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My husband and I have 5 kids that are all under 8 years old with my youngest only 8 months old…. and all of them have been out of diapers by the time they were walking.

Why? Because every year, 27 billion diapers that will take 500 years to biodegrade are stuffed into our landfills. Not so bueno for the environment. On top of that, our babies aren’t given an option of self-control, independence, confidence, self-esteem, and dignity because we were all given this wrong message—that babies need diapers.

Can you tell I’m passionate about this topic?

That’s why I wrote an eBook about Elimination Communication called Go Diaper Free in 2010. And it started a “movement”—no pun intended. ;-)

The book turned into mini-courses and a coaching program where moms can teach Elimination Communication to the parents in their community. Out of that grew a product line of tiny cloth undies and tiny potties to provide the supplies these moms needed.

Then, as I kept getting approached by moms saying, “I’m envious and jealous. I really want to do what you’re doing. I don’t want to go back to work. How do you make money when you’re with sick kids all week?”…

I decided to create another business called MamaWorx that teaches moms how to make passive income online so they can stay home with their babies.

But running three successful businesses when you have a husband and 5 kids at home would be nearly IMPOSSIBLE if I took the advice of the hustle, hustle, grind, grind gurus out there. Instead, I needed to reach more people with less effort. I need to be around MORE for my kids, not less.

Enter Amy.

I first started by following her detailed steps laid out in the course.

I was BLOWN away to see that 67% of my registrants were showing up live to my webinars. Especially considering that these are moms of YOUNG babies.

On top of that, between 10-20% of them are buying my $397 program—DOUBLING what I earned per customer before I did webinars. And that’s on the LIVE webinar!! Even more sales come in the post-webinar replay and follow-up sequence.

Between all three businesses, I generated a net revenue of $500,000 last year!

That’s crazy considering I started with 70 people on my email list in 2011 and I didn’t even know what webinars were. Now, my list is 41,000 and growing about 70-80 every day.

Right now, I work about 3-4 hours a day and the days that one of my kids needs me, I don’t work at all. Because here’s the thing: my family functions because of passive income.

On top of these businesses changing our lives though, I get to witness the impact on tens of thousands of other families every day. When I get an Instagram message that says I’ve literally changed someone’s life OR a woman walks up to me at a festival and says, “You don’t know me, but I know you. We just traveled here from Seattle with a 10-month old and you’ve changed our lives,” that makes me cry. It’s so special to me.

Everyone wants to have an impact on their community and to me, that’s my fellow moms. Amy has taught me how to reach SO many more women than I would have on my own, and together, we’re changing the world!

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