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#494: {Student Success} From Deleting Her Email List To Doubling It During Her Launch with Isobel Anderson

September 1, 2022

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When you make a BIG mistake, pull up your bootstraps, get scrappy, and use it as a learning experience

Have you ever made a careless mistake in your business that could have potentially been catastrophic?

I know I have. In fact, back in my Tony Robbins days I accidentally canceled a Masterclass the night before it was supposed to start. I was absolutely mortified, angry at myself, and had no idea how to recover from it.

But here’s the thing that I couldn’t see at the time: Making big mistakes, like the one I made years ago, are bound to happen — no matter how careful and cautious you think you’re being. You’ve just gotta pull yourself up by the bootstraps, get a little scrappy, and use the experience as a learning opportunity. 

That’s what my guest on this episode (and DCA student!), Isobel Anderson, did when she deleted her entire email list three months before her launch. 

Some business owners would absolutely crumble if this happened to them, but Isobel did the exact opposite. 

Instead of getting down on herself and giving up, she flexed her entrepreneurial mindset muscles by asking, “How can this be good?” — and guess what? She went on to rebuild her email list to twice its original size. 

Yes, you read that right. 

In this episode, Isobel shares her story of how she used the experience of deleting her email list to better herself as an entrepreneur, plus exactly what she did to double the size of her list. She also shares:

  • Her experience with adding tiers to a launch — the good, the bad and the ugly
  • How adding Live coaching to her latest launch proved to be incredibly lucrative
  • What she plans to do next in order to take her business to the next level

This is a great listen for anyone, regardless of where you are in your business — and I know you’ll find Isobel as inspiring as I do.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [06:27] Isobel was thinking about coaching and then found Online Marketing Made Easy. She liked the idea of creating a digital course, and knew there was a gap in the market with women and recording. She now teaches women how to be empowered with their music.
  • [08:28] She accidently deleted her email list of 3800 months before her launch. She managed to salvage 750 emails and then had to try and get people to subscribe again. 
  • [12:02] As a solution, she got scrappy. put together a quiz, and held a challenge. Challenges, Live launching, and webinars have been the biggest list builders for her. 
  • [17:06] Think about how well your marketing would go if you gave 100% and thought of it as fun. Whatever Isobel does has creativity in it, even marketing. Being alive is being creative!
  • [21:58] Isobel recently did her fourth launch. She created tier pricing including essential, accelerator, and platinum. She made $84,760 on this launch!
  • [39:47] Adding value isn't always about creating a whole new course. It's about finding ways where people can have more human contact and get more help. 
  • [45:54] She's noticed that with each launch she is getting more grounded and steady. She felt really scared at the beginning, even though she is highly qualified to teach sound, music, and recording production. 
  • [47:04] She always comes back to, “What would you do if life was a dream?” If it's a dream you would go for it!

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