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#329: How 3 Entrepreneurs Found Success Serving A Small Niche Audience

August 6, 2020

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In today's episode, I chat with three of my students about how they built successful businesses in industries with underrepresented communities.

These conversations are sooooooo important because many people believe that niching down can be a dangerous thing — but these three successes are here to show you that this just isn’t the case. In fact, niching down can be the opposite!

And while it may be scary at first to venture into these unknown territories, you’ll often find that when you start to attract the right people, they’ll be saying, “This is what I’ve been waiting for!”

So today, you’re going to hear from Sandra McLemore, Gwen Lane, and LeeAnn Sims.

They all have a unique community and will share how they identified that something was missing. They’ll also share the self-limiting beliefs they faced and how they attracted and built their audience. And of course, they’ll share about their successes, too.

Here’s a peek at our conversations:

  • [07:33] Sandra McLemore helps travel agents build a steady stream of income and clients.
  • [13:49] She found her knowledge intersection between travel, media, television, and corporate work experience in the travel industry. She used her knowledge to solidify her ICA and create her course and products.
  • [19:25] At first, she was afraid to specialize and focus on a specific ICA, but once she did, her business exploded.
  • [27:31] Sandra started her business with $40 and now has a seven-figure business. Her success allows her to give back and create a life she loves.
  • [37:42] Gwen Lane started The Spark School for digital influencers. She helps them grow and monetize their channels to turn them into a business that makes money.
  • [42:02] She has a hyper-focused niche that attracts women who are of an underrepresented community. Niching down has opened up a safe space to allow for more unique and intimate conversations within her audience.
  • [46:29] Gwen had all of the fears that people who are just starting out have — being worthy, making money, and anything else you can think of. After a few launches, she started building confidence.
  • [50:12] Get this, her business hit $40,000 for the month of May and $50,000 for the month of June. She's on track to have her first million-dollar year. How cool is that?
  • [54:45] LeeAnn Sims is the owner of Fit & Fab Lifestyle. She serves a size-inclusive community of women who are looking to improve their well-being from the inside out.
  • [56:02] In 2008, LeeAnn went on her own personal wellness journey and lost 144 pounds. She discovered that true wellness is what really matters.
  • [01:06:43] LeeAnn's limiting beliefs were around doubting that what she had to offer was worthy of being invested in. To get over this limiting belief, she invested in personal coaching and business coaching.
  • [01:09:37] Believing that she was worthy attracted the right clients, and now she’s selling out her retreats!

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