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#366: How To Turn Your Expertise Into A Successful Course with Azhelle Wade

March 11, 2021

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Are you ready for your brand to be widely known? 

Learn how to turn your expertise into a digital course with Azhelle Wade 

I love bragging about my students. Honestly! The stuff they do always amazes me. 

And what’s even more fun is that I know you like to hear their stories and strategies too.  So it’s a win-win when they’re a podcast guest! 

I’m so excited to introduce you to my Digital Course Academy student, Azhelle Wade. 

Azhelle is an amazing student of mine. She's an entrepreneur, President of The Toy Coach, and host of the podcast, Making It in The Toy Industry and knows a thing or two about the power of taking your expertise and turning it into a successful course.

And if you’re wondering if you too can take your know-how and turn it into a passionate online business, you’re in luck! In this interview, Azhelle didn’t hold back from sharing her process and strategy that she used to get her expertise out into the world and kickstart her journey as an entrepreneur.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Making your expertise a successful business
  • Creating a “known for” brand
  • Azhelle’s  story about breaking through the glass ceiling of diversity in her industry
  • The best advice she has on how to make the leap from corporate into entrepreneurship
  • Her unique approach to a successful launch

If you’re ready to learn how to make your expertise into a successful course – this episode is ready to help! 

Click here to listen in.

Psst… I have some valuable advice for you. As you dive into listen, be sure to grab a pen, notebook, and your free copy of The Ultimate Course Creation Starter Kit, so you have everything you need to build a successful digital course starting right now!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [07:34] Fun fact: Savings will set you free. You may not need as much as you think you do. Look at places where you may be able to cut.
  • [09:27] As a cancer survivor, health was one of Azhelle's fears. She ended up getting a new lease on life and a mindset shift.
  • [13:52] Azhelle had a clear vision of who her ideal customer community was. She started asking what they needed to thrive.
  • [18:57] Learn Azhelle’s launch tips and how she ended up making $11,000 over the next 48 hours. 
  • [34:52] Know what your mission is for your brand and who you're going to help and why and how you're going to help them.
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There’s a reason “made easy” is literally the title!

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