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#294: 5 Ways A Digital Course Will Boost Your One On One Business Revenue

December 19, 2019

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Have you been wondering how a digital course can fit into your one on one business? If so, this episode is for you!

Now, if you’re thinking, “I don’t have one on one clients, so this doesn’t apply to my business,” stick with me, because I have some nuggets in here that might actually help your online business grow and generate even more revenue!

In today’s episode, we talk all about how a digital course can fit into your one on one business. And we even chat about how you can add one on one offerings to your online business to boost your revenue. 

I know that you guys have been wanting this topic because I get asked about it all the time! Today I’ll give you 5 valuable ways a digital course can transform your one on one business!

That’s right, I talk about how a digital course can transform your business revenue, give you more freedom (yes, please!), and how it will allow you to reach more people and transform more lives. After all, isn’t that why we’re all doing what we’re doing? To make an impact?

You’re going to walk away from this call with some great ideas for integrating your one on one business with a digital course.

Here’s a breakdown of some important points from today’s episode…

  • [05:01] A digital course will expand your reach! From a time and energy standpoint, you can only take so many clients. A course will give new clients the opportunity to work with you.
  • [05:53] One approach is to use your digital course as an extension of your one-on-one business. You can use your course to prepare your students and put them in a place to work with you one-on-one directly. 
  • [07:19] You could offer a digital course that complements the work you do with your clients but doesn't exactly mirror the work you do in your one-on-ones.
  • [11:37] Your one-on-one coaching could be used as an upsell to your digital course. 
  • [16:00] A digital course will increase your overall revenue. Setting your business up for passive income is really important, and it's something you can't do with a one-on-one service business. At DCA, we teach students how to move their course to evergreen. 
  • [21:14] Another way a digital course can seriously benefit your business is that it will allow you to set bigger income goals — it opens the door for you to make more money. However, I highly recommend doing a few live launches before transitioning into an evergreen webinar.
  • [28:17] A digital course will allow you to be more selective about who you take on as a client. You can take fewer clients and serve them at a higher level because you're not stretched too thin and trying to balance a ton of clients.
  • [34:55] Offering both one-on-one coaching and a digital course gives you the option to offer tiered pricing. This can create opportunities for people with different financial means to work with you and makes high price point offerings a hot commodity.

I just know that you’re going to love this episode. Click here to listen!

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