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#638: How To Strategically Approach Your 2024 Business Plans

December 26, 2023

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Everything I learned in 2023 and how I’m applying those lessons to my plans for 2024.

Can you believe there are only four days left in 2023?! My sweet friend, I'm so excited about what the new year will bring for your business! So today, I’m sharing my plans for my company going into 2024 so you can get inspired to dream up new strategies and implement game-changing tools into your business. 

2023 was an incredible year for us, with more Digital Course Academy students than ever (I‘m talking record-breaking), and some of my goals for 2024 might surprise you!  

It's so important to reflect on the past so you can get super specific, clear, and realistic about your goals for the future. Because, I want you to be prepared for 2024 and surround yourself with the right people, tools, and opportunities no matter the challenges that may come up. 

Plus, I share the most valuable lessons I learned in 2023 so you can take them and apply them to your business! From turning to mentors to hiring a CEO, I learned so much about myself and the structure of my business. 

In this episode, I talk about: 

  • 3:25: Reflections on 2023 – the most successful in my 14 years of business 
  • 5:17: Why growth won't be our primary focus in 2024 
  • 9:17: Embracing my motto “less is more” without sacrificing excellence 
  • 10:07: The departmental changes we’re applying next year 
  • 13:01: The top lessons I learned this past year
  • 21:20: How to prepare yourself for your dream business 

As you gear up for 2024, listen in and take a cue from my playbook. Cheers to the exciting new adventures that await us on our entrepreneurial journey!

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