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#308: Courage: Your Gateway Drug To Confidence with Jennifer Allwood

March 26, 2020

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What if I told you that confidence shouldn’t be your goal?

Crazy, right? I thought confidence was always the goal!

According to my guest today, Jennifer Allwood, there’s something else you should be focusing on… courage!

I’m so excited to have Jennifer back on the show to talk about her new book, which will be released April 7th, 2020, “Fear Is Not The Boss Of You.” This is a must-read for entrepreneurs.

We also chat about why courage should be your goal over confidence and how to shift your mindset around imposter syndrome.

We even talk about the real way to discover your confidence (hint: it has to do with taking action — imagine that!).

Jennifer has helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs grow their business by leveraging social media and the online space, and she’s someone I love learning from.

She teaches people how to find freedom in their business by using multiple revenue streams — as she shared in episode 215.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we talked about…

  • [05:26] Jennifer spills about her experience with writing her new book. After much trial and error, she found that when she wrote from a position of truth, the words just poured out of her.
  • [12:19] PSA: Confidence comes from doing things that we are scared to do. Jennifer talks about how we should work on our courage to develop confidence — and I couldn’t agree more!
  • [15:40] Want to know where courage comes from? It comes from doing things that you feel you're supposed to do for people or reasons other than yourself. Jennifer’s driving force is to show her children what courage looks like by being an example. I love what she says here, “Courage is contagious.”
  • [20:37] Remember algebra? When you're faced with fear about doing something think about what is on the other side of that greater than sign.
  • [25:26] Good ole’ imposter syndrome — we talk about that too. As entrepreneurs, we need to quit putting pressure on ourselves to have to know everything.
  • [32:49] Jennifer shares how she’s done 10 triathlons and she still gets nervous. The lesson? Get into action to do the thing even if you don't feel confident about it.

You’re going to love Jennifer’s approach and strategies for becoming more courageous in your life and business.

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