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#419: She Was Forced To Slow Down (And Then Her Business Grew!) With Kate Northrup Watts

December 23, 2021

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Say Bye-Bye To Business Burnout 

Working less and earning more is the battle cry of online entrepreneurs everywhere.

It’s why we start our own gig in the first place, right? More cash coming in, less hours glued to a screen.

My guest on today’s episode, Kate Northrup Watts, had her life changed when she was forced to slow down and as a result, her entrepreneurial hustle came to a halt. 

But then, the unthinkable happened.

Kate experienced more growth in her business than the year before.

And she’s breaking it aaaaall down during our conversation in this episode. 

In it, Kate’s putting the kibosh on hustling your way to the top. So, if you’ve been looking for permission to do less in your business without sacrificing revenue or growth… this is it.

In this episode, Kate and I talk about:

  • Exactly how Kate slowed down, worked less, and earned more
  • How to identify how much pressure you feel (instead of convincing yourself that “it’s fine”…when it’s not)
  • How us achiever-types can begin to reframe asking for help, instead of doing all the things out of pride (GUILTY)
  • Why Kate only goes for hyper-focused offers in her biz (and why you should too)

You don’t have to burn it all on the way to the top. In fact, you won’t get to the top if you’re running at 1,000 miles an hour.

So hang up your hustle culture cleats, and listen to my less-is-more conversation with Kate Northrup Watts.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [06:18] Kate was an online entrepreneur, who worked whenever she wanted until she got pregnant. She suddenly had no energy and needed to sleep 14 hours a day. She was forced to dial it back.
  • [08:36] She ended up working less than she ever had and made more money than previously!
  • [11:33] Not being able to sleep and not having good digestion are signs that something is off and you may be experiencing overwhelm.
  • [14:49] Instead of trying to do everything, ask for help. Reframe in your mind how getting help makes you more available for the important stuff. 
  • [21:42] You'll have so much more time and energy when you cut some offerings and go all in on a few things only.
  • [33:53] Cyclical work is using the wisdom of nature to guide your creative processes. You may produce fewer things but what you do make will be more robust.

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