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#418: A New (& Better) Way To Look At Imposter Syndrome

December 21, 2021

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Why I Don’t Think You Have Imposter Syndrome 

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Stop saying you have imposter syndrome.

To which you might say, “But Amy…I do have imposter syndrome. I can’t get past this notion of ‘Who am I to start a business’ or ‘Who am I to teach on my topic?’”

Boy, do I hear you. I’ve been there a thousand times. 

But I also want to challenge you on how that mindset is most likely working against you…and I’m doing just that on this episode.

In this episode, I want to talk to you about rethinking what you’ve always labeled as imposter syndrome.

I want to lean into what might actually be a strength underneath all that fretting.

And I want to challenge you in an area that you’re probably selling yourself short. 

My friend, borrow as much courage as you need from me — and this episode — to put imposter syndrome to bed for good in your life and step fully into what you’ve always been called to accomplish in this world.

I believe in you with my whole heart!

So click to listen and let’s have that chat, shall we?

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [04:24] What if we stopped saying that we have imposter syndrome? What if we got rid of all of the self-doubt and just said, “I deserve this”?
  • [06:59] I want to challenge you and myself to look at imposter syndrome differently. Maybe you're not an imposter. Maybe you're just human. Don't let other people take up space where you know that you are just as good or better.
  • [09:24] The best way to reframe the imposter syndrome mindset is to get into action. One baby step will start the momentum rolling. Once you start, you have no time to question yourself.
  • [11:16] Questioning something doesn't make you an imposter. It makes room for improvement. Flip the script. Having nerves or questions doesn't make you an imposter.
  • [12:52] Tell yourself, I'm the best person for this. No one can educate or teach the way that I do.

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