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#554: Proven Webinar Selling Strategies That Aren’t Sleazy Or Pushy with Colin Boyd

March 16, 2023

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Learn to communicate in a way that converts with one of the top virtual selling experts

I’ll be honest – I don’t think selling, or pitching, comes easily to anyone. 

Even if you’re a super confident and likable person, communicating in a way that converts is a skill that most people really need to dedicate time to learning, especially when you’re selling virtually.

Long ago, when I first started hosting webinars, I dreaded the time that I had to start pitching. The last thing I wanted to do was come off as pushy, so I would get a lot of anxiety around promoting my products

It’s gotten easier with time, but man-oh-man do I wish this learning curve is something I could have fast-tracked! 

That’s why I invited Colin Boyd to the show. He advises some of the biggest names in the world to confidently offer value and create webinars that convert, and in this episode, he’s spilling his strategies!   

In this episode, Colin shares:

  • Why selling is all about helping your audience make a decision
  • Tangible ways to become more confident when you sell
  • How to successfully pitch without sounding pushy or salesy 
  • What a conversion story is and how you can identify yours

… Plus so much more! So if the thought of pitching during your webinar has your stomach in knots, be sure to tune into this episode because it’s packed full of strategies that will help you sell like a pro.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

  • [09:42] Colin shares how he got his start. 
  • [12:45] Colin discovered that marketing and speaking are fundamental to business.
  • [15:02] A webinar that sells is about helping people make a decision as opposed to just gathering more information.
  • [19:08] The offer opens the door for your potential customers to enter a transformational space.
  • [22:01] There are three levels of certainty within an offer..
  • [24:20] Stories are a big part of a webinar. The audience sees their story in a conversion story.
  • [27:30] Conversion story framework: 1. Are you like me? 2. Can you lead me? 3. Is there a path I can follow?
  • [30:16] Use a conversion story instead of an origin story. Find a moment in your life when you had a transformational moment with what you're offering.
  • [34:18] All you need is one irresistible presentation that you can refine and scale to create the business of your dreams.
  • [37:41] Sell the experience of your course, not the process of it. Describe the results, not the steps. 
  • [41:23] Too much information is one of the biggest mistakes in webinars. Infusion selling is speaking your content in a way that sells your offer. 
  • [49:05] Q&As should be prepared. 
  • [51:55] When creating a webinar, find 3 or 4 key ideas to share. 
  • [55:40] Ask: 1. What beliefs do I need to shift in order for people to make a commitment? 2. What's something valuable I can share? 3. How can I show the vehicle in a really unique and simple way?

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