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We were both ready to give up.

After investing in countless online programs and failing time and again, we had lost all belief in ourselves. We were doing ALL THE THINGS—spread really thin—and still were not seeing the results we needed to keep going.

Amy, and her Digital Course Academy®️, was our last hope (and the last investment we were willing to make). It had to work. Thank God it DID!

What we didn’t expect is that a slight shift in who we serve and what we teach them would make the difference between two women with zero sales between them…

And filling an unmet need in a market that’s happy to invest in our content!

We’ve tripled our combined email list, and our most recent launch brought in almost 5 figures in just 3 days!

You see, Rebecca was working as a business consultant and helping pregnant moms plan for postpartum recovery on the side but kept getting questions from doulas.

Tasha was also working with moms, but because she IS a doula, she kept getting questions from doulas too.

The thing about doulas is that once they’re trained on HOW to be a doula, there’s no job for them with a steady paycheck and health insurance. They’re their own boss immediately.

Since not many doula trainings out there teach how to start or run your own business, we realized that if we made the switch to serving doulas only AND combined our knowledge & experiences by teaching together…

We’d have both the business background and the doula know-how to help our doulas start and grow a business they love from start to finish! Match made in heaven! ;-)

Now it feels like things have finally clicked for us. And with lifetime access to Amy’s course, there’s NO stopping us now!

We have to say, too, that the coolest part of finally making our own income via our course The Doula Toolbox (besides quitting jobs where we felt less than respected) is how it will impact our children to have us work from home.

Rebecca has twin 6-year-old daughters, and they get to see their mom forging her own path in life. Every day, they come home from school and ask, “Did you help any doulas today, Mommy?”

Our kids get to see firsthand that they can do whatever they want in life. They just have to help others. For that, and so much more, we’re forever grateful to Amy and her team!

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