#139: The 10 Most Powerful Episodes to Help Move Your Business Forward

So here we are: The Best of 2016 List. I have to admit, compiling this special list for you was the highlight of my week! Not only because I got to look back and remember all of the cool episodes we tackled together, but also because I had the chance to think about the impact … Click to Read More

#138: How to Plan Your Promotional Calendar Like a Boss

If I ever did a list of Amy’s Favorite Things (in honor of the one and only Oprah), today’s topic would be number one. We are talking about PLANNING. Specifically, planning for the new year. The best part is that thanks to my guest today, you can be a pro at calendaring no matter who … Click to Read More

#136: How to Use ‘Content Gold’ to Fuel Your Next Launch

When it comes to your next course promotion, breaking down your content is as simple as 1-2-3: What’s the best content to start a conversation with your audience? What content will help you drive customers to your core marketing message? Which pieces should you use to expand and deepen your audience’s knowledge of your subject? … Click to Read More

#135: 5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Facebook’s super stealth ad targeting can zero-in on entrepreneurs over 30, who shop online at West Elm, don’t have children, love sushi, visited your website in the last 60 days and vacationed in Napa’s wine country last year — BUT it can’t seem to help you fix your Facebook ad missteps . . . That’s … Click to Read More

#134: Preparing for Future Traffic Declines: What Content Creators Need to Know

How are you responding to the shifts happening NOW in social media marketing? I have you covered because today I’m talking about the latest trends in social media marketing with the man who knows best: my mentor, friend, and founder of Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner. Click here to learn what updates to make to … Click to Read More