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#401: Live Video: Acting Natural & Going Off The Cuff With E! News Celebrities Jason Kennedy & Giuliana Rancic

October 21, 2021

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Go Live On Video With The Confidence Of A Pro

Nothing like the words “live video” to make you break out in a sweat.

I’m talking about the kind of nerves you haven’t experienced since your 8th grade “Under the Sea” dance.

Let’s keep it real, live video is intimidating…especially when you’re just getting started. 

Over the years, I’ve stumbled over words, lost my train of thought, and said the wrong thing at the wrong time more often than I can count.

When it comes to live video? You’ve gotta roll with the punches and get on with the show, my friend.

But what if a mess up happens in front of, oh I don’t know…Rihanna?

Or Elton John…Kim Kardashian…or Adam Lavigne?

My guests on this episode know a thing or two about high stakes on live video.

They’ve become experts in their field at acting natural, going off the cuff, and navigating live video faux pas. 

These EXTRA! special guests are hands down the best in the biz.

Did you guess it?!

I’m sitting down with Jason Kennedy and Giuliana Rancic who you may know from their years and years on E! News. 

Pinch me!

But what you may not know about Jason and Giuliana is that, aside from being experts in front of the camera, they’re also entrepreneurs who have a digital course! 

In this interview, the three of us discuss:

  • The best piece of advice they’ve ever received in their career
  • How to keep things under control when you veer away from the plan
  • How to go off the cuff without getting worked up
  • How to be engaging and ways to show up more naturally on video
  • And my personal favorite, stories about a time when they were most nervous in front of the camera. 

If going live on video is something you currently do inside of your biz — or you know you need to do more of — this episode is a can’t miss!

Click to listen and learn from the pros (I know I did!) 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [01:14] Being on video is a big part of being a digital course creator and a big part of being an online entrepreneur. That doesn't mean it's easy or comfortable. It takes skill and practice, and I have experts Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy here to talk about that.
  • [14:08] When it comes to live video, the more prepared you are the more comfortable you will be. Rehearse and practice!
  • [19:35] Secret tip: Tilt your face, don't just move your eyes when reading a teleprompter! Make subtle movements to the left and right while keeping your eyes forward. 
  • [28:56] One of the most common video mistakes is not acting natural and being yourself. Find what makes you feel comfortable and go with that.
  • [36:54] We learn why you need to be authentic, don't rehearse jokes, and be careful with the level of spray tan you get. 
  • [46:51] Jason's best advice ever received is to not be so hard on himself. Embrace your flaws, traits, gifts, and talents. 
  • [49:13] Giuliana says there are no shortcuts. She realized her dreams because she was a hard worker and was willing to do the work.
  • [59:55] Action steps: Put one of the things you learned today into practice.

Click here to listen!

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