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#436: You’ve Been Setting Goals Wrong: Here’s Why & What To Do About It

February 22, 2022

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What to do when you’re afraid you won’t meet your next big goal

If you’ve ever created goals for yourself and didn’t meet them, it might be because you set them wrong in the first place.

And no, it’s not because what you set out to do was too ambitious (believe me, I’m a huge fan of thinking big), you most likely didn’t meet them because you didn’t have a big enough ‘Why’ behind them

The ‘Why’ is the fire behind everything that you do — the driving force that keeps you going when things get difficult or overwhelming, when you’re completely exhausted, and when you want to throw your hands up, shut down your laptop and tune in to the latest episode of Crime Junkie.

I know you’ve been there, and I have too. That’s why in this episode, I am sharing a three-step process that you can use when you have something really big in front of you, and you start to doubt whether it’s worth your blood, sweat and tears to accomplish it. 

So grab a pen and paper (or open a Google doc) and get ready to do this exercise live as you listen to the episode — so that those big, audacious goals I know you set for yourself are that much closer to being met. 

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [03:00] There's a 3-step process you can use to make investing your blood, sweat and tears into your goals is 100% worth it. 
  • [05:25] When you have a big goal or dream in front of you, a surefire way to reach that goal is to write a list of all of the reasons why you want it. 
  • [06:03] Step #1: List all of the reasons you want to move away from your current situation, and how you’ll move into something new by reaching your goal.
  • [09:21] Step #2: Make sure your reasons are strong and compelling enough for you to take action. Every reason should speak to your soul.
  • [09:42] Step #3: Write your reasons down somewhere you’ll see them daily. Flood your mind with these reasons every single day.

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