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#313b: Shift Your Selling Mindset with Lisa Sasevich

May 4, 2020

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Wouldn’t it be fun to share your gifts with the world and make a ton of money while doing it?

You’re probably thinking, “Well, Amy, uh yeah…obviously!”

So why do I hear — all the time — that to be an entrepreneur, it's so much harder than just getting paid to share your gifts?

My guest today, Lisa Sasevich, is going to set the record straight. She's going to share just how to use your gifts to boost your sales so that you can make the revenue you desire.

Lisa — a.k.a. “Queen of Conversions” — is an award-winning entrepreneur and business coach, and she just released her new book, “Meant For More.”

Why is this book important to read as an entrepreneur?

Because Lisa has put all of her top tips and tools into one place so that you can hone in on your unique gifts and use them to build a thriving business.

In this episode, Lisa and I chat about her easy-to-use, proven formula for understanding how to use your gifts to make more money, have more impact, and get more out of life.

What I love most about her step-by-step formula (besides that it’s step-by-step), is that it teaches you how to do all of this without being pushy or salesy. Instead, it shows you how to speak from the heart with intention, honesty, and truth.

Here's a look at what we chatted about…

  • [04:46] As a pioneer in the online marketing world, Lisa wanted to integrate her passion and her work. She's now known as the “Queen of Conversion” and has taught over 15,000 clients to create an irresistible offer without being pushy or salesy.
  • [09:41] Lisa shares a powerful story about losing her mom and how that inspired her to avoid living a “woulda, coulda, shoulda” life, and instead figure out what she was put here to do.
  • [12:07] We talk about finding your “unique value,” what it is, and how to use it as an entrepreneur.
  • [16:37] In her Meant For More book, there is a proven formula to turn your knowledge into profits. And because you know I love a good formula, Lisa and I chat about how to utilize it as an entrepreneur to make more money doing what you love.
  • [23:18] Lisa shares an unexpected way to identify something you’re good at. Hint… it has to do with meddling!
  • [24:34] She also talks about identifying a topic that people want to pick your brain about, and how this is a clue towards your million dollar value.
  • [25:52] Her five-step Meant For More Sales process is to make peace with sales, claim your million-dollar value, get specific about taking action, turn it into an irresistible offer, and lay out the plan to live a life you love.

You’re going to love this episode. Plus, Lisa has a free mini-course on how to discover your unique value. Head here to grab Lisa's gift and discover your unique value today!

Meant For More

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