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#392: One-On-One Coaching Vs. Digital Courses: What’s Best For You?

August 19, 2021

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The difference between a “one-to-one” and “one-to-many” business model

I live for a good debate.

Journey or Queen?

Blog or podcast?

Seinfeld or Friends?

And while we’re at it…were they really on a break?

But if we’re talking about building an online business or adding a digital asset to your existing business, there’s one debate that comes up over and over again…

Digital course or one-on-one coaching? (Orrrr… can both work in one business?)

AKA which offer is best for you, your clients, or your business? 

And how the heck can you know for sure? (After all, you sure don’t have the time or money to go all-in on the wrong thing.)

Well, with over 12 years of experience in the online world, I want to help you decide once and for all if a digital course or one-on-one coaching is best for you. 

From my recording room straight to your morning walk (or daily commute…however you take your podcasts!) — I’ll be guiding you through a self-assessment that’s sure to help you identify which offer is best suited to you, your clients, and your business (and life!) goals. 

Here are the questions to consider: 

  • Do you have information, know-how, or a skill set that could be turned into a digital course?
  • Does what you teach have steps or a roadmap of some sort or could it be turned into that? 
  • Could what you teach be taught to more than one person at a time? 
  • Could your area of expertise be taught via video or audio?
  • Do you like doing one-on-one coaching? 

And while, based on my own business, you may think I’m “Team Digital Course” all the way…my answer might just surprise you. 

PLUS in this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • The unique way that a digital course serves you and your customers (that you probably haven’t considered yet)
  • The main differences between the two offerings
  • Specific examples of how digital courses and one-on-one coaching work within my students’ real-life business

The quiz is no longer available. Please head here to jump on my waitlist to be notified when we share more free resources like this one!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [02:40] You can be more selective with one-on-one coaching. A digital course opens up opportunities for people who don't have the time or resources for one-on-one coaching.
  • [06:06] A digital course gives you a much larger reach and ability to make an impact. 
  • [09:08] You can offer just a digital course or multiple digital courses. I do group coaching within my programs, but no paid one-on-one programs. 
  • [13:39] If you currently have a one-on-one coaching business, you already have a roadmap that could lead to a digital course. You already have a system, model, and framework. 
  • [15:46] You could also offer a digital course alongside one-on-one coaching. This is something I used to do!
  • [22:41] Question #1: Do you have information, know-how, or a skill set that can be turned into a digital course?
  • [23:36] Question #2: Does what you teach have steps or a roadmap of some sort? Could it be turned into that?
  • [24:14] Question #3: Could what you teach be taught to more than one person at a time?
  • [27:20] Question #4: Could your area of expertise be taught via video or audio?
  • [28:45] Question #5: Do you enjoy one-on-one coaching?. 
  • [31:05] Action steps: Take my free two-minute quiz to create a personalized path for creating your block-buster selling digital course.

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