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#430: 5 Goals I’m Committing To This Year

February 1, 2022

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The strategies I’m using to feel great AND accomplish my goals in 2022 

That’s right, friend! I am getting fully transparent with you about what I am doing to set myself up for success in 2022

I have always been big on goal setting, planning, and setting intentions for the year ahead (it’s a BIG part of why I’ve seen such success as an entrepreneur)…

… but as you know, I struggled with some unexpected depression and anxiety in 2021. This year, I am determined to get ahead of it. 

That’s why I’m trying out some FRESH approaches to goal setting that will not only help me to achieve some really cool things both personally and professionally, but ALSO get me in the right mindset before taking on each challenge that I set for myself.

Because let’s be honest — success” and “achievement” are not only about what you accomplish, they’re just as much about how you FEEL.

In this episode, I’ll share:

  • The goal-setting strategy I LOVE that puts emphasis on how you want to feel, not what you do
  • The 5 goals that I’ve set for myself in 2022, why I chose to set those particular goals, and how I plan to achieve them
  • How I set goals that are challenging yet attainable

I’m hoping that by listening to this episode, you’ll hold me accountable, stay motivated to accomplish the goals you’ve already set for yourself in 2022, AND be inspired to get back on the horse if you’ve fallen victim to the infamous #QuittersDay (more on that in the episode.)

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [04:01] One new thing I’m trying in 2022 is identifying the core feelings that I want to experience this year. I want to feel trusting, courageous, energized, in the zone, and luminous while I'm working on my goals and after I achieve them. 
  • [10:27] Take action: What are 3-5 feelings you want to experience over and over again this year? Think about how you want to feel and write it down.
  • [11:08] Goal #1: Do the 29029 challenge. This is where you climb a mountain a certain amount of times (in a certain amount of time). All in all, it adds up to the equivalent of climbing Everest. 
  • [14:20] Goal #2: Create a certification program for my business. I don't know what it looks like, but I’m going to put together ideas this year and launch them in 2023.
  • [15:39] Goal #3: Take a sabbatical. I've been dreaming of taking a sabbatical for years, but in 2022 I’m actually doing it. I'm taking off the last half of May and the entire month of June to spend at my lake house.
  • [17:50] Goal #4: Create a project plan for my new book. My book won’t launch until January of 2023, but I need to have an entire project promotion plan dialed in by 3/31.
  • [21:40] Goal #5: Create a 3-year vision of my company.  I want to scale the business and incorporate different models that I’ve never tried before, which means I need to plan further out.

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