#028: 7 Steps to a Profitable Facebook Marketing Plan

On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I decided to do something a little bit different. I’m currently promoting my signature program, Facebook Marketing Profit Lab. When I create a new program, I always create a free, value-packed training around the promotion. In this case, the training is called, “How to Create an Easy-to-Implement Facebook Marketing Plan that REALLY Works.”

I deliver the training through live webinars, and after the promotion is over in a few weeks, the free live webinar will no longer be available. I have worked SO HARD on this training that I want it to live on beyond my promotion, and I thought that the best way to accomplish that was to present the training in a podcast.

I think you will find it extremely valuable, and at the end of this podcast you will have a really good understanding of how to create a Facebook marketing plan that is focused on both the needs of your business AND the needs of your customers. In addition to that, this plan will actually help you produce leads and revenue on a consistent basis on Facebook.

People have a lot of concerns about Facebook:

  • They aren’t sure what they’re doing and they feel stuck
  • They are frustrated with their list building strategies; their list is growing painfully slow
  • Or, they are just frustrated with Facebook in general, but are still holding out a little hope because they really want Facebook to work for them because they’ve put a lot of effort and in some cases a lot of money into it but just haven’t gotten the results they were hoping for.
  • And some people are just looking for a plan so they get see more fans, leads or sales through Facebook.

If you can relate to any of that, this podcast is perfect for you! .

Specifically, we covered the following 7 steps that you need to Create a Facebook marketing plan that really works.

1. Create Your Lead Magnet

To build trust and affinity with your Facebook fans, create a free irresistible giveaway that solves a problem or offers immense value. To ensure that your giveaway attracts your perfect ideal audience on Facebook, create something that is SO GOOD your audience would pay for it.

2. Set Up Your Lead Capture Page

The next step is to create a webpage that will collect name and emails in exchange for your giveaway.  A well designed lead capture page is critical because it must convert. Instead of paying for a programmer and designer to create this page for you, look into using LeadPages. With this tool you could have a lead capture page up and running in 10 minutes!

3. Create a “Gotta Have It” Facebook Post and Turn It Into an Ad

At this point you want to create a Facebook post that entices your fans to sign up for your irresistible giveaway. This post will become your Facebook ad.  To get maximum exposure and results, create an Unpublished Page Post (also known as a “Dark Post) in the Power Editor ads dashboard. Only run this ad in the News Feed.

In this episode I promised to show the current Facebook ad I am running that is generating over $30,000 a month for me via my Facebook Marketing Plan.
My Unpublished Facebook Ad
fbe ad (1)
When you go into the Power Editor, you will see the option to create an “Unpublished Page Post” and when you click on that link, this box will pop up.  This is where you want to include all of your copy and the image.  Note the image size in the example below:


4. Only Show Your Ad To Your “Perfect Customer” Target List

To ensure that your ad is only seen by Facebook users who will be genuinely interested in your free giveaway, use Lookalike Audiences on Facebook as your targeting strategy. Not only will this help you target your perfect customer profile, it will also allow you to reach a larger, targeted audience.

5. Only Pay For Leads That Have A True Interest In Your Offer

It’s important that you understand how much you want to pay for your leads.  When you get clear on what you want to eventually sell to your new lead, it’s easier to decide how much you will pay for your ads to convert a fan into a new customer.

6. Always Know In Real-Time If Your Lead Magnet Is Working

Use the Conversion Tracking Tool to ensure that your lead magnet is converting fans into leads.  Track these metrics daily so you can be confident that your strategy is actually working!

7. Create The “5 MUST EMAILS” To Perfectly Position Your Offer

One you have attracted your new lead from your Facebook efforts, it’s time to take things outside of Facebook. Create an email auto responder series to provide even more value to your new lead and when the time is right for you, begin to introduce them to your offer.  Email marketing will move your new lead to become a customer.

Items mentioned in this episode include: 

Click here to get your free PDF cheat sheet, 7 Steps to a Profitable Facebook Marketing Plan

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Are you ready to create YOUR Facebook Marketing Plan?

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  3. Hi Amy, great post, and I also recently watched your webinar with David Siteman Garland. What I would like to ask is, how could a marketing plan like this, be translated to a business that isn’t selling a course or webinar, such as the broadcasting industry which I am in.

    In my example I’m looking to translate your advice to an internet radio station, the idea being to funnel FB users to broadcast feed, and also the content on the website.

  4. Yazmin Perez Bazavilbazo says:

    OMG Amy!! I was reading all 7 steps and writing everything down like an old school student (I am only 39…you know what I mean) and at the very end i realized there was a PDF file to print out!!! ha ha ha ha ha …. It is ok now i have 2 cheat sheets…lol

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