#031: How to Launch a Product Online with Jeff Walker

On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I dive into launching your programs, your products, your services online. The great thing is that I dove into this extremely important conversation with the pioneer of all online marketing launches, Jeff Walker. Jeff is known for a system he created called The Product Launch Formula and is truly one of the top internet marketing experts and leaders.

He tells a great story of how he got started, and to get the full scoop, you’ll need to listen to the interview because I wouldn’t be able to do his story justice, so for now I’ll just say that before he started his first online business, he had never ran a business before. He had absolutely zero sales training and no marketing skills.

He jokes that he was always the kid that couldn’t sell more than one bag of donuts for the Boy Scouts fundraiser every year and that one bag was usually purchased by his parents.  So as you can see, sales and marketing didn’t necessarily run in his blood from day one.  He was an average guy who made an extraordinary impact on many people’s lives and continues to do so through his teachings.  That’s why I am honored to have Jeff on the show today.

Before you listen to the interview, I want to share one more thing with you and that is that Jeff just wrote a book called, Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love And Live The Life Of Your Dreams, and for a very limited time, you have an opportunity to get the book for free — you just have to pay for shipping and handling — and in addition to the free book, he’s throwing in a bunch of free bonuses. To get the free book and bonuses, go to amyporterfield.com/launch.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How I met Jeff and how my life changed as a result of meeting him
  • Tony Robbins’ response to the information Jeff shared with him
  • Jeff’s failure in the corporate world, and his stint as a stay-at-home dad
  • The day Jeff’s wife’s cry for help shook him to his core
  • The amazing story of how Jeff went from being unemployed and desperate to making a million dollars in less than an hour
  • Success stories from those who started small and grew big
  • How dropping hints can build anticipation before a launch
  • The launch that brought Jeff’s wife home
  • How Jeff figured out how launches work for many different types of industries
  • How to know what your customers need from you
  • Jeff’s view on your email list
  • The decision I personally made that totally changed my business
  • And so much more!

Key Takeaways

  • Dropping hints about something to come is a great way to build anticipation before a launch
  • Successful product launches aren’t magic, but are based on how the mind works, and pull people in
  • Done right, people will eagerly anticipate your next move and look forward to everything you do
  • There are 3 core sequences in a launch:
    • Pre Pre- Launch, when you agitate the market and get people interested
    • Pre-Launch, when you build value through videos, blog post, and social media
    • Open Cart, when you actually start taking orders
  • It’s important to find out what people’s hot buttons are and then create products that meet those needs
  • There are three types of launches that part of the Product Launch Formula:
    • Seed launches, when you start with no product (and in some cases no list) and you get paid before you even create the product
    • Internal launches, where you do a launch just to your list
    • JV launches, which are more complex and therefore should not be your first launch
  • You must focus on building assets in your business, and the most important asset you can build is your email list

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Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield


  1. Hi Amy,
    My Name is Katyan and I’m from Trinidad. I recently started my own social media business and I truly love and learn so much from all the information that you share.

    I actually just placed my order for Jeff’s book and I’m super excited to receive it. I have a question though. How do you deal with feeling overwhelmed by all the information that’s out there? At times I feel like I’m running around crazy, with thoughts of how do I run a campaign, build my list, contact prospects, learn about Facebook and Twitter and everything else under the social Media sun..LOL

    I enjoy it, but sometime it truly overwhelms and I feel like I’m just swimming hard and getting nowhere fast. How do I slow down and focus, while still keeping the momentum going?

  2. Maria Fernandez says:

    Great interview, Amy! Thanks so much.

    I can’t believe the timing of this episode. I’m working on a new product. I was looking for information on how to avoid making all the mistakes I made with my previous products, and your podcast episode appeared on my iTunes feed.

    I’ve now bought Jeff’s book through your link. Can’t wait for it to arrive and take action :)

  3. Amy, I adore your podcast! And this may just be my favourite episode! Just ordered the book and can’t wait to hear more. I just wanted to say you totally overdeliver on your podcasts EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am a fan for life!

  4. Amy, HOW DID YOU KNOW this is exactly what I needed to hear today?! Thank you! Thank you! I feel like not only am I needing a launch for my “future” clients, but for myself as well.

  5. MarVeena says:

    I really enjoyed your podcast with Jeff!

  6. I loved this episode Amy. In fact, I just went ahead and ordered Jeff’s book because I’m also launching my book 2 months from now.

    Thanks for the work that you do.

  7. Still DatingMySpouse says:

    Loved this podcast. I have listened to over and over plus taken of notes! I’m heading over now to order Jeff’s book. Thank you for this great podcast!

  8. Dale Ledbetter says:

    Great podcast. A lot of good information.

  9. Did the book giveaway end? Great stuff, getting the book anyway!

  10. Jeff Walker says:

    Hey folks, thanks for all the great comments… I had a total blast doing the podcast with Amy. She’s such a great interviewer!

  11. I ordered the book as well! So thrilled that Amy and Jeff came together to give us this information, this opportunity! How awesome for us, eh?

  12. Ordered the book and can’t wait til it gets here! I’ve listened to the podcast at least 4 times already, Jeff! Good stuff!

  13. Kathleen DiPaolo says:

    Thanks for the intro Amy! I just ordered the book~

  14. Hey Amy,

    I heard on the podcast that if you go to AmyPorterfield.com/launch we can get the book for free… we just have to pay shipping. I followed the link and it’s still asking me to pay. Did I misunderstand?

    Excited to read it, thanks!


  15. Sherlyne xxoo says:

    The same thing happened with me. I think that once you order the book and you email Jeff your receipt, he will mail you the free gifts mentioned in his website.

  16. Janice Hostager says:

    I think at the time of this podcast (June 10) the book was free, but I think that was for a limited time,

  17. Really Great Podcast. I actually got the book earlier and I just bought the Kindle version, because I could not wait on the book lol. Thanks so much!

  18. I ordered and paid the shipping but it still has come in.

  19. Still waiting on my book :(

  20. Great podcast and very valuable Amy!

  21. Kitt Depatie says:

    Awesome, just bought his PLF program, packed with info, thanks Amy and Jeff!

  22. Great podcast Amy & Jeff, I’m now enjoying reading the Kindle version of Jeff’s book.

  23. Kitt Depatie says:

    Bought his Product Launch program because of this program!

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  28. Great info, thanks!

  29. Scot C. Morgan says:

    Thanks for the great interview, Amy. I caught your interview on Flynn’s podcast and followed you back here. I getting Jeff’s book today.

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  33. Great discussion. Just bought Jeff’s book – great story from someone who has been there and done it from the start of internet marketing. Well done Amy & Jeff.

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