#012: Getting Started with Mobile Marketing with Greg Hickman

On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I interview Greg Hickman, one of the leading mobile marketing experts. Greg and I discuss how to get started with mobile marketing.

If you’re anything like me, you know that mobile marketing is important, so it’s been on your mind, but hasn’t made it to the top of your priority list. My guess is that after you hear what Greg has to say on the staggering stats on mobile usage, you’ll want to make it a higher priority.

The great thing is, after talking with Greg, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy — and inexpensive — it is to get started with mobile.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What it means to be mobile friendly, and why that’s important.
  • How mobile marketing goes beyond optimizing your website.
  • The meaning of “responsive design.”
  • The hierarchy of mobile users’ needs
  • The percentage of people who access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on their mobile devices.
  • Easy and inexpensive ways to get started with mobile marketing and how to determine which is the best option for you.
  • How to make lead pages more mobile friendly
  • Important things to keep in mind regarding mobile when sending email to your list
  • How to create the best possible experience for people who visit your website.
  • And so much more!

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Question: What one step can you take this week to be more mobile friendly?

  • http://www.mobilemixed.com/ Greg Hickman

    Thanks so much for having me on the show Amy! It was such an honor and I had a blast talking to you.

    I hope your fans find this helpful.

    If anyone has questions feel free to ask here and I’ll answer or you can contact me directly too. :)

  • Kim Jimenez

    Awesome show!! Thanks Greg, these tips were super helpful. I have a responsive site but I never thought about making my emails mobile ready. Brilliant stuff!! That’s one thing I’m implementing this week. Also, I think having mobile in mind when posting on Facebook is really important. I often post images on my Facebook page and when I look at them on my mobile app I’m like “eeeeeek!!!”. Finding it good to keep my photos focus centered, especially the ones that include text. Just something to keep in mind :)

  • http://www.AmyPorterfield.com Amy Porterfield

    I never thought of the “responsive emails” either, Kim. I loved that tip for sure! What are your tips to ensure your photos posted on FB look good on mobile?

  • http://www.AmyPorterfield.com Amy Porterfield

    Greg! Loved having you on the show – your tips were extremely valuable to say the least!

  • Kim Jimenez

    I think just the regular stuff we do to optimize on the desktop version like making sure the image hast the right dimensions (403 x 403) is really important. There’s nothing worse than going to a Facebook page and trying to read text on an image that cuts off because the dimensions are incorrect (especially on mobile). Also, making sure text fonts are readable and the font size is adequate since the mobile display is so much smaller than the desktop version :)

  • http://www.mobilemixed.com/ Greg Hickman

    Thanks Kim! I’m glad you enjoyed the show and found the info useful. Glad you’re taking action! Mobile email is the most overlooked mobile channel that there is. :)

  • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

    Freaking awesome. I’ve been planning to move to mobile responsive design for months. Even have the theme. Just haven’t had the time. I’m pulling the trigger this weekend.

    Good stuff, Amy and Greg!

  • myResponsiveThemes

    Great podcast, I think that responsive web design will be in the majority of the webs, lots of smartphones, tablets,.. with data connection out there. Thanks very much for the podcast.


  • Eric Leszkowicz

    I agree. This is an amazing podcast. I can’t believe the ideas here and the motivation to get moving on things.

  • Ryo Uchinomiya

    I have heard this episode really interestingly while I rode on commuter train in Japan. Language is different but we are all the same human being, and what we do in the morning, which catches our eyes, how we use mobile and PC, etc are almost the same. This episode is really useful to think about your mobile strategies.
    Please keep good work, Amy -san! ;)

  • http://www.LipstickUnplugged.com/ Dee Copeland Patience

    Amy, you and Greg are my favorite peeps. I only follow the two of you and Corbett Barr now. You keep it real and provide super-useful content to us with no fluff.

    Greg is my homie and he’s the real deal and truly knows his stuff, so I’m glad you snagged him. I used Greg’s advice when I redid my site to make it more simple, easy to use and fully mobile responsive. It’s not perfect, but is a work in progress that gets design out of the way.

    I enjoyed learning more about how to make my site and emails more mobile friendly, which is something very easy to implement and doesn’t cost anything. Thanks for this one!

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Greg was fabulous! I admit I get a little flustered with technology sometimes but he really did a good job explaining it! Great interview Amy.

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