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#339: Facebook Ad Strategies To Grow Your Audience Now (No Matter Where You Are In Your Business) with Salome Schillack

October 5, 2020

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When should you start running Facebook ads as an entrepreneur?

PSA: Facebook Ads are as complicated as trying to sneeze with your eyes open– especially if you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg per lead. 

Orrr… are they? 

My guest today says, “false,” and by the end of this episode, you will be too!

Her name is Salome Schillack, and as CEO, Founder, and Head Facebook and Instagram Strategist of Shine & Succeed, a multi-woman Facebook Ads agency, she’s figured out how to make your Facebook Ads work for you — and not the other way around. 

She breaks down everything you need to know about using Facebook Ads to grow your audience and how to get extremely low-cost leads, whether you’re a beginner entrepreneur or a seasoned one.

Not only do I love her because she’s my student, but also because she has a 6-step strategy (a girl after my own heart) for getting low-cost leads and dominating social media ads.  

Learn how to run high engagement, low-cost Facebook ads…
  • [05:07] Salome shares her defining moment when she knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur. If you’re a mom, you’ll definitely relate. 
  • [13:39] You do need to spend money on ads. Period. She says to start with $5.00 per day with engagement ads. Build up your engagement mojo to kick start your organic activity.
  • [20:03] To effectively run ads, choose your best social media post. Something that connects emotionally with your audience. Turn that post into your $5.00 a day engagement ad. 
  • [24:35] Check the frequency tab in your ads manager, if it's more than four it means your warm audience has seen your ads four times. Duplicate the ad and then run it to your cold audience! 
  • [26:18] Your goal is to get engagement for about one cent. If it's larger, your messaging or audience may be a mismatch. 
  • [28:40] Have custom audiences or buckets of people who have taken specific actions. You want custom audiences who have been to your website in the last 180 days, people who've engaged with you on Facebook, Instagram, and your email list.

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