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#380: 4 Strategies To Create A High Converting Sales Page

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#380: 4 Strategies To Create A High Converting Sales Page

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I gush a bit when it comes to talking about Amy. She had such a huge hand in making things like paid maternity leave possible for me. Before Amy, we sold 25 seats totaling $16,000. After Amy’s course we sold to 144 students totalling $89,000 utilizing what she taught in the course.

Ashlyn Carter

Amy’s course is like getting your PHD, I learned marketing - and not just basic marketing, I learned my voice in marketing. Amy’s blueprint is just incredible - from the organization to the visual and creativity. I can’t tell you what a flop my course and launch would have been without Amy’s framework. I had no tools.

Lisa Hayim

My business was very one-dimensional. I was a voiceover actor and that was it. Now, I have this whole other branch with limitless possibilities. I generated $18,000 in sales off of my first webinar, and even more importantly, I created an entirely new direction for my business.

Carrie Olsen

Because of Amy, I now have a system and am now running a business that is so much more purpose driven, so much more results driven. I was being pulled in so many directions but now I have a stable way to make an income online, help thousands of women, and can put my full focus on serving my clients. I had been treading water for so long, and Amy’s course was the life raft I needed in my businesses. The way that Amy structures her programs makes it so easy, so simple, so doable!

Jenna Dalton

Pre-Amy I was grasping at different things and trying to figure out what my plan looked like. And Post Amy, I’m very clear, like I’m so crystal clear on exactly what I’m doing, what makes me money, what doesn’t, what’s cute but what’s a waste of time … I’m clear on what I want to do, not what I have to do.

Molly Wendell

Amy’s step-by-step list building plan gets results. Because of Amy’s course, I have built an engaged list of over 12,000 people in less than 2 years. I was able to make over $100,000 last year with my live course launches because of my list. I started with 35 people on my email list, most of whom were family members. LOL. Within two years, I’ve grown my list to over 12,000 and I’m still using all of Amy's strategies. If I can do it (I just turned 62), so can YOU!

Anne LaFollette

Since joining DCA, my launches are bigger than I ever thought was possible. The first day of the launch made $184K! Our total was $332K! As a mom of 3 young children, I’m really busy, but now I have the freedom to take my youngest to dance class or my oldest to soccer. My husband has also put in notice to leave his job and be at home with the kids full time. This experience has been awesome. Thank you, Amy!

Maria Dior Duegaard Amdahl