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#263: How to Tease Your Digital Course Before You’re Ready to Launch

May 16, 2019

If you want your customers to be ready to buy when you're ready to sell, start now. This powerful marketing strategy will get your buyers excited to buy!

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Everyone wants a crowd of eager fans ready to buy when you launch your course, but how do you get them to the party? The big secret? Being intentional before your launch. If you want your customers to be ready to buy when you're ready to sell, start now. I'm going to share a powerful marketing strategy that will help you seed the idea of your course before you've ever even mentioned it's for sale.

These powerful tips will get your buyers excited to buy from you. And the best part? You get to be transparent and authentic through it all.

Hang up your salesy hat and get ready for that line of excited customers.

  • [06:49] The “Priming Period” and how to position yourself as the Go-To Source for your audience.
  • [10:33] The proof is in the pudding…  stories about your journey or your students' journeys are vital to seeding your course. Understand the difference between a story and a testimonial and use both.
  • [15:59] Don't be afraid to get specific about the lessons, formulas, frameworks, or strategies that are in your course. I created a framework and then showed how it came to life with a step-by-step of a webinar that made me over three million dollars in one launch. Give names to your lessons and formulas.
  • [20:03] Invite people into something bigger than themselves. Your non-students should want to be part of what you've got going on inside your community. Well-placed mindful shout outs are a great way to share that you have something special. 
  • [22:47] Look for opportunities to weave your product into the conversation naturally and you'll never be salesy. Then you'll have the confidence you need to pull the trigger on your launch (no turning back now!). 

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