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When we entered the recession in 2007, I saw businesses closing left and right, and it SCARED me.

I DID NOT want to be on anyone else’s sinking ship. And I knew that my only option was to be my own boss and have my own business.

With a lot of hard work, I opened my very own quick-service restaurant franchise when I was just 25 years old.
It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done…

I didn’t even know you could be that broke.

And when I had to take out another loan for my business, I suddenly realized that I had no clue what my financials actually looked like and why I was losing money.

I couldn’t even afford an accountant to help me sort it all out. So I did what many entrepreneurs do… I taught myself. I took online courses, watched YouTube videos, and read books.

With my finances finally put together, I was able to see the big picture and fix the mistakes I had made. I then paid off all my debt in 3 years, bought a second restaurant with cash, made consistent revenue, and eventually sold BOTH restaurants for an all-cash offer! I felt like a magician!

That inspired me to start a new career as a virtual CFO to help other businesses who struggled like I once did. I used my knowledge and expertise to coach my clients and even did the bookkeeping for them.

When I would tell people how I sold my businesses, word started to spread and things started snowballing!

That’s when I discovered Amy Porterfield and I devoured her content… I started with List Builders Lab and went on to buy DCA in 2019.

My plan was to launch my Profit Perfect course to teach accounting to small business owners struggling with their numbers. (If math isn’t your thing, then we need to talk!)

But then I experienced what so many entrepreneurs face… the DREADED imposter syndrome. How could I teach accounting if I wasn’t a CPA?

Why would anyone want to buy my accounting course if I didn’t even have an accounting degree? It was such a struggle for me…

Finally, I embraced reality. I was honest with myself and really opened up with my audience… And once I conquered my imposter syndrome, things really started to change.

I started a Facebook group and did exactly what Amy says… I did freebies, answered questions, dropped content, and ended up getting 277 people on my list! After crafting and sending out my own emails, I got 84 people on a waiting list for my course.
From there, things just unfolded so perfectly.

Within the first hour of opening my cart, I hit $10,000! When I closed the cart two days later, I had 39 people signed up and made an incredible $25,586!

I couldn’t believe this was real life! I had actually pre-sold my course before it was even created! Every single thing that Amy teaches actually WORKS. You don’t need a big list and a fancy degree to build your business…

All you need to do is invest in DCA and learn how to bring value to other people. Be there for them. Expect nothing in return. And it will all come back full circle.

Amy has truly changed my life, and I hope my story gives others the push they need to finally invest in DCA, and more importantly… in themselves.

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