Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

#611: Top Ways My Team Uses AI To Increase Efficiency, Creativity, & Intentional Margins

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:#611: Top Ways My Team Uses AI To Increase Efficiency, Creativity, & Intentional Margins

Ready to uplevel your online business?

Snag my Top 5 Podcast episodes and start upleveling TODAY

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Ready to uplevel your online business?

Snag my Top 5 Podcast episodes and start upleveling TODAY

The numbers

56 million+



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Turning inspiration into action one conversation at a time

From boosting your sales conversion or starting an email list, to hiring your first employee or navigating personal relationships as an entrepreneur, to writing email funnels or WOWing your customers in your support inbox…

Nothing is off limits.

(Except for wishy-washy, millimeter-deep, half-answered how to’s. Nobody has time for that fluffy stuff.)

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Meet the host,

Hey there, I’m Amy Porterfield

I’ve grown my online business from a guest room in my Carlsbad, CA. condo to a multi-million dollar company.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and more.

I work when I want, where I want, and I’ve shattered the glass ceiling that felt so frustrating to me in my past corporate life.

But it hasn’t been all beachfront views and revenue reports that have you running for the champagne.

Starting and growing an online business is hard.

It requires a heck of a lot of work.

And I’ve failed, cried, and doubted myself more than I’d like to admit.

But the work is more than worth the reward, sweet friend.

Like the reward of coffee every morning with my handsome hubby and no 8 am client appointment pulling me away.

Like the ability to give freely when there’s a need or book a trip to Paris without having to check a bank balance.

Like opening up my inbox to messages from precious students saying, “You changed everything for me. Thank you.

I started Online Marketing Made Easy to guide you, support you, and encourage you through the work so you can get to the reward MUCH sooner.

It’s my joy to sit down and record the how-to’s, hand-holding, and heart-to-hearts I wish I’d had 14 years ago when I started my online business.

Thank you for tuning in and allowing me to be along for the ride.

The dream is worth it.

Keep it up.

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Amy is amazing! She’s down to earth, funny and wicked smart. Amy’s always interviewing the greatest people. I have yet to find an episode that doesn’t resonate with me. This podcast sings to my soul.

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Hey there!

I’m Amy Porterfield

I’m an ex-corporate girl, author, online marketing expert and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Welcome to my virtual living room! Stay a while, won’t you?