#99: How to Create a List Building Blitz Campaign

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that one of the big reasons my students struggle with list building is that they lack consistent original content in their marketing strategy.

It’s an easy trap to fall into. After all, creating content takes time, effort and creativity.

You might even be thinking “Amy, all my focus is going into creating my product for sale. How am I supposed to come up with fresh original content every week?”

Well, good news–this episode is all about helping you create just one piece of amazing content each month.

You heard right. Each. Month.

When you have that one piece of amazing epic content, you can spin it out into every marketing channel in your toolbox with the overall goal of building your list.


Content Comes in Three Stages

I think there’s a lot of confusion out there around content. It seems simple, but when I sat down and started mapping what successful content looks like in different contexts, I’ll admit that even I got confused!

So I checked in with a good friend from my corporate job days. She’s the best at dissecting content and explaining where it shines the brightest. And what she showed me is that there are three main stages of content:

  • Paid
  • Free lead magnet
  • Just plain free (not even for an opt-in)

Notice I said “stages.” All three of these types of content are related to each other–which means every time you create one kind of content, the other two are super easy to create out of it. Click here to find out how you can use the main themes within your paid product to create epic content that builds your list!

Easy Strategies for Getting More Mileage Out of Your Epic Content

Now, like I said earlier, the “meat” of the strategy we’re diving into in this episode is getting deliberate about your content creation so you can extend it across all your marketing channels. When you really get intentional with your content (and create it with your email list in mind), you’re all to get huge mileage out of one piece.

After all, we take our content creation seriously. So why not put a bigger focus on getting it in front of more people while we’re creating it?

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through three roadmaps for extending one piece of epic content into every major marketing platform you use.

To make it extremely easy for you, I’ve put together some free worksheets that show how to break up your content into different platforms within each roadmap. Click here to get them now!

To get the most out of today’s topic, you’ll really want to listen to the whole episode. But I’ll outline the roadmaps for you here:

Strategy 1: Start by writing an epic blog post that includes an epic upgrade (something your readers can take more action on to get more value).

From there, you’ll move to emailing your list, creating videos, doing a Periscope, and more. Click here to get all the steps now!

Strategy 2: Start by creating an epic podcast episode with an upgrade.

From the podcast, you’ll create a blog post. Not just show notes, but something that brings immense value even to people that may not have heard your podcast. Next you’ll email your list, create a video, and more. Click here to get all the steps.

Strategy 3: Start by creating an epic video.

The first thing you’ll need to know is how to provide the content upgrade in your video…click here to find out! Next, you’ll take the audio from your video to create a podcast, use the audio to create a blog post…the list goes on.

Find out the details on each of these strategies, including what constitutes an “epic” piece of content and what to put in the initial content versus what to put in the freebie, by listening to the whole episode. Click here to listen now!

The End Goal = Your Email List

Now, this whole strategy takes a little thought and effort to execute properly. That’s why you won’t be using this strategy with every single piece of new content you create. Like I said, I’m suggesting you be selective with this concept and put it to work about once a month. That gives you lots of room to pace each appearance of the content within your various marketing channels (and to repost it at least once) without making it seem like overload.

Bottom line, the mindset around your campaign should always be about building your email list by getting people to your freebie. When you’re creating core quality content with your email list in mind, it uplevels everywhere that content appears.

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  1. Thanks for this, Amy. Great advice and I am implementing starting NOW with a solid plan and mapped out steps in Asana and on my calendar! <3

  2. Great advice, Amy! I’ve been focusing a ton of effort on the 1st step of free content but I haven’t been doing so well with getting viewers of that content over to my list. Going to work on making more epic + free stuff every month!

  3. Dawn-Marie Mutell says:

    Thanks Amy for always giving us such great invaluable advice. I hope I can do the same for my audience.

  4. Love these ideas Amy (also love epidsode 100, but was too late to create my video *sad face*). Curious why you don’t have LinkedIn in your social media strategy above?

  5. Robbie Bianchi Pray says:

    Are all the links above supposed to direct us to iTunes?

  6. Good advice by Amy here, and the podcast has more of the nuts’n’bolts. This approach can be very synergistically powerful AND make it sooooo much easier to come up with content that actually helps people. A simple example is this post http://www.yourminiempire.com/8-instagram-mistakes-business-owners-make/ about mistakes business owners make with Instagram, leveraged from the complete free ebook. I now the content is really good, but will it be worth all the effort? I’m not sure.

    Now, what is interesting is how someone like Amy can put together these arrangements seemingly so easily, and consistently. 😉

    Thanks Amy for all you do!

  7. Hafciojoni says:

    many people pay thousands of $$$ for coaching and thousands of hours to learn new tricks and get no results; I am one of them.
    Hence if they stumble upon a good teacher like Amy and actually start taking action with the proper resources that Amy provides, like the one here.. they will get results.

    I’m going to test this post. Below is a picture of the 30 day event that I have already created in order to start implementing Amy’s epic post right away..
    Then I’ll return here and update this thread.
    Amy, you’re an angel. thank you!

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