is really refreshing to see that I will use the theory I am studying now. Thank you for the refreshing insight!

  • nahid

    Thanks Tamira! Amy and I definitely received the same training on that!

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  • http://www.gocmeovat.com/ Lý Hoàng Nhi

    just listened again and I have to give more props her Amy. I love love love the way Amy took it a step further than demographics.

  • simin

    I think this is one of my favorite podcasts Amy! I love the way Pam
    breaks it down and makes it so actionable and how she even provided
    great resources in just the right amount.
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  • intouchcrm

    Awesome post! Thanks a lot for sharing Amy! http://www.intouchcrm.com/

  • Scott Campbell

    Awesome podcast episode! I can concur and preach all the time that the more we rely on technology the more we need to push ourselves to actually meet new people face to face.

  • Dirk

    As they say: Always put your self on your audience or customer’s shoe. Knowing your customer need and wants to provide a delightful service is always the primary key and everything else is secondary. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Amy! I hope you’ll post more and more informative post in here. Keep it up!


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  • Fergal

    Great podcast Amy, I had heard of keyword spy and SpyFu but had never heard of the others, I’ll definitely be checking them out. Fergal – http://www.greenflycoupons.com

  • http://www.naccaratophotography.com John Naccarato

    Amy and Pamela. I always struggle with my target market. As primarily a High School Senior portrait photographer, one target market is the 15-18 year old. The other would be mothers. So to niche down to “moms” and what they like, or a high school kid on what they like, and how I can “help them solve a problem” is always a brain buster. I feel if I could really lock that down, I would take off!!! Please help (or anybody else reading this) on what you may do and share to market to these two demographics. :)

  • Ramonshelton

    It’s All About You a-m-y-p-o-r-t-e-r-f-i-e-l-d < Make It Easy

  • Regan

    Amy thank you so much for this pod cast! I love it. I have recently started a blog and have a lot of “ideas’ for projects for the future. Your pod cast has helped me get organized while dreaming big! Not all of your episodes apply to me at the moment but I like knowing what to expect and making a plan how to get there.
    I’m completely new to blogging but I have learnt a lot already.
    I absolutely love this episode 36 Tony Robins manta on its not really until its scheduled was what I was intuitively feeling but didn’t know how to put it into words. This quote is going on my brain storming wall.

    Thank you and all your guests for the free advice. I appreciate it !

    Regan Gray