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#593: Strategies & Secrets For Creating Massive Success As A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with Chalene Johnson

July 27, 2023

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From flipping cars to fitness empire & beyond: How Chalene Johnson continues to build multi-million dollar businesses

Today I have a guest on the show who truly knocks my socks off (in the best way possible).

Chalene Johnson has been building businesses since she was a college student at Michigan State University, where she launched an auto swap meet in order to pay for her tuition. 

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was in college, I definitely wasn’t thinking like an entrepreneur.

Since her college days, Chalene has built and sold multiple multi-million dollar businesses that have stood the test of time. 

Today, she’s a multiple 8-figure CEO, fitness leader, marketing expert, social media rockstar, and is the host of two podcasts, The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe. 

She even holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most fitness videos filmed by an individual. I mean, how cool is that? 

And what I love most about Chalene is that she’s multi-passionate. She’s launched and scaled businesses in multiple industries, and has found success in each. 

In this episode, Chalene and I chat about how she’s built a diverse and thriving entrepreneurial career that’s stood the test of time. You’ll hear: 

  • The biggest lesson Chalene has learned when it comes to developing business ideas 
  • A step-by-step process you can use to figure out what your ‘thing’ is (or what your ‘things’ are)
  • How to know when it’s the right time to add a new income stream to your business
  • Tips on how to build an audience that sticks with you for the long haul
  • Chalene’s secret for how she built two highly successful podcasts
  • How Chalene has reframed her ADHD as one of her superpowers

There is never a dull moment with Chalene — so get ready for a fun, action-packed and incredibly informative episode!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [04:51] Chalene sold tens of millions of exercise DVDs, and she's in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most exercise videos.
  • [06:31] She stepped out of the consumer exercise space. It felt unhealthy.
  • [11:04] Not sure what your thing is? Look for the opportunity that gets you excited right now. Nothing is more motivating than a little bit of success.
  • [14:49] Diversify your income streams. Work on one thing and then move on to the next thing. 
  • [18:37] Building an audience that sticks with you through your evolution comes down to trust. If you can create trust, you have a customer for life. 
  • [22:38] It's important to let people know who you are in your stories. It's hard to know and trust someone if there isn't a connection.
  • [24:36] Chalene was diagnosed with ADHD at age 45. 
  • [29:06] Chalene shares relevant content to her segmented lists. She finds a creative way to tell a story and uses ManyChat to send links to her podcasts.
  • [34:18] Chalene’s goal in raising kids was for them to know that they could do whatever they wanted.
  • [38:39] When it comes to embracing aging on camera, Chalene is in favor of all of the stuff that helps us to look good. 
  • [43:03] Chalene is always excited about being a better human and discovering how to parent her adult children. She's embracing this new season.

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