3 Easy Tips to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

A big, thriving Facebook fan base is an asset to any small business. But to get the most value out of your fan base, you need your fans to visit you on your home turf, too. Many business owners don’t put enough focus on moving their Facebook traffic to their website – but to generate real profits, it’s a must!

For most of us, a blog or business website is where the majority of our leads and sells occur. And that means traffic has to flow in both directions: to social media, and back to your site. I often advise people how to build an audience on social media. The next logical question is, now that you have an audience, how do you bring them back to your main hub?

Below are three super-simple, effective tips to drive Facebook traffic back to your blog—so your social media strategy delivers in both directions:

#1:  Link to your website or blog in the “About” box on your Facebook Page.

This is probably the single most-overlooked way to drive traffic from Facebook to your website and vice-versa. The good news? It’s also the easiest to fix.

There’s only ONE place on a Page wall where you can have a clickable hyperlink, and that’s in the left-hand column “About” box. But there’s not a lot of real estate to play with—and if you’re like most people, you’ve already filled it up with a one- or two-line description of your business. And you’ve either included a link after that text (so that it’s buried, and visible only to fans who click “more”), or not at all.

Big mistake. Just take a look at the two examples below. Guess who’s likely getting more Facebook traffic to their website?

Forget using this space to write a description of your business; there’s plenty of room to do that on a custom welcome tab and in the “Info” section of your Page. Keep the information in this valuable area simple, short and to-the-point. A quick call-to-action will suffice, like “Visit us at LINK” or “Get more great tips at LINK.”

#2:  Be a tease.

Are you enticing people to click through to your content—or just telling them about it? Without a good reason, most people won’t leave Facebook for your blog. So give them one!

Whenever I share a blog post on my social media sites—and this goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook—I don’t just copy and paste a link. And I don’t use a third-party tool to post the blog link for me.

Instead, I use the opportunity to create an enticing post that people will want to click. To do that, I try to create a little curiosity, or better yet, some actual confusion. I want people to think, “I’ve got to know what she’s talking about!”

Here are two recent posts I used to (successfully) drive blog traffic from my Facebook Page:






To guarantee high click-through rates, always ask yourself, “What’s in it for the reader?” Make your post about your audience—and promise them a solution, a quicker way or simpler way to do something, or top-secret info on a little-known fact. Creating some anticipation is a good thing in social media. (Just make sure the content delivers!)

Hint: Don’t be afraid to post a blog post or content link more than once. You can easily extend the shelf life of a great blog post by promoting it several times in a week. Just remember to mix it up: use a different image and a different teaser or call-to-action to make it feel new and fresh. The fact is, people’s social media streams are busy—sharing content once per post is not going to cut it, and you’ll see only minimal traffic jumps. Instead, plan to share every new post several times on all networks. (To ante up your strategy, here are even more tips on dominating the Facebook News Feed.)

#3:  Use video to get more exposure for your blog.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of the tease, it’s time to take the same concept to the next level—with video.

Before you cringe, let me assure you that this is easier than it sounds. With video like this, there’s absolutely no need for professional lighting or sound; the idea is to craft a simple, compelling, SHORT video that entices your Facebook fans to click through and read a particular post. It’s not TV magic, but a way for you to actually sell that post in a few valuable seconds.

In other words, you’re still answering, “What’s in it for them?” but on camera instead.

Here’s one video I shared recently to promote a blog post:

See? Short, sweet and no fancy camera work required. In under a minute, I explained the topic, emphasize its importance, and explain why clicking through is valuable: the post is chock-full of visuals and actionable ideas to copy.

The best reason to use video, of course, is that people tend to respond in higher numbers to photos and videos.  And you can also post it on YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and anywhere else that makes sense for your audience.

There you have it! Now I want to hear from you.

What’s your #1 QUICK tip for getting more traffic from Facebook to your blog?


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  • Anonymous

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for three great tips.  I’ve just implemented #1 on our Facebook page:


    I will be looking to apply #2 going forwards.  Will get up and running with video when I can – it doesn’t really work doing it from an office in my line of work…

    Keep them coming!

    All the best,


  • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

    Good stuff, Amy! I’ve done #1. I’m always conscious of #2, but teasing content is definitely a skill I need to work on. And for whatever reason, I haven’t yet taken the plunge into any non-screen sharing video (just me talking to the camera). I need to. I know I do.

    Thanks for the tips!

  • http://twitter.com/RachelRubin Rachel Rubin

    I like #2. You have provided some really great examples to entice people. Also, I think if you post the link on your business page, it’s best not to “share” it on your personal profile from your business page. I prefer to add the link to your profile as well. Facebook displays links that are added more prominently than shares.

  • http://www.CravingTech.com/ Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    I’m more like a straight forward guy, which is wrong :D Creating a teasing title or wall post takes some skill, which I need to hone on

  • http://kimberlydhouston.com/ Kimberly Houston

    Great tips!  I could stand to get better at Tip #2 for sure, and I’ve been working on it. 
    For Tip #1, I have done that and def seen results from it.  In fact, I wrote a blog post myself awhile back with 4 easy tweaks to make on Facebook to get more traffic, and that was my #1 Tip too! 

    One of the other things I’ve done is put weblinks in the comments section of the photostrip images, and also in the comments section of the personal profile image.

    Thanks for your great tips Amy; I pretty much look to you for all things Facebook marketing.  : )

  • http://www.thelashlife.com/blog Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

    I just did my first video of *me* the other day – how nervewracking that was! But, after 3 takes, I felt I did what I set out to do – a video testimonial for a product I wanted to support and share to my readers, and get some “camera time” under my belt. Its amazing how much I blink when I’m talking to that little camera eye! In yours Amy, you did a great job of zoning in and speaking naturally, and you only blinked as often as somebody engaged in live, one-on-one conversation would! Thinking about a framework of what I wanted to say helped alot! I tried a few tricks – like plastering a bullet list next to my camera (almost cue card-ish). That helped too – any other tips you could suggest?

  • Eva Maria Knudsen

    Hi, thanks for your great posts! You wrote that you wouldnt use a 3trd. party tool to post link on your Facebook-page. Why is that (or did i mis-undrstand you)?

  • Amjad jawaid Kjan

    I want to get postive & maximum Business promotion advantages through Facebook. But it is really difficult to start & understand what to do. When a person who wants some thing solid from Facebook is not a computer specialist. We really don’t understand what you want to tell us or do it.
    Your peocedures must be simple & comprehensive. Other wise useless for majority of people.
    Best regards
    Amjad Jawaid khan

  • http://andreabolder.com Andrea Bolder

    These are all really simple but effective tips. For some reason promoting a blog post multiple times never crossed my mind. Thanks for the tips.

  • KimS

    You always have the greatest tips Amy.  Already doing one.  Will definitely start doing two right away, and three I’ve been dragging my feet.  Know how important video is just out of my comfort zone, working on doing more of those things this year.  Thanks so much for providing such valuable, easy to take action on tips!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IW6XWMTRPTCAY5QK36P53LEE6E Brenda

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  • http://www.adventuresinblogging.net/ Kimberly

    I write a blog about dogs and I encourage my Facebook members to post stories and pictures of their dogs too.  I also make a point of responding to people with their name; Facebook makes this so easy (I delete the last name) and I think that it makes my pages more of a community than just something to do on Facebook today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pete.primeau Pete Primeau

    Amy, Great job as always. Tip #3 is my favorite!

  • http://www.divinelyguidedsuccess.com/ Leah

    Thanks Amy about telling to use our posts several times.  I always post valuable and transformational or inspiring posts and get kind of frustrated that they just aren’t seen.  I sometimes feel like I over do it because people are on duplicate lists and therefore see them several times on their walls.  I also just found out that google is going to be doing away with SEO and that what will matter is valuable or interesting content and that our sites have to be updated often or they won’t be seen.  All the static websites that have had SEO high rankings will be at square one again.  So blogging articles of at least 250 words will be important.  Sharing info will be an important tool.  Hope that is helpful to everyone.

  • http://www.clairekcreations.com/ Claire @ Claire K Creations

    More great tips. Thanks Amy! I didn’t even know you could have an about box in the sidebar. I have one now! 

  • megatron1

    Great post today! I learned something in #2 Be A Tease. I will employ these tactics this week. Thanks agaiin!

  • Tanya

    Good tips there Amy – I hadn’t thought about using video like that! My main strategy is to showcase blog excerpts with the link back to the post on my site.

  • Lisa Page

    HI Amy – Have already implement 2 or your 3 tips – Thank you! Also – I had an ‘Aha’ moment and realized that you’re right, although I get Aweber to post my email onto FB I have NEVER had a response to any of them!! Thanks for highlighting that. I get that it does not work, but in your experience….Does it actually have a negative affect?

  • Linda

    Thanks Amy. Great tips

  • http://twitter.com/ingrid_owens Ingrid Owens

    Great Tips Amy – thank you so much!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rc-Beckom/819937869 Rc Beckom

    U just have marvelous tips, thanks Amy

  • Sonia

    Great post as always Amy…thank you! I learned something new today on Hint no. 2 about not being afraid to post the same article more than once by mixing it up with a different teaser and or CTA…I will have to implement that on my FB biz page. :)

  • Alan

    Thanks so much for sharing these powerful tips.Luv your work Amy

  • PeterSterlacci

    Awesome post Amy and I love the idea of using video to tell people about a new blog post.  Super way to use the power of video to engage others and drive them to your blog.  Love it!

  • http://www.greenwoodnursery.com/page.cfm/20767 Greenwood Nursery

    Loved it! Just did a little tweaking on my Facebook page using your tips. Fingers crossed!!! ;-)   
    - Cheryl 

  • http://www.estellaeffects.com/ Latha

    Loved it! Simple, Sweet and Effective..
    I use Facebook notes for seo adn traffic as well. Also I share a lot of interesting articles in my niche. This makes it easy to connect and send a promotional email once in a while.

  • Cindy

    As always, more great info. Thanks Amy!

  • http://twitter.com/celebritylips Kelly Robertson

    WoWie, Thank you Amy!  Just one little change can really make the difference – you are always so generous with your knowledge xxoo Hugs, love and pretty! Kelly

  • http://www.mazelmoments.com/ Cigall

    Thanks for the information!  It’s so easy to overlook the simplest details (like #1)!  Thanks for sharing!

  • JulieGubler

    Your advice for facebook also applies to life; sometimes some simple changes make your life better as well. Thanks.

  • Lisa Angelettie

    Okay, I didn’t think I was going to learn anything new at first but I absolutely did! I totally overlooked tip #1, so simple! And I really love tip #3. Not as frightening as I imagine:) Great tips Amy.

  • http://www.xxxmediadesign.com/ Don Harris

    Wow, what an excellent post again Amy. Great tips! Simple but effective :)
    Thank you,

  • Jan

    Thanks for your tips Amy.  I’m just starting out and these are very helpful.

  • bobangus

    Agree. Tip #3 is a must. Facebook is all about images and video. Even with the most effective written comments, visual elements are what people notice and click. This is every more so with the new Facebook timelines.

  • http://strengthinbusiness.com/ Krisz Rokk

    Great tips Amy, thanks for sharing. Tip #1 is simple & highly effective when it comes to driving traffic – esp. now that everybody is going to have the new FB Timeline within the next weeks…

  • http://www.omnibeat.com/ Omnibeat

    You make video fun Amy! Really loved the short and sweet approach of your blog teaser. It absolutely made me want to click through to the blog item. Do you leave these intro/teaser videos public/find-able on your YouTube channel or do you hide them so as to not fill your YouTube stream?

  • http://andynathan.net Andy Nathan

    Thanks for the awesome tips! I was just thinking this morning looking at my Google analytics that my Twitter traffic was solid, but Facebook needed an uplift. 

  • http://www.theworkingbee.com/ Michael Belk

    Great ideas Amy,  my Facebook is the second most traffic referrer next to Google.  thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/tressa.anderson.90 Tressa Anderson

    Great tips to drive traffic to your website.

  • sam

    good post, and I was interested in the simple, straight forward approach…

  • Dan

    I like tip 1, but can’t figure out how to change the about area to show something other than my address. How do you make this change?

  • http://twitter.com/linktons linktons

    Great tips, videos does help to make new followers

  • Ola

    Great tips….I just applied the first rule on my website http://www.linvex.com

  • http://www.WomanInLeadership.com/ Stacie Walker

    Hi Amy,

    I appreciate your stellar post. By the way, your podcast is AWESOME! Keep up the great work:)

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

  • Mike Macey

    Click on the word “About” beneath your profile image.

  • guptaabhijit318

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    helping to me get more traffic from top social media networking sites like face
    book and twitter.

  • tore

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  • Irad Eichler

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    Games have the three necessary elements of content marketing. (1) It is engaging. (2) It is viral and have (3) An effective call to action at the end of the game that can be customized to meet the goals of the campaign.

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  • http://www.2bdebtfree.com Lisa Rioux

    Awesome Tips…thanks alot for sharing! I cant wait to try them.

  • http://www.harddrive.xxx/ sarah james

    Great post, thanks for that x